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Is It Really Society’s Fault That ‘LGBTQ’ Freaks Have Higher Suicide Rates Than Those of the Average Population?

Notice what’s being said in this video documenting the higher suicide rates among ‘LGBTQ’ freaks – namely, that it’s society’s fault because people on a large scale don’t accept them and discriminate against them. 

What’s never said is that perhaps the major reason so many who identify as LGBTQ suffer depression and suicide is because they’re engaged in lifestyles that run counter to their innate design, the created order of things. When one engages in activity that runs counter to one’s natural and biological ways, it’s bound to have dramatic effects on one’s psyche and emotional health.

Fucking other men in the ass, pretending to be a woman when you’re not, and engaging in a ‘lifestyle’ that screams unnatural all while doing one’s best to convince others that it’s ‘perfectly normal,’ will provoke deep conflicts in the depths of one’s soul. The body and one’s very conscience will scream out against the unnaturalness of it all. It will rebel against its freakish state until the conscience is deadened and one’s mind is wholly taken over by the deception.

This will, consequently, manifest itself in the form of depression, anxiety and confusion. This is why they so often turn to drugs and booze. They want to quiet the conscience that tells them in no uncertain terms that something has gone horribly wrong. The problem is that most of these people are so severely confused and have been so horribly brainwashed by the Leftist matrix that they are unable to break free from their web of deception. 

Within time, their entire being adapts to the lies that they have persuaded themselves of. What was once so foreign and strange eventually becomes ‘normal’ and artificially ‘natural.’ It seems ‘right’ to them only because they have disarmed their entire body’s warning system that tells them something has gone horribly wrong.

Jamil the Fruit-Twink and His Harem of White Feminists at Evergreen State College Need Your Money: “Fuck Free Speech!”

This is your brain on a modern liberal college education. Sure, I know that not everyone who obtains a degree from an American college or university turns out this nuts, but most of them are provided a worldview that definitely justifies this kind of insanity.

Never forget that colleges primarily teach their students what to think, and not how to think. If their students were actually taught the principles of logic, how to think critically, and the importance of carefully challenging all belief systems and claims they hear, the insanity you’re witnessing in this video would be nonexistent or, at best, very rare.

Hard Truth: Notice also that Jamil’s devotees are all females. Most of them, if not all of them, secretly want to fuck the guy, but he’s not interested in their gender. He prefers the male anatomy as well as prancing around in his pink braids and tutu. He wants to look pretty instead of conducting himself like an honorable man.

The reason they’re all females is because women are generally gullible. They’re easily lead by emotional rhetoric and the greater number of them are not critical thinkers. This doesn’t make them evil or bad. Rather, it’s just a recognition that men and women think differently. They very much interpret the world and human circumstances in different ways. In terms of intellectual acumen, they see the world in different colors and shades, and they are more inclined to react emotionally rather than logically to events. They are natural nurturers and do-gooders (almost to a fault!). Like eager little beavers (pun intended), they’ll work themselves to the bone to show that they’re ‘down for the cause.’ They want to be a good and obedient little Eloi. 

And that’s why liberals and communists so often take full-advantage of them. That’s why you’ll almost always see women as the foot soldiers leading the pack in any Leftist protest or revolution against decency, male patriarchy and traditional values. The Left knows it’s got an army of non-thinkers, females who are accustomed to overreacting, believing all that they’re told, and who won’t challenge what their liberal overlords tell them.

British Police Cars Painted Rainbow Color in Celebration of Gay Pride

Britain has turned into a racially cucked, poofter cesspool

Ken Doll Gets Himself Feminized with New ‘Man Bun’

In addition to having a ‘man bun,’ Ken Dolls also got fitted with a metrosexual look and even made to appear somewhat dumpy (Mattel calls it “broad”) to better represent the current generation’s feminized, soft and porky males.

Whatever the case, the Mattel corporation is just reflecting the current trend of Beta males that dominates the land. Their efforts will also help to instill an image of males among young girls that’s more feminized or androgenized.

I’m not saying the manufacturer doesn’t have the right to do what it wishes with its dolls, but who can deny that they’re merely reflecting the current generation’s transformation of the male image? I doubt this will work out well in the long run.   

You’ve come a long way baby buddy! 

Reader Alert! ‘VertigoPolitix’ Youtube Channel is a MUST Watch

I only recently discovered this Youtube channel, but I must say that it’s one of the best out there in terms of short documentaries on the decline of western civilization, especially on the widespread anti-White propaganda that dominates the mainstream media.

The site is not afraid to speak openly about the ‘Jewish Question,’ and has no problem in discussing the role of Jewish educators and Jewish elites who work unceasingly in their efforts to racially and culturally displace us from the lands of our fathers.

The documentary before us now is one such example of the high quality and well-informed nature of the channel’s videos. I urge Ambrose Kane readers to take full advantage of this important resource.

