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Messing with the Mexican Invaders: White Man Wearing an ICE Jacket Shows Up at Hispanic Church Service

I don’t know the motives of this man, but I suppose it’s his own way of expressing his displeasure of seeing his country overrun by Mexican peasant invaders. He’s digging at them probably because each and every day the Mexicans dig at him by their presence in a country they don’t belong in.

The Mexicans were all ‘concerned’ and even ‘scared’ by his arrival. Good, I’m glad they were! If they’re in the county illegally, they should be afraid because they’ve chosen to enter this once great without lawful authorization. They willingly broken our nation’s immigration laws, and helped to chip away at our national sovereignty.

The unidentified man didn’t harm them. He didn’t go on some mass shooting spree. He didn’t rob them. He didn’t make a raucous scene. He simply walked about on the premises, and even sat down at one point during the church service. That’s it, nothing more. 

I’m glad he did it.

I like it when White Americans show resistance to their racial and cultural displacement. I’m proud of our people when they speak out and refuse to cooperate with their dispossession. It shows, if anything, that there’s still some pride and racial consciousness among us in spite of being demoralized for decades and being blamed for all the world’s woes.  

The Insane, ‘Sanctuary City’ of San Francisco

This is an interesting documentary on how California has, essentially, become a ‘sanctuary State’ fueled in part by rogue cities such as San Francisco. It will show you how these people think and the convoluted logic they employ to defend a position that’s utterly indefensible.

Cities like San Francisco and States like California have defiantly engaged in treasonous policies that no State or Nation could long survive if followed to its logical end. No only would its financial and other resources soon be depleted, but it would cause unnecessary friction between the invading illegals and its indigenous citizenry – and isn’t that precisely what we see occurring?     

I’m befuddled at times why seemingly reasonable and educated liberals that I interact with can’t see the disastrous consequences of their thinking. But as many of us know, liberals have a worldview that always runs counter to common sense, the way things in life really are.

Like cultists devoted to their extreme religious perspective, liberals find it next to impossible to think outside of their socio-political paradigm because they don’t even think there’s a reasonable alternative to their beliefs. They also attach so much political baggage to the position of their opponents that they’re fearful of even trying to comprehend fairly what others have said.

Thus, to oppose illegal immigration is somehow ‘racist’ and ‘xenophobic,’ and since these disingenuous White liberals don’t want to be labeled or perceived as ‘racists,’ they automatically declare their unqualified support for the Mexican invasion. There is no middle ground for these folks. The deeper questions are never or rarely asked.

Liberals never stop to think of other countries, including Mexico, which has even stricter policies than the U.S. when it comes to illegal immigration. They never stop to seriously weigh the economic and environmental impact that an open borders policy would bring if carried out in the way that ‘sanctuary cities’ imagine.

This is deeply emotional for too many people, and that’s the entire problem right there! People are not using their heads. They’re thinking from their hearts or good intentions, but this cannot be the deciding factor or motivation for any country’s immigration policy because sooner or later one’s government is going to have to say “No” to someone or some group because endless illegal immigration is unsustainable. If we take on too many people, then we’ll all drown.

More than that, illegal immigration threatens the dominant culture of any nation. Unless one’s government is on a suicide mission or actively working to displace its indigenous people as globalists are currently engaged in, illegal immigration is a burdening dead-end for everyone.

A Growing Number of Christian Churches and Jewish Synagogues Are Defying Trump and Harboring Illegal Aliens

Here’s a news report that reveals the growing number of churches and synagogues who are defying the Trump administration’s policy of deporting illegal immigrants and using their houses of worship to harbor Mexican peasant invaders (or other so-called ‘migrants’ and ‘refugees’).

The church and synagogue in the video featured very liberal congregations. If you know anything about them, you’d know these folks are essentially racially-naive, ‘feel-good’ secularists who present a veneer of religiosity to the scripturally ignorant and undiscerning. Whenever you see a woman pastor or a woman rabbi, you can rest assured that it’s a congregation that has succumbed to the liberalism of our era.

Also, the elderly White Christians you see in the church come from an older generation which did not have to suffer typical Dindu dysfunction in any kind of up-close or personal way. These naive folks love to talk about the virtues of ‘diversity’ only because they’ve never had to experience a ‘diversity encounter’ or fall victim to the ‘knockout game.’

Their view of Blacks is influenced by The Cosby Show and the 1970s Roots novel by the lying plagiarist, Alex Haley. In their nice, private gated communities, they can afford to celebrate multiculturalism and harboring illegal aliens in their church because they’ve never been exposed to the harsh realities of typical Black criminality or barrio culture. They also don’t worry about America’s demographic future because they won’t be alive to experience the hell that will eventually scorch this nation to its core.

