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This is Why You Cannot Have Rational Conversations with Feminist Libtards

Liberal White women, especially those of the more militant type, are the most disgusting creatures in the world. This dweebish gal, Sunsara Taylor, appeared on Tucker Carlson’s program and she almost never ceased her screeching. It was impossible at points for Tucker to even ask her a question.

Sunsara (with that name her parents had to have been Libtards too!), you see, didn’t appear on the show to have a ‘conversation’ as liberals often claim, but to dominate the segment and to preach her propaganda. She even espoused violence in her cause to overthrow Trump. I thought liberals were all about peace, acceptance and tolerance?

She has no problem employing violence for her cause (communist liberals never do!) because she’s filled with a shit-load of self-righteousness. This is not the same as righteous indignation, mind you. She might have some righteous indignation had Trump committed real crimes against her or the American people, but he has done nothing of the sort. Trump has done nothing wrong to this unhinged Libtard. He has not taken away any of her rights. He has not impoverished her. He has not increased her taxes. He has not arrested her nor barred her from making the kinds of foolish public pronouncements that she’s repeatedly made. 

Sunsara doesn’t understand this basic truth of life

As the forty-fifth president of the United States, Trump has done everything in his power to protect the American people by removing criminal illegals who have no right to be in this country in the first place. He has sought to prevent mass Muslim immigration to the U.S. for very obvious reasons but which has to be explained repeatedly to naive liberals because they can’t grasp the concept that some people are bad and wish to harm us. Because Trump has seen the horrific societal problems that Muslims bring in places like Europe and Australia, he has wisely sought to prevent their presence among the American people whom he has sworn to protect. 

Yet this little self-righteous twit (twat?) wants a national uprising to overthrow the only man in decades who is taking serious steps to drain the Washington establishment swamp. Even stranger, Trump is not even what many would describe as a ‘conservative.’ He’s not a ‘racist’ and has no history of racially insensitive comments (in spite of what liberals presume). He’s not anti-gay and it’s evident he really doesn’t care what they do. Yet Sunsara and her anarchist friends want to physically unseat Trump?!

Well, guess what little Susie or whatever the hell your silly name is? There are millions of Trump supporters who will resist you, including all your feminist spinsters and Beta-boys, if you try to forcibly remove or harm our president. The Secret Service as well as the military, of course, would prevent it too – and it won’t be pretty either! 

Mussolini had some things right

Now, here’s some advice for you Susie. Stop your carpet-munching and find yourself a man. No, not the kind of guy who wears a ‘man-bun’ like the girly men who orbit around you every day hoping to get your attention. I’m talking about a real man, the kind of guy who drives a truck (GMC, Chevy or Ram and not a damn Honda Ridgeline!), who wears Carhartt clothing, and who takes the lead in the relationship. Yeah, one of those. In other words, he wears the pants (something you secretly want and need, but you won’t admit).

Cease your Libtardism immediately. In other words, unfuck yourself and renounce your childish liberal beliefs. Stop playing in the streets protesting with all your grungy fellow misfits. Stop your angry and petty ways. Take a shower, put on some makeup, and start wearing a skirt more regularly. 

And while you’re at it, get yourself married to a hard-core White nationalist, and settle down and start having White children – lot’s of them! Start being a mother and homemaker because that’s the only place you’ll ever find true fulfillment. Then, and only then, will it dawn on you that being in a loving home, in subjection to your husband, and surrounded by your adorable children is where you belong. That’s where you’ll be most happy as all women were meant to be. 

Guaranteed to be single and have lots of cats later in life

More Gender Confusion from the Left: Mother and Son Transition into Father and Daughter!?

Liberalism is a mental disorder

The Transgender Freaks Among Us (Warning: Creepy!)

These are the creeps that are being forced onto our society to accept as ‘healthy’ and ‘perfectly normal.’ One doesn’t need an advanced degree in psychology to recognize that these folks are deeply disturbed, and I mean deeply!  Actually, someone with an advanced psychology degree would probably celebrate such a perversion.

