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Good News: Illegal Immigrants from Mexico Are Becoming More Worried of Deportation Under Trump’s Presidency

Check out this sympathetic documentary which features the worry that a growing number of illegal immigrants from Mexico are feeling as a result of an American president who actually believes in securing our borders.

Illegal crossings have been dramatically reduced, and the costs to be smuggled into the U.S. has increased greatly.

At one point, the narrator says that the Mexican invaders are fleeing Mexico because of “violence”. That’s a bunch of happy horse-poop. I’m not denying that “violence” isn’t a problem in Mexico, but the people are in large part used to it. These folks are arriving on our soil because they want a better lives for themselves and their families. They want to partake of America’s generous gravy train. That’s the reality.

The problem with the claim of gullible bleeding-hearts (that means you too Glenn Beck!) is that while the Mexican invaders are supposedly fleeing “violence,” they bring with them astronomical levels of “violence” to our nation. Don’t ever forget that a strong gang culture accompanies these people wherever they dwell.

Don’t think so? Well, just realize that L.A. County in Southern California is not the ‘gang capital’ of the U.S. because of Whites or Asians. It’s because of Mexicans and El Salvadorians who are in our country illegally (yes, Blacks too!). 

Poverty, squalor, gangs, graffiti, unwed mothers, and huge rates of alcoholism is what Mexicans bring. You can deny it all you want, but the proof of what I’m arguing is found in all of their communities (or ‘barrios’).

Los Angeles Residents Voice Their Opposition to Becoming a ‘Sanctuary City’

Wow, there might actually be hope for Angelinos yet! Good to see that even some Blacks and Latinos voiced their opposition to the ‘sanctuary city’ nonsense.

If Blacks had more sense, their entire ‘communities’ would unite against illegal immigration because it will be those same illegal immigrants from beyond our southern border who will be taking all their jobs. Yes, I know that many Blacks are content being welfare dependent, but those who really do want to work will find it much harder when they have to compete for employment with illegals.  

Attorney General Jeff Sessions Announces Federal Penalties for ‘Sanctuary Cities’

That’s right, hit these Liberal cities right where it hurts the most – their pocketbooks! In spite of what so-called ‘progressive’ governors and city officials may claim, they really are dependent on Washington’s flowing nipple of goodies.

They’ll all comply too, especially when its citizens are deprived of federal services, grants and when their checks dwindle to almost nothing.

I like when those who are on our side politically fight, when they resist the prevailing Liberal matrix. The Left isn’t accustomed to this sort of thing. They’re used to being the gracious losers and smiling while they’re being politically sodomized by their opponents.

That’s why now that Trump is in the Oval Office, Liberals will speak kindly of Mitt Romney and the entire Bush family. They prefer republicans who are gutless cucks rather than fighters on the offense.  

God bless President Trump and Attorney General Sessions!

Hawaii Public School Teacher Refuses to Teach the Children of Illegal Aliens: “I Won’t Teach Them”

This is another occasion of White Americans who are fed up with the liberal ‘narrative’ concerning illegal immigrants showing their resistance to our Leftist overlords.

I’m sure he’ll be disciplined or perhaps even fired for his ‘naughty’ words, but it’s good to know that not all Whites have bowed their knee to Baal.

The lines have been drawn, and Whites will become even more outspoken as the veil is removed from their eyes. Not all us will cheerfully go along with the Left’s plan to displace our people. 


Two Illegal Immigrant MS-13 Gangmembers Arrested After Kidnapping Two Girls and Murdering One of Them After a Satanic Ritual

‘Hey America, there’s more of us on the way!’ 

Another ‘Feel-Good’ Video: Illegal Immigrant Father Arrested by ICE After Dropping Off His Kids at L.A. School

According to the Daily Mail (UK), “A sobbing schoolgirl has recorded video footage of her undocumented father – who had lived in US for 20 years – being handcuffed and led away by agents from Immigration and Customs Enforcement. Fatima Avelica, 13, was being dropped off at school in Highland Park, near Los Angeles, with her sisters when the ICE agents swooped on her father Romulo Avelica-Gonzalez, 48. Mr Avelica-Gonzalez is reportedly being deported to Mexico because of a DUI conviction, which dates from almost 10 years ago. He is also accused of buying a car with an incorrect registration sticker almost two decades ago.”

Romulo Avelica-Gonzalez had 20 years to rectify his DUI conviction, but he never did. He knew that he would not be deported. Like many Mexicans who have entered the U.S. illegally and who flaunt their lack of official immigration papers, this man knew that the risk of being deported was minimal at best. He simply didn’t want to comply with our laws nor face the consequences of his DUI, that’s all and now he will pay for it. 

I don’t like to see little children crying, and they may not fully understand why their father has been apprehended. But I don’t really care. I feel nothing for them. I’m just happy he’s gone, and I look forward to millions more being hooked up and deported forever from our presence. It was the parents’ choice, after all, to break our immigration laws and to violate our national sovereignty. If families are broken up, it’s their fault not ours. 

Illegal aliens everywhere need to know that there’s a new Sheriff in town, and he’s a believer in law and order.


