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Happy New Year to All My Readers!

I hope that y’all have a wonderful new year. Thank you, again, for your support of this blog and the kinds of things I write about. I could do without you but, seriously, it wouldn’t be nearly as fun! 

Drexel University Officials Refuse to Fire or Discipline Professor Who Tweeted “White Genocide” Remarks

Just as I thought. I’d like to take credit for being so insightful, but the truth is that it was easily predictable that Drexel University officials would not take any serious measures to either discipline or fire the professor who two weeks earlier made a series of “White genocide” remarks on Twitter.

Their choice to do nothing was grounded on “free speech, academic freedom, and the political content of his Tweet.” It’s another case of ‘free speech for me, but not for thee.’ If you think for a minute that university officials would have ruled the same had the professor tweeted the same things against Blacks or Hispanics, you’re living on another planet.

Liberals almost always get a pass for the racist and hateful things they publicly spew against Whites and conservatives because the gatekeepers who determine what is ‘hateful’ is comprised of Left-leaning politicians, academicians, and media elites. They will always favor their own, those who align with their fundamental belief system and values. Their dismay and scorn is reserved exclusively for White conservatives, especially race-conscious Whites who demand consistency from the-powers-that-be when Whites are racially maligned by ‘people of color.’


‘Sing’ Children’s Movie: Celebrating Black Ghetto Culture in Song, Dance and Cartoons

If you’ve ever wondered how ghetto culture influences Americans, especially our youngest and most impressionable, the children’s movie Sing is one such avenue in which secular values are conveyed to the masses. With cartoon characters singing rap lyrics and ‘twerking,’ the message promoted is that ghetto culture in the form of rap and hip-hop music is ‘cool’ and acceptable, something we should emulate as Whites. The assumption is that so long as cute cartoon characters sing and jiggle like Blacks, it’s okay.

But it’s not.

Seriously, what genuine good has such music and erotic tribal dancing in the form of ‘twerking’ produced for Blacks in America? None, I can assure you. Oh sure, I know that some Blacks have gained fame and fortune through such musical genres, but what virtue and beauty has it brought to America’s inner cities, not to mention Whites who feel it necessary to mimic Blacks? Has it really bettered us as a people? Has it uplifted our nation’s culture or made us more coarse and crude? If it has done little to improve the lives of Blacks, what good can we expect it to make on the lives of Whites?

Do our children really need to see ‘twerking’ rabbits? What kind of message does this send to our kids? What good does sexualized cartoon images do for our children? How will it not prep them for full acceptance of ghetto culture upon entering their teenage years?

Liberals know this all too well. They are quite cognizant that the way to break down any generation’s vestiges of patriotism, Christianity, traditionalism, and conservative thought is to target the children with their godless and hedonistic values – and this is precisely what liberals have been doing for the past 50 or so years! 

In fairness, I have been told that Sing only features the rapping and ‘twerking’ in small dosages and it plays little force in the overall movie. Other musical genres are featured too. I haven’t seen the movie, but I suspect that it’s probably true. Still, what little role that such rapping and ‘twerking’ plays in the movie is sufficient to convey its message to a young and impressionable audience.

Liberals, then, don’t need to bombard us with their values in order to ‘transform’ the greater culture (though, in many respects, this is what they often do). They only need to do so incrementally over a sustained period of time and it’s guaranteed to achieve the same result.   

The music of a dying nation

And You Thought Obama Would be a ‘Post-Racial’ President – Fools!

For Obama, it’s all about race or, more specifically, about displacing the greater White population and dominant White culture with non-Whites. Everything this man did was oriented toward breaking down America and moving it as far away as possible from it’s historic White and constitutional basis.

How naive for anyone to have believed that Obama would bring about a ‘post-racial’ America where race, ethnicity, and even one’s religion would no longer be given preference over others. Obama was counting on the average, low-information American voter to believe it, and he was apparently not disappointed in his efforts. All-the-while, however, he did everything in his power to undermine this once great nation and to create an America that more resembled his race (Black) and religious sympathies (Islam).

Obama was just as racist as any neo-Nazi. The difference is that while neo-Nazis are honest enough to admit what they believe, Obama, in contrast, concealed his racist, anti-White motives and schemes. He was craftier than any neo-Nazi by far, although only the most gullible couldn’t see what he was really aiming at. 

Ironically (or perhaps not so?), Obama was trying to make America Black and Brown while we as race-conscious Whites are seeking to make it White again (or to at least preserve Whites as the dominant demographic). In this sense, I suppose, we are somewhat similar. Our goals are racially motivated. The point is, it’s natural and it comports with our tribal nature to want to be among our own kind, to form our societies and nations after people who reflect our race, our culture and our religious views.

