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It Couldn’t Have Happened to a Nicer Land Whale

According to the description provided by Live Leak, “Protesters in St. Louis took to blocking the streets Wednesday night to protest the fatal police shooting of Isaiah Hammett. One of the protestors was knocked to the ground when she would not allow a vehicle to pass, and the driver reacted strongly.”

The Horror! Toronto Cops Joke in Private About Woman with Down Syndrome

Oh, for crying out loud! The two Toronto officers were talking quietly and in private among themselves away from the “artistic” and “disfigured” woman! They didn’t say it to her face. They didn’t laugh in her face. They didn’t call her those things to her face. They were merely talking quietly to themselves either after the traffic stop had been completed or away from the occupants of the vehicle.

Hell, I laughed just hearing about what they said, and I would’ve laughed too if I were at the scene with them! If you think that was out of line, you should’ve heard the dark humor that I and other officers have laughed our asses off over. The woman that those cops were chuckling over was nothing! That was freakin’ child’s play, mere Sunday School style kidding.

I don’t know how what the cops said became known to the woman’s mother, but they never once said those things in her presence.

You don’t think cops are human? You don’t think they laugh in private and engage in some earthy humor when people aren’t watching? Sometimes it’s some damn gross and dark humor too which often is nothing more than a stress relief. In fact, I’d say you’re never going to finish a long career as a street cop unless you got a wicked sense of humor. You gotta be able to laugh at things, at people, at the weird shit you see every day and, yes, sometimes even over human tragedies that occur in your presence.

Seriously, if you go around acting like Dudley Do-Right all the time with a straight face and walking like you got a stick up your ass, you’re not going to last long ‘hooking and booking’ bad guys. You just won’t, and if you somehow do, you’re gonna be miserable!

That candy-ass police Chief needs to shut the fuck up! If he’s got to say anything, he needs to explain to that sweet “artistic” girl and her meddling mother that sometimes people laugh or joke about things in life that we might find offensive, or that we might not agree with. Sometimes people will even laugh privately about us – but that’s the nature of life. So get over it and learn to move on.

Hell, sometimes we even make fun of “artistic” cops within our own ranks!

Colorado Cop Shoots Driver Who Struck Him with a Rifle

This incident illustrates just how quickly and unexpectedly things can turn to shit on a so-called ‘routine’ traffic stop (although in this case, the deputy simply stopped to investigate a possible disabled motorist on the highway).

The deputy’s quick reaction saved his bacon, and he was able to plug the driver with a round, thereby disabling him.

Deyon Marcus Rivas-Maestas


Chinese Cop Uses His 9mm Pistol in Lame Attempt to Take Down Water Buffalo (Warning: Graphic!)

According to the description provided in Live Leak, “Guangdong Meizhou, a buffalo runaway. Police shot the buffalo 8 times and [it] did not die. A total of 4 people were injured. After the police found an excavator to help and gave it a final rest.”

This Chinese cop had no idea how ineffective his 9mm is in taking down a large, thick-skinned water buffalo. While shot placement is vital in this kind of scenario (in fact, in every scenario when a pistol is needed to save a life!), the cop clearly did not understand this. I doubt a .45 caliber could have instantly done the job (the .45 caliber round is not quite the man-stopper as many gun enthusiasts imagine).

I don’t know why they didn’t employ a shotgun or an AK-47 round, but the cop who almost got himself gorged by the bull was probably regretting his poorly planned stunt.   

More Proof That Women Should NOT Be Street Cops

Here’s two female Tampa police officers – let’s call them ‘porky’ and ‘dumpy’ – trying their best to take down a rather trim and not particularly large or tall Black male adult. The nearby video surveillance shows just what a hard time females have in trying to subdue an average-sized male who doesn’t want to go along with the program.

Thankfully, in the case of ‘porky’ and ‘dumpy’ some good samaritans came to their rescue and restrained the Dindu so he could be handcuffed.

The surveillance footage illustrates the reality that females don’t belong in a street patrol capacity in which having to arrest combative criminals, defiant parolees, and large and aggressive males is a necessary ingredient of the job. Women in uniform, in large measure (pun intended), are merely  physical walkie-talkies who are really only able to scream for help when the proverbial shit hits the fan (yes, I know there are some exceptions).

Women in law enforcement, then, belong in support roles (e.g., dispatchers, clerical duties, investigation, etc.), and not among the rank-and-file who work patrol and respond to violent crimes-in-progress.   

Here’s the full description as provided by Live Leak, “The heroic moment a transit worker jumped in to help two female police officers when they were allegedly attacked by a suspect who tried to steal their weapons was caught on surveillance footage.

Tampa Bay police officers were dispatched to the transit center after Charles Kee allegedly headbutted a security officer who asked him to leave since he was in violation of a year-long trespassing order on April 26.

The two female officers who responded were in the process of trying to apprehend Kee, 26, and struggled to handcuff him.

