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Lessons from Our Polish Brethren: Muslims Entering Poland Are NOT Welcomed by the Polish People

The swarthy goat-humpers from their desert shit-holes known as Muslims are not welcome in Poland. The Polish people make sure the Islamic scum arriving on their shores are promptly told this and warned to get out. These good people don’t wait for their government to implement some half-ass policies. No, they take to the streets themselves and let the Muslims know up-close and personal just what they think of them.

This is how you do it when things have not yet progressed to bullets (don’t worry, they eventually will). You start with massive protests in the streets as a display of strength and national unity against any Muslim colonizers. The final video above, for instance, features 150,000 Poles who showed up to express their disgust at the Muslim plague.

This sends a message to both the Muslims and to the country’s elected officials. It places them on notice that the 7th century fanatics who claim to love death more than life will not be tolerated in the least. It sends a message to government politicians who are cucky and vacillating that any Islamic immigration will not be tolerated.

Notice that Muslims on the streets are individually confronted by average Polish citizens. Their message to followers of Islam is made very personal in nature. This is vital because it lets them feel the mood, the justifiable hatred that Whites have of them.

Whites must be constantly getting out their message of disapproval of Muslims. The national and ethnic spirit of indigenous Whites must be continually appealed to. The people must be reminded that they are strong, that the country is rightfully theirs, and that Muslims will within a generation or two outnumber them. The racial future of our children and grandchildren must be always brought to their attention.

An organized and national campaign to awaken Whites and to educate them about the threat that Muslims pose must always be paramount.

The Polish people have a lot to teach us. Yeah, I’m sure that Libtardism has infected some folks in the country, but the greater majority of Poles stand opposed to the scourge of Islam.  I pray that Whites in both Europe and America will become as bold as they are.

God bless my Polish brothers and sisters! 


This is What Brits Get Because They Allowed Muslim Goat-Humpers to Colonize Their Country

Folks, this is the level of arrogance and disrespect Whites get because they foolishly believed the ‘diversity’ myth. Whites throughout the West have yet to learn that the only thing Muslims respect is strength, overwhelming strength and brutality. These are a primitive and savage people, and they only think in terms of violence and deception.

As Whites who have been raised in civilized societies with a deep-rooted belief in fairness to all, we have great difficulty comprehending that there exists some ethnic groups who see acts of kindness and generosity as weakness. Some people can’t wrap their heads around the concept because they’ve been so severely duped by multicultural propaganda.

The constant coddling of Muslims and various Liberal justifications for their unwillingness to assimilate, including their dysfunctional and backward ways, has emboldened an already arrogant people to be more so. They are treated with kid gloves, given special status, and protected from almost anything they say or do.

Don’t worry, they’re a perfectly reasonable people 

This shit-stained Muslim should’ve been dealt with immediately. During a saner age, he would’ve been. But he knows Whites are generally weak, that they live in dread of the possibility that they might be called ‘racist’ or terms to that effect. So they cower, they back down, and they allow the desert inbreeders to do as they wish.

This Muslim also knows that the authorities will likely support his side of the story. All he will have say is that he was racially insulted by the White man, and that alone will be sufficient. He knows well enough that most governments throughout Europe have turned against their own people, indigenous Whites. He uses this knowledge to his advantage to proudly parade around and thump his chest in the presence of Whites. He is declaring, in effect, that he has conquered them.

The goat-humpers will never respect an olive branch. They will not admire any offers of ‘peace’ and ‘understanding’ by the wicked infidels. The Muslims have not arrived in Europe to assimilate, but to colonize and conquer each and every nation. They will submit only to their 7th century pagan moon-god and the convoluted writings of their murdering prophet who often entered caves, had epileptic seizures and came out with delusions of grandeur.