I don’t fault Obama for this per se. I do, though, condemn his dishonesty in that he took upon himself an office in which he was required to represent all Americans and their general welfare but, instead, he pursued goals that would favor one racial group (Blacks) over Whites and which would favor one religion (Islam) over all others (mostly Christianity). 

In light of this, don’t ever let anyone make you feel ashamed for wanting to make America White again, for promoting policies that preserve our racial and cultural heritage. Every racial and ethnic group throughout the world does the same, including our Kenyan-born dictator. 

Naive, White Do-Gooder, Steven Otter, Finally Got His ‘Diversity Encounter’: “A Lot of That Fear is Misperception. I Don’t Think It’s a Reality”

Here’s a short documentary from a few years back featuring Steven Otter, a man who lived among Blacks in South Africa as a means of breaking down racial prejudices. He was anti-Apartheid to the core, and he became somewhat of a celebrity for his ‘anti-racist’ public stunts. He was also a journalist who made it his mission to fight for ‘underprivileged’ Blacks (for the full story, see here).

Listen to how he dismisses the Whites who were surprised that he had chosen to live among South African Blacks in their own neighborhoods. His family and others had warned him about living among the “colored,” but he refused to listen. His response in the documentary is horrifically naive: “A lot of that fear is misperception. I don’t think it’s a reality.”

Well, Steven Otter finally got the very thing Whites had tried to warn him of. He was recently brutally stabbed in the face and chest during a robbery at his home by two Black male intruders. According to officials, “Two suspects fled the scene with a television set, a laptop computer and a cellular telephone, and are yet to be arrested.”

Steven Otter: Another foolish Libtard like Amy Biehl

He died in the arms of his partner, a fitting end for a Libtard who lacked the sense to recognize the danger he was in while living among the Dindus. His ignorance of human nature and the reality of inherent racial differences led him to engage in odd political stunts, including efforts to identify with Blacks who in large measure either thought he was strange or secretly hated him. Can you blame them? No one likes to be patronized or turned into some do-gooder’s social-poverty project, so it shouldn’t surprise us if we discovered that Otter, and those like him, are actually despised among South African Blacks.

This really is a feel-good story. We rejoice when White liberals feel the effects of their stupid life-decisions. It vindicates our message to them, and their need to break free from the multicultural myths they’ve been fed.

Although it would be nice to imagine that other White liberals will learn some lessons about race as a result of Steven Otter’s brutal death, it just isn’t going to happen. Liberals are too stupid. Like brainwashed cultists, they cannot and will not allow themselves to be persuaded of reality, of how things truly are in the dangerous world we live in. Nothing short of an intense intervention or a life-threatening ‘diversity encounter’ will change their ways – and even then there are no guarantees. The deception runs too deep.

Check out the article, ‘Death of a Moonbat: Steven Otter,’ by Dave Blount.

Finally, I’d like to send Steven Otter on his way with a good old fashioned evil laugh. It’s a bittersweet kind of laugh, because while we think it’s funny that you suffered and died at the hands of the very people you naively thought you could ‘save,’ you definitely deserved it. You worked against your own people, your own race, and you promoted an ideology among us that has proven harmful to all future generations of Whites.

Good riddance you worthless fuck!

Christmas Shopping for Dindus (aka “Teens”) ALWAYS Leads to Violence

FOX News reports “teens” brawling at malls throughout U.S.

Aurora mall in Colorado

New Jersey mall

Walmart in Louisville, Kentucky

Mall in Alabama

60 People Shot with 11 Fatalities Over Christmas Weekend in Chicago

This news report does not reflect the most recent number of shootings and fatalities which was last recorded at 60, 11 of them which were fatal.

Chicago’s Police Superintendent, Eddie Johnson, is out of touch with the real problem plaguing the windy city which does not have a gun problem, but a Black problem.

No societal issue, no matter how severe, will ever will be solved if an accurate description of it is avoided at all costs. To speak of “repeat gun offenders” instead of describing them as Blacks who use guns to murder others (mostly other Blacks) or to speak of “gun violence” instead of Black violence detracts from the true source of the problem.

The masters of their own disasters

The issue facing Chicago is not the presence of guns per se, but the presence of a large population of Blacks who have great difficulty abiding by the law and behaving civilly. It is these people (not guns) who should be the focus of our attention.

Courageous questions have to be faced: Why are these people (not guns), in contrast to other racial groups, so violent? Why do they as a people (not guns) feel the need to murder each other in large and unparalleled numbers? What should be done to prevent these people (not guns) from committing so much crime and mayhem? Are these people (not guns) even fit for a civilized society as ours with its emphasis on law and civility?


