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Marine Le Pen Clashes with Swarmy, BBC Cuck-Reporter Over Immigration and Leaving the EU

If you can stand it, this is a fascinating interview in which Marine Le Pen verbally spars with an arrogant, smug cuck-reporter from the BBC. His name is Stephen Sackur, a real liberal weenie. I warn the viewer that he’s hard to listen to because he’s so damn obnoxious.

The interview illustrates, however, the overt bias the establishment media has in favor of mass third-world immigration, their opposition to White identity, and their promotion of worldwide globalism.

I commend Le Pen for her patience, although I doubt I would have been able to exercise the same level of restraint. She is a great woman, and I pray that God will grant her even more success and protect her life.

Lessons from Our Polish Brethren: Muslims Entering Poland Are NOT Welcomed by the Polish People

The swarthy goat-humpers from their desert shit-holes known as Muslims are not welcome in Poland. The Polish people make sure the Islamic scum arriving on their shores are promptly told this and warned to get out. These good people don’t wait for their government to implement some half-ass policies. No, they take to the streets themselves and let the Muslims know up-close and personal just what they think of them.

This is how you do it when things have not yet progressed to bullets (don’t worry, they eventually will). You start with massive protests in the streets as a display of strength and national unity against any Muslim colonizers. The final video above, for instance, features 150,000 Poles who showed up to express their disgust at the Muslim plague.

This sends a message to both the Muslims and to the country’s elected officials. It places them on notice that the 7th century fanatics who claim to love death more than life will not be tolerated in the least. It sends a message to government politicians who are cucky and vacillating that any Islamic immigration will not be tolerated.

Notice that Muslims on the streets are individually confronted by average Polish citizens. Their message to followers of Islam is made very personal in nature. This is vital because it lets them feel the mood, the justifiable hatred that Whites have of them.

Whites must be constantly getting out their message of disapproval of Muslims. The national and ethnic spirit of indigenous Whites must be continually appealed to. The people must be reminded that they are strong, that the country is rightfully theirs, and that Muslims will within a generation or two outnumber them. The racial future of our children and grandchildren must be always brought to their attention.

An organized and national campaign to awaken Whites and to educate them about the threat that Muslims pose must always be paramount.

The Polish people have a lot to teach us. Yeah, I’m sure that Libtardism has infected some folks in the country, but the greater majority of Poles stand opposed to the scourge of Islam.  I pray that Whites in both Europe and America will become as bold as they are.

God bless my Polish brothers and sisters! 


Mexican Resident of Rialto (CA) Declares That ‘White People Have 5 Years Left in California’

Mexicans in California have become so emboldened by their majority status that they now speak openly about the demise of Whites in the Golden State. They even got it down to an exact year, apparently!

This is how the Mexicans, whether legal and illegal, reward Whites for the kindness that has been shown to them. Never forget that the vast majority of Mexicans have no intention of making America great. No, they just want to make America Mexico. They left their shit-hole shanty existence in Mexico so they could arrive and turn our nation into another version of Mexico with its skyrocketing levels of crime, poverty, squalor, gang culture, and violent cartels.

We have enough problems in the U.S. The last thing we need are more poorly educated, low-skilled, and raging alcoholic peasants.

Wake up America and see what they are trying to do to us!

Don’t worry, they’ll assimilate beautifully! 

Boston ‘Antifa’ Sends a Message to its Men (aka masked pussies who live in their mother’s basement)

This video, supposedly representing Boston’s ‘Antifa’ chapter, has been making the rounds on social media. I tend to think that the douche-bags of ‘Antifa’ are being trolled. Maybe they’ve got a mole in their ranks, and she’s making them look even more stupid than they already are?

The segment, admittedly, is funny and completely absurd which is why I tend to doubt that it genuinely reflects the thinking of Boston’s ‘Antifa’ chapter. Could they really be this over-the-top stupid? If so, we’ve got nothing to fear from these ass-clowns!

This is What Brits Get Because They Allowed Muslim Goat-Humpers to Colonize Their Country

Folks, this is the level of arrogance and disrespect Whites get because they foolishly believed the ‘diversity’ myth. Whites throughout the West have yet to learn that the only thing Muslims respect is strength, overwhelming strength and brutality. These are a primitive and savage people, and they only think in terms of violence and deception.