Don’t worry, Muslims believe in equality and respect for women

Hard Truth: Folks, the time has apparently not yet arrived. But there is a time coming in the not-so-distant future when Whites will be forced to engage in a level of brutality and savagery against the goat-humpers they’ve never experienced. Like a cancer that has metastasized throughout the body which requires drastic and painful measures to stave off, so also Whites throughout the West will have to commit extreme forms of savagery and violence to drive these wicked people from their midst.

To deny that it will require such brutality is to reveal one’s ignorance of Muslims and the seriousness of the threat to Europe’s racial and cultural survival that they pose. It is to stick one’s head in the sand, and think only happy thoughts. This sort of response may make one feel good for the moment, but eventually the goat-humpers will have to be dealt with. You better recognize now that they have no intentions of leaving peacefully. They will fight against us, and they will fight hard. There is too much at stake for both sides.

In our case, our very survival as Whites is at stake. We now find ourselves against a wall with no where else to turn. The inevitable can no longer be denied.

We must return to a warrior mindset. We must learn to be brutal toward our enemies. We must learn to have no mercy on them. We must learn to hate. Contrary to what the soft-headed think, hate will not weaken us. It will make us stronger. It will give us resolve and courage. There is a time and place for everything, yes, even hate. 

Only then will there be any hope for us.

If we continue in our beliefs of racial and cultural egalitarianism, we will die. If we imagine that the Muslims can be reasoned with, that a ‘comprise’ can be reached, we will die. If we think ‘they’re just like us,’ we will die. If we show them kindness, civility, and respect, we will die.

There is no other way out of this mess we’ve imposed upon ourselves by our intellectual laziness, gullibility and stupidity.


Tommy Robinson Courageously Warns Indigenous Brits: “We’re at Fucking War!” and “There’s a Jihad Against Us as Non-Muslims!”

After yesterday’s Islamic terrorist attacks outside of the UK’s Parliament near Westminster Bridge, what will indigenous (White) Brits do now? Are they ready to fight? Or will more British cops have to be stabbed and more British citizens have to be mowed down by cars? Will they discount this latest attack as merely the work of those who pervert the ‘religion of peace’?

How long will you continue to allow your White butt-holes to be raped by the hordes of swarthy Muslims you’ve foolishly allowed to enter your country? How’s it feel to constantly get it right up the ass by the middle-eastern goat-humpers who laugh in your faces?

The Muslims have declared openly that Sharia law will rule over Britain. They have smugly told all of England that they will out-birth you, and that in a few short years they will be the majority and do as they please according to the Quran. They’ve told you as well how they abuse Britain’s generous welfare system so as to bankrupt it, yet all you do is smile and hand over your hard-earned cash to support their families.

Yet who do you hate? Who do you laugh at and deride? Preachers of truth like Tommy Robinson, including anyone else who tries to warn you against Islam and the goat-humpers who have colonized your nation.

Listen up you tea-sipping pussies, the Muslims have no intention of assimilating to British culture – and they’ve said so many times but you’re too dense to comprehend what’s being planned for you. The followers of  the pedophile prophet intend to force every one of you, including your children and grandchildren, to convert to Islam. If you refuse, they will either slit your throats or impose a heavy tax burden on you as dhimmis.

The freedoms you currently enjoy will be taken from you, and your attire and way of life will be subordinated to Islamic law and customs. All you liberal White women, get ready for the Burka!

To prove that they are in control, the Muslims will engage in wide-scale murders of indigenous Brits so that a dense people in denial will fully realize what’s been done to them. The goat-humpers are tired of goats and sheep, so they will pursue your young White women (older ones too!). Hell, if they’d fuck a goat, they’d have no qualms about fucking old ladies and even bed-ridden grannies!

Your grandchildren will be mixed-race mongrels who will only know the ways of Islam. Your history and culture as Brits will be non-existent in the land of your forefathers.

The Muslims will do all in their power to humiliate the British people, and to engage in a widespread retribution for any and all perceived wrongs. The Muslims hate you because you are White and non-Muslim. They will not forget how the British army helped the ‘Great Satan’ (USA) during the military invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan. They will forever hold it against you and your descendants.

