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Police Officer Stabbed at Michigan Airport by Suspect Who Shouted “Allahu Akbar!”

Looks like the ‘tolerant’ adherents of the ‘religion of peace’ are at it again. This time a police officer at a Michigan airport got stabbed by a Canadian-born man who shouted, “Allahu Akbar!”

The officer is reported to be in critical condition. 

Brigitte Gabriel Demolishes the ‘Not All Muslims Are Terrorists’ Argument

This is a smart woman who understands the true nature of Islam, and the fallacious arguments raised by followers of the pedophile prophet. Her answer is one we should all learn. 

The Finsbury Park Mosque Attack: Sauce for the Goose? Did the Party Just Get Started? Are Whites Fighting Back Against the Muslim Plague in Their Midst?

I don’t know with absolute certainty at this point whether the Finsbury Park Mosque attack was directly motivated against Muslims. It sure seems to have been.

The Daily Mail (UK) has reported that the suspect and driver of the van who mowed down several people and killed one person is a 48-year-old White man who allegedly shouted, “I’m going to kill all Muslims! I did my bit.” It was also reported that he smiled, waived and blew kisses at witnesses.

If this were indeed a terrorist attack directed against Muslims by a White, indigenous British man, is it an indication that European Whites are starting to wake up? Is this going to start being a pattern in which Whites resist their own racial and cultural dispossession by engaging in the very same acts that Muslims commit against Whites? Is it an indication that the bloody party just began?

We shall see.

Hard Truth: Mind you, I’m not urging anyone to engage in such terrorist attacks. I’m not telling anyone do this sort of thing. At the same time, however, I feel no pity for those Muslims who were killed and injured. I can’t feign sadness or compassion when there isn’t any inside of me for the middle-eastern invaders. If anything, it cheered my heart, and it gave me hope that my people will defend themselves against the swarthy goat-humpers and not allow Europe to be colonized by Islamists who are still living in the 7th century.

Yesterday’s news brought joy and laugher to a good many of us

If you’re outraged by my words, consider this: How many suicide bombings, random stabbings committed by Muslims, bomb explosions, and mowing down of pedestrians are indigenous Whites throughout Europe supposed to endure before they start to fight back? Why should Muslims not expect to receive the very same treatment they routinely commit against White ‘infidels’? How many street beatdowns must we endure before we come to the realization that Muslims hate us and want to destroy us? How many more of our women have to be raped? How many more child grooming rings have to be discovered? How sick do we have to be to continue to endure these wicked and ungrateful pukes? 

If you think these Muslims who were mowed down on Sunday were so innocent, I’d remind you that these are the same people who harbor Islamic terrorists among them, who actively work to bankrupt Europe’s generous welfare systems, and who erect their own ‘No Go’ zones in the very countries that have graciously allowed them to immigrate. Are these the marks of people who are grateful and who wish to assimilate, or the marks of those who are determined to bite off the very hand that reaches out to them in kindness and generosity?

The answer should be obvious.


These are the same people who remain silent whenever there’s a Muslim terrorist explosion in which dozens of truly innocent White people, including White children, are blown to smithereens. I might further ask, how often have you witnessed thousands of Muslims uniting together to protest the atrocities committed by their Muslims brothers? Where are the Muslim ‘Not-In-Our-Name’ protests?

They’re non-existent because massive numbers of Muslims secretly support what their ‘radical’ brethren are doing. They’ll deny it, of course, because Islamic law permits them to deceive the infidels for the greater progress of Islam. But we know the truth. 

There are also many Muslims who are afraid to speak out because they will become targets of their own people. They know that they will be ostracized by their own family members. They will be viewed as outcasts and apostates of the Muslim religion.

It’s no wonder, then, why so-called ‘moderate’ Muslims are as quiet as a church mouse over what is done in the name of Islam, and why being a ‘moderate’ Muslim is really only possible in western societies that value and protect free speech and not in the middle east.

Yet we must ask, if this is how Muslims treat their own, why on God’s green earth would we permit such a people to dwell among us? If Muslims rule by fear and intimidation (which they do), why would we ever imagine that their presence in our countries would be something other than bloody and ultimately destructive toward our indigenous White citizens? 

