The Many Wonders of Mexico: 11 People, Including 2 Children, Were Fatally Stabbed by Masked Men at a Birthday Party

According to the description provided in Live Leak, “11 people, including two children, have been killed at a birthday party in Mexico. Masked men burst into the event being held in a tent outside the hosts home in the city of Tizayuca in central Hidalgo state.

Police found four children alive, but the other victims had been stabbed to death. Mexico has recently seen a surge in violence linked to disputes between drug cartels. That violence has extended to areas that were once considered relatively calm, including Hidalgo, which is situated just north of the capital, Mexico City.

In May alone, over 2,000 killings were recorded across the country – approximately 70 a day and the most since the country began keeping track 20 years ago.”


Those Mexicans sure got some strange ‘family values.’ I’m sure it was only intended as an “act of love” (per Jeb Bush). Surely, we must continue to invite them to our country to teach us how to be as equally ‘vibrant’ and culturally ‘enriched,’ don’t you think? 

Thankfully our country didn’t get stuck with this douche! 


  1. A staged crisis! More refugees fleeing from conflict! An excuse to tear down this horrible wall, disolve the boarder , and block the travel ban.
    Our local juice bags fail to understand that if the boarder is dissolved.
    The Mexican army could or would extend its jurisdiction.
    Our police could over lap jurisdiction as well.
    The Mexican Army polices Mexico. There are checkpoints everywhere on the Mexican highways. Mexican soldiers can and do Inspect your vehicle, its contents,and your affects, as a matter of course.
    Is this how it will be here?

    What about the jurisdictional complications caused by the forced marriage of California and Mexico?
    Are my concerns are unwarrented?

  2. Russell Harris says:

    Trump wants a wall which I personally find both extravagant and useless…

    It would be cheaper and much effective to place a mine field where the wall would be…

  3. Jack Rabbit says:

    Modern educayshun

  4. TeamTrumpGirl says:

    California wants to sedece from the Union? GOOD… Let them!!!
    Incidents like this will happen every day, and not just in bad neighborhoods either, but everywhere, including all those multi-million dollar, Hollywood-bought gated mansions via home invasions by gangs & drug cartels!
    The working white class, which was being forced to pay for irresponsible, lazy, ignorant losers will cease-to-exist because they will have already moved to neighboring states! Who then, will pay for all the freebies blacks, muslims (a.k.a. “refugees”) illegals and libtards currently enjoy?!
    What great fun it will be to watch this state destroy itself, and all the aforementioned poor-excuses for human beings with it!

    • Mr. Deplorable says:

      Let’em secede. They’ll fully collapse in under 5 years.
      No banking Clan in the world would bail them out
      but rather, just bleed tem dry.
      All we have to do is shut down their avenues of escape
      and them force out the riff-raff back down into messycoh.

  5. Jackie Puppet says:

    When the hell are the Mexicants gonna fight for their country? The masked beaners didn’t use guns from Fast & Furious…

    • Mr Deplorable says:

      Between the Catholic Church and the hapless government
      they have, it’s amazing if you can find anyone with a working
      IQ above 75 that has the ability to engage in conscious
      thought much above that of NAPA’s.
      They are more akin to muslims the way they react
      when they feel slighted. They are like them in another way too,
      The way they rape their own children and consort to
      beastiality and beat their women like a red headed stepchild.

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