Unruly Mob of 500 “Teens” (Blacks) Confront Philadelphia Police

I like how the Police Captain, Drew Techner, lectures on how parents need to know what their kids are doing and to have them home at a “decent hour.” It’s laughable because there’s nothing “decent” about these “teens” nor their parents.

Remember, we’re dealing with ‘African-American’ parents, a people who are notoriously irresponsible and violent. These “teens” are the products of drug-addicted, low-IQ, and welfare-dependent mothers (the so-called ‘father’ is not even in the picture). They are a people comprised mostly of those who have little personal discipline and even less personal honor.

Thus, scenes like this which play out regularly in every major U.S. city shouldn’t surprise us in the least. This is what happens when you coddle and entitle an entire race of misfits, a dysfunctional people who in massive numbers can never get their shit together.


  1. Pepper says:

    I long for the day the media stops reporting them as teens, they are feral nigger apes out there doing what they do best: destroy everything in their sight. White people need to be brave and fight their government if need be to keep this shit from ruining OUR towns and cities. Niggers don’t fit in!

    Honestly, right now white people are fighting their government, the media, and other white people who support niggers.

  2. Obmanation passed out cell phones to his crew so they could organize community events!

  3. Pat Kittle says:

    “Only minor damage”??

    Dindus trampling over people’s cars is “only minor damage”??

    Assault & battery on cops (thrown glass bottles) — and the cops tolerate it??

    Yes, let’s hope the dindus can peacefully go about peeing in the public pool the next day — what a happy ending to this story!

    • Michelle says:

      White people COME FROM black people. Study history. You hate your ancestors.

      • Ambrose Kane says:

        In case you haven’t heard, the ‘Out of Africa’ theory has been debunked based on more recent science discoveries. You need to think about what you’re saying and its implications: If Whites “come from Black people,” why have we evolved and progressed and yet you people have essentially remained in the Stone Age? How come our societies and nations are the envy of the world, while your ‘Dark Continent’ remains in poverty, squalor and ignorance? Why are so many Blacks dependent on the White man for all their basic needs? How come so many Blacks run to our societies for what they need than run to the kinds of societies created in Africa? You know the answer.

        • Pepper says:

          You are right…a study has us linked to prehistoric people in Greece! This was just a month or so ago…I suppose we have some illiterate people who are too busy to care about such things.
          Michelle can google it is she so desires and get back to us on that.

      • Truth-hammer says:

        Michelle, how is Barack? I no more descended from or was ever kin to you soulless, conscience-less sh*t-ape anthropoids. You and your kind are a species separate from the sublime species known as Homo homo sapien. Your kind are kin to Homo erectus, the little ape-creatures with small brain-cases. That is from pre-history. History reveals that you sh*t-demons contributed nothing other than tap dancing. Now, bugger off. We humans are trying to conversate.

      • Mr Deplorable says:

        You really need to cut back on the freebasing
        and smoking those crack lace doobies Michelle.
        Your tiny brain is fried.

        • TeamTrumpGirl says:

          Dear Michelle, My college major, Veterinary Medicine, required 3 internships, and because my intended specialty was Zoo/Wildlife, I did my third internship at the zoo. Therefore, I can tell you from having worked with primates (and many other different species as well) that real monkeys are more intelligent, behave way better, and treat each other 1000-times-better than blacks! In fact, comparing blacks to apes is an insult to all 300+ species of monkeys as far as I’m concerned!

  4. Anonymous says:

    News — Pennsylvania
    Drugs and deception: How police say Cosmo DiNardo and cousin Sean Kratz killed four men
    Updated: JULY 15, 2017 — 12:34 PM EDT

  5. Jackie Puppet says:

    Germantown apparently needs to be renamed Coontown.

  6. Pepper says:

    I wonder if the scene was a re-enactment of the War of the Planet of the Apes? I read the words written by Caesar: Ape shall not kill ape! Whatever happened to that?

    What we have here are the apes trying to take over Philadelphia Ape Central. We all saw the movie called Conquest of the Planet of the Apes where YT let the apes get too uppity and we see how that turned out.

    In a few thousand years apes will evolve to become Aunt Jemima.

  7. Sam says:

    Disgusting. All those teenape hoodrats should have been maced, rounded up and arrested for disorderly conduct.

  8. rf says:

    Sadly, it is getting close. When citizens don’t feel that their gov’t can do its job, then vigilantic justice is what happens. Our cops are not allowed to disperse a crowd of teens, well, I’ll just say I didn’t want this, but I know its coming.

Any Thoughts?

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