But don’t think it’s only liberal churches who are engaged in this ‘sanctuary church’ nonsense. No, there are lots of conservative and evangelical churches who would more than gladly harbor illegal immigrants. They have their set of proof-texts in order to justify it too, but such verses are all taken out of context and misapplied. But since when has sober hermeneutical principles been followed by large numbers of Christians and Jews? The average parishioner doesn’t have a clue about the accepted rules and principles of biblical interpretation. The Bible to them is just a magical and happy ‘feel-good’ book that helps them cope with their personal problems, etc.

Moreover, in my opinion, the greater majority of White conservative Christians are just as racially cucked as their liberal Christian brethren. It’s not just the Jews who are working against the survival of the White race, scores of evangelical, ‘Bible-believing’ churches also think it’s God’s will to provide sanctuary for criminal invaders who are destined to racially and culturally displace Whites from this once great country.

We are surrounded, then, by racial traitors, people who don’t have the foggiest clue as to what will happen to this nation once its founding stock is relegated to an insignificant and even more despised minority.

Gullible White Christians work for their own racial demise 

How the Russians Treat Their Illegal Alien Migrants

The video serves as proof that Russia has not as of yet been demoralized and feminized by political-correctness. In other words, there’s still men in Russia. 

Note: It’s titled as how Russian authorities deal with illegal alien migrants, but it’s possible based on what I’ve read that the illegal migrants here were also suspected of being part of a terrorist cell. This may explain the rather rough treatment by the Russian police, although in fairness I don’t really consider it that rough. Whatever the case, the Russians don’t take kindly to illegal immigrant invasions. 

I’m not absolutely certain of it, but women don’t play as strong a role in their government’s leadership. If so, this explains why they have largely remained free of the P.C. cult that runs rampant throughout the West. I love women and I’m not a woman-hater as some suspect. I just recognize that for a country to remain healthy, it needs the kind of strong male leadership that women simply can’t provide. Feminism is the death of any and all nations stupid enough to embrace it.  

By the way, I personally have no problem with severely punishing illegal immigrants who enter a sovereign nation, especially a White nation. If enough of them are brutalized, they will learn to keep out. Word will quickly spread to others that certain countries are off-limits, and that the risk of illegally entering them is too great. It may be a harsh remedy, but it’s likely to be one that won’t have to be repeated too often.

Our people have a death wish 

This is why I shed no tears when illegal immigrants from El Salvador and Honduras are mistreated and financially exploited upon entering Mexico by the Mexican authorities. If you’re stupid enough to invade a foreign country, you get everything you deserve. I think of it in the same way as a burglar who enters a home at night. If he happens to get ventilated by a shotgun blast, too bad so sad.

Some people only learn the hard way, and you can’t always fix stupid.   

The problem is that in the West an Eloi mentality has taken over. We’ve been feminized and made to think we must accommodate all the swarthy-bearded masses of third-worlders – that is, if we wish to not be thought of as ‘racist’ and ‘xenophobic.’

White people: The modern-day Eloi 

Because we fear accusations of racism more than our own racial and cultural survival, we permit the most ill-tempered and unassimilated people into our countries so that we can pat ourselves on the back and boast to our friends of how ‘non-racist’ we are.

This is a sickness that we as Whites need desperately to be delivered from.  

Here’s a Russian man getting ready to kick some goat-humping ass. Even when his Muslim friends jump in to help him, the Russian guy still kicks their ass. Notice also that other Russians got involved to help their comrade. In other words, the Russians fight for each other, something that Whites in Europe and America need to learn from. 

Border Walls ARE Effective

Here’s a short documentary showing how borders walls, in contrast to what propagandizing liberals say, are effective in keeping out illegal immigrants. Trump’s wall (if he ever actually builds it) will not, by itself, cure the problem of illegal immigration, but it will serve as a major tool in preventing people from flooding into our country.

Congresswoman Maxine Waters Declares of Illegal Immigrants: “This is THEIR Country”

Here’s James Brown again, uh, I mean Congresswoman Maxine Waters speaking before her constituents at a church vigorously denouncing the deportation of illegal immigrants known as ‘dreamers.’ At one point during her tirade, she declared that “This is their country.”

Oh, is it?

This woman’s too stupid to realize that the more she encourages the presence of illegal immigrants, the fewer jobs that will be available for Blacks in the district she represents. Yes, I know that most Blacks have little interest in working the kinds of menial jobs that illegal immigrants are willing to work, but the fact remains nonetheless: The more illegal immigrants, the fewer entry-level jobs that will be available for Blacks entering the work force.