Video of the incident shows the man punching one of the officers in the face as he also tried to grab her gun, police say. ‘You could see through the window his hand on the gun,’ Carl Baer, a cab driver who witnessed the incident told media outlets.”

Don’t worry, she’ll save your ass after she drops 300 lbs. 


Murdered Leland Police Officer Shows Us What NOT to Do Tactically

According to the description provided in Live Leak, “Leland, NC, – WECT News has obtained dashcam video of the Dec. 9, 2016, officer-involved shooting that resulted in Officer Jacob Schwenk of the Leland Police Department nearly losing his life in the line of duty. Officer Schwenk was rushed to New Hanover Regional Medical Center where he had surgery to save both of his legs.”

This is tragic, no doubt, but it might have been avoided had the officer used better tactics in his approach.

So, are you able to catch what he did wrong? Here’s my assessment.

First of all, he positioned his patrol in such a way that the suspect driver had the full advantage. He should have parked behind the car while still using his take-down lights and spotlight. He should have then waited until more patrol units arrived on scene to assist him before approaching. The officer should know that on most occasions time is on his side and there’s no reason to rush things. It’s always better when possible to slow things down.

Even if the officer wasn’t able to park behind the suspect’s vehicle, he should have got out and positioned himself behind the trunk of his vehicle. Offsetting the front end of his patrol car which would allow him to use the engine block as additional cover would have been smart. 

Secondly, the officer positioned himself perfectly within what is commonly known as ‘the kill zone’ when he approached the driver. He walked up to the suspect’s vehicle with all lights on himself – meaning, his own headlamps, spotlight, and take-down lights, including the headlamps of the suspect. He had perfectly illuminated himself as a target. The suspect could see clearly everything the officer was going to do from his own position of cover.

Thirdly, the officer’s better senses told him it wasn’t safe to approach, and that’s why he instinctively placed his hand on his duty weapon. After all, he should have have perceived the danger, especially since he’s rolling ‘code 3’ after the suspect’s vehicle, right? This was his body’s natural defense mechanism warning him in advance that he was in danger. Unfortunately, the officer didn’t listen like he should have and, as a result, paid dearly for his mistake.

Fourthly, by leaving himself out in the open the officer had no place of concealment nor cover. All he could do was react, permitting the suspect full tactical advantage from behind a position of protection (the car). The officer didn’t even have the tactical sense to go behind his car and approach from the passenger side which, though perhaps slightly better, still would have been a piss-poor approach.

The situation illustrates the principle that what kills more police officers than anything else (except maybe traffic collisions?) is not reading carefully the situation they find themselves in. They miss the clues. They exhibit what has been termed ‘tombstone courage.’ They don’t listen to their natural, built-in warning system that tells them that serious danger is present. Their complacency or tactical laziness gets them killed.

Always give yourself the tactical advantage 

Dirty Sanchez is Now a Dead Sanchez: Utah Cop Ventilates Mexican Man with Long Criminal History

According to the description provided in Live Leak, “Roy, UT – Roy City police released video of a shooting that took the life of 38-year old Nicolas Sanchez. According to Roy police, two of their officers were called to the scene on reports of a trespassing. Police say the officers arrived to the location and became involved in a struggle with Sanchez. During this struggle, Sanchez pulled a gun and the officer shot him in self defense with the suspect’s gun. Sanchez has an long criminal history in Utah and California and he had just ended federal [probation]”.

I saw all sorts of red flags watching this body camera footage. I can’t help myself. When a suspect keeps placing his hand in his pants pocket, that’s a major red flag. When they refuse to immediately follow your orders, that’s another one. When they persist in questioning you or in saying, “What for?” or “What did I do?” that’s another major red flag. What they’re doing is stalling and trying to think of how they can escape. They’re also testing the officer’s resolve to follow through with his orders. He’s sizing up the officer, in effect. It happens all the time. 

Notice also the almost lethal mistake the secondary officer made when he visually saw that the suspect had a gun. He didn’t immediately pull out his gun and point it at the suspect. I hope the reader will forgive me for playing the proverbial ‘Monday night quarterback,’ but when you see a gun you pull out your gun! You don’t put your hand on your holstered pistol as if there’s going to be a draw between you and the suspect to see who can get their gun out first! That’s why cops die.

A smart cop never plays fair, and the law doesn’t require him to do so either. If an officer thinks a suspect has a firearm on their person, the duty pistol always comes out. I’ve had countless knuckleheads tell me they’re carrying a weapon (usually it turned out to be a knife), and my firearm always came out and held in the ‘low-ready’. I’m taking no chances.

I’ve pulled out my gun on drivers who had hesitated and stammered after I inquired if there were any firearms inside the car. Usually, these are total dirt-bags, so it wasn’t a customary or ‘routine’ traffic stop. But in those unique situations, my pistol always came out. That’s because I took no chances.

