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The Left Capitulates to Islamic Terrorists: BBC’s Katty Kay Says “We Have to Get Used to Attacks Like This” and “We Are Never Going to be Able to Totally Wipe This Out”

The Left has completely capitulated to Islamic terrorists, and liberal talking heads like the BBC’s own Katty Kay in the video featured above proves it. They don’t even talk about fighting and winning over the terrorists. They don’t even consider the possibility of greatly restricting or ending Muslim immigration to Europe because to do so would be ‘Islamophobic.’

Liberals, in other words, shackle themselves from doing anything effective to combat Islamic terrorism because they’re intimidated by labels, hurt ‘feelings’ that might arise, and fearful that they might be called the dreaded “R” word. 

Hard Truth: Liberals would prefer to have their children and young girls blown to pieces by a suicide bomber than dare to say anything ‘racist’ or prevent bearded immigrants who are determined to colonize them from entering their countries.

Such thoughts as fighting for one’s race and culture are never taken seriously by these people because they are weak, guilt-ridden for their ‘White privilege,’ and see the Islamic plague as a means to radically ‘transforming’ the West.

When liberals do talk about fighting and ‘resisting,’ it’s directed at national leaders like Donald Trump and all forms of ethnic nationalism expressed by Whites.

Western civilization will be ‘transformed’ alright, but it won’t look anything how demented Libtards imagine. The Muzzies will make sure to eradicate all the useful idiots who helped them along the way. They will discard them like used toilet paper because they don’t want any opposition from them once they gain the seat of power.

Liberals are too dense to understand this, to see what should be so obvious to anyone with two brain cells. Their disconnect from reality staggers the mind when one considers that while liberals want us to “get used” to acts of  Islamic terrorism, yet they would fight to the death to oppose anyone who might suggest that we “get used” to sensible immigration policies, that our countries become more discriminating in who is allowed to enter, and that Muslims, by virtue of their strong propensities toward terrorism, not be allowed to immigrate to the West.

Yes, these folks really are that insane.  

Dindu ‘Teen’ Enters Church to “Make History”

He’ll “make history” alright, when he’s featured in the nightly news after being ventilated from a drive-by shooting. 

Phoenix Man Tells the Truth About Islam: “How Many Americans Have to Die at the Hands of Muslims Before We Realize That Islam is the Problem?”

So long as the multicultural Kool-Aid and ‘diversity fairy tales continues to be fed to each new generation of Americans, the Islamic massacre against White westerners will go on.

If ‘progressive’ values and a Leftist perspective continues to be the dominant worldview of most Americans, our problems with Islam will not end. They will only increase. 

And so long as we continue to invite the very people who despise us (Muslims) into our country, terrorism on U.S. soil will not go away. We will adapt to it. We will try to minimize it. But it will never be some other country’s problem until we stop allowing them to immigrate here. 

Whatever Happened to MAGA?

Don’t worry, I’m sure he’s just playing 4D chess, right?

Look, I’m not saying Trump won’t accomplish some of his campaign promises, and some is better than nothing and certainly a lot more than Hillary would’ve ever accomplished. The man, admittedly, has had an uphill battle and there are forces of opposition everywhere he turns, including those within his own party. 

Yet, at the same time, Trump has surrounded himself with people who stand in direct opposition to the promises he made to the American people during his campaign. A good number of those closest to him are comprised of Jewish neocons, and his cabinet is loaded heavily with Jews. His Jewish daughter and Jewish son-in-law stand ideologically in another political camp (they’re liberals in large part), and yet they seem to have the greatest influence on his decisions. I don’t see how that can be a good thing. 

From his bombings of Syria (which appears to have been strongly influenced by his overly-emotional daughter, Ivanka) to his pilgrimage to Israel’s Western Wall to kiss Jewish ass, it has become apparent that Trump has surrounded himself with the very swamp creatures he vowed to drain out of Washington. Is it any wonder why his administration has gushed with accusatory leaks against him?


Yes, I’m quite aware these things take time, and I recognize that once an elected president arrives in Washington, there’s an entirely new set of realities that one must work within that’s different from the campaign trail.

The problem is that Trump has done things as president that stand in blatant contradiction to what he promised to his supporters when he campaigned. The contrast is so apparent that one wonders at times if we have the same person in the Oval Office?

