Man-Child Goes Ape-Shit When Taco Bell Gives Him the Wrong Order

According to the description provided in Live Leak, “North Smithfield police said Friday that they’re hoping someone can identify a man who went on a rampage at a fast food restaurant when he received the wrong order. Police released surveillance video of the man’s outburst at a Taco Bell restaurant on Eddie Dowling Highway, which happened at about 10:15 p.m. Thursday. The video shows the man throwing things, knocking over a cash register terminal, and smashing a fish tank on the counter. Police said the man’s shirt reads ‘Be Free.'”

Here’s a guy who definitely grew up during an entitlement era. He’s so accustomed to getting his way that when it doesn’t happen, he destroys everything around him. As a baby and later as a child I’m sure he learned that throwing a tantrum was an effective way to get whatever he wanted, and mommy probably cheerfully obliged him. His engrained entitlement mentality prevented him from being a well-adjusted human being.

The problem now is that the rest of us have to endure this man-child.  



  1. Pepper says:

    It was probably a nigger or Hispanic behind the counter. Niggers are too stupid to get things right, and Hispanics don’t have the language skills. I have a feeling we will be seeing him again.

    What will he do when he orders from a robot. All the nigger and beaner jobs are being taken over by robots. We need to downsize the number of niggers and beaners we have.

    • Harry says:

      When robots take over menial jobs: Less payroll taxes collected. Less soc. sec. witholdings, More tax money will be needed for “free gibs”. The crime rate will go up. Robots are good for the rich and powerful.

  2. TeamTrumpGirl says:

    I guess he never heard the phrase, “To error is human… To forgive is divine”?!
    Seriously though, two points here: 1) To work at Taco Bell doesn’t require a PhD in Rocket Science! In other words, you’re dealing with low-IQ minimum wage workers!, and 2) As if HE never made a mistake in his whole life?! (NOT!!!)
    …Just wait until things don’t go his way in PRISON!

    • Jackie Puppet says:

      Awwwww, c’mon – I used to sling tacos there when I was a teenager…sure, the pay sucked, but we more than compensated by not paying for our meals when we were supposed to, either. A slightly retarded gay black man I worked with had little patience for stupid foreigners & other niggers – every so often, he’d discreetly take a partially prepared burrito out of a garbage bin when someone pissed him off, and make it for them. If he served this guy in the video, the shine would have the same reaction.

      • TeamTrumpGirl says:

        Oops… I didn’t mean to offend you, Jackie! I’m a baby-boomer, thus back when I was a teenager (way before the ‘affirmative action’ nonsense) they didn’t have the illiterate morons working at fast food places like they are forced to hire now!
        BTW, I love the “garbage burrito” story! LOL!

  3. I didn’t get audio on this, but he looks middle eastern.

  4. Diddly says:

    No quiere Taco Bell.

  5. Ora_Pro_Nobis says:

    AK is spot on here. Parenting, or more accurately the complete absence of such is what creates these people. Is it any surprise that the Blessed Virgin told sister Lucia that “the final battle between Satan and the church will be about marriage and the family.”

    As someone who has worked in education, it’s is surprisingly easy (about 85% accuracy) to identify which children are residing in single parent situations just by observing behaviour.

  6. Ben S says:

    Typical Negro Behavior.. Maybe someone will Wack the Moolie
    How do more whites sign-up for Ambrose Kane updates?

  7. Pepper says:

    There is a chance he hurt his hand slugging the register and the fish bowl. This guy looks more Hispanic than nigger. He certainly acts like an uppity nigger. IT might be the person behind the register could not understand his Spanglich. Maybe they were out of the chalupa special of two tacos and a chalupa and a pepsi.

  8. Truth-hammer says:

    Another non-Caucasian. We need to deport every non-Caucasian in America. Then nuke the f*cking countries to which we send them. I am not kidding.

  9. Harry says:

    Taco Hell is an awful place to eat at.

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