Transgender Freak (female pretending to be male) Complains When Her Body Does What is Natural (menstrual cycle)

The body of this Transgender freak, apparently, hasn’t caught up with her deluded mind to continue the charade as if she’s a man. These folks are so deceived that even when their bodies scream out their natural gender, they still continue their lies. 

Lena Dunham Shares Her Poison on Father’s Day

Oh look, another Jew spreading her poisonous liberal ideology and working to deconstruct our society by attacking the traditional American family. 

Never fails. The ‘Tribe’ works tirelessly in their efforts  to bring about the racial and cultural demise of Whites. It’s their endless payback for any and all perceived ills committed against them, especially for Christianity and the rise of Hitler. 

Jaden Smith Shows Off His Raw Talent in New ‘Batman’ Video

Jaden Smith, the son of actor Will Smith, recently released his own ‘rap’ video entitled, ‘Batman.’

Jaden, the cross-dressing weirdo and pseudo philosopher, has seemingly been struggling to find his niche in life. Well, he might have found it in this deeply profound, thoughtful and meaningful ‘rap’ video. If you can stand to watch it, you’ll know what I mean. Whenever I think of Batman (which I don’t), I’ll be sure to think of little Jaden. I mean, isn’t he the spitting image of what we all imagine Bruce Wayne to be?

Seriously, this is the kind of crap one does when they’ve got no real talent and are simply living off the stardom of their parents. It’s also what you do when you’ve been raised in the privileged world of Tinsel Town and have had your every thought formed by a Libtard worldview.

This guy’s on his way to either a serious mental breakdown or suicide. You can only follow your crazy thoughts for so long before they finally destroy you. Here’s the little girl endlessly chanting, “He will not divide us.” Will’s gotta be so proud of his son!

Son, what the fuck’s wrong with you?

Man, that’s some deep shit there! 

Another Drag Queen Degenerate Shares His Story of ‘Pain’ and ‘Misunderstanding’

Here’s the personal story of a self-absorbed and deeply confused degenerate. Of course his story can’t begin without him first prancing around like a little fairy on a tulip. If you’ve ever watched these freaks, it’s the same thing over and over. The same Disco songs from the 1970s, bad lip-syncing, bad dancing, and over-exagerrated female mannerisms. It’s embarrassing to watch this fool, and I don’t blame any of my readers who can’t make it longer than 30 seconds.  

He complains that he was bullied when he was in school. I don’t doubt it. The normal reaction of any red-blooded, healthy heterosexual male is to be repulsed by effeminate guys. It provokes us to disgust and even anger because we’re witnessing what we instinctively know is not the way males have been created. The gender pretenders and effeminates get our dander up because it’s wrong on so many levels. Watching a large guy pretending to be a female is abhorrent for most guys, and rightly so.

Hard Truth: While I would not have bullied this guy when I was in school, I would’ve laughed and snickered at this phony along with my friends and not have felt an ounce of guilt for doing so. These folks deserve for all of society to be appalled at them, to laugh at them, to mock them, and to say ‘No!’ to their insanity. They are the weirdos among us who try desperately to dupe each of us into accepting and celebrating their degeneracy. Our society is made stronger when we reject these people and refuse to normalize their unnatural proclivities. Teach your children, as I have done, the truth about them and to never accept their perverted ways. 

The freak tells the audience at the end that his life choices have made his mother proud. I noticed he didn’t mention his father. If his father has a real set of balls and a brain not polluted by Libtardism, he’d be forever ashamed of his prancing wannabe.

More Hard Truth: If I had a son who engaged in this sort of perversion and self-deception, I’d have no qualms about disowning his ass. I know some of you think I’m just talking, but you don’t know me. I’d even request that he change his last name so as to not reflect the family name. I’d make it clear to him that he’s dishonored himself and has chosen to pursue a life of foolishness which I could never and will never tolerate. I’d let him know in no uncertain terms that his reception into my home will only occur after he’s wholly abandoned his shameful ways.

By the way, I’d do the same if my son or any of my children chose other forms of dishonorable conduct, including a drug addiction lifestyle, thievery, miscegenation, homelessness due to alcoholism, and even radical Leftist activism in the form of SJWs and ‘Antifa’ punks. I refuse to tolerate fools and criminals, and I urge you to do the same.

Scenes from a degenerate and dying nation 


How Christians Are Portrayed on ‘Daytime Divas’

The Left gladly distorts the teachings of Christianity because they despise all forms of religious or ethical restraint on their debauched behavior and crazy belief system. 

Hypocritically, of course, they won’t denounce Islamic precepts of female subordination for two important reasons: (1) Islam is the current battering ram the Left is using to destroy western civilization and, particularly, any remaining vestiges of Christianity. And (2) they know that unlike Christians, Muslims will physically fight back and harm them. 

This explains why cowardly Leftists will publicly organize and denounce Christianity in the streets, but will almost never be found doing the same against Islam. 

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