These folks are not just weird, they’re totally creepy! Listen to them talk, watch their mannerisms, and you’ll see what I mean.

How cruel the Left is to be pushing them upon us, and for them to convince these lost souls that they are what their own biology and bodily parts tell them otherwise. But isn’t that the essence of the Left? Insanity, lies, and confusion have always been the hallmarks of liberal ideology. The more any society accepts its tenets, the more irrational and suicidal that society becomes. Death and destruction is the Left’s end game though, unfortunately, Leftists never understand this until it’s too late.

I must say that it has become frustrating to have to explain such obvious things to people. I have talked to others about this over the years, and I am always alarmed at how many folks think it’s perfectly normal. Even those who think it’s strange, are rarely persuaded that it will have any negative effects on the moral fiber of this nation. I am bewildered at such ignorance because every social movement has consequences (whether good or bad), and will effect future generations.

If our society is to survive, it must utterly reject and condemn Transgenderism (homosexuality too, but I’ll save that for another post). The widespread acceptance of this perversion among great numbers of Americans is proof of our decline. If left untreated, this poisonous scourge will destroy us all. Libtardism doesn’t just impact horrifically the person caught in its web of deception, it negatively impacts everyone else too.

CNN’s Don Lemon Got ‘Triggered’ and Abruptly Ends Segment After Being Told by Black Guest That CNN is “Fake News”

The liberal talking heads absolutely lose it when they are called “fake news.” They’re so accustomed to be fawned over and held in the highest esteem, but now that the sheeple are slowly starting to wake up to what liars the media has been for decades they can’t handle it. The fact that it ‘triggers’ them so badly tells me we should continue using the expression against them every chance we get.

We must remember that the allegation of “fake news” is wholly justified. The media has a consistent pattern of not just lying to the public, but often presenting a skewed picture of things. Remember how they’ve refused to identify Blacks who run amuck throughout our cities describing them merely as “teens,” and who engage in the most savage of crimes? Remember how they, for the most part, ignore or downplayed vicious ‘hate-crime’ attacks on Whites such as the ‘Knockout Game’? Remember how they treated Trump during the election season, and continue to do so even now? Remember how unfairly they treated conservatives for decades when interviewed? Remember how they fawned over Obama for eight years? Recall how they treated him with kid-gloves and did everything in their power to legitimize him and his policies?

The liberal media’s sins are not just sins of commission, but sins of omission. It’s what they leave out from their stories, including any commitment to being fair and balanced. They have an agenda, and it’s not hard to discern once the public wakes up from their slumber. We just need to know what to look for and, once we do, their Leftist one-sided propaganda machine becomes evident for all to see.

Today’s establishment news outlets have abdicated their responsibility of informing the American people and of protecting them from government waste and abuse. So, don’t feel bad for mocking them because they’re only a propaganda tool of the Left. They are enemies of the American people, and remain so.   

I urge every American to mock incessantly the media. “Fake news” must be shouted from the rooftop of every home throughout the land. Every reporter on the street should have people behind him or her shouting “fake news!” as loud as they can. Give ’em hell and don’t stop! These people deserve every ounce of disrespect and contempt possible. 

Feminist Actor Susan Sarandon and Her Libtard Friends Declare: “I Today, am a Muslim Too”

Like lambs led to the slaughter

Fashion Week in New York Kicks Off with Effeminate Male Fashion Show (Liberals love this stuff!)

Liberals: Always perverting the natural order of things

Portland Street Agitator, Micah Rhodes, Arraigned and Charged with Sexually Abusing Underage Girl (in addition to charges that he had sexually abused an underage boy!)

According to an article in the liberal rag, The Oregonian [‘Portland Activist Accused of Sex Abuse Arraigned, Arrested on New Allegations,’ 2/7/2017], “A Portland activist accused of sexually abusing an underage boy was arrested Tuesday on suspicion of separate sexual contact with an underage girl.

