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How NOT to Do Police Work: Officer Rosario Just Lost His Career and Will be Spending Serious Time with the Criminals He Usually Arrests

According to the description provided by Live Leak, “Springfield, IL – Springfield police have released body cam video showing how a domestic disturbance call last month got out of hand leading to the arrest of a city cop on official misconduct charges. The video shows Officer Samuel Rosario getting into a verbal argument with a 19-year-old man at the scene and then appears to show Rosario approaching and shoving the man. The two continue to exchange insults for a few more minutes, and then Rosario approaches him again and hits him. Rosario is facing battery and felony official misconduct charges”.

This hot-headed officer didn’t just blow his career, but he’s certain to be made an example of by a liberal, cop-hating judge. He’ll get himself a nice cold cell for the next ten years or so among the very criminals he frequently arrested. But that’s okay because this is how the law enforcement profession weeds out all non-hackers who lack the self-control and professionalism needed to do the job.

This cop should have known better than to get caught up in this thuglet’s potty mouth. Police work is such that there’s always someone trying to get an officer in trouble. If they can get him fired, all the better. Most cops who have spent any time on the streets realize this.

Any cop who’s going to last long in the business has to constantly keep himself in check. If a cop always has an attitude with the people he encounters, he’s more prone to mouth off and get himself written up or other more severe forms of discipline (‘days on the beach’).

Professionalism and integrity starts in the academy and never ends

When I was an FTO (Field Training Officer), I always taught any new officer I was training the importance of treating everyone with common courtesy and decency. No one, including cops, likes an officious and haughty officer who talks down to others. Far too many police officers forget they are called to both protect and to serve the people in their communities.

In other words, cops are servants of the public! It may sound strange to some ears, but it’s still the truth. 

They are paid by the taxpayer, and they should never forget this. This doesn’t mean an officer has to be a doormat, but he should conduct himself and speak to people in such a way that he avoids the pitfalls of dishonor and unprofessionalism.

Yes, I understand that there are times which require an officer to speak in ways that people can understand in the form of raw or earthy language, but these should generally be rare occasions. It should never be the mainstay of how an officer talks to the citizens he’s sworn to protect.

It may come as a surprise to some, but a seasoned officer doesn’t even talk down to the criminals he arrests or detains unless circumstances dictate otherwise. There’s a time to set people straight (if it’s warranted). I’ve generally found, however, that when I treated criminals with respect and common courtesy, without rancor, they almost always reciprocated with mutual respect.

Most criminals know the cop is just doing his job, and so long as he doesn’t make it personal, the criminal won’t take things personally. Besides, the arrestee is sometimes more apt to give up important information if he feels he can trust the officer, especially if he senses that he’s been treated fairly.

It’s these simple realities of professional police work that this cop didn’t seem to learn. He’s now going to pay the price for his arrogance. I just hope he doesn’t drop the soap when he’s in the prison shower room.

Here’s Why You Don’t Bring a Taser, a Dog, and Unarmed Cops to a Knife Fight

How freaking stupid is Britain in that it requires their police officers to show up at the scene of a knife-wielding goat-humper unarmed!? That female officer looks like she can barely control the K-9, and the officers are limited to a Taser and maybe a baton.

All of them seem about as dangerous as a wet noodle. The female officers screams like a Banshee Indian because she’s out of her league, and lacks any real weapons to subdue the man.

Why are British cops, in this day and age, not permitted to carry pistols? How many more crazed ‘migrant’ goat-humpers do they have to encounter before they get smart and issue handguns to all their officers? In America, this follower of the pedophile prophet would’ve been ventilated the second he took one step forward toward the officers.

No officer should ever take knife threats lightly. Not only can a determined knife-wielding suspect instantly kill an officer, but knives don’t have to be reloaded. Check out the following video and you’ll see what I mean. 

‘End of Watch’ (movie) Opening Scene Shootout Shows Us What NOT to Do

For a movie that was technically accurate about much of the ‘LAPD way,’ the opening scene of the movie ‘End of Watch’ (2012) showed some pretty piss-poor tactics.