I’m persuaded that so long as Trump surrounds himself with Jewish neocons and with people who don’t share the same vision as himself, he will continue to go off message. His focus will always be somewhere else. His passion to drain the swamp will subside, and he will be just another big government, globalist U.S. president who will prove to be little different than Republican weenies such as George Bush, Jeb Bush and Mitt Romney.

We’ve got to end these neo-con and globalist wars in the Middle East. All of them it seems to me have been fought on behalf of Israel in some way or another. This is not good, and it has proven disastrous as any fair-minded person could easily discern. One of the best ways Trump could do that would be to stop appointing Jews to strategic positions within his administration. Unfortunately, Trump is wed to these folks, and there is no reason to imagine that he will abandon them for the greater good of the American people.

Always working against our racial interests 

By the way, whatever happened to the wall? If my memory serves me correct, funding for the wall was not originally included in the most recent budget. Then I heard it was, and now it’s been reported that Trump’s budget has asked for less border wall funding than the original request.

I hope I’m wrong, but I’m starting to get the impression that a “big, beautiful wall” is never going to be erected. Mexico has also remained steadfast that they will not pay for it either. The Democrats and GOP have no interest in stopping the third-world invasion from Mexico, El Salvador and Honduras. This is not encouraging. 

The only good news in all of this, I suppose, is that ICE arrests and deportations are up. The Mexican invaders are worried. Some are returning to Mexico, and that’s a good thing.

Trump’s arrival on the political scene at least exposed the Left’s true colors. While many of us were already aware of it, his campaign and presidency has shown to the American people in vivid color just how rabid, off-base, and anti-American the greater number of liberals are. It’s no longer a matter of what we say, but what liberals prove to the world by their actions. 

Moreover, Trump’s presidency has managed to reveal just how determined globalists are to eradicate all forms of nationalism, especially White nationalism. They really are working feverishly against the racial and cultural interests of Whites. It’s no wonder, then, why Leftists flail into violent fits of rage and become so unhinged when a discussion of ethnic nationalism or the ‘Alt-Right’ arises.

Finally, Trump’s presidency has forever exposed the mainstream media for what it is – namely, a Leftist and globalist loudspeaker which, instead of reporting the news, only manipulates it to shape public opinion and promote the accepted ‘narrative.’

Trump, then, has the potential of accomplishing much that is good. Unfortunately, not a whole lot that’s encouraging has taken place thus far. I hope the situation will improve, but I’m doubtful. If anything, as I’ve said before, his presidency may just buy Whites enough time to plan and mobilize and somehow fight off the soft genocide currently underway by our Leftist overlords.  

We shall see. 

Have we been suckered . . . again?


Mindless, Bubblehead, Twit – Katy Perry – Addresses the Manchester Bombings: “The Greatest Thing We Can Do is Just Unite and Love on Each Other, And Like No Barriers, No Borders, Like, We All Need to Just Coexist”

I’m sure it never occurred to this mindless twit, Katy Perry, that all those people who were blown to pieces at the concert were, in fact, trying to “coexist” but the adherents of the ‘religion of pieces’ wouldn’t let them. Pea-brained Katy in her little pretend world hasn’t yet realized that not everyone wants to “coexist.” Some people, in fact, are horrifically evil and want to do harm to everyone that doesn’t agree with their worldview (no, I’m not talking about liberals this time!).

Katy’s too cowardly to declare that it’s fanatical Muslims who need to practice the principles of ‘coexistence’ that she talks about. But then, if they did, they would cease being Muslims. They would be guilty of betraying the message of Allah to his brain dead followers. They would be violating Muhammad’s own example in which he ruthlessly murdered those who refused to bend their knees to his claim of being a prophet and messenger of God.

What occurred in Manchester at the Ariana Grande concert should provoke questions not about the fundamental character of terrorism, but about the fundamental character of Islam. That bombings such as these repeatedly occur throughout the world by those who claim to be followers of the pedophile prophet should compel us to ask: ‘What kind of people are these who feel they have the right to murder others who don’t follow their religion?’ ‘Why is it always the same religious people?’ ‘What country in its right mind would allow these ruthless and violent people to immigrate?’