Finally, if the driver’s attack yesterday at Finsbury Park was motivated against Muslims, he will be hated by almost everyone, especially among Whites who are certain to grovel before the goat-humpers and to declare that his actions don’t represent them. Get ready for a lot of White liberals to kiss greasy Muslim asses. Our people are so deceived that they can’t help themselves! 

The man is about to experience hell. He will be vilified and denounced by all. But I will not hate him. No, not in the least. 

To those Muslims who got a little taste of payback yesterday, I can only give you Ambrose Kane’s ‘warm and loving’ send off. 

Black Queer Muslim Wants “Safe Spaces” for Muslims in the U.S.

Here’s a Black queer Muslim woman who converted to Islam two years earlier demanding “space spaces” for Muslim colonizers in the U.S.

I can assure you that she knows next to nothing about the history of Islam’s terror on the West nor the inherent contradictions and mistakes spread throughout the pages of the Quran.

I can also guarantee that she never bothered to read what well-informed Islamic critics have published before joining this death-cult. She’s just another simpleton, a mindless, ‘touchy-feely’ Black woman who has voluntarily enslaved herself to a primitive and brutal 7th century desert religion.

She’s too stupid to realize that she’s nothing more than a useful idiot for the Islamists whom they will discard after they have used her for their nefarious goals, especially since declaring publicly that she’s a “queer Muslim.” If you doubt any of this, take a hard look on Youtube and other social-media outlets if you want to see what Muslims really think of today’s poofters.

Muslims Outraged Because Indiana Billboard Tells the Truth About Their Pedophile ‘Prophet’

Now that’s why I call some damn good ‘Allah Snackbar!’

Tommy Robinson Speaks Out on the London Bridge Massacre, But the Vast Majority of Brits Won’t Listen to His Words

Though I enjoy Tommy’s passion and zeal to awaken his fellow citizens over the Islamic plague that has infested Great Britain, the reality is that most of them won’t listen.

The British people haven’t suffered enough yet. They’re still too comfortable. They still naively trust that their government has their best interest at heart. So, more of them have to die and be blown to pieces, or randomly stabbed by the adherents of the ‘religion of peace.’ More blood, then, must be shed if there is to be any hope for a national awakening that will forcibly drive the bearded middle-eastern pedophiles from their land.

Besides, the British people are more terrified of being called ‘racists’ and ‘xenophobes’ than they are of any Muslim threat. Words and insults carry more importance to them than the safety of their own children. Like their teeth, their brains have rotted having been marinated for over 50 years in the cultural poison of ‘diversity’ and multiculturalism. They cannot see the obvious. Their ears are shut to the truth. They still prefer happy thoughts, including ‘feel-good’ and ‘uplifting’ accounts of the benefits of a diverse society. They are still asleep.

To my indigenous British brothers and sisters I say, night, night for now. But there will be blood in the morning, and it will yours and not that of your swarthy invaders. They have arrived in your country to colonize your dumb asses, but you can’t recognize it. You want to be friends with the very people who are out to racially and culturally displace you.


Oh, and one more thing. Never forget that it’s people like this fuck-nut in the two videos below who paraded around the globe trying to convince all western leaders that Islam is an honorable and dignified faith, a “noble faith” and a “religion of peace.”

Words cannot fully express how much I despise this worthless cuck. I pray that once our people regain their collective sense of survival and pride, we will never forget traitors like George Bush and others who spread the same message. Let his name always be spoken of in derision, and may he be forever shamed and ridiculed by our people.   

George Bush: Another worthless cuck of the Republican Party

The ‘Religion of Peace’ Strikes Again: Over 20 People Mowed Down on London Bridge, Gunshots Heard, and Pedestrians Dragged by Car!

More murder and mayhem in Britain, eh? Quick, somebody organize a candlelight vigil and tell others how the Muslims ‘hate us because of our freedom’!

Don’t you worry your White privileged head because indigenous Brits have no intention of doing anything about the swarthy and bearded plague that infested their country. The Muslim mayor of London can be expected to announce that none of this had anything to do with Islam.

Oh, of course not.

Don’t worry, they just want freedom and western values

But whatever happens you can rest assured that British Whites will not fight. They won’t unite and rise up against the Muslims and drive them out of their nation. They’ll just moan about it and continue on their merry way.

