The Horror! Black Patient Called “Aunt Jemima” by Her White Doctor: “I Haven’t Been Able to Deal With This. It’s Just the Most Horrible Feeling, Really”

Boo-hoo! So what, get another doctor if he’s being rude and giving poor service.

I don’t believe for a minute this woman is emotionally ‘damaged’ or ‘traumatized.’ I think she’s looking for a big payout.

I hope she never gets it.

As for the dermatologist, it was stupid on his part and totally unprofessional. But so what. Blacks say and do the most atrocious and uncouth things to Whites all the time. Whites never have any recourse against it either, so none of us should feel sorry for her.


  1. Spartan says:

    Yeah, the doc was pretty dumb. I get it, he’s an older guy and grew up before this pc madness. Unless he lives under some rock, he has to know that it’s a different day, especially with those people. Twenty something years ago I called a student Aunt Jemima because she came in with a bandana. She smiled as did her classmates. It would be career suicide to do that again.

    Nothing cures racism like a bag of money. Sadly, this one is going to cost him.

  2. Susan says:

    Ha ha!

  3. Pepper says:

    I guess he needs to learn the hard way you don’t insult sheboons. Regardless if she looks like Aunt Jemima, you don’t say it! For a doctor, he is a moron! Had there been segregation, this black mama would not have been insulted by a white doctor. She could have gone to her witch doctor for treatment.

    Pass the pancakes and syrup!

    • Pepper says:

      I think I found a voodoo god for that woman to visit. No more crackers when she can get this kind of treatment. This is why Negroes are more developed intellectually than whites.

  4. Jackie Puppet says:

    Would she be complaining and in tears if he called her Oprah?

    • abby says:

      Huh? Oprah isn’t a racist caricature.

      • PB says:

        Not yet.

        • Marytoons says:

          Oprah has said more than once that white males need to “die out” so that the world can be ruled by black and brown races. The stupid bitch must have forgotten that her all white female audiences are the what have made her rich.

          • Ambrose Kane says:

            Yp, she seemed to have forgotten what people made her so rich. You and I know it wasn’t Black folks. Only White and wealthy White women with too much time on their hands watched her. Oprah knew it too, and that’s why she didn’t ‘talk Black.’ She knew which side her bread was buttered on.

      • Jackie Puppet says:

        She’d think it complimentary if he called her Oprah…

  5. Marytoons says:

    What’s she so upset about? At least he didn’t call her a niggar.

  6. Anonymous says:

    The reason that the afro is so sensitive to different key trigger words and go unhinge is really rooted in their tribal ancestry subconscious…. with limited intellectual ability these individuals believed in their pagan deities and religion and actually believe that things can be spoken into existence are people actually cursed… whereas a person of rational thought might be called an ethnic slur and so big deal as the old saying go stick and stones will break my bones but names will not hurt me to these individuals it’s almost like you spoken a word that can be physically used against them or there psyche… truly they are a sick lot if I using the n-word and such that you go totally unhinge… really the best thing that can take place it’s some sort of a separation…. and really I don’t know how that’s going to be accomplished minus some serve worldwide cataclysmic natural disaster or a Red Dawn scenario…. I do believe that something is coming and that in its aftermath this is where the parting of the road must take place… it doesn’t have to be ignorant or violent and really in the post scenario with fewer people being alive and exhausted from the main battles and challenges I think it will be easy for that to happen but they need to be showed the door to someplace else

  7. Pat Kittle says:

    “I Haven’t Been Able to Deal With This. It’s Just the Most Horrible Feeling, Really.”

    Surely nothing that winning the Ghetto Lottery couldn’t fix.

  8. Suck it up you dumb nigger bitch… fact is negros and their hypersensitivity is gettin old.
    Forcing people to like blacks is impossible.
    Turning a non event into a media circus only makes alot of us hate them more.
    As for the media shame on you,, if I see a news crew getting the beat down,, NMP
    Not my problem.

  9. TeamTrumpGirl says:

    Awww, quit the “chimp out” and go back to your GORILLA DISPLAY at the zoo, already!

  10. Mr Deplorable says:

    If she feels that way, she is more than welcome to waddle up to the
    roof and roll off of it.

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