Europe’s White Fertility Rate Guarantees That Whites Will Soon Be Minorities in Their Own Lands Based on Current Immigration Trends

There is no debate that Muslims and Africans are outbreeding Whites throughout all of Europe. For a host of ill-advised reasons (e.g., population control, environment concerns), Whites are producing few children.

This is bad news, no doubt, but it becomes even worse when these same countries permit unchecked immigration from the third-world. This is guaranteed to make Whites a small minority when the very lands they’ve founded.

The majority of Whites still don’t seem to understand that the hordes of Muslim and African ‘migrants’ flooding into Europe at alarming rates have no intention of assimilating to the dominant cultures. To do so would not only violate their own cultural customs and unique identities, but in the case of devout Muslims it would violate their religious beliefs.

These so-called ‘refugees,’ then, are inherently unassimiable.

All of Europe’s various governments know this, yet they continue (except a small few) to allow and even encourage the Islamic colonization of their countries. It’s maddening because the problem can be so easily remedied. Yet little, if anything, is being done about it.

This tells me that the great third-world invasion of Europe and America is intentional. 

Our Leftist overlords comprised of elite Jews and their enabling Goyim are actively seeking to replace the White-majority populations of Europe and America with a new people, a people who are marked by low skills, low-IQ levels and whom are thought to be easier to control. Because they have little possessions and are accustomed to low wages, they will easily settle for the few shekels their Leftist overlords will pay them. The elites will become even richer and more powerful while the general White population will become even more marginalized.

What we are witnessing is the great reversal before our very eyes.

Europe and all of the West is being radically transformed, and it’s occurring in the presence of us all. The problem will not be resolved with a vote because the third-world invaders will not leave voluntarily. Most have nothing to lose, and they have no incentive to return to their desert shit-holes after they have become accustomed to a better standard of living in Europe with its generous public welfare systems. They will resist their deportations with violence – that is, if Whites can actually gain the collective will to take such measures on a large scale basis? 

Either way, it’s hard to imagine that this will not result in widespread violence, a racial civil war in effect. We have, ultimately, no one to blame but ourselves for the current mess. Most Whites have been racially asleep for too long. Like the proverbial frog in the kettle, we didn’t discern the level of danger facing us until it was much too late. We failed to hold our elected officials to account for their poor immigration decisions, and too many of us continued to reelect the same anti-White liberals time after time.

We then have the gaul to wonder what went wrong!? Jewish elites and White traitors among us are to blame, no doubt, but they are not the only ones. We must look at ourselves and face squarely the truth that much of this lies upon our shoulders. The good news is that if learn from these tragic mistakes, we may never commit them again . . . hopefully.  


  1. Pepper says:

    They need to cull the herd. We should not allow niggers among us. I am including sand niggers in that group. Short of war, please tell me what we can do as whites to keep from being invaded? What will be hilarious is faggots of all brands will have their necks cut ear to ear when the Muslims take over. Oh…and atheist will be killed too unless they bow to Allah. There will be no more Satan in the park statues. We can thank the bone headed liberals for this mess. Guys like Ted Kennedy…may the bastard roast in hell for killing that girl. I am not suggesting this nor asking anyone to do it, but I wish the Wapo, NYT, and CNN would burn to the ground. Don’t they think they have shit on this country enough?

  2. Pat Kittle says:

    Ambrose Kane,

    I seriously appreciate your courageous efforts, especially in exposing the ever-more brazen White-genocide agenda of Jew supremacists.

    However, “population control & environment concerns” are SUPERB reasons for having fewer children.

    Whites are doing PRECISELY what is needed in a vastly over-populated world. And we should make damn sure everyone else knows it, as we…
    1) stop fighting cowardly Israel’s wars,
    2) close our borders, &
    3) limit our foreign aid to contraception!

    However tempting & however justified it may be, getting in a baby-making race with over-breeding 3rd world ignoramuses guarantees, at best, a dismal Pyrrhic victory — and the continuing cruel mass extinction of non-humans.

    In good faith,
    — Pat Kittle

    • Ambrose Kane says:

      Thanks PK, I have a completely different view of the ‘population control’ and ‘environmental’ agendas that have been promoted for decades, but I have neither the time nor the passion to delve into them now. I DO agree that we ought not get into a “baby-making race” with third-worlders. We should increase our numbers, but that must be done responsibly for a host of reasons. Also, the three reasons you provided in your comments are spot on.

    • clap says:

      By contraception, do you mean condoms or putting chemicals in the food supplies to make the sub-humans sterile?

      • Pat Kittle says:

        There are many more kinds of contraception than those two.

        But to answer your question, if we give “food supplies” as foreign aid & the recipients are made aware they contain contraception, sure, why not? If people can’t even feed themselves they have no business multiplying. Whatsoever!

