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When ‘Mexican-Americans’ Speak Truth: Former ‘Homie’ and Hispanic Trump Supporter Condemns Illegal Immigration and ‘Sanctuary Cities’

Although this guy is a rare bird, it’s still encouraging to listen to him lecture the Cudahy city council (southern California) on being a ‘sanctuary city.’ You can tell he’s a former ‘homie’ of the ‘barrio.’ This is a guy who knows the streets, and he’s seen a lot in his lifetime. He’s also witnessed firsthand the problems that illegal immigrants from Mexico bring.

What you’re also witnessing is someone who has grown up. He’s put aside his childish beliefs about ‘La Raza’ and hating on the White man. I don’t know what provoked him to stand up so boldly in support of Trump, but it sure is refreshing.

If only more ‘Mexican-Americans’ were as outspoken against the Mexican invasion. If only more of the them condemned our law-breaking city councils who imagine that condoning the illegal entry of hordes of low-skilled workers from Mexico will somehow be good for the United States.

The Traitors Among Us: Thousands March in Milwaukee to Protest Sheriff’s Plan to Deport Mexican Invaders

Termed as a ‘Day Without Latinos,’ thousands of protesters marched in Milwaukee to show their opposition to Sheriff David Clarke’s plan to give law enforcement officers the same rights as federal immigration officers in apprehending and deporting illegal aliens.

The crowd consisted of many White liberals, Native Americans, Mexican illegals, and some Muslims. A good many of the protesters were also ‘Mexican-Americans’ – that is, Americans of Mexican descent who are in the country legally or were born in the U.S.

This protest ought to serve as a wake-up call concerning the loyalty of ‘Mexican-Americans.’ While I recognize that not all ‘Mexican-Americans’ support illegal immigrants from Mexico and Central America, the reality is that the greater majority of them do. This is because many of those invading ‘immigrants’ are their blood relatives. They will naturally have a greater commitment to those who share their ancestry than any ‘propositional nation’ notions. Such concepts mean nothing to them when the welfare and legal status of one of their relatives is at stake. 

He would so deport your ass! 

This once great nation made a deadly mistake after its war with Mexico (1846-1848). We should have driven out every Mexican from our borders. Instead, we allowed them to populate and almost overwhelm us in numbers (especially in places like California and some of the Southwest states). I understand that this may be easier to say than to effectively accomplish. Still, is it not clear that the Mexicans, both legal and illegal, have turned against the founding stock of this nation?

Whites in America must come to realization that Mexicans belong in Mexico. Their hearts are in Mexico. They belong in Mexico. That is who they are and where they are from. They are not of us and they never will be. This explains why we never witness huge crowds of Mexican-Americans standing in solidarity with White Americans protesting against illegal immigration. The illegals who violate our nation’s sovereignty and immigration laws are their people, and not ours.




Libtard Sheriff Orders Her Deputies to NOT Cooperate with the Federal Government in Deporting Mexican Invaders

Check out this Libtard Sheriff of Travis County (TX) who has ordered her deputies to not cooperate with federal authorities in deporting illegal aliens. She’s also a big supporter of ‘sanctuary cities.’ Gee, who would’ve ever imagined that?

Thankfully, the governor is working to getting her frumpy and dumpy ass fired!

Seriously, how proud would you feel working under her command? Most of the deputies, I’m sure, would never say anything publicly. In private, however, I can assure you that a whole lot of them laugh and deride her among themselves.

No man who has any measurable levels of testosterone can feel good about being led by a dumpy troll with a bad haircut pretending to be ‘one of the guys.’

If this isn’t enough for you, listen to what some of these folks at the Austin capital have to say about illegal immigration. Check out the woman who says illegal immigrants need to feel “safe” and “not feel like they are in endanger of being deported,” including the blonde woman who tells the reporter that illegals have “the right” to stay in the U.S. and that she doesn’t believe in a “border” or a wall.

Remember what I’ve said in prior posts about the generally gullible nature of women? There you go.  

A face that only the mother of a warthog could love 

Real cops don’t want a pink pumpkin leading them

Protests Erupt in Phoenix Because ICE Dared to Deport a Mexican Criminal!

Protests have erupted because immigration officials decided to deport an illegal immigrant from Mexico. What’s amazing is not that protesters voiced their opposition to the woman’s deportation – I expect that sort of thing from ‘Mexican-Americans’ and White traitors – but that ICE is finally starting to do its job! Where have we gone in this nation when we’re actually surprised that Border Patrol agents deport someone?

Did you catch what the reporter told us about this female illegal? She not only entered a sovereign country illegally, but while here she committed more crimes and eventually agreed to a plea deal of identity theft (which means the original offense was much worse!). I wonder how many viewers caught that important bit of information? I bet that most didn’t and those who did probably don’t even care. 

See? The Mexicans only want to assimilate!

Yet we’re expected to feel sorry for her, eh? Still think those Mexicans are only here to do the jobs Americans don’t want to do? This gal didn’t arrive to to work, she arrived to steal.