So, what are you prepared to do about it? Will you unify, organize and fight the invading goat-humpers? Or will you remain in fear of saying anything politically-incorrect? How long will you remain ashamed of being White? How long will you live under the delusion that your race and culture means nothing or very little?

Britain is filled with traitors 

Don’t look to the British army to save you. They’re pussies like you too, and they will obediently follow the orders of their superiors. Don’t look to your elected officials either. They’ve planned your racial and cultural dispossession for a long time, and they intend to see it through. Those government officials whom you’ve placed in office despise you almost as much as the Muslims.

Any British official who might feel an ounce of national and racial pride will not risk his comfy position to stand with the people. They are cucks at heart, worthy of nothing more than being bent over by the goat-humpers and violated in the most obscene manner.

When will you fight? How long will you do nothing? How many more Brits have to die before you rise up and resist your cultural displacement?

History will remember and honor the likes of Tommy Robinson, but every Brit who refuses to fight the Muslims will be scorned and forgotten forever.      

Behold your enemy! What are you prepared to do now?

When Moroccan Activists Speak Truth: “The Western People (Whites) Are Too Sensitive” . . . “They Are All the Time Afraid to be Labeled as Racists”

How tragic that this Moroccan activist, hipster or whatever the hell he is speaks more sense than all the Libtards throughout Europe combined.

Whites need to hear this guy. Although I suspect he has no great love for indigenous Whites in Europe, he clearly discerns that our people have a real and deep-rooted problem. Whites are afraid of being labeled ‘racist,’ and they live in constant fear that anything they say could be deemed ‘culturally insensitive.’ They are altruistic to a fault, and if it’s not cured, Whites stand a great chance of losing Europe to hordes of middle eastern goat-humpers.

In case you’re late in getting the memo, Muslims throughout the West have no intention of assimilating to our ways. They intend to culturally and religiously displace us from the very lands we’ve founded, and to establish Sharia law. They are colonizers, and not immigrants in the more conventional sense.

The Moroccan guy says that Whites “need to have this debate, to talk about these things.” The problem is that the Eloi among our people are afraid to even engage in such discussions. They live in perpetual fear of what others might think or say of them.

It’s funny, though, if Whites had a real sense of what is being done to them, such ‘debates’ and ‘talks’ would have ended a long time ago. They would’ve proven to be futile, and we’ve would’ve already realized that we can’t make peace with those who feel it’s their divine mandate to conquer us by means of violence and terrorism. We would’ve already been at the fighting and destroying of our Muslim enemies stage had we understood this. 

Unless our people ‘grow a pair,’ our swarthy colonizers will dispossess us in a few short years.

Liberal Whites are the Eloi of our age  

The Progressive Stages of Muslim Dominance Among Western Nations


Pakistani Men Randomly Fire into the Air: Hey, Let’s Allow Them to Immigrate So They Can ‘Enrich’ Us!

Get ready for your new neighbors – that is, if Trump isn’t successful in totally banning these lunatics from immigrating to the U.S. I guess it never occurred to these brain surgeons that those same bullets that they’re firing into the air actually come down to earth?! How safe do you think those streets are with those idiots living nearby? 

It’s occurrences like these which demonstrate how utterly low-life and dangerous the followers of the pedophile prophet are. If you want to bring ruin to any civilized society, invite hordes of them into your cities and see what happens next.   


How to Draw Muhammad (may pig piss be upon him) Based on the Descriptions Given by a Muslim Cleric

If you’ve ever wanted to draw a picture of Muhammad (may he rest in pig poop), well here’s your chance. This time, though, a Muslim cleric will lead you along the way and provide exact descriptions of what the old pedophile prophet looked like.


Muslim Interviewer Can’t Handle a Former Muslim Who is a Free Thinker: “If We Implement Islam in Everything, No (bad) Things Will Happen”

The world’s most bloodiest and intolerant religion can’t handle it when people, especially former Muslims or Muslims who refuse to accept the entire ball of wax of Islamic dogma, question the truthfulness of Muhammad (may he rest in pig piss) and the Quran.

