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Mayors Receive $5 Million Grant to Reform Black Ghetto Savages Who Cannot be Reformed

WDRB 41 Louisville News

Here we go again. Another costly grant in a futile effort to reform negro hood-rats who cannot be reformed. It all sounds so promising to the uninformed and gullible, but we’ve been down this road before, haven’t we? 

You think this hasn’t been tried ad-infinitum by White liberal do-gooders and Black ‘community organizers’ looking to feed at the trough of Uncle Sam’s plantation? These costly government programs are nothing more than feel-good efforts in an attempt to stop young Black males for murdering each other.

As usual, though, they will promise that which they can never deliver. 

The government do-gooders in the video naively imagine that they can change the natural violent proclivities of Black males raised without a father, having no moral foundation, no positive direction in their lives, loaded with genetic traits that make them unfit for civilized societies that value law and order, and engrossed in a debased ghetto culture that thinks speaking correct English and staying in school is ‘acting White.’

After the funds are wasted with little success to show for their efforts, these same enablers of Dindu dysfunction will beg for even more money from taxpayers. New programs will be created promising to change a people who simply cannot be reformed on any large scale basis nor with any consistency.

The racial do-gooders also forget one very important principle that has always proven true: Government fucks everything up! State and Federal governments have a long history of waste, excess, mismanagement, and with little accountability and oversight. This $5 million dollar grant will prove to be no different.  

In our pride and arrogance, we are trying to make Blacks in America another version of Whites while foolishly thinking we can bypass their genetic makeup, their most primitive traits, and a bottom-feeder ‘culture’ that only serves to reinforce their thuggish ways.   

Disingenuous White liberals live in the world of make-believe because the lies of racial equality has deceived them in the worst possible way. Only radical deprogramming efforts along with multiple showers of truth bombs has any chance to break through the hardened crust of their closed minds.

Oh, and a few ‘diversity encounters’ wouldn’t hurt either.

             More successful graduates of government programs

Twin Cities Police Easily Startled? No, Just a Somali Immigrant by the Name of Officer Mohamed Noor!

Officer Mohamed Noor and his Hijab Harem


Blubberous Dindu Gets Repeatedly Ventilated by Cops in a Glorious Crescendo of Bullets After Car Chase (shot 45 times!)

Note: This glorious fatal shooting occurs at the latter part of the dash-cam footage.

According to Amanda Hoover in NJ.Com, “Dash cam footage released Monday shows several officers fire dozens of bullets at a man who started shooting at police after he led them on a 10-mile high-speed car chase.

Police fatally shot 27-year-old Antoquan Watson, of Williamstown, in March of 2014. In 2015, a grand jury declined to indict the seven officers involved in the incident.

The Atlantic County Prosecutor’s Office said it was releasing the footage following a New Jersey Supreme Court decision earlier this month that ruled dash cam footage of fatal shootings involving police should be made public.

The chase began after police received a report that Watson had brought a gun into Pleasantville’s La Esconda II Restaurant, where he was a regular customer known to employees.

A waitress at the restaurant stated that Watson ordered two beers and paid with cash after two credit cards failed, and that he appeared drunk and was mumbling to himself, according to the Atlantic County Prosecutor’s Office. Several patrons reported seeing a gun in Watson’s right hand as he paid the bill and left the restaurant, and said he pointed the gun toward the ceiling, but did not threaten anyone in the restaurant or aim the weapon in their direction.

Police responded to the restaurant’s parking lot and attempted to speak with Watson, who allegedly refused to roll down his window and eventually took off on the Black Horse Pike.

In the dash cam video, officers pursue Watson’s black SUV through city streets and along highways as he runs red lights and swerves around other drivers. He led officers through Pleasantville, Egg Harbor Township and Atlantic City, driving between 50 and 85 miles per hour and firing a round at officers while driving, authorities said.

Eventually, Watson’s car collides with an uninvolved SUV at an intersection, causing his vehicle to spin around in the middle of the roadway.

Watson then steps out of the vehicle, gun pointed toward officers, and begins firing.

Seven officers, four from Pleasantville and three from Atlantic City, proceed to shoot Watson 45 times, continuing to fire as he falls to the ground, motionless.

In an investigation of the shooting, several officers stated that they believed Watson was wearing body armor, as he was able to continue walking once hit by several bullets, authorities said. An autopsy later revealed that he had PCP in his system.

A use of force expert reviewed the scene and physical evidence, and ruled that the officers had taken lawful action against Watson given the circumstances.”

Criminal Dindus ventilated is fun for the entire family! 


Tennis Legend John McEnroe in Trouble for Admitting Gender Differences and for Refusing to Say That Serena Williams is the Greatest Tennis Player That Ever Lived: “Would You Like to Apologize?”