As Whites who have been raised in civilized societies with a deep-rooted belief in fairness to all, we have great difficulty comprehending that there exists some ethnic groups who see acts of kindness and generosity as weakness. Some people can’t wrap their heads around the concept because they’ve been so severely duped by multicultural propaganda.

The constant coddling of Muslims and various Liberal justifications for their unwillingness to assimilate, including their dysfunctional and backward ways, has emboldened an already arrogant people to be more so. They are treated with kid gloves, given special status, and protected from almost anything they say or do.

Don’t worry, they’re a perfectly reasonable people 

This shit-stained Muslim should’ve been dealt with immediately. During a saner age, he would’ve been. But he knows Whites are generally weak, that they live in dread of the possibility that they might be called ‘racist’ or terms to that effect. So they cower, they back down, and they allow the desert inbreeders to do as they wish.

This Muslim also knows that the authorities will likely support his side of the story. All he will have say is that he was racially insulted by the White man, and that alone will be sufficient. He knows well enough that most governments throughout Europe have turned against their own people, indigenous Whites. He uses this knowledge to his advantage to proudly parade around and thump his chest in the presence of Whites. He is declaring, in effect, that he has conquered them.

The goat-humpers will never respect an olive branch. They will not admire any offers of ‘peace’ and ‘understanding’ by the wicked infidels. The Muslims have not arrived in Europe to assimilate, but to colonize and conquer each and every nation. They will submit only to their 7th century pagan moon-god and the convoluted writings of their murdering prophet who often entered caves, had epileptic seizures and came out with delusions of grandeur.

Don’t worry, Muslims believe in equality and respect for women

Hard Truth: Folks, the time has apparently not yet arrived. But there is a time coming in the not-so-distant future when Whites will be forced to engage in a level of brutality and savagery against the goat-humpers they’ve never experienced. Like a cancer that has metastasized throughout the body which requires drastic and painful measures to stave off, so also Whites throughout the West will have to commit extreme forms of savagery and violence to drive these wicked people from their midst.

To deny that it will require such brutality is to reveal one’s ignorance of Muslims and the seriousness of the threat to Europe’s racial and cultural survival that they pose. It is to stick one’s head in the sand, and think only happy thoughts. This sort of response may make one feel good for the moment, but eventually the goat-humpers will have to be dealt with. You better recognize now that they have no intentions of leaving peacefully. They will fight against us, and they will fight hard. There is too much at stake for both sides.

In our case, our very survival as Whites is at stake. We now find ourselves against a wall with no where else to turn. The inevitable can no longer be denied.

We must return to a warrior mindset. We must learn to be brutal toward our enemies. We must learn to have no mercy on them. We must learn to hate. Contrary to what the soft-headed think, hate will not weaken us. It will make us stronger. It will give us resolve and courage. There is a time and place for everything, yes, even hate. 

Only then will there be any hope for us.

If we continue in our beliefs of racial and cultural egalitarianism, we will die. If we imagine that the Muslims can be reasoned with, that a ‘comprise’ can be reached, we will die. If we think ‘they’re just like us,’ we will die. If we show them kindness, civility, and respect, we will die.

There is no other way out of this mess we’ve imposed upon ourselves by our intellectual laziness, gullibility and stupidity.


Goofin’ on ‘Fauxcahontus’: “Hitler Did Nothing Wrong”

I love it! Those of us who are race-conscious need to periodically engage in this sort of thing with Leftist politicians and Liberal celebrities. Yeah, I know it’s a little silly, but it’s a way of mocking them, goofin’ on their Libtard asses, and helping to demoralize them in any way we can. These folks take themselves way too seriously, and they’re nothing more than ‘enemies within’ anyways. Taking them down a peg or two is a good thing.

Imagine the fun we could have goofin’ on Senator Chuck Shumer and voicing the “14 words” (“We must secure the existence of our people and a future for White children”). Or how about requesting a selfie with Senator John McCain and at the right moment saying, “Pepe!” Or meeting with congress woman Maxine Waters and saying, “Dindu-nuffins”.

