1999 Documentary on “Wiggers” Exposes the Growing Sickness Among Our People: “Can Any Good at All Come Out of a White Kid Going Hip-Hop?”

This is an interesting documentary if one wishes to see the growing deception and sickness among our people in appropriating Black ghetto ‘culture.’ This is what happens when Blacks are allowed within our White societies. They corrupt everything, including our children.

White liberals will scream at how ‘racist’ and ‘hateful’ I am to say the things I do on this site, but who can deny that Blacks cause a plethora of severe problems for our people and our societies? No wonder Whites prior to the civil rights movement refused to integrate with these dysfunctional people, and why they were kept at a distance. They had a wisdom and racial common sense that is missing from today’s mind-poisoned Whites. 

Granted, that era wasn’t always pretty and there’s no denying that it was a form of racial discrimination – but it was necessary to preserve our people and our societies from the level of crime and chaos that negroes always create. This is what so many do-gooder Whites don’t seem to understand – reality is not always pretty. It’s not neat and clean, and sometimes distasteful measures must be taken as a necessary means in order to preserve the greater good. 


The problem of “wiggers” among us is primarily a lack of parental authority and an absence of race-consciouness among White parents. Before these kids ever attired themselves in baggy, hip-hop clothes and started talking like street niggers, the parents should’ve picked up on this trend and fully banned it from their home.

Rap music, hip-hop, ‘urban’ clothes, backward baseball caps and the like should have never been allowed. The slightest presence of Black ‘culture’ in the home should’ve been met with swift punishment. Any child who persisted in a hood-rat lifestyle should’ve been treated as an enemy within the home, a disturber of the family’s peace and comfort.

Major penalties should’ve been imposed on their kids, such as removing of cellphones, radio, TV privileges, and similar items. Any ‘allowances’ should be kept from the child. If they were 18 years of age or older, they should be promptly booted from the home and ostracized until they change their course of life.

Black ‘culture’ is never harmless fun. It’s always destructive!

Serious measures must always be taken when any White kid becomes deeply attracted to the ruinous ‘culture’ of American Blacks. If you doubt how many problems it will bring, just take a hard look at today’s ‘African-American’ family. You think it won’t do the same to your family? Look at how many young Black males are incarcerated and constantly in trouble with the authorities? You think your kid won’t find himself or herself in the same type of problems?

Allowing Dindu ‘culture’ in one’s home also instills a mindset that Blacks are ‘cool’ and worthy to be emulated. What is considered ‘cool’ by Blacks, however, are not things like ‘acting White,’ staying in school, speaking proper English, respect for authority, and abiding by the law but the complete opposite! Everything backwards, disrespectful, anti-authority, uncouth, low-life, and criminally-oriented is the mark of Black ‘urban culture.’ 

The problem, unfortunately, is that the greater majority of White parents are weak and racially cucked. They are actually afraid of their children. They are intimidated by them. Their heads are filled with liberal parenting tips which have proven disastrous for the stability of our families.

The customary way this cultural poison enters your home is through foolish, discernment-lacking teenagers who have little parental supervision in their lives. Parents who are frequently absent, who provide little or no moral guidance to their children, and who are themselves caught up in the Leftist socio-political matrix have only themselves to blame when their kids go full nigger.  

Most of these parents lost control of their kids long before the problem of ‘wiggerdom’ ever arrived on their doorsteps. Little did most of us know 18 years ago just how out-of-hand White appropriation of Black ghetto ‘culture’ would become. 


  1. Cuck a doodle doo!
    The wigger is you!
    Once the bitch go’s black
    You dont want her back!
    See any one can rap!
    If their head is filled with crap!
    Your kid may be a wigger!
    But at least he aint a nigger!
    Cuck a doodle doo….
    Darn that Sneaky jew…….
    Its the fault of Holly Wood
    Saying mixin’s good.

  2. TeamTrumpGirl says:

    Good grief… Where do I start?!
    First of all, it’s spelled GANGSTER, NOT “gangsta” (learn to f@%king spell!)
    Secondly, the “original” gangsters weren’t some loser group of dindus who can’t speak proper English, spell, or buy pants that actually fit them properly… They were men like Al Capone, Pretty Boy Floyd, Machine Gun Kelly, Legs Diamond, John Dillinger just to name a few!
    Thirdly, keep up the great work of killing each other in records numbers! And please consider adding all whites with an “identity crisis” (ie: wiggers). Two birds with one stone as they say!

  3. Pepper says:

    From a very young age, I knew that niggers were some kind of subspecies of feral ape. I never liked them with the exception of a few good singers or singing groups who sang normal songs. Those days have come and gone…there is no good left in them. Can a nigger sing a normal song anymore? Can they walk down the street without shooting another person who might stand in their way?

    My mother had a lady friend who was a black. She and her family were not a typical black family. Many times when I write, I mention that not all blacks are bad, but even with that in mind we cannot live among them. A small portion of them have contributed to our society, but because of the vast differences between the races, we can’t live together anymore. They need to go! Whites for whites only; nobody else.

    • Susan says:

      Pepper, you’re right but the US government will never allow separation. It’s the government that forces us to live and work among them.

  4. Pat Kittle says:

    Nothing like taking 30 points off your IQ emulating your heroes, only to have them kick your silly ass & steal your bling anyway.


  5. Mr. Deplorable says:

    They all look like 21st century Three stooges on crack.
    Just not as smart as the Stooges.

  6. rf says:

    God!!! How far we as a White race have fallen. These young men would not be welcomed in our White nation. They should all be put down. The red-headed boy, Kyle, looked funny to me. I thought, “that boy ain’t White”. Sure enough, a little further into the video it was revealed that he had a black granny. I could tell that he wasn’t White just by looking at him. I mean, look at his features, the high forehead, flared nostrils, ewww. Any offspring that that boy has will be probably black. You know, reverrt true to type, like plants do. His darky friends are his friends til the shit goes down. Then he will be White again. This is why we had segregation. And why we still need it. The day is coming when the gov’t won’t be able to herd us all around as they do now. As someone famous once said, “I’d rather die fighting than live on my knees”. Hip hop crap should be banished from the US.

  7. Truth-hammer says:

    Only a whigger is lower than a nigger.

  8. Mighty Whitey S. says:

    When I worked in state corrections as an officer, we saw plenty of wiggers. They’d sidle up to the nigger inmates acting all black, then they’d get obliterated. Many would just maintain the wiggerism after the niggers beat or raped them. Yes, I beat the shit out of many of them. I would tell them “Act your color!” after pumelling their ass. They didn’t call me Mighty Whitey for nothing. Keep up the good documenting Ambrose Kane. I am a long time follower and you have many disciples in Detroit.

    • Ambrose Kane says:

      Thanks MW, I appreciate your support brother!

    • Susan says:

      MWS, I hope you beat the shit out of the nigras, too. The whites needed to be awakened to the error of their ways, but the nigs deserve the beatings. I wonder if the whites may have been trying to survive in that hostile place, and they had to act niggery in order to do so.

  9. Harry says:

    “Real gangstas have vines on their curtains.” Those four were the notorious “Bird Rock Bandits” of La Jolla, CA. The guy second from the left is Seth Cravens. He is still in prison for Voluntary Manslaughter. The four of them beat up a surfer dude who later died of his injuries. I guess Cravens was especially vicious in his beating of the kid. La Jolla is a pretty upscale neighborhood. If such a concept as “white privilege” really exists, those 4 would embody it.

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