Here we have another example of our nation’s collective insanity. In this case, the tennis legend John McEnroe recently got into trouble on National Public Radio (a bastion of Libtard drivel) for daring to say that “Serena Williams is the greatest female player that ever lived.”

But that wasn’t good enough. A female on the NPR panel then challenged him by asking, “Why did you say woman, why didn’t you say the greatest tennis player that ever lived?” McEnroe was then forced to make it clear that Williams is a female, and she’s not the greatest tennis player that ever lived. In fact, he said she’d be ranked “about 700th in the world.” Even if one thinks McEnroe is way off base, he’s not wrong in denying that Williams is the greatest tennis player that ever lived.

Later, McEnroe appeared on CBS This Morning to explain what he said on NPR and why he has refused to apologize. Obviously, his explanations which were perfectly legitimate and reasonable didn’t go over well. The panel, comprised of Charlie Rose, Norah O’Donnel, and Gayle King are supposed to be well-informed professional interviewers, and yet they engaged in some of the lamest questions and rational for why McEnroe shouldn’t have given his opinion.

Serena Williams: That dude will kick the shit out of anyone! 

So, let’s briefly recap the controversy surrounding McEnroe’s comments. He’s in trouble because he identified Serena Williams as the greatest female tennis player to have ever lived instead of saying she was the greatest player over both men and women of all time.

First of all, for Pete’s sake, it was only an opinion! It wasn’t codified law. It wasn’t a royal edict. It was just one man’s opinion, and nothing more.

Secondly, for all the whining that feminists make over not being recognized for their achievements and their gender, here was a man that clearly praised Williams for her ability as a female, and yet he still got lambasted for it! It proves, once again, that you can never make liberals happy. The slightest misstep or verbal mistake can make someone ‘persona non grata’ or forever ruin a career.

That liberal weasel, Charlie Rose, lamely inquired from McEnroe: “Why was it necessary?” to say the things he did about Williams. What kind of question is that? Does every word coming from one’s mouth have to be “necessary”? Can someone just give an opinion without it having to be “necessary”? Is every utterance coming from the lips of Rose “necessary’?  

‘Sweetie pie, I think I just crushed my vertebrae’ 

And besides, we’re talking about opinions, not something that is Gospel truth. Voicing an opinion doesn’t mean everyone has to agree with it. Others can always challenge it or voice contrary opinions. That’s the way life works, right? Not for liberals. All opinions, theories, and even facts must bow to the god of liberalism. There is no dissent when the media elite and our Leftist overlords speak.

Co-host Norah O’Donnel doesn’t even have time for explanations or hearing the other side of an account. No, she only wanted to know, “Would you like to apologize?” Thankfully, McEnroe declined the lame offer. In O’Donnel’s mind, McEnroe is guilty and there’s nothing he can say in his defense. His only response should be a slobbering mea culpa before the entire watching world.

Hard Truth: Both Rose and O’Donnel were engaging in racial virtue signaling. It was bad enough that McEnroe didn’t agree that a female was the greatest tennis player that ever lived. What’s worse is that he denied such prestige to a Black female, an even worse thought crime.

‘You talkin’ to me muthafucka?’ 

Gayle King actually admitted on the show that “men are stronger, men are faster . . . but it sort of belittles what women do on the tennis court.”

Excuse me? How does an admission of something patently obvious such as that men are stronger and faster than women somehow “belittle” or rob of women of their dignity and accomplishments? Has King been sniffing at Oprah’s crotch again? What an incredibly stupid assessment to make. Yet her comments reveal very much the ‘touchy-feely’ nature of women and how they view the world around them. That’s another reason why they should’ve been forbidden the right to vote, but that’s a discussion for another time.

Of course everyone’s expected to walk on eggshells and not upset the Amazon woman because she’s about spawn a privileged half-niglet: “Respect me and my privacy as I’m trying to have a baby.” Oh sure, Serena, we’ll make sure not to say anything that might upset you because you might have a miscarriage or something. It’s all about you, baby!

Serena’s gonna be manhandling this Beta male every night

A Soft Genocide Against Us: Why Would Jews Support Third-World Immigration Policies for White Nations, But Reject Those Same Policies for Israel?

Still don’t think the Jews are working against us? 

Dindu McStabbing in the McRibs at McDonald’s (Britain)

Even in merry old England large numbers of Blacks can’t manage to behave civilly. Whether they reside in Britain, Sweden, Australia or on the Dark Continent itself, Blacks never fail to manifest their natural savage and criminal proclivities.

Are you starting to see why apartheid was necessary in South Africa and, really, in any place with a growing population of negroes?

The idea of keeping another racial or ethnic group out of one’s country, or restricting their rights, influence, or role within it is hard for many White westerners to understand. This is because most of them never had to live in places with a dominant Black majority, and so they don’t really know much about these people. Their experience with them is minor at best, and is limited to short durations rather than protracted ones.