As soon as that pursuit ended and when the bullets started flying, the two LAPD officers stepped away from their position of cover and walked right up to the suspects while still engaged in the firefight!?

Yeah, I know it’s just a movie. It’s hollywood. This I do know: No police department, especially LAPD, would ever teach to an officer to step away from a position of cover and expose himself in the heat of battle. It’s best to always return fire from a place of protection instead of leaving it and walking up to the very people who are firing at you.

For now, that’s all she wrote, 10-8. 


Women as Cops: Harry Callahan Tried to Warn Us

This is what happens when liberals ignore the innate differences between men and women, and try to place women in positions they were never naturally equipped to fulfill.

I don’t question the sincerity of female police officers. The greater majority of them are hard-working and decent people. But they were never physically designed to do the job, and this is why academy fitness exams have had to be lowered on their behalf. This is why they are so often unable to physically restrain and overcome even medium-sized males. They don’t have the upper-body strength. They don’t have the speed to chase down fleeing suspects and still overcome them once they catch up (if they ever do!). They don’t naturally have a warrior mindset, nor does this even come natural to them.

In my opinion, women in law enforcement belong in a support role (e.g., dispatchers, records clerks, advocates for crime victims, crime scene technicians) and not in a patrol function. They were not designed for the physical aspects of the job, and no matter how much we may try to convince ourselves otherwise, it will never come true.

Don’t focus on the exceptions to the rule, focus on what is normative of most women in law enforcement who are deeply dependent on male officers when it’s time to go ‘hands on.’

Seattle Police Engage in One of the Wildest Police Pursuits and Shootouts Ever!

This is one of the wildest police pursuits and shootouts I’ve ever seen. Kudos to the cop who kept on the carjacking thief, and who drove like a pro! Even when the suspect was firing at them, they kept themselves in the game. 

The pursuit began in downtown Seattle and lasted for nearly an hour. Although no one was killed other than the suspect, who was identified as 35-year-old Raymond Azevedo, several collisions occurred as a result of this dangerous high speed chase.

Thankfully, the worthless pile of excrement was ventilated by Seattle’s finest. A review of Azevedo’s criminal record shows prior convictions for theft, vehicle theft, burglary, assault, malicious mischief, and eluding the police. This guy was criminal life and he deserved the end he received. Let him now burn in hell! 


No more Sunday drives for him

This pursuit illustrates how crazy and truly dangerous a cop’s job is at times. Anyone wanting to get into police work better first have a passion for the nature of the job, and not just be looking at the pay and generous retirement pension.

I’ve seen many guys get into this line of work solely for the monetary benefits and who become miserable after time because of the constant danger and the wicked pukes one has to deal with on a daily basis. If you don’t love the job, you don’t really belong in it. It’s not for everyone, and the sooner one realizes it, the better off they will be.

This is not intended as a put-down of other career choices, but only to emphasize that chasing bad guys, arresting criminals, issuing citations, and having to interact with some of the world’s most unpleasant people is an integral part of the job. I know it sounds somewhat contradictory, but the ugly nature of police work is something you better like from the start or you will never be a happy camper doing it.      


Raymond Azevedo: Can you say Swiss cheese? 

Feel Good Video of the Day: New Jersey Cop Bitch-Slaps Idiot in a Bunny Costume Who was Tooting a Loud Air Horn Inside a Police Station

This moron in a bunny costume got what he deserved. The cop is now under investigation and, yeah, it was an unprofessional response on the part of the officer. But I sure enjoyed him bitch-slapping that annoying punk!

The video illustrates, unfortunately, the infantile and utterly asinine ways of today’s young White males. The Left has turned scores of our once masculine males into pansies who will do anything to get attention from others.

They may appear to be grown up (beards and all), but they are like little children in their minds. Like silly and vacuous school girls who giggle over everything, so these two males made complete asses of themselves.

By the way, the  idiot who turned himself in because of a warrant he had not only told everyone his real name, but also provided his date-of-birth too. He shouldn’t get too alarmed in the near future when he becomes a regular victim of identity theft with an array of on-line purchases using his name and DOB all because of this stupid stunt.   


