Morbidly Obese White Girl Lowers Herself to the Level of Dindus

According to the description provided in Live Leak, “3 teens arrested for beating and sexual assault: A woman was forced to perform oral sex on Facebook Live. The video of the assault was taken down but the aftermath is still in circulation. This video shows the woman being beaten when she refused to perform oral sex a second time. Three teenagers, one female and two males, were arrested.”


Here’s another case of salt-and-pepper friendships that never work out well. For some reason, it’s our people (Whites) who seem easily influenced by Dindu ways rather than the reverse. It’s obvious that this ham-beast is trying to mimic the ratchets she desperately wants to be like.

Seriously, how low does one have to go? She has no sense of self-dignity and the first clue is seen in how she’s dressed. Wearing a tube top while her massive girth spills out all over the place is hardly the mark of someone who has any self-worth. Hanging with Black males only seals the deal of what a low-life she’s allowed herself to become. 

This is why our young people should never hang out with Blacks. They’re impressionable and too easily influenced by the corrupting ways of our beloved ‘African-Americans.’ It was bound to happen though once racial integration was forced upon the American people.





  1. Diddly says:

    Muh eyes! Muh eyes!

  2. For some reason its usually the obese girls that go mudsharkin. Aways thought it was a self esteem or mental issue. When I see attractive women mudsharkin they are usually dumb as posts. What a shame and a waste,,,,these welfare programs do nothing but breed more degenerates.

  3. Pepper says:

    I hope that fat white sow understands that nigger men will not stick with them. I think we should go back to the days of an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth.

  4. juan dos says:

    mudshark madness – how did they train that pig to walk on its hind legs?

  5. rf says:

    FAT WHITE BITCH!! I’d like her to try to whale on me. I probably couldn’t take on the nigger men (hint: that’s what equalizers are for), but that fat bitch, that’s a different story. You know, I’m really not violent, but seeing crap like this makes me want to cop a swing. I expect this from nigs. But Whites, never. I hope she gets hers, good and hard.

  6. TeamTrumpGirl says:

    I’m waiting for that Libtard kike, Mark Fuckerburg, to make another statement about “doing a better job” of monitoring what gets posted live on Facebook… I’m referring of course, to the Easter Sunday murder in Cleveland that was also posted live.
    In the meantime, SAY AND DO NOTHING when someone posts a comment encouraging white genocide?!?! …Hypocrite!

  7. Mr Deplorable says:

    Drop that land whale off in any dune coon burg in the country
    and they flee back to their tents and sand dune.
    Imagine their shock of seeing a 400# sow in a lime green bikini.

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