Their minds are filled with lofty but unrealistic notions about Blacks. They view them as essentially no different than Whites except with a darker skin pigmentation. They view race only in terms of skin color and are ignorant that race encompasses so much more.

What you’re observing in the video is why ‘Jim Crow’ and ‘Sun Down’ laws in America were necessary. The more racially-conscious generation that lived back then understood the nature of negroes. They knew that for their own safety and general welfare, Blacks should be kept outside our our societies or, at a minimum, monitored closely by the authorities.

This was an era in which Blacks driving down the street could be stopped by a police officer solely because they were on the wrong side of town. There’s no doubt that it was pure racial profiling. It was meant to keep Blacks out. It was racial discrimination in its purest form, and it was absolutely necessary in order to preserve the kind of society Whites wanted.

It was, perhaps, unpleasant to observe. It was not pretty, but it was necessary. To have allowed Blacks to roam free unrestricted and unmonitored would have created the kinds of dangerous societies that we routinely witness and experience today.

You’ve come a long way baby.

Jewish Council in Germany Declares That “Anti-Semitism is on the Rise Again” – Gee, I Wonder Why?

A Jewish council that recently convened in Germany declared its concerns about the rise of anti-Semitism throughout Europe. They blame it on two groups whom they see as threats to their survival – namely, radical Muslims and the “far Right.”

Like Blacks in America who refuse to see themselves and their conduct as the source of their many troubles, so also Jews never stop to collectively ask themselves: ‘Are we causing much of the hatred against us?’ This would, of course, require deep introspection and brutal personal honesty, something far too many Jews are unwilling to do.

Like Blacks in America who have been conditioned to always see themselves as innocent victims no matter what, so also Jews worldwide imagine that the hate many have for them is merely because they are God’s ‘chosen people,’ or because others are ‘jealous’ of their success, etc. While this may play a small part of the resentment they receive, it does not account for the greater weight of it.

Jews: Always working for the racial displacement of Whites

These are convenient, self-righteous, and self-soothing answers that Jews deceive themselves with. The greater majority of them are unwilling to face the reality that they are widely disliked because of their cliquishness, their unwillingness to assimilate to the very countries that have graciously taken them in (especially during and after WW2), their arrogance, their crafty ability to control and manipulate the currency of much of the world, their promotion of cultural Marxism among colleges and universities throughout the entire West, and their rabid commitment to spreading multiculturalism and destructive immigration policies in America and Europe.

With this and more reasons in mind, it should not be surprising when we discover how many countries Jews have been expelled from throughout history.   

There is also a growing worldwide hatred of Israel because of how it has treated and continues to treat the Palestinian people. Personally, I don’t give an ass-crack about what the Jews and the Palestinians do to each other. Jews and Arabs have been at each others throats for thousands of years, and only foolish American presidents and do-gooder foreign dignitaries imagine that they can get these two hot-tempered groups to be friends and cease their murdering of each other. Why in the world would we ever stick our noses in such an never-ending hornets’s nest?

The very immigration policies Israel would never allow for itself 

And besides, both groups work feverishly against our racial and cultural interests as Whites. Muslims hate us because we are unwilling to bow to their 7th century pagan moon-good and pedophile prophet, while the Jews work tirelessly to flood our countries with as many hostile and low-skilled third-world savages as possible.

Jews control most of the media in the form of news, entertainment and television, and for many decades now they have pumped non-stop all manner of filth and degeneracy into our once great nation. They have worked to eradicate our Christian foundations, and to poison our youth with cultural Marxism.

Jews have erected ‘social justice’ organizations with the sole intent of creating racial hostility between Blacks and Whites, demoralizing patriotic White Americans, and using our legal system to help dismantle the country from within and to frustrate any attempt at resistance to their schemes. 

This is what these very divisive people have done to us. And yet, we are expected to shed a tear when their synagogues are attacked or when they are ruthlessly murdered on the street by the very ‘migrants’ they welcomed with open arms?! I will not. Ever.  

None of this was accidental   

How utterly insane, then, for us as Whites to tolerate any of these wicked people within our borders! Jews and Muslims may have different reasons for hating us, but they both wish to destroy our nations and to racially displace us from the West.

The really hypocritical thing about it all is that while Jews zealously work to flood the West with as many middle-eastern Muslims and Africans from the Dark Continent as possible, they would never do the same for their beloved Israel. They truthfully admit that to do so would destroy the Jewish people and the nation of Israel itself.

Yet rarely do any of them concede that the same would happen to Whites in Europe and America by the same immigration policies. Most Jews don’t even consider the racial and cultural implications that their immigration policies would create for us. That’s because huge numbers of Jews, perhaps subconsciously, despise us as Whites. They tend to view our people, essentially, as hooded KKK types or closeted Nazis who secretly want to throw them in the ovens. They also hate us because of our Christianity which they view as the source of many of their struggles throughout history.