That was clearly the case in this interview in which the mood goes from bad to worse. How dare that former Muslim, Dr. Noha (full name of Noha Mahmoud Salem), have contrary opinions from the interviewer! How dare Dr. Noha not agree that thieves should have their hands chopped off and that adulteresses should be stoned! 

The interviewer thinks Dr. Noha is ignorant and crazy yet, in reality, by abandoning her former Islamic religious beliefs, she’s now started to regain some sanity in her life. 

A book you’re not supposed to read

Muslims in Pakistan Outraged Because New Law Prohibits Them From Engaging in FORCED Conversions

Yes, dear reader, you read that correctly. Muslims in the toilet bowl of Pakistan are angered because they can no longer lawfully force people to convert to Islam.

This story is just another one demonstrating that Islam and its violent followers are not fit for western civilization. They really do belong in their rat-infested desert holes in the middle east far removed from the rest of us who are civilized.

Can you imagine the outrage if Christians throughout the world were doing something like this? Liberals would never let up in their derision. They would present it as evidence of the backwardness of Christianity. Yet when Muslims engage in this sort of thing, nothing is said.

Here’s the truth: Liberals are afraid to criticize Islam and Muslims because they know that the followers of the pedophile prophet will either seriously harm or kill them. Unlike Christians who will turn the other cheek, Muslims will attack and protest against anyone who dares to criticize their religion. It’s much safer for liberals to denounce the followers of Jesus because they know nothing will happen to them as a result.

Liberals are cowards at heart.

See? They really are ‘peaceful’ and ‘tolerant’! 

Did You Know That Muslims Are Rioting and Causing Problems in Japan?

I had no idea that Japan had a Muslim population until recently. I figured the Japanese had the good sense to keep the goat-humpers out, but apparently not.

As is there customary practice, as soon as Muslims began to arrive in Japan they started to protest and riot in the streets. Typical isn’t it? If someone dares to make fun of their pedophile prophet or mocks the Quran, they’ll take to the streets and demand their death. Almost everything surrounding this primitive 7th century pagan religion involves death and harsh penalties for the slightest transgression, so it’s quite amusing when people talk about how Islam is a ‘religion of peace and tolerance.’ Nothing could be farther from the truth.

You’ll notice that the Japanese police officers have a hard time containing the Muslims. They’re much too genteel with them, and it’s obvious they’re not accustomed to dealing with large violent groups. This is because almost all protests in Japan are peaceful. Japan is strongly homogenous, and while there are social and political differences between various groups of Japanese, they are a civilized and honorable people.

Thus, it’s somewhat shocking and awkward for the police to try to control a horde of babbling, half-crazed Islamists. The cops are trying not to be too harsh, but what they really need to do is go in and crack some heads, round up the religious leaders and deport all their asses back to their rat-infested desert holes.

The Japanese need to know that there is no peaceful co-existence with Muslims. They will either dominate you and your culture, or you will dominate theirs. Muslims are not about assimilating to a foreign culture and customs. If they arrive in your country, they are there to colonize and eventually conquer it for Allah.  

The Japanese people, then, better come to their senses and not lick up the same multicultural drivel that we in the West have for the past sixty years. Doctrines of ‘diversity’ have almost destroyed the West, and if Whites do not resist it completely, it will be the end of western civilization.  

The best thing indigenous Japanese can do to prevent the spread of Islam in their countries is to teach their people concerning the true nature of this bloodthirsty religion. Focus on educating their young and warning them of the dangers of this cult. They need to also create a culture in which Islam and Muslims are mocked incessantly, especially in cartoon or Anime form which the Japanese love. Also, Japanese nationalism must be stressed so that the Japanese people and its culture are forever preserved.

Here’s one dip-shit who didn’t have the sense to avoid Muslims

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