Thoroughly ‘educated’ and ripe for the coming slaughter 

The male interviewer is just as dim-witted as Katy: “And what happened last night gives us all the more reason why we need to have big, fun concerts.” No, you effeminate turd, what happened last night should give indigenous Whites throughout all of Europe the justification they need to physically drive out every Muslim they see! It should be obvious by now that the Muzzies have no intention of ‘coexisting’ and assimilating to their host countries – and even if they did, they don’t belong in White countries because we don’t want our many cultures polluted by their presence, and we don’t want them fornicating with our women and producing mongrel children!

Both Katy Perry and her interviewer serve as conclusive proof of the general stupidity and dull-mindedness of Whites throughout the West. There exists a veil which lays over their eyes that prohibits them from seeing what should be so earth-shatteringly obvious, but they can’t see it. The lies of ‘diversity’ has been drilled into them for so long that nothing can awaken them from their multicultural slumber – not even when 22 young people are blown to pieces before their very eyes!

Don’t you realize by now that Muslims are trying to tell us all something? They want us to know that they despise us for who we are. They despise everything about our debauched modern culture (which I clearly condemn too). They want us to know that they intend to rule over us, and to make us their servants. Any and all Whites who refuse to bow their knee to their 7th century pagan moon god will have their heads cut off.

London’s Muslim mayor working for the great racial displacement  

The Muslims laugh at our stupidity, our gullibility in still allowing them to immigrate to the West even after they continue to bomb us, rape our women, and abuse our generous welfare systems.

Our vacillating and timid responses to the atrocities committed against us tell them that we are a people ripe for being colonized and subdued. They know that while we possess superior military firepower, we are a soft and divided people who lack the courage to make the harsh and necessary decisions to rid them from our shores once and for all.

This is why the bombings won’t stop. This is why the random stabbings won’t stop. This is why the mowing down of pedestrians won’t stop. This is why the sexual grooming of young White girls won’t stop. This is why the continuous rapes of our women won’t stop either.

The radical and invading Muslims deserve death on our streets. They deserve to be driven out by the most violent of forces. Every single one of them. But they won’t be. Whites throughout the West want to ‘talk.’ They wish to have ‘conversations’ with the very people who have vowed to murder them. They want to have ‘votes’ not realizing that this problem will not be settled by a vote. They want to do everything . . . but fight.

Whites throughout Europe have still not come to the realization that they have been invaded. The plan of the invaders is to conquer and colonize the West for Islam. Yet Whites still have no clue that war has been declared on them. They are still asleep.

Our Jewish-Leftist overlords have great plans for White people 


Europe’s 10-Step Emergency Plan in the Event of a Terrorist Attack


The ‘Religion of Peace’ Strikes Again: Bomb Explosions Kill 19 and Injure 59 Others in Manchester, England

Looks like the Islamic snake has raised its head again. This time its deadly fangs murdered 19 innocent people and injured an additional 59 more at a Ariana Grande concert.

It happened in Manchester, England, a country comprised of Whites who can’t seem to get it through their thick skulls that Muslims hate them and intend to racially and culturally displace them. I can assure you that there will be prayer vigils in the next few days, and all sorts of lame excuses will be offered to explain why this tragedy occurred (e.g., ‘They hate our freedoms,’ ‘They haven’t yet learned the virtues of diversity,’ and the like).

Yet the one thing that won’t occur is a resolution to destroy the Muslim plague in their midst. The British people will reach no solidarity to resist and drive out the Islamic invasion of their once great nation. Like the Eloi, they will engage in ‘symbolic protests,’ but nothing will come of it. And all the while the swarthy goat-humpers who have infested their cities will laugh and proudly declare, “Allahu Akbar!”

I don’t think the British people have learned yet. They are still far too racially cucked. The multicultural Kool-Aid still runs strong through their veins. The ‘diversity’ scales that blind their eyes from reality have not yet fallen. Therefore, the suicide bombings, public stabbings, and the mowing down of pedestrians will continue.

UPDATE: The body count has been increased to 22 dead and 119 injured. The bomber has been identified as 23-year-old Salman Abedi. His parents were Libyan ‘refugees.’  

Since Brits refuse to fight, the carnage will continue

Did Mankind Originate Out of Africa or Europe? A Growing Number of Scientists Believe That Humans Evolved Out of Europe

According to a recent article by The Telegraph’s (UK) Science Editor, Sarah Knapton, there’s a growing consensus among scientists that humans evolved not out of Africa as commonly understood, but out of Europe.

