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Goofin’ on ‘Fauxcahontus’: “Hitler Did Nothing Wrong”

I love it! Those of us who are race-conscious need to periodically engage in this sort of thing with Leftist politicians and Liberal celebrities. Yeah, I know it’s a little silly, but it’s a way of mocking them, goofin’ on their Libtard asses, and helping to demoralize them in any way we can. These folks take themselves way too seriously, and they’re nothing more than ‘enemies within’ anyways. Taking them down a peg or two is a good thing.

Imagine the fun we could have goofin’ on Senator Chuck Shumer and voicing the “14 words” (“We must secure the existence of our people and a future for White children”). Or how about requesting a selfie with Senator John McCain and at the right moment saying, “Pepe!” Or meeting with congress woman Maxine Waters and saying, “Dindu-nuffins”.

Our war against the Left and globalists must be fought on a plethora of levels. I believe that mockery is one of them. If there’s one thing Liberals hate it’s when people make fun of them. In fact, mockery is a powerful weapon against the Left because they desperately want to be taken seriously. They’re nauseatingly self-righteous too, so when they’re ridiculed, it hits them hard, believe me.

Here’s ‘Mustache Man’ goofin’ on a ‘conservative’ talk show host when he calls Obama a “nigger Jew”. The following video has him calling into some internet therapy show and pretending to be a Black Trans woman. The final video below shows him goofin’ on Shia LaBeouf’s ‘He will not divide us’ quackery from a couple of months back.

A Striking Visual of What the West Has Become Casually Strolls Down the Street

Only in a society that has lost its conscience would abominations like this be tolerated. It’s common for westerners to imagine that allowing this sort of thing to be condoned is proof of how ‘evolved’ they are, but it’s actually the opposite. It serves as proof of how far they have fallen.

Those with a healthy conscience are shocked and dismayed by such scenes. The morally bankrupt are amused by it. And the hopelessly wicked gleefully applaud it.

Public scenes like this are proof that a stake has been driven through the heart of the West for only among a people who have been racially and culturally emasculated would find this freak sufferable. This strutting peacock has no qualms about showing himself in public because he knows its perfectly acceptable in a dishonorable and sodomized society.  

Our people, especially our White men, have turned themselves into the architects and purveyors of the most rank perversions and oddities. No wonder the Muslims hate us and our societies. Can you blame them? The continuous tolerance of Eloi freak shows as depicted in the video only serves to provide them with constant motivation to slay us in the streets.

Contrary to what Liberal snowflakes tell us, it’s natural to hate. When I see videos like this, a burning hatred rises within me, and I’m glad it does. I hope I never reach a point when such scenes humor me or make me apathetic. 

Liberalism corrupts and ultimately destroys the White race

The Fruits of Racial Coddling and Black Entitlement: White Yale Professor Tries to Reason with Black Crybabies

These are two videos from Fall of 2016 in which Yale students demanded an apology for an email issued by the wife of sociologist and physician, Nicholas Christakis (Yale’s Department of Medicine) that defended a student’s right to wear “offensive costumes” during Halloween.

The little darlings couldn’t handle it that people should be allowed to wear whatever they want on Halloween, and so they accused the professor of creating a hostile learning environment and a place in which they don’t feel ‘safe’.

It’s revolting to hear professor Christakis coddle and endlessly apologize to these infantile minds and self-righteous Blacks. Although I’m glad he spoke out against the social justice warriors that have infested the halls of Yale, he only degraded himself by groveling before these Black and mulatto simpletons. It’s even more revolting when one considers that this is what Liberal Whites have created as a result of decades of racial coddling and Black entitlement.

For people who profess to believe in ‘Black power,’ they sure are weak!


Nothing less than a full admission from professor Christakis that he was wrong, and that the gaggle of whiners were fully in the right would suffice. Even though he profusely apologized for any hurt feelings they might have, it wasn’t enough. It never is for Blacks and their enablers.  

This is what happens when the inferior are manipulated into wrongly thinking they are superior. These are the fruits of racial egalitarianism and these whining Dindus are the products of White guilt. This is what a modern day Leftist education produces among our young people, and especially the ghetto dwellers. The problems are only exacerbated when those with lower IQ levels are fed continuous lies about themselves and their racial accomplishments. 

Notice also that it’s mostly the Black females who do the whining, lecturing and screeching. If you haven’t figured it by now, Leftist indoctrination has a rotten effect on women, especially so among Black women! 

