The Freaks and Degenerates Among Us: Jacob Tobia Tries to Set Everyone ‘Straight’ on Gender Myths (pun intended)

Here’s Jacob Tobia, another ‘genderqueer’ who’s got his own show on MTV. This network is doing its best to shove as many degenerates before your children and teens so that every freak who parades around is seen as normal and something they should celebrate and even emulate. 

There was a time when anyone who was said to be ‘queer’ was considered either homosexual or, at best, just plain weird. Now it’s become its own gender-sexual classification with entirely new pronouns and definitions that we’re all expected to know and address them by.

This sort of crap is not evidence that a society has evolved, but a society in decline. The fact that this creep is taken seriously by many in the media and Hollywood shows what a complete joke this once great nation has become. We are rotting from the inside. 

The Left promotes and tolerates this filth because they know it’s corrupting us. They know it’s polluting all of society. Once all the old barriers of decency and morality are torn down, they can more effectively implement their Utopian schemes.  

When I see worthless pukes like Jacob Tobia, I don’t feel ‘sorry’ for them. I’m not indifferent to them. I don’t pray for them. I hate them. I hate everything about them. I hope they are swallowed up in the most miserable circumstances one can imagine for what they do and for what they stand for. They are soul destroyers. They are emissaries of evil who spread about a poisonous ideology. They may cloak their true intentions with expressions of ‘love’ and ‘tolerance,’ but their goal is to so pervert and confuse our children and young adults so that they forever lose their way.

The kind of crap that Tobia peddles leaves in its wake a plethora of wrecked lives and despondent people who often turn to drugs and, eventually, suicide to escape the insane world they’ve created for themselves. Whenever people go against the created order, the way they’ve been designed, it never works out well. Any claim that one will ‘find their true selves’ by going against nature, against the very gender they’ve been born with, will find themselves in a world of misery and hurt.

This is why I hate walking shit-holes like this Tobia degenerate. He spreads his misery to others, victimizing the gullible and those already struggling to understand themselves and the world around them.     


  1. Mr Deplorable says:

    The only myth is the one that says there are more than two genders.

  2. PB says:

    I worked in Health care. Fair numbers of Gays, blokes and Lesbians, and none of this trans shit. This thing that’s going on now is different to all that. Something else is at work.

  3. Spartan says:

    I was able to get past a minute in the first video and watched the second. Gee, let me guess, Tobia’s dad is going to be portrayed as some insufferable bigot by NTV. I never thought I’d see the day where Russia is much saner than us. This filth wouldn’t be tolerated in Russia.

    AK, did you see the recent tweet exchange with James Woods and these parents who decked out their 10 year old son as a tranny and took him to the annual fag parade? If that doesn’t make your blood boil, i don’t know what will.

    • Ambrose Kane says:

      I’m not aware of James Woods’ tweets, but taking little boys and girls to fag parades doesn’t surprise me in the least. In fact, I posted a photograph a year or two on this site showing a young feminized boy (maybe 11 or 12 years old?) at a ‘gay parade’ who was ‘twerking’ for all the applauding participants. It was so damn gross and inappropriate that I was actually concerned about posting it because it bordered on child pornography (although it technically wasn’t). I wanted my readers to see for themselves, however, just how twisted and degenerate these folks are at their pink parades.

  4. Robert Caldwell says:

    Meanwhile, teens in the City of Brotherly Love getting “the fresh air,” and being “out with their friends on a summer night” (as was expressed by Philadelphia Police Captain Drew Techner for this article):

  5. Joe says:

    I watched 33 seconds of the first video, the second I didn`t want bothered with. Bottom line with me is I`m tired of a lot, and I mean a lot of people who are straight walking around and PRETENDING that these people are normal just as we have to PRETEND we care or want bothered with parasites like blacks Mexicans and musloids sucking all the decency from our great country. I hope his daddy is proud.