Hard Truth: Folks, how much clearer does it have to be before we realize that these people hate us, that they are working against our racial interests? The sooner we recognize it, the sooner we may find a way to forever separate from them. When will we finally realize that we don’t need them, but they very much need us? 

Race-conscious Whites like myself are not asking for Jews to be harmed nor for Israel to be wiped off the map. We simply want them to leave us alone, to stop trying to destroy us through ruinous immigration policies, through their cultural Marxism that they are bent on spreading wherever they dwell, and through their miscegenation efforts among us which is guaranteed to pollute our bloodline.

For a people who are so preoccupied about their own genocide, they sure have no problem committing a soft genocide against us as Whites.

Thus, when Jews are brutally attacked by the fanatical Muslims they encouraged to flood Europe with, I smile. Serves them right. When Muslims blow up a Synagogue, I chuckle. Serves them right. When Jews become fearful of their own safety and flee to Israel for refuge, I cheer. Serves them right.

I know you’re thinking how heartless it is of me to be so calloused. But whose fault is it that anti-Semitism is on the rise throughout Europe? What group has worked the hardest to promote such open border policies? Jews. What group assiduously created destructive immigration policies and placed pressure on our governments to allow millions of non-assimilating Muslim and Africans ‘migrants’ to flood our lands? Jews.

Sure, there were plenty of traitorous White liberals who did their part, but the source of much if not all of the third-worldization of Europe and America lies at the feet of leading and influential Jews.


You Play, You Pay: 8 Mexican Illegal Alien Invaders Found Dead in Semi Truck at Walmart Parking Lot (Texas)

These kinds of things shouldn’t surprise us in the least when people choose to break our immigration laws, our nation’s sovereignty, and invade us totally bypassing legal channels.

I don’t care about all the excuses given to justify why so many Mexicans break into our country. Let the Mexican people fix their own country. Let them fight for what they want instead of flooding our nation with their third-world culture and criminal ways. 

See? They really do want to assimilate and be Americans!

I don’t shed one tear for the Brown peasant invaders because I know these people are in the process of colonizing and replacing us. That my friends is precisely what has been occurring for the past forty years in America. If you find yourself ‘sad’ and ‘depressed’ over the news of this story, then you really don’t have a clue about what we as Whites are up against and how it will effect you sooner or later.

When you’re bypassed for a job because of federal racial hiring quotas, urged to learn Spanish so that you can better communicate with those at your job, condemned because you as a White person ‘stole Mexican land,’ told to ‘go back to Europe,’ and wake up to realize that you’ve become an alien in your own land, you might actually start to realize why this story is not really bad news. 

There’s always a White liberal traitor in the mix

Mexican Peasant Invader Selling Flowers Without a Permit Resists Police and Gets Taken to the Ground

According to the description provided in Live Leak, “Footage has emerged of the violent arrest of a flower vendor working in front of a high school during graduation day in Perris, CA, USA.

The video, shot on June 7, shows the police officer grabbing the woman by the hair and tackling her to the ground after she resisted the arrest.

Once on the floor, the policeman handcuffs the street vendor who can be heard protesting in Spanish.

According to the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department’s statement, 15 flower vendors were approached by police that day and were found to be vending without a permit.

The statement says that the woman in the video, identified as Juanita Mendez-Medrano, 52, was arrested after she refused to cooperate.

Describing the scene, the filmer wrote: ‘the sheriff was being rude and kept asking the same questions to the lady as she kept saying in Spanish ‘I don’t understand’ and ‘I don’t speak English.'”


Whatever one may think about enforcing vendor laws, the police in many jurisdictions are still required to do it, especially if they are called to the scene by someone.

Though this Mexican invader claimed to have not understood the officer, I highly doubt it. Many of them speak English sufficiently enough to generally understand what they are being told. Even if she didn’t understand, she wasn’t compelled to physically resist the officers. 

Moreover, regardless of what language one speaks, common sense should dictate that resisting the police isn’t a good idea. Truth is, this woman has learned well to resist lawful authority because she witnesses it all the time among her people. She knows well enough that many White Eloi do-gooders and Brown agitators will come to her defense. She knows she will be coddled and soothed by liberals and that a generous legal settlement might also be in the cards.

America’s future: Hordes of Brown anchor babies 

British White Man Walking a Friend to Her Car Gets a ‘Diversity Encounter’ from 6 Black Males Who Stabbed Him Repeatedly

You Brits wanted ‘diversity,’ and you sure got it. How’s it working for you?

Enoch Powell tried to warn you, but you all shrugged him off and laughed at the old man. I think the only one laughing now is Powell himself. 

Once again, the usual suspects

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