Tucker Carlson Debates Creepy 45-Year-Old Virgin Law Professor on Immigration: The Common Folk Are Too ‘Ignorant’ or ‘Biased’ to See the Value of Third-World Immigration

This creepy law professor, essentially, argues that people (meaning, mostly Whites) are too ‘ignorant’ or ‘biased’ against the benefits of non-White, third-world immigration to know any better. Once they inform themselves of the ‘survey data,’ according to the professor, they’ll see how wrong they are.

Yeah, right.

As Tucker correctly points out, it’s the same liberal talking-points which reasons that if people only understood how great Obamacare is, they’d embrace it wholeheartedly. If only people realized how wonderful Hillary Clinton was, they would’ve voted for her last November.

Even when liberals appeal to ‘data’ and ‘surveys,’ one has to be very suspicious because liberals have a track record of playing with the numbers or phrasing survey questions in such a way as to get the answer they desire. Liberals never play fair. They have an agenda, and the facts be damned when they’ve got a Utopian social mission to fulfill.


The Hypocrisy of Mexico in How It Treats Illegal Immigrants and in Its Immigration Policies

Although the host of the documentary seems like a Libtard cuck, he documents well the utter hypocrisy of the Mexican government in its illegal immigration policies.

Mind you, I’m not against Mexico strictly enforcing its own immigration laws – every nation has the right to do this – but only that it hypocritically condemns the U.S. while engaging in the very same kind of population protectionism that it rails against.

Illegal immigrants are not just preyed upon in Mexico, but they are often preyed upon by Mexican authorities in the form of corrupt government officials (e.g., police). It’s widely known that Mexican law enforcement officials frequently hold for ransom illegal immigrants whom they apprehend. They are not returned until their family pays a ransom to the corrupt official holding the person and not to some government entity.

Mexico gets away with this sort of abuse because it’s a deeply corrupt third-world nation that does not value human life and the sort of rights that first-world nations do. It must also be understood that Mexico’s systemic corruption and its mistreatment of illegal immigrants is ultimately a reflection of the Mexican people.

Mexico, then, is a corrupt toilet bowl because it’s a reflection of the character and value of Mexicans themselves. This is not meant to suggest that all Mexicans without exception are bad or immoral, but only that a country known worldwide for its deep-rooted corruption in every sphere of life is ultimately a story about the people who inhabit its borders.

This is why Mexicans are not good for the U.S. No amount of polemics arguing for the benefits of Mexican immigrants (illegal or otherwise) can change the fact that these people bring with them enormous levels of crime, acute alcoholism, unwed mothers, welfare dependency, a violent gang culture, and a deeply entrenched worldview that’s far removed from the traditional American one.

Let me put it as simple as this: When you invite Mexicans into your country, you’re inviting Mexico with all of its corrupt and backward ways into it as well. Any country that permits unchecked immigration from Mexico is destined to become another version of Mexico with all of its accompanying social problems too.

They can’t wait to turn the U.S. into another shit-pile of Mexico 

Good News: Illegal Immigrants from Mexico Are Becoming More Worried of Deportation Under Trump’s Presidency

Check out this sympathetic documentary which features the worry that a growing number of illegal immigrants from Mexico are feeling as a result of an American president who actually believes in securing our borders.

Illegal crossings have been dramatically reduced, and the costs to be smuggled into the U.S. has increased greatly.

At one point, the narrator says that the Mexican invaders are fleeing Mexico because of “violence”. That’s a bunch of happy horse-poop. I’m not denying that “violence” isn’t a problem in Mexico, but the people are in large part used to it. These folks are arriving on our soil because they want a better lives for themselves and their families. They want to partake of America’s generous gravy train. That’s the reality.

The problem with the claim of gullible bleeding-hearts (that means you too Glenn Beck!) is that while the Mexican invaders are supposedly fleeing “violence,” they bring with them astronomical levels of “violence” to our nation. Don’t ever forget that a strong gang culture accompanies these people wherever they dwell.

Don’t think so? Well, just realize that L.A. County in Southern California is not the ‘gang capital’ of the U.S. because of Whites or Asians. It’s because of Mexicans and El Salvadorians who are in our country illegally (yes, Blacks too!). 

Poverty, squalor, gangs, graffiti, unwed mothers, and huge rates of alcoholism is what Mexicans bring. You can deny it all you want, but the proof of what I’m arguing is found in all of their communities (or ‘barrios’).

Los Angeles Residents Voice Their Opposition to Becoming a ‘Sanctuary City’

Wow, there might actually be hope for Angelinos yet! Good to see that even some Blacks and Latinos voiced their opposition to the ‘sanctuary city’ nonsense.

If Blacks had more sense, their entire ‘communities’ would unite against illegal immigration because it will be those same illegal immigrants from beyond our southern border who will be taking all their jobs. Yes, I know that many Blacks are content being welfare dependent, but those who really do want to work will find it much harder when they have to compete for employment with illegals.  

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