These loud aggressive ‘thangs’ are only emboldened more than they already are when they are provided a victocrat education and told that the White man is the source of all the evils in the world. It turns them into unthinking and embittered monsters which no one can change. They are brutes, unreasoning animals to the core. 

Professor Christakis has since resigned from Yale University.

What the ‘Greatest Generation” Really Fought For . . . They Just Didn’t Know it at the Time

A book you’re not supposed to read

New Zealand Transgender Freak Wins Australian Women’s Weightlifting Contest: “You Could Say That She’s an Advantage Over the Females in the Event”

Listen to the pretty lies that this news segment repeats when it keeps calling an obviously large male a “she”. The Transgender freak pretending to be a female doesn’t even look like one! But to liberals common sense, biological reality, and what can be observed with one’s own eyes doesn’t matter when there’s a social engineering agenda to pursue.

What a moronic understatement on the part of Michael Keelan of the Australian Weightlifting Federation when he said: “You could say that she’s an advantage over the females in the in the event”. Gee, you think?

The biologically real females in the contest should’ve been outraged, and refused to compete against the big dude pretending to be one of them.

Many years in the future, a saner generation will look at this crap and just laugh their asses off at our stupidity. They’ll wonder how this generation’s heads didn’t explode at all the fakery they accepted as reality.

Folks, if it’s not clear to you by now that Liberalism is a mental disorder, then I doubt that anything will convince you of it.

Oh sure, it’s perfectly ‘normal’


Leaving the Left: Former SJW’s and Liberals Share Why They Abandoned Libtardism

Contrary to what we might imagine, there is a growing number of people who have chosen to abandon their Leftist belief system. Recognizing its pathological nature, the extreme self-righteousness it breeds, its intolerance of any opinion contrary to its own, the violence it justifies against Trump voters and political conservatives, and the blatant hypocrisy it promotes, more and more people are leaving Liberalism.

These former Liberals have found freedom in being politically-incorrect, becoming ‘hate speakers,’ and discovering the liberation that occurs when one commits himself or herself to ‘truth-telling’. They no longer have to pretend or deny what their eyes and common sense tell them. They are now free to see the world and humans as they really are. They no longer have to feel guilty or ashamed for having ‘dangerous’ thoughts or sharing ‘dangerous’ opinions. They have been liberated to speak that which is considered ‘taboo,’ ‘racist,’ and ‘hateful’ by today’s crowd of weak-minded and ‘safe-space’ seeking liberals. They know that, ultimately, truth itself is ‘racist.’    

The three sample videos above reveal what a deceptive web Liberalism weaves, the convoluted in-house vocabulary they employ to give themselves an aura of superiority over others, and how they project onto their political opponents the very sins they regularly commit themselves (e.g., denial of free speech, intolerance, bigotry, racism).

Like former cultists who have been deprogrammed and now see the light, these folks freely share their experiences of turning from lies and propaganda to truth and reality.

In desperate need of being ‘red-pilled’ 

Personally, I have been a truth-seeker since around 1980. Gradually, over time, it became important for me to know the truth about anything I was told or what I had believed. Truth was paramount, and while I did not always live up to the truth I discovered, I had a growing passion for not being deceived and for getting the ‘straight scoop’ on anything I was challenged with whether it was religion, theology, politics or race.

Granted, pursuing a path of truth, especially ‘hard truth,’ is not always a pleasant path. You will not likely gain a lot of friends. You will be considered odd by most of the world’s ‘blue-pillers’ (of which there are more than one can event begin to count!). Still, you will not be happy being anyone else. Only the ‘red-pill’ path will provide you contentment in a world of confusion, misinformation, lies, smooth-talking politicians, radical Leftists and con-aritists.

Choose the ‘red pill’  

Arrogant Socialist-Feminist Gets Shut Down by Global Warming Skeptic

According to the posted introduction, “Temple University Students for Intellectual Freedom (TUSIF) hosted Ann McElhinney, the Irish documentary film maker behind the documentary film “Not Evil, Just Wrong”, which debunks myths surrounding global warming.

Also speaking on the panel were Jennifer Stefano, Director of Energy and Labor Policy, AFP-PA; and Tom Pyle, President, American Energy Alliance. The event concluded with an always-entertaining, outrageous Q&A session. Entertainment provided by the Temple U. Socialists-Feminists, radical leftists.