Our war against the Left and globalists must be fought on a plethora of levels. I believe that mockery is one of them. If there’s one thing Liberals hate it’s when people make fun of them. In fact, mockery is a powerful weapon against the Left because they desperately want to be taken seriously. They’re nauseatingly self-righteous too, so when they’re ridiculed, it hits them hard, believe me.

Here’s ‘Mustache Man’ goofin’ on a ‘conservative’ talk show host when he calls Obama a “nigger Jew”. The following video has him calling into some internet therapy show and pretending to be a Black Trans woman. The final video below shows him goofin’ on Shia LaBeouf’s ‘He will not divide us’ quackery from a couple of months back.

‘Based Stick Man’ Going Back to Berkeley on April 15th High Noon: All Commie Crushers Are Invited!

God bless ‘Based Stick Man’. May his tribe increase!

Are We Inching Closer to Civil War? Anti-Trump Protesters Showing Up at Public Demonstrations Armed

I have been saying for a period of time now that eventually the brewing conflict between the Left and the Right will progress from fists, sticks and pepper spray to bullets. 

Now that Leftists are showing up armed – at least at this demonstration in Arizona – it’s just a matter of time before Trump supporters likewise show up armed. The good news is that those on the Right have more guns than those on the Left and are more proficient in their use. Right-wingers have always been pro-Second Amendment unlike Leftists who are generally opposed to firearms and gun rights.

Observe also how this piece portrays Trump supporters as the aggressive, combative ones who by their actions force anti-Trumpers to arm up. In the majority of instances by far, it’s Leftists like those of ‘Antifa’ who attack their opponents and vandalize property. Trump supporters on almost every occasion where a fight breaks out are merely defending themselves or resisting the intimidation of the masked ‘Antifa’ scum.

Are we inching closer to civil war? You betcha!

A book you’re not supposed to read 

Black Female Student Tasered After Threatening Others With Knife

Queen Kong goes down for the count

Gee, who would have ever imagined that it would be a Black person? They’re usually the most diligent students and the most self-disciplined too . . . said no one ever!

Punishing Schools For Having “Too Many White Kids”: “The More White People, the Less Money”

Can you imagine the outcry if funding was withheld from schools because there were too many Black or Hispanic students? Yet no one hardly bats an eye when funding policies are created that explicitly discriminate against White students.

Think about it: Schools within the Los Angeles Unified School District are actually punished if their enrollment of White students exceeds 30%!? How can LAUSD not be accused of intentionally working to keep White student enrollment down to a minimum? They actually reward those schools that maintain a White minority enrollment with more funds.

How is this not a form of racial displacement? How is this not an explicitly anti-White policy? How is this not a form of reward for schools to keep their White enrollment numbers to the smallest possible numbers? Why do LAUSD schools want so few White students? 

If the same policy was applied to Black or Hispanic students, wouldn’t the cry of ‘discrimination’ and ‘racial bias’ be justifiably leveled at LAUSD board officials? How could it not? Yet when the same policy is applied to White students, they engage in all sorts of mental and verbal gymnastics to avoid what is obviously an anti-White agenda.

By the way, the frustration and anger raised in this news story is not directed at the small and alarming number of Whites that attend LAUSD schools. It’s not because White students are being racially discriminated against. No, the only point of contention is that some schools are not getting as much funding as other schools. That’s their one and only concern – money! 

This story illustrates the reality that racism against Whites is not always explicit. Most often it’s subtle and manifested in government policies incrementally so as to not alarm Whites about what’s happening to them. This is the ‘slow cook’ method or what has sometimes been termed the ‘Frog in the Kettle’ method. By the time we wake up to discover that we’re boiling, it’s too late to do anything about it.

With this in mind, I will say that I’m glad that the LAUSD has so few White students. This is actually encouraging. These government schools are rotten to the core, and White kids really don’t belong intermingling with the Black and Hispanic kids anyways.

The only thing it does is bring White kids down to the level of Blacks and Browns. Our White children begin to take on the degrading cultures and customs of non-Whites, and this never works well for our birthrates and posterity. It breeds wiggers, mudsharks, and creates a wake of mixed-race, mongrel babies.

It also demonstrates that White flight is a reality. In spite of what White liberals claim about ‘diversity,’ even they don’t want their kids in schools and living in neighborhoods dominated by a high Black and Brown demographic.


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