  6. Anonymous says:

    spot on…100 out of 100….just two comments, because if u get real on these freaks, you go to jail, maybe even face federal hate crime charge, so just do this….i was at a store recently and this “thing” was a male, but decked out in female garb….at first i thought to just leave the purchase but no, i will fuck with you…acted like nothing wrong, etc….at the end i said have a good day SIR….the thing looked like it was going to blow a o-ring…i think sometimes these things are looking to provoke a confrontation either to prove their faggotary to make news / to get a real man locked up/ or like the nigger to win a lawsuit….like my cop friend said, fight like a Jedi and turn the darkside back to them,…..i know its hard, but it can be done….

    in the mean time , i dont go to target, and yes email the companies still….tell them they lost business etc…BTW colleges are seeing a decline in enrollment…i think people are waking up to the lefts bullshit….tech schools are seeing an increase…

    second, and i know i am repeating myself, but i think the only way this country can be saved is via a Red Dawn Armed Invasion of the usa….things are too deeply embedded to be solved by votes or such….the infection has spread to the point of a separation of limb to body is now needed….i dont see a civil war two happening so the only other course is invasion by an outside power….again i suggest reading pastor shelton emmery booket thats on line, “the bible says russia will invade america and be defeated” and george washingtons vision for america….despite your take, you should read this….and even if you dont believe in god, i have read different accounts of explaining washingtons vision to even that of a time traveler and that the invasion will be defeated by Area 51 weapons controlled by Majestic 12, who are all WHITE and are beyond the deep state / so called illuminati,control,,,,but thats another store to tell….

    • Jackie Puppet says:

      I do like the Red Dawn scenario – perhaps all of these pooftahs could be eliminated as part of “collateral damage”

    • newbie says:

      Well that just ruined the perfectly good pizza i had for lunch. Thanks for the advice as have a nice day SIR was nowhere near what i was thinking. Better to approach this like a game of chess rather than a boxing match i guess, but i still want to drive those freaky freaks back into the closet they came from !!!

  7. Driveby says:

    I watched about 30 seconds of that and I wanted to kick that poofter’s ass so hard he’d end up with a fur collar. I can’t imagine what it would be like to be forced to have to work in close proximity to a freak like that.

  8. TeamTrumpGirl says:

    So, this freakazoid has his own show on MTV?! Well I guess that explains why that channel never shows music videos anymore! For you AK readers that are too young to remember this fact, “MTV” is an acronym that USED to stand for “Music TeleVision”, but now it apparently stands for “Moronic TransVestites”?’
    (Ha Ha!)

  9. Jackie Puppet says:

    “Jacob” needs to be taken to a muslim-dominated part of town, where they can use him for bacha bazi, and it would never want to leave.

    • Ambrose Kane says:

      Now that’s a great idea. I’m sure he’d go willingly once he realized that he gets to wear a dress and frolic about among a group of swarthy and bearded men.

  10. Ora_Pro_Nobis says:

    These ‘things’ literally make me have to suppress the urge to vomit.

    Ora pro nobis, Sancta Dei Genetrix; ut digni efficiamur promissionibus Christi.
    Pray for us, O holy Mother of God; that we may be made worthy of the promises of Christ.

  11. Truth-hammer says:

    When The Days of the Rope arrive, I want to make a butter-fly out of these degenerates, just as the Vikings used to do. Bend over Mr. Tranny/homo/dyke, cut their ribs from their spinal column and spread-out the ribs like a butter-flies wings. It is not fatal for the first few hours. Then they die of shock. Yes, I want to go all sorts of Medieval on these freaks.

  12. Guy Asmart says:

    The biggest problem for society is when ugly dike lesbians select effeminate gays or other weirdos to be their speed donors, or vice versa. How to strop intraqueer insest, that is the question.

  13. Marytoons says:

    If that Jacob creep had been my brother, my father would have punched him across the first time he put on that dress. Now we have parents that do not want their newborn child’s gender put on their birth certicate so the child can later decide what gender they want to be.

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