AFP chose to tour Pennsylvania due to the state’s history in the energy field and their vast resources of shale, crude oil, and coal. This is an opportunity for students to learn about how the left’s radical environmentalist agenda is harming America.”

Typical liberal: Uninformed, obnoxious, disrespectful, and overly-emotional. 

Author and Film Maker, Trevor Loudon, Exposes Who’s Really Behind Today’s Radical Anti-Trump Agitators

None of things that Trevor Loudon says is new to many AK readers. Both videos confirm what we already know about the source behind today’s radical Leftist groups unified against Trump. These folks are, essentially, anti-American communists. 

Trevor says many good things, and he exposes our enemies and their tactics well. Unfortunately, he’s unwilling the name the leading and influential source behind so much of the communism that has run rampant throughout the West – namely, liberal Jews bent on our nation’s destruction.  

Trevor is proof of how one can ‘get it’ on so many issues, but fail to recognize the proverbial ‘elephant in the room.’

Facts Don’t Matter to Feminist Libtards: “You Throw in Some Sort of Fact” and “I Don’t Care”

There’s an old saying that goes, “A little knowledge is dangerous.” Its meaning is that when people have little knowledge of something and try to promote it as informed fact, they end up causing more harm than good. They create a wake of ignorance and disinformation behind them. They pollute all intellectual discourse, and they are woefully close-minded.

This Hispanic gal, then, is very dangerous. Notice how she dismisses ‘facts’ and anything that doesn’t comport with her preconceived political dogma (“I don’t care”). Notice also how she dominates the conversation. She’s not there to listen or have a respectful ‘give and take’ dialogue. No, she’s a zealous missionary for her cause, and in practical terms is just as strident as any fundamentalist Muslim.

Observe also how her entire diatribe is filled with buzz-words, Leftist vocabulary that sounds sophisticated on the surface – that is, until the terms are carefully examined and exposed for the mere propaganda they are. Once you get her beyond her canned expressions, and ask her to carefully define what she means and how it relates to the discussion at hand, she’ll suddenly become lost and stammer. Her little rant is nothing more than pre-arranged ‘talking points’ that haven’t been carefully thought out in her mind. I can bet you that she never once read a book critical of her foundational beliefs in this area.

There is no reasoning with these types because they are not reasonable people. She’s been brainwashed by her ‘cultural studies’ professors beyond hope. The best one can do is to laugh at them (they hate that!), and turn to greener pastures.

Jewish Film Maker and SJW, Jason Pollock, Becomes Unhinged During FOX News Interview

This Jewish Libtard, Jason Pollock, is determined to peddle his documentary (‘Stranger Fruit’) which desperately tries to vindicate ventilated thug, Michael Brown, whom Ferguson Officer Darren Wilson justifiably dispatched to that big welfare office in the sky in 2014.

This guy’s trying to make a name for himself, so he jumps on every interview and makes a complete ass of himself. He thinks if he virtue signals and rants loud enough, people will like him and pay money to watch his low-budget film. Truth is, this guy is only going to attract self-hating White liberals, radical SJW types like himself, and Black agitators who are grasping for anything they can to somehow bash the police with.

Just listen to the outrageous and stupid statements this ass-clown makes. For example, when the host pointed out that three forensic investigations were conducted on Brown’s body to determine how and what angle he was shot from, Jason dismisses it with these informative words: “I don’t care. They failed him. They all failed!” Well, of course, Jason, it’s because you know so much about forensics and ballistics, right? You know more than all those forensic investigators combined, don’t you?

Because he has no real answers, he resorts to something totally off topic and shouts the at the host the following nonsense: “You know how many Black men are in jail right now, for nothing?

Oh, of course Jason, all those millions of incarcerated Black men in America now serving time never did anything to warrant such treatment. They were all just innocently walking to school or visiting their mothers at the convalescent home when the ‘racist’ police drove up, beat them, and sent them to the pokey for absolutely nothing! And all those White ‘racist’ judges on the bench let it happen because they hate Black people so much. Yeah, that’s the ticket. I guess this is Jason’s Jewish way of saying that imprisoned Blacks throughout America ‘dindu nuffins’!

Jason Pollock is proof that you cannot reason with Libtards. They are driven by their emotions. They become easily unhinged because deep inside they are deeply disturbed. It’s proof once against that liberalism is a mental disorder. 

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