On other occasions, I approached cars that I had stopped with my handgun off to the side of my leg and out of sight. After a while you get a feeling for when things don’t seem kosher, and so you prepare for what might happen. Again, you don’t take any unnecessary chances. The criminal offender, after all, might be quicker on the draw than you.

In the end, it was good that our dirty little Sanchez was dispatched by a Utah cop to that stinky cantina in the sky. He deserved it, and now the good people of Utah have one less shit-bag to worry about.

That’s the kind of ‘Dirty Sanchez’ I like to see!       

How NOT to Do Police Work: Officer Rosario Just Lost His Career and Will be Spending Serious Time with the Criminals He Usually Arrests

According to the description provided by Live Leak, “Springfield, IL – Springfield police have released body cam video showing how a domestic disturbance call last month got out of hand leading to the arrest of a city cop on official misconduct charges. The video shows Officer Samuel Rosario getting into a verbal argument with a 19-year-old man at the scene and then appears to show Rosario approaching and shoving the man. The two continue to exchange insults for a few more minutes, and then Rosario approaches him again and hits him. Rosario is facing battery and felony official misconduct charges”.

This hot-headed officer didn’t just blow his career, but he’s certain to be made an example of by a liberal, cop-hating judge. He’ll get himself a nice cold cell for the next ten years or so among the very criminals he frequently arrested. But that’s okay because this is how the law enforcement profession weeds out all non-hackers who lack the self-control and professionalism needed to do the job.

This cop should have known better than to get caught up in this thuglet’s potty mouth. Police work is such that there’s always someone trying to get an officer in trouble. If they can get him fired, all the better. Most cops who have spent any time on the streets realize this.

Any cop who’s going to last long in the business has to constantly keep himself in check. If a cop always has an attitude with the people he encounters, he’s more prone to mouth off and get himself written up or other more severe forms of discipline (‘days on the beach’).

Professionalism and integrity starts in the academy and never ends

When I was an FTO (Field Training Officer), I always taught any new officer I was training the importance of treating everyone with common courtesy and decency. No one, including cops, likes an officious and haughty officer who talks down to others. Far too many police officers forget they are called to both protect and to serve the people in their communities.

In other words, cops are servants of the public! It may sound strange to some ears, but it’s still the truth. 

They are paid by the taxpayer, and they should never forget this. This doesn’t mean an officer has to be a doormat, but he should conduct himself and speak to people in such a way that he avoids the pitfalls of dishonor and unprofessionalism.

Yes, I understand that there are times which require an officer to speak in ways that people can understand in the form of raw or earthy language, but these should generally be rare occasions. It should never be the mainstay of how an officer talks to the citizens he’s sworn to protect.

It may come as a surprise to some, but a seasoned officer doesn’t even talk down to the criminals he arrests or detains unless circumstances dictate otherwise. There’s a time to set people straight (if it’s warranted). I’ve generally found, however, that when I treated criminals with respect and common courtesy, without rancor, they almost always reciprocated with mutual respect.

Most criminals know the cop is just doing his job, and so long as he doesn’t make it personal, the criminal won’t take things personally. Besides, the arrestee is sometimes more apt to give up important information if he feels he can trust the officer, especially if he senses that he’s been treated fairly.

It’s these simple realities of professional police work that this cop didn’t seem to learn. He’s now going to pay the price for his arrogance. I just hope he doesn’t drop the soap when he’s in the prison shower room.

Here’s Why You Don’t Bring a Taser, a Dog, and Unarmed Cops to a Knife Fight

How freaking stupid is Britain in that it requires their police officers to show up at the scene of a knife-wielding goat-humper unarmed!? That female officer looks like she can barely control the K-9, and the officers are limited to a Taser and maybe a baton.

All of them seem about as dangerous as a wet noodle. The female officers screams like a Banshee Indian because she’s out of her league, and lacks any real weapons to subdue the man.

Why are British cops, in this day and age, not permitted to carry pistols? How many more crazed ‘migrant’ goat-humpers do they have to encounter before they get smart and issue handguns to all their officers? In America, this follower of the pedophile prophet would’ve been ventilated the second he took one step forward toward the officers.

No officer should ever take knife threats lightly. Not only can a determined knife-wielding suspect instantly kill an officer, but knives don’t have to be reloaded. Check out the following video and you’ll see what I mean. 

‘End of Watch’ (movie) Opening Scene Shootout Shows Us What NOT to Do

For a movie that was technically accurate about much of the ‘LAPD way,’ the opening scene of the movie ‘End of Watch’ (2012) showed some pretty piss-poor tactics.

As soon as that pursuit ended and when the bullets started flying, the two LAPD officers stepped away from their position of cover and walked right up to the suspects while still engaged in the firefight!?

Yeah, I know it’s just a movie. It’s hollywood. This I do know: No police department, especially LAPD, would ever teach to an officer to step away from a position of cover and expose himself in the heat of battle. It’s best to always return fire from a place of protection instead of leaving it and walking up to the very people who are firing at you.

For now, that’s all she wrote, 10-8. 


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