Footage of Female Chicago Officer Savagely Beaten by Black Man on PCP

Two quick points here:

(1) I give credit to the White female officer who at least gave a valiant effort to subdue this worthless groid pumped on PCP. In contrast, check out the two overweight Black female officers who don’t seem to know what to do at all. These are your typical Affirmative Action hires, the people whom our police agencies had to lower all the standards for so they could be hired and so no one would accuse them of ‘racism.’

(2) The scenario underscores the uncomfortable reality that women don’t belong in police work, that is, working patrol and handling calls. When the defecation hits the fan, they are more often than not unable to handle the physically demanding requirements of the job.

Due to their size, weight and lack of upper body strength, they are almost always overpowered by males who are determined to fully resist. Thankfully for them, most males comply with their orders, but not all of them. The parolee willing to fight to the death so as not to be arrested and sent back to prison, for example, can easily overpower the average female officer.

More than any of this, most female officers do not know how to fight. Most can’t take a punch, and I’d say the greater majority of them have never even been involved in a fist-fight. Thus, they are wholly unprepared to subdue the average 200 lb. male or those who are much larger and stronger.

To clarify, while I do not believe women should serve in a patrol capacity, I do believe they can serve in a support role as dispatchers, assisting in investigations, public relations, and a host of other ways that still fall under the domain of law enforcement. 

For those interested in more of my thoughts, check out my article: ‘Women as Cops: Not Impressed’ from March 17, 2013. 


Someone’s about to get their ass kicked

Ever Wonder Why U.S. Cops Take Knife Threats So Seriously? Here’s Your Answer (Warning: Graphic!)

Everything about how these cops handled the situation was wrong from the start. Obviously, their training is very poor (if they’re even trained at all!). As a result, two of the cops were injured and one was killed.

You might want to think about this the next time you criticize the cops for shooting a man wielding a knife. Knives, it must be remembered, don’t have to be reloaded. Depending on who is wielding the knife, debilitating and deadly slashes can be lightening fast. They are easily concealable too.   

Maybe all those self-righteous citizens of the People’s Republic of San Francisco ought to reconsider these videos before they condemn SFPD officers for fatally shooting knife-wieldling crazies like Luis Gongora and Mario Woods? They ought to, but they won’t.  

How NOT to Do Police Work: Cops Forget to Search Hood-Rat Before Placing Him in Squad Car

Here’s a classic case illustrating the importance of searching everyone who is placed in the rear of your patrol car. The cops, apparently, were giving this inebriated hood-rat a ride home instead of taking his sorry ass to jail. They were actually giving him a break – their first mistake! 

The hood-rat, as one might expect, didn’t have the sense to play it cool and just leave his handgun alone. Instead, he pulls it out of his pocket and then drops its on the rear floorboard twice! 

The primary lesson here is to always search anyone you place in the rear of your patrol car. This is basic stuff that even the newest academy graduate should know. But cops are human, and they too sometimes slip up. 


How NOT to Do Police Work: A Clusterfuck in Chicago!

Is there a problem officer? Yes, yes there is

Hmm, let’s see, how many Chicago police officers here muzzled each other? How many cops deliberately placed themselves in the line of fire? Check out the guy who goes low-crawling toward the van on his own, and then nervously scampers back. What the hell was that?

Is that how Chicago cops do felony, high-risk vehicle stops? Check out the officer who entered the front passenger door while two officers stood directly in front of the windshield with their rifles pointed inside the van’s interior.

Seriously, if one of the officers would have fired into the van, I’m certain all of them would have fired into it and likely not knowing who or what they were shooting at. 

Check out how many officers are giving commands to the driver, some of which seem conflicting and assuredly confusing to the occupant. Doesn’t anyone have a P.A. system in which to direct clear commands to the driver?

Whatever supervisory leadership is present at the scene, they seem to have abdicated their role.

I’m sure that Chicago cops are a well-trained bunch. They are professional law enforcement officers and their basic police academy is probably one of the finest in the nation. Still, the video demonstrates how even the best trained officers can sometimes lose perspective when their adrenaline and emotions are high.  

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