As I’ve said repeatedly, more and more stacks of White people need to be ruthlessly exterminated by their Muslim colonizers before Whites wake up and resist their racial and cultural displacement. But it’s got to get infinitely worse before that ever occurs because the great scam of multiculturalism runs so deep in the minds of our people. 

Like a horribly abused victim of domestic violence, the British people will always conjure up some excuse why this doesn’t represent Islam and how Muslim immigrants are actually good for Europe.

This is only the beginning. 

Update: Three Muslim knife stabbers were fatally shot by police, but not before they murdered 7 people and wounded 48 others.

While Britain sleeps

The Manchester Massacre and Muslim ‘Taqiyya’ on Full Display

Listen as these Muslims lie to the White western sheeple. The woman wearing “Love” on her ugly Islamic drape formed by pictures of a pistol, grenade, switchblade and an ‘assault rifle’ is making a statement that totally contradicts her message to the reporter. She knows it too, but she rightly considers westerners too stupid to see through her insult.

By the way, she says she considers herself a “good Muslim.” Well, guess what? So does every Islamic terrorist, including the one who recently blew to pieces 22 innocent people.  

What you’re watching is ‘Taqiyya’ (i.e., deceiving the infidels on behalf of Islam) on full display. Muslims feel they are justified in lying to unbelievers for the greater progress of Islam. Concerns about honesty and ethics means nothing to these people. Only what benefits their 7th century pagan moon god and their deranged pedophile prophet is important to them. 

These are the people that Europe has allowed to flood their countries with. 

The Left Capitulates to Islamic Terrorists: BBC’s Katty Kay Says “We Have to Get Used to Attacks Like This” and “We Are Never Going to be Able to Totally Wipe This Out”

The Left has completely capitulated to Islamic terrorists, and liberal talking heads like the BBC’s own Katty Kay in the video featured above proves it. They don’t even talk about fighting and winning over the terrorists. They don’t even consider the possibility of greatly restricting or ending Muslim immigration to Europe because to do so would be ‘Islamophobic.’

Liberals, in other words, shackle themselves from doing anything effective to combat Islamic terrorism because they’re intimidated by labels, hurt ‘feelings’ that might arise, and fearful that they might be called the dreaded “R” word. 

Hard Truth: Liberals would prefer to have their children and young girls blown to pieces by a suicide bomber than dare to say anything ‘racist’ or prevent bearded immigrants who are determined to colonize them from entering their countries.

Such thoughts as fighting for one’s race and culture are never taken seriously by these people because they are weak, guilt-ridden for their ‘White privilege,’ and see the Islamic plague as a means to radically ‘transforming’ the West.

When liberals do talk about fighting and ‘resisting,’ it’s directed at national leaders like Donald Trump and all forms of ethnic nationalism expressed by Whites.

Western civilization will be ‘transformed’ alright, but it won’t look anything how demented Libtards imagine. The Muzzies will make sure to eradicate all the useful idiots who helped them along the way. They will discard them like used toilet paper because they don’t want any opposition from them once they gain the seat of power.

Liberals are too dense to understand this, to see what should be so obvious to anyone with two brain cells. Their disconnect from reality staggers the mind when one considers that while liberals want us to “get used” to acts of  Islamic terrorism, yet they would fight to the death to oppose anyone who might suggest that we “get used” to sensible immigration policies, that our countries become more discriminating in who is allowed to enter, and that Muslims, by virtue of their strong propensities toward terrorism, not be allowed to immigrate to the West.

Yes, these folks really are that insane.  

Phoenix Man Tells the Truth About Islam: “How Many Americans Have to Die at the Hands of Muslims Before We Realize That Islam is the Problem?”

So long as the multicultural Kool-Aid and ‘diversity fairy tales continues to be fed to each new generation of Americans, the Islamic massacre against White westerners will go on.

If ‘progressive’ values and a Leftist perspective continues to be the dominant worldview of most Americans, our problems with Islam will not end. They will only increase. 

And so long as we continue to invite the very people who despise us (Muslims) into our country, terrorism on U.S. soil will not go away. We will adapt to it. We will try to minimize it. But it will never be some other country’s problem until we stop allowing them to immigrate here. 

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