Over the years I have met some wonderful Mexicans, including a good many who were not so wonderful. I admire their strong commitment to their families, and their hard work ethic (at least for most of them). But no matter how one slices it, the Mexican people are not of us and they never will be. They belong in Mexico and not in America. Mexico is their home. They are Mexicans in heart and soul, and not Americans.    

This fuck-nuttery of sympathy for Mexican invaders has got to end! I hope that in the next four years (hopefully eight!) under a Trump presidency we will witness a massive number of deportations of Mexico’s finest. 


Superbowl Commercial Tries to Guilt White Americans into Opposing a Border Wall and Supporting Illegal Immigrants from Mexico

Check out these conniving cucks who produced a Superbowl commercial seeking to guilt White Americans into opposing Trump’s wall and in supporting hordes of illegal peasant invaders from Mexico.

The commercial is horribly skewed too. What it doesn’t show to its viewers are the thousands upon thousands of Mexican gang-members who will flood our nation, the tatted ‘MS-13’ knuckleheads from El Salvador, the pregnant squat-monsters ready to spawn their future ‘cholos’ and teenage unwed mothers onto our soil, the hordes of welfare dependents that American taxpayers will have to support, their costly education that we will have to provide for their offspring, including the horrific levels of crime they will bring to our once great cities.

Mexicans are always so grateful 

Personally, I would have no problem slamming the door shut in the face of every single Mexican invader – man, woman, and child. I’d relish it too. I’d sleep like a baby that night and have happy dreams. I wouldn’t feel one ounce of guilt or remorse. Just happiness and delight.

The removal of all third-world invaders from my once great nation would bring me great joy. They don’t belong here anyways. This is not their home. They are Mexicans, not Americans. They are of the third-world, we are of the first-world. They are not of us, and they never will be.

Racist Xenophobe Declares That “We Simply Cannot Allow People to Pour into the United States Undetected, Undocumented, Unchecked”

I couldn’t have said it better myself 

The Many Wonders of El Salvadorian Illegal Immigration: MS-13 Gang Members Murder Teens on Long Island (NY)




The people of El Salvador can’t wait to culturally ‘enrich’ us

Truth in Pictures: The Stunning Level of Arrogance Among Illegal Immigrants from Mexico Against the American People


Give us free shit or we’ll kill more of your cops


The U.S. paid Mexico for the land they rightly won in war


Typical traitorous Whites of the Left


Flying Mexico’s flag and Che to prove how American you are?


What about the dreams of Americans who want a secure border? 


Wonder if she’d feel the same about her home?


I thought ‘race’ was just a ‘social construct’?


This is why it’s futile to reason with the peasant invaders


Mexican peasant invaders are always so grateful


Mexican ‘family values’ 


Mexican illegal immigrants: Always on the wrong side of history


Let them be God’s children in their own countries


The Mexican invaders are assimilating beautifully! 



Ronald Reagan Opposed a “Fence” Between the U.S. and Mexico to Stop Illegal Immigration

This segment is from Ronald Reagan’s 1980 debate with George H.W. Bush for the U.S. presidency. Reagan foolishly called for illegal immigrants to get work permits and for the U.S. to have an open border with Mexico.

It shows that in spite of Reagan’s greatness, he never really ‘got it’ when it came to illegal immigration. He doubled-down on his stupidity in 1986 when he granted a mass amnesty to hordes of Mexican peasant invaders. Gee, that worked out great, didn’t it?

Reagan, including most conservatives, never seemed to realize that illegal immigration from third-world hell-holes like Mexico and El Salvador is bad not just because it violates the sovereignty of the United States and our immigration laws, but mostly because it threatens the dominant racial group and their culture (meaning Whites).

In other words, illegal immigration should always be opposed because to ignore it is to invite a foreign, hostile, and unassimilated people into one’s land. Their presence threatens and competes against the indigenous people and their historic culture (meaning Whites) because humans are tribalistic by nature. It is who we are. It is what we do. 

Any nation that adheres to a ‘melting pot’ view of immigration is destined to ruin. Under the false belief of ‘racial equality’ or ‘diversity is our strength,’ it invites conflict, chaos and strife within the nation as one racial or ethnic group competes with other groups for dominance.

This explains why the more racially ‘diverse’ the U.S. becomes, the more racial discord it experiences. How utterly naive we are to imagine that if we permit people from differing racial/ethnic backgrounds, who speak differing languages, who adhere to differing religions, who don’t share the same cultural values, the same morals or worldviews, that we can all somehow get along and their will be no divisions between us!?

The only kind of people who think this is a good idea are either the ignorant and uniformed, the willfully blind, or those whose purpose it is to divide and conquer us from within. 

Mexican Smugglers Are Telling Illegal Aliens to Get to the U.S. Now Before Trump Builds His Wall

This story is itself an admission that our borders are currently open for all to come. For this, we can thank our Kenyan dictator. 

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