The Violent and Thuggish Nature of Islam Appeals to the Debased Instincts of Stupid, Clannish, Hot-Blooded and Inbred “Sand People”

If you’ve ever wondered why so many ‘sand people’ (middle-easterners and sub-Saharan Africans) are attracted to Islam, Vertigo Politix correctly explains the reason.

The savage and primitive nature of Islam, then, is merely a reflection of the kind of people drawn to it. Such adherents appear to have the same unifying connection – namely, low levels of intelligence, extreme clannishness, temperamental natures, and high levels of inbreeding.

Unlike Christianity which is marked by an appeal to ‘the better angels’ of our nature such as love and forgiveness, Islam appeals to the lower nature, the more based aspects of human nature marked by violence, hatred, mistreatment of others, and sheer brutality of the worst kind. 

Even if one doesn’t agree with this explanation, aren’t such qualities the marks of Islam and its adherents wherever they dwell in large numbers? In spite of Muslim apologists and their political enablers who tell us that Islam is a ‘religion of peace,’ the facts and human history say otherwise. This isn’t hard to accept either. It’s just a matter of opening one’s eyes to reality. 

Islam: The religion of death and oppression 


  1. TeamTrumpGirl says:

    I’m not trying to make excuses for these goat-humping pedophiles, but I thought the following link c/o what might be contributing towards Muslim brutality was interesting none the less:

    It gives the phrase, “Knock yourself out” a whole new meaning 🙂

  2. Pat Kittle says:

    We don’t have to defend Islam to acknowledge that if our homeland had been invaded and reduced to a smoldering ruin we’d be pissed too.


    Jewish supremacists pretend they have the high moral ground as they endlessly promote open borders for Western countries.

    Meanwhile the same Jew lobbies con Western countries into fighting Israel’s shameless wars of aggression against Israel’s neighbors, killing, maiming, torturing, humiliating, and rendering homeless lots of angry embittered Muslims.

    The Jew lobbies then demand Western countries (NOT ISRAEL!!) take in all these Muslim refugees. Of course the Jew lobbies knew all along what would result — the West would be destroyed, and the Jewish diaspora in Western countries would flee to Greater (“Eretz”) Israel — which will by then stretch from the Euphrates to the Nile — courtesy of the same wars Israel instigates.

    Israelis even get to enjoy the spectacle of Christians & Muslims hating & killing each other.

    [ Jew immigration West Israel ] – O.O. Search:
    — [ ]

  3. Pat Kittle, spot on but I still hate Muslims.

    • For the love of God! How can anyone look at these Africans and Middle Eastern POS and think? “Oh yeah , What great bunch” Gotta have these guys over…! ”
      I’m seein the shit piled up everywhere in So Cal and it stinky and ugly!
      Its like a dog dumped turds all over the floor and everyone is just smiling laughing and pretending nothins goin on.
      Anyone who complains of the stench is branded an islamophobe, a racist.
      A supposed friend said he was concerned about my “hate speech” and went so far as to say ” You might pick up a gun and shoot a bunch of Muslims.”
      Funny that , he , a lefty, should think of that…..

  4. rf says:

    Muzzies are as bad darkies. I don’t want either in my country. The day will come when a choice by White Americans must be made about what they will leave their descendants. It’s not looking too good for us from where I sit now.
    The only good thing that ever came from the Arab world were their horses.

  5. Mr Deplorable says:

    Strange how I never can recall my being asked
    if I agreed that these animals should be allowed here
    and all on my dime.

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