Micah Rhodes, 23, is being held at the Washington County Jail on an accusation of second-degree sex abuse in connection with the girl. He was arrested after his arraignment in Multnomah County Circuit Court on charges of second- and third-degree sex abuse in connection with the boy.

Police learned of the sex abuse allegations after Rhodes was arrested on Jan. 25 on suspicion of second-degree disorderly conduct, interfering with public transportation and parole violation during a protest in downtown Portland that same day.

Rhodes, a registered sex offender, is accused of having sex with a 17-year-old boy several times in 2015 in Gresham and Troutdale, court records show. He met the boy through a dating app and the boy told investigators that Rhodes knew he was 17.

Details of the latest accusations against Rhodes were not immediately available Tuesday.

The 23-year-old was on parole in Washington County under Oregon Youth Authority supervision for sex abuse and sodomy in a separate case, court records said.”

Chris Hansen of ‘Dateline NBC’ wants to have a little chat

The Boy Scouts of America Have Gone Full Libtard: Openly Gay Scout Leaders and Transgenders Now Allowed!

The Boy Scouts of America leadership has stated that it would be too costly to fight all the lawsuits that would be leveled against them if they discriminated against Transgenders and openly gay scout leaders. So, they chose to cave in.

This is what liberals and lawyers have done to this once great nation. Free association and  private organization membership with definitive acceptance requirements are no longer permissible if someone chooses to sue. The courts have proven that they will side with those discriminated against. This is also what America’s ‘equality’ cult has done to us in the name of ‘tolerance’ and ‘acceptance.’

What kind of person would even want to belong to an organization that openly discriminates against them? I would never think of forcing any organization, no matter how much I disagreed with them, to accept me as a member if its official policy rejected White males.

As many of us already know, this is not really about being ‘fair,’ it’s about imposing a cultural-Marxist agenda on every American institution, especially those with a long history of promoting traditional American values.

Part of the problem, as I see it, is BSA’s non-profit status. Because of its status as a 501(c)(3) organization, it has aligned itself with the Devil and all of its imposing regulations. These are the kind of problems any group runs into (especially a conservative one!) when they imagine that forming as a non-profit status will help them. If they are a liberal organization, they have little to worry about from the government. If they are conservative, they have a lot to worry about.

I wish the BSA would have simply dropped its 501(c)(3) status than to have allowed openly homosexual leaders and Transgender freaks to become members. Maybe less funds would come in, but they would have managed to protect their integrity in the process. As in almost everything in life, money talks. The bottom line is always the money and no organization, seemingly, is immune from its deceptive allure. 

Give it time, but eventually the word “Boy” in BSA’s name will be ruled discriminatory. They will be forced to be non-gender specific so as to not ‘offend’ those of another gender (meaning females) or those with no gender at all. The BSA is going to eventually unravel into meaningless squid shit with nothing distinctive or core about it except politically-correct drivel. 

BSA: Capitulating to the Left’s cultural agenda 

The Hypocrisy: Liberal Supporters of Third-World ‘Refugees’ Refuse to Personally Share Their Homes with the ‘Underprivileged’

It’s a classic example of liberals saying one thing and doing another. Excuses, excuses.

Liberals are all supportive of flooding the nation with swarthy third-world ‘refugees’ . . . so long as it doesn’t cost them anything! Liberals rally behind open borders . . . so long as they’re not required to open their private gated communities to everyone! Liberals are down with ‘refugees’ being housed . . . so long as they’re not housed at their home!

Female Antifa Threatens Crowd with Her Jiggly Girth of Fat Rolls and Cellulite (Warning: Hide the Children!)

Check out this female Antifa whale who got triggered by a crowd in support of free speech. At one point, she started to take off her clothes, thus exposing her rotund girth of jiggly cellulite for all to see.

Recognizing her stupidity, one of her Antifa comrades persuades her that such displays of grossness hardly supports their cause. She then puts back on her 3XL size sweatshirt to the relief of all.

I like how the crowd starts chanting, “Jerry! Jerry!”

The best thing you can do with these people, other than knocking their teeth out if they get too close, is to mock them mercilessly. It works, it really does.

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