Feel-Good Story of the Day: Androgynous ‘Dreamer’-Freak Arrested by Immigration Authorities After Her Public Speech in Support of Illegal Invaders

Daniela Vargas just got her androgynous Argentinean-ass arrested by immigration authorities after giving a speech in which she declared that she was fearful of being deported. She thought no one would hold her accountable for being in the country illegally, didn’t she? She thought she could arrogantly proclaim her illegal status in the face of Americans and no one would ever do anything about it, didn’t she?

Daniela’s got more problems than just being an illegal alien though. Something screwy has infested her gray matter and made her think she’s a guy – but she’s not! She’s just confused, and has been duped by a Leftist worldview. As a result, she tries to diminish her feminine side so as to appear more masculine.

I suspect she’s probably a lesbian. For now, it appears she’ll be practicing her carpet munching in Argentina. It couldn’t have happened to a nice ‘dreamer’!

Investigating Crimes Against Americans by Illegal Immigrants Deemed “Sinister,” “Racist” and “Genocidal” by Democrats

Here’s Mark Dice nailing it as he always does. Nancy Pelosi’s facial expression, the groans that arose from democrat audience members during last night’s congressional speech, including Pelosi and Obama’s denials that Trump would be elected are a perfect touch to this segment.


This is Why You Can’t Have a ‘Conversation’ with the Peasant Invaders from Mexico: “Get on Your Mayflower and Get the Fuck Out of MY Continent. This is OUR Land”

While it’s encouraging to see some Hispanic Trump supporters who ‘get it’ when it comes to the problems that illegal immigrants from Mexico bring, we must always remember that there are very few of them compared to the astronomical numbers of Hispanics who are quite satisfied with the southern invasion of our country.

Never forget that the people who are invading our country from Mexico and Central America are blood-related to the legalized Mexicans already here.

Blood is always thicker than water, including that of ‘propositional nation’ principles! 

This is more about race and culture than most Whites are willing to admit. The Mexicans already understand this, and that’s why they hurl racial epithets at us like “White supremacists,” “crackers,” “go back to Europe,” “You committed genocide against the Indians!” and arrogantly declare that the American continent rightfully belongs to them.

Each of these could be refuted by the facts of history, but it would do little good. One cannot reason with the hostile and unreasonable. Moreover, even if they were persuaded, how many of them would dare to preach it and risk being persecuted and ostracized by their families?

This entire debate and public conflicts such as those featured in the videos could have been avoided altogether had Americans demanded decades ago that our borders be secured, that all illegals be deported, and that all of our elected officials be held accountable if they even thought about deviating from such commitments.

Mexicans can’t wait to turn the U.S. into another shanty town

Americans, unfortunately, lacked the collective will to do anything about it because they were consumed with television, movies, fashion, trivial interests, and negro sports. Decades of multicultural dogma being continuously shoved down our throats only exacerbated our problems. We also permitted too many ‘enemies within’ to infiltrate high and strategic positions within our government which guaranteed that all legal rulings would favor illegal immigrants over the dominant White majority.

Now the invaders and their communist-educated children are too many. They hate us and they hate the country that foolishly allowed them to slither in.

Our kindness proved to be our dispossession.

The Mexicans in the video are too stupid to realize that without the White man, this country will only turn into another version of a failed nation of Mexico with it’s murderous drug cartels, high poverty rates, poor education, dilapidated shanty’s and squalor spread throughout the fruited plain.

Mexicans flee from Mexico for a better life, yet once they are here their primary goal after obtaining employment and welfare assistance is to turn the U.S. into Mexico!? This is because Mexicans, whether legal or illegal, are always Mexicans first. This is who they are. Mexico is their home and that is where they belong. They are not really Americans in the more conventional sense. They do not think as we do (as the two videos make clear), and this is why they should not be tolerated within our borders.

I am conflicted at times because I have personally known several decent, law-abiding and upright Mexicans. I do not hate these people. At the same time, having lived and worked among them for over fifty years, I know that the greater majority of them are low-skilled, poorly educated, possess low levels of intelligence as compared to Whites, and have strong natural proclivities toward crime and the gang lifestyle (as L.A. County and all of Southern California can testify).

I hope we can have a peaceful separation from these people, but I fear this will not end well.     

Jorge Ramos Says the U.S. Belongs to Mexicans: This is “Our County, Not Theirs. It is OUR Country”

Here’s Jorge Ramos, an opens border agitator, who has arrogantly declared that America belongs to them (Mexicans, both legal and illegal) and not to us (legally-born White citizens). Oh sure, if pressed he’d probably agree that America belongs to Whites too even though in his little speech he clearly excludes us.

What I always find interesting is how people from Mexico demand that the U.S. have an open-border policy, allowing anyone from anywhere to enter our soil freely, yet not demand or even question Mexico’s right to close and tightly monitor its own borders. Mexico, apparently, has that right but not the U.S.

That’s because ‘enemies within’ like Jorge Ramos are not about logical consistency or fairness. They know that Americans, generally, are weak-minded and overly charitable, and they intend to exploit it for all it’s worth. They’ve been emboldened for the past eight years during the reign of the Kenyan girly-man, so their hubris has been ramped up. There is little they won’t demand, and they know there are enough Mexicans already here who will harbor them and enough liberal lawyers who will defend them.

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