  3. So true and sad indeed. It will not be a nice gradual decline. The future will be very turbulent. I don’t think we have much time.5 yrs tops.
    How can we have an accurate forecast of the future when there is no accounting for current damages?
    The only viable solution will be a mass purge,,,,but this is highly unlikely.
    We already know what these jew scum are up to,,wouldn’ t be nice to see them swinging?
    A freind of mine lives alone in a rural community. She has had numerous trespassers and thefts on her property. The illegal aliens and tweakers in the nearby avocado groves know the police don’t show up. I remind her over and over again about boer farmers in South Africa.
    Recently a large man charged at her house at 2am.
    She fired a warning shot at him and called the sherrif. They confiscated her shot gun and put her into custody because she fired in county limits.
    California is in full Libtard mode…….this should serve as a warning….our governments are against us.
    How do we stop these traitors and unelected rogues.

  4. Harry says:

    It is very difficult to raise a family of even two kids when you are paying back breaking taxes and dealing with high prices so that the “refugees” can eat, sleep and fuck to their heart’s content.

  5. Jackie Puppet says:

    Seems like everything can be traced back to liberalism in one way or another. Liberals tend to think that man is inherently “good”; meaning they’re God-less, and allowing evil to take over in many facets of their lives, in ways they’ll never even realize that it’s infiltrated their lives. Seeing only the “good” in man, and refusing to acknowledge the presence of evil, only makes the spreading of bullshit easier the father of lies, Lucifer. It’s easier to worship creation instead of the Creator.

    Climate change & population control are 2 of the biggest falsehoods ever perpetrated.
    Global warming has been proven to be a hoax, yet, mankind has been able to manipulate the weather for decades, and our Air Force has been using it as a weapon for quite some time. The earth can also support about TRIPLE the current population – the problem has been the allocation of resources due to corruption.

    • Pat Kittle says:

      The Pope says the Earth can support 40 times more humans.

      You say it can only support 3 times more.

      What are you, an eco-weenie?? Don’t let him beat you like that!

      • Mr Deplorable says:

        Why worry about it?
        We have the technology, and have had for quite some time,
        to be able to travel to the stars.

        • But space trave has a huge carbon foot print.

        • Pat Kittle says:

          I didn’t expect to see the space travel “solution” to over-population at this website.

          I don’t want to start a flame war, so I’ll just ask you for your source(s) for that.

          • Mr Deplorable says:

            The Feds yearly have one to two trillion dollars that go unaccounted for yearly. Much of that vanishes into black
            ops projects.
            They have reverse engineered downed UFO’s for decades and had NAZI scientists who worked on
            flying disc technology before and during the war
            with much success and the photos to prove it,
            Area-51 in Nevada is the R&D hub for all these goodies.

            Ever heard of the California Flyers Club?
            It goes back to the 1880’s -1890’s, which oddly enough
            coincides with the Great airship flap from 1889-1903
            where people sighted strange craft in the skies all
            over the country. One even made a landing in a farmers field in Texas, I believe.
            The pilot had a nice conversation with the farmer and
            asked if he could have some water for his machine as it was fuel for it and created the “ether” (anti-gavity field)
            needed to fly it.

            Nicola tesla had also discovered a way to cancel gravity to fly and provide endless energy for his fling craft,
            also in a saucer shape.
            It should be noted that when Tesla died in NYC, In his hotel room, that he had all of his papers and documents in a safe in his room. Upon his demise it was all stolen
            by the Feds,

            Ever heard of ‘SOLAR WARDEN”?
            Please look it up.
            Now I am not saying I know everything, I do not.
            But I do believe that there is technology being used
            by the government, that is centuries in advance of
            what we-the-people are being told.

            I know it is far fetched, but I’ll be the first to admit
            I’ve had a life that has been loaded with Fringe Events.

  6. rf says:

    Angry Man, I, too, live in a rural community. We have had some problems. I DON’T fire warning shots. I was always taught not to pull a gun or fire unless the intent was to kill. I don’t want to scare anyone with my guns. If I feel the need to pull it, I’m going for center mass, no warning. I get spooked out here sometimes. Its not healthy to be creeping around my property after dark. Out here we practice the 3 S’s. I must say, my garden is looking fab. After the 1st encounter with law enforcement here, I could tell they DON’T GIVE A SHIT ABOUT ME. But they were worrried about those “teens” or “youth”. Well most of those ferals wouldn’t be missed by their family for months. And they weren’t.
    I’m sorry that happened to your friend. I hope she is safe.

    • I agree, but you know……how it is…

    • Truth-hammer says:

      Remember that the police are not your friend and give not a sh*t about you. They are report-takers who want only to collect a paycheck and their pension. They will prosecute/persecute you as an evil YT to protect a nigger or other mud person.

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