I don’t know for certain whether this is true, but there appears to be some solid reasons for believing so. The reader, of course, should make up his or her own mind on such questions. I offer it only as something to think about. 

The Pussification: The Boy Scouts of America Ban Water Guns and Water Balloons

I had only recently discovered this but, apparently, it’s been an enforced rule for at least a few years now among the Boy Scouts of America.

Personally, I would never allow my son to join the Boy Scouts of America because they’ve been politically-cucked for a long time now. Though they made a valiant effort to resist homosexual scout leaders among their ranks, the gay mafia stepped in and placed too much pressure on them. The BSA cracked big time and it has went the Libtard way that has been the mark of almost every once-great American institution.

The Boy Scouts of America now also permit Transgender freaks to join their organization. No thanks, I’ll pass on anything supportive of the BSA from now on. 

Personally, I want our boys to be taught gun safety. I want them to have both a deep respect for firearms and yet a great love for them too. I also enjoy it when I see our young boys play with toy guns and toy rifles (and, yes, squirt guns and water balloons too!) because I think it helps to develop a heathy warrior spirit among them. 

Contrary to what effeminate liberals think, building a warrior spirit, including a love and respect for guns, is a good thing for our boys. While I recognize that not all boys have the same interests, the good news is that most boys like to fight, wrestle and play war games with their friends. This is normal and healthy.

These are qualities that we must foster among our sons.

A book you’re not supposed to read  

Like a Good Goy, Trump Visits the Western Wall and Vows to Make the Middle East a Place Where Children can “Grow Up Free From Terrorism and Violence”

Good Goy that he is, President Trump visited the Western Wall today and played the religious part on behalf of Jews in order to show he’s a good friend to Israel. He also vowed to pursue a peace deal that would make the Middle East a place where children can “grow up free from terrorism and violence” (see the Daily Mail article).

Excuse me? Hasn’t this been tried ad infinitum by previous U.S. presidents to no avail? What in the world crawls up the poop-shoots of our presidents to imagine that it’s their duty to resolve a 3,000 year conflict between Jews and Arabs in the Middle East?

Does Trump really think that it’s his job to work out a ‘peace deal’ between Jews and Palestinians? Well, it’s not. That wasn’t why Americans voted for him. Their concerns were almost exclusively domestic related and not preoccupied with trying to bring about peace between two peoples that utterly despise each other.

How refreshing it would have been for Trump to have stayed home in the U.S. and concentrate his efforts on domestic concerns. How encouraging it would have been had he said at the outset that the American people elected him to resolve the problems Americans were facing and not to end foreign conflicts abroad, especially ones that have endured for over 3,000 years.

Trump’s ‘deal’ to make the Middle East a place where children “grow up free from terrorism and violence” will fail just like every ‘plan’ to bring peace to these Semitic tribes of people. It won’t work because Trump doesn’t have the power to heal the deep-rooted hatred they have for each other. He can’t change the human heart nor the soul that’s engulfed with hatred for others. 

Moreover, Muslims throughout the world hate Israel too much and the Palestinians serve as an effective tool to agitate Israel with, forever making them appear before the watching world as bullies and terrorists themselves.

Trump has become a stooge for Jews and for the nation of Israel, and he’s not introspective enough to recognize it. He lacks the discernment to see that it’s not his job to establish peace between Israel and Palestine. His arrogance and self-confidence blinds him from the obvious.

Our American Founders wanted their new nation to remain free from foreign entanglements, yet every president since the establishment of the State of Israel feels it’s his moral imperative to involve himself bringing  about peace in a never-ending conflict between two Semitic tribes. In this respect, Trump is no different than every other U.S. president of recent date. 

While I recognize that U.S. presidents must at times deal with international affairs, this doesn’t mean they should entangle themselves in unnecessary conflicts, particularly those that have been on-going for centuries throughout human history. It should be readily apparent to Trump that sticking his nose in a war of constant tit-for-tat between Jews and Palestinians will get him and the American people nowhere. But he won’t see it because he has chosen to surround himself with a cadre of Jewish neocons and globalists who are essentially Israel-firsters. 

Mark my words: There will be no settled peace between Israel and the Palestinian people. Any so-called ‘deal’ will be futile and amount to nothing.   It will be another wasted experiment in trying to wager peace between two groups of people who are determined to kill each other. 

Stay out of their tribal bullshit Trump!

Ain’t it the truth? 




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