I know, of course, that such questions would never be confronted in today’s politically-correct mindset. No mainstream news outlet would dare to touch such subjects The deeper questions and racial implications of typical Black dysfunction are not allowed to be asked let alone seriously faced in America. We must, instead, pretend and obfuscate so as not to offend the ‘darlings of diversity.’

It’s more convenient to dismiss our current insanity as a gun problem. It’s easier to blame an inanimate object than to blame the people who are almost always the source of such murders because we are fearful of the political backlash. It’s better to waste vast sums of taxpayer funds and resources focusing on a secondary issue than to face the massive elephant in the room that everyone must tip-toe around.



Drexel University Professor Wants a “White Genocide” for Christmas

An associate professor of politics and global studies at Philadelphia’s Drexel University, George Ciccariello-Maher, has declared on Twitter that the only thing he wants for Christmas is “White genocide.” He’s also Tweeted that the Haitian revolution in which Blacks massacred scores of White people was “a good thing indeed.” He also professes to be a “communist.”

If this same professor had Tweeted these sorts of things against Blacks or any other protected class of people, there would be an uproar. The man would’ve been immediately fired and a gushing mea culpa would have been forthcoming. Not so when the hateful rhetoric is targeted at Whites. It’s always somehow ‘understandable’ and not viewed as blatantly ‘racist,’ at least not see on par with racist comments made about Blacks and Hispanics.

Will the administration at Drexel University publicly condemn the professor? Will they fire him? Or will they engage in all sorts of rationalizations to excuse his Tweets? If a physician can be threatened with termination for comparing Michelle Obama to a monkey (I recently published a story on this), why can’t a professor be terminated for making genocidal statements concerning Whites?

Normally, I wouldn’t care because I believe deeply in free speech. He can express whatever private opinions he wants on his own time and in whatever his personal form of social media happens to be. Unfortunately, the livelihood of Whites are always threatened when they do the same thing. SJW types make sure to expose the person’s employer and then bombard the business with their employees thought crimes. Since liberals want to engage in such childishness, so be it. We shall do the same. 

This story highlights the true nature of liberals, especially among those who have went as far as to align with communism. Though they profess to believe in free speech and non-violence, it’s a scam to fool the gullible (known as ‘useful idiots’). They use the rhetoric of ‘peace’ and ‘tolerance’ to mask their true intentions which is to implement by force, lying propaganda, and boldface deception their Utopian goals.

Liberal-communists like this professor, may declare themselves to be advocates of ‘non-violence,’ yet if given the chance they would slit the throats of their political opponents without the slightest hesitation. All true communists believe in the use of force and bloodshed to promote their cause. Like Islam, communists have a long trail of blood and human atrocity violations throughout their history.

Hard Truth: Some liberals can be fought with the power of truth and persuasion. However, there are many liberals who can only be fought with the same weapons they employ against us. As race-conscious Whites who seek to preserve our race, cultures and customs, we must fight fire with fire. Taking the ‘high road’ is workable when you’re dealing with people who value ethics and civility, but it’s absolutely the wrong approach when you are dealing with people who possess few moral standards and who are out to physically and economically harm you.      

Another reason that our universities are a joke

‘Mad TV’ Comedy Skit Predicted the Era of Social Justice Warriors

This ‘Mad TV’ comedy skit from 2001 unknowingly predicted the era of Social Justice Warriors with its preoccupation of ‘micro-aggressions,’ the priority of feelings over everything, overreaction to anything that is said, hypersensitivity, and assumptions that language is rape and words are the equivalence of violence. 

What was laughable in a comedy skit 15 years ago has now become the norm among the millennial generation and our university students. 



Women as Cops: Harry Callahan Tried to Warn Us

This is what happens when liberals ignore the innate differences between men and women, and try to place women in positions they were never naturally equipped to fulfill.

I don’t question the sincerity of female police officers. The greater majority of them are hard-working and decent people. But they were never physically designed to do the job, and this is why academy fitness exams have had to be lowered on their behalf. This is why they are so often unable to physically restrain and overcome even medium-sized males. They don’t have the upper-body strength. They don’t have the speed to chase down fleeing suspects and still overcome them once they catch up (if they ever do!). They don’t naturally have a warrior mindset, nor does this even come natural to them.

In my opinion, women in law enforcement belong in a support role (e.g., dispatchers, records clerks, advocates for crime victims, crime scene technicians) and not in a patrol function. They were not designed for the physical aspects of the job, and no matter how much we may try to convince ourselves otherwise, it will never come true.

Don’t focus on the exceptions to the rule, focus on what is normative of most women in law enforcement who are deeply dependent on male officers when it’s time to go ‘hands on.’

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