‘Memphis Flash Mob Cartel’ Threatens “Cracka Beatdown” at Mall

Blacks in America demonstrate, once again, how much they value ‘diversity.’ When it comes to racial tolerance, Whites need to remember that the only group required to play the game of ‘racial tolerance’ are White people.

Blacks and Browns don’t do it on any wide scale basis. Those that do fake it because they stand to prosper in the White man’s world, and they don’t want to threaten the gravy train. Take away all the government goodies and the benefits of working for ‘the man,’ however, and you’ll see their colors change quickly (pun intended).

Blacks in America are allowed to publicly say the most racially offensive statements about Whites, and no one bats an eye. The media, you can rest assured, will say nothing about it either. It’s usually downplayed or treated as humor, yet if Whites were to say the same in return, they would be pressured to publicly apologize and disgraced by the entire world. They would be fired from their jobs, and treated as outcasts. The virtue-signaling by Whites would be non-stop with each of them trying to outdo the other with their self-righteous, ‘non-racist’ blathering.

I’m not opposed to Blacks saying whatever they want against Whites, so long as we are afforded the same privilege without retaliation from the powers-that-shouldn’t-be. But that’s not the way things work in ‘post-racial America.’ There’s a racial double-standard that is so glaring hypocritical that no one can deny it except the willfully blind and disingenuous liberals. 

The White woman being interviewed who rather nonchalantly dismissed the threat is typical of so many of our people. While it’s true that we don’t need to go about our daily lives in fear of violent Dindus, we ought to take such threats against us seriously and avoid any place where groups of these savage people gather. Being cautious about one’s surroundings is not the same as living a life marked by trembling and anxiousness.

Here’s actor Jamie Foxx saying things no White person today could ever get away with (that is, if the racial tables were reversed). It’s all okay because Foxx is joking around (although many believe that these are his true thoughts), but it would never be okay for any White comic to joke about Blacks in this way on such a popular forum as Saturday Night Live.

If you think so, consider the recent trouble that comedian Bill Maher got into for saying something not even remotely as harsh as what Foxx declared on SNL. 


  1. Pepper says:

    Actually I laughed out loud about him saying he was a slave and at the end of the movie he killed all the white people. Yes…it is racist and had we did it we would not be able to show our faces in public anymore. The thing we have to recognize is that we don’t like or respect each other. We should not have to live with them as well. I was not offended by the niggers calling us crackers. I think the words should not be blacked out so we understand where we stand regarding race relations. I wish they were dead as well. Braindead whites need to pull their heads out and understand that this is not EVER going to get any better. Niggers are our downfall. We need to separate from them.

  2. Maaku says:

    I’m your huckleberry

  3. Bailey says:

    Obama legacy continuum.

  4. Susan says:

    The government is responsible for things like this. I know this is going to sound tin-foil-hat-ish, but I’m going to say it anyway. I think the CIA is behind this junk. The government is always trying to create division and strife. The government started this with the civil rights act and has been fomenting divisiveness ever since.

  5. Robert Caldwell says:

    “As Whites who are race-conscious, we must be careful to not go to extremes and paint ourselves into a corner that doesn’t comport with reality. This does our cause no good and makes us appear as nothing more than racial cranks who are so embittered that we cannot see life as it really is.”

    AK: In its concise objectivity, this is a brilliant piece of writing. In the defense of our race and Western Civilization we must be superior to ourselves. We must not allow base emotions to cloud our perception of reality. Otherwise, we are doomed to marginalization and eventual defeat. We must see our lives as they really are.

    In order to succeed in this or any endeavor, one must be clear in defining objectives, accurate in identification of opposition, and, above all, realistic about the circumstances that determine the necessary course of action that will attain those objectives.

    This is true with everything in life. Some examples: Failure to comport with the reality of traffic, and a motorist may end up in an emergency room or a morgue. Failure to comport with the reality of the market and a stock trader will end up broke. Failure to comport with the reality of one’s physiology and a person will end up obese and sick. Failure to comport with the reality of Woman and a man will end up a lonely old wretch. Failure to comport with the reality of urban life and a man may end up dead (like my fellow cab driver in Sarasota).

    Again I would like to thank you for all you do to advance our just cause with ambrosekane.com, and in particular for your voice of reason in the thread of comments on “And Now, Your Nigga Moment….”

    • Ambrose Kane says:

      Thanks RC, I appreciate the kind comments and support.

      • Pepper says:

        I will remind both of you that blacks don’t play by the Marquise of Queensberry rules.


        I lost any civility with these apes years ago, and could care less what Aunt Jemima thinks of me or other white people. There is a time for being erudite, and a time to cast stones. We have been in that cast stones for years, but are still casting marshmallows. You don’t have to act civilized in the jungle, and that is what our cities have become.

  6. Mr Deplorable says:

    Bring it. Please.
    You won’t leave with it.

  7. Pat Kittle says:

    (((White-hating Jew supremacists))) control the media, they even brag about it — that is a matter of record.

    So as (((they))) cynically cover up & encourage this rapidly escalating anti-White dindu crime, let’s never forget (((who))) is “behind the curtain.”

    Why the (((media))) always call dindus “teens” is no mystery.


  8. JMV says:

    Any white that lives within driving distance of this mall should show up, armed and prepared to stomp the living shit out of any nigger who gets out uppity. It would only take a few incidents like this before it would get through the niggers’ thick skulls that whitey isn’t going to take this kind of shit any more.

  9. Jackie Puppet says:

    Jamie Foxx (not his real name of course) is racist. I remember when some gangbanger named Tookie (Williams?) out in California was executed by the state for killing some Korean store owners during a riot. He was bitching that YT was racist in sentencing Tookie, but not a word about what Tookie did.

    I think he’s dating Katie Holmes just to get back at YT.

  10. This is all too real.
    Trapped in a rail car with packs of trolls , orcs rampaging around malls!
    Its like watching World of War Craft but the gargoyles are using tabs to coordinate their attacks and taking selfies whilst pillaging.
    There’s a lot of talk about packing heat, pepper spray, martial arts, self defence,ect.
    A lot of talk indeed.
    But when it comes down to it, theres no better weapon than prevention.
    Some of us know there are forces that can’t fought or stopped.
    However; if one stays hip to the new game, they can avoid getting caught in the play.

    The world is not fair , right, or just. Thoughts ,feelings ,and opinions are irrelevant.
    All that matters are the facts as they stand.
    Nothing can be said or done for those who will not listen or learn.
    Most of them exist only as a byproduct of modern surplus.

    San Diego will be hosting the Gay Pride Parade this weekend. They are expecting two hundred thousand. The weather will be hot.
    I will avoid certain rail lines and areas, altogether,,, mabey even stay home.

  11. TeamTrumpGirl says:

    Don’t worry American Mall Shoppers… The black rent-a-cop on his Segway will save your ass!
    (HA HA HA… NOT!!!)

  12. Their threat sounds like domestic terrorism to me

    DEPARTMENT OF States definition

    “premeditated, politically motivated violence perpetrated against noncombatant targets by subnational groups or clandestine agents, usually intended to influence an audience.”

    Premeditated TICK
    Subnational TICK
    Politically Motivated TICK
    Influence and Audience TICK

    The National Guard so Flash Arrest them, sure it would be a Youtube Sensation

  13. Jackie Puppet says:


    If this is the case – GOOD!!

    Seems the opposite’s really true – more & more white women are embracing their mudshark status.

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