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The Pussification: The Boy Scouts of America Ban Water Guns and Water Balloons

I had only recently discovered this but, apparently, it’s been an enforced rule for at least a few years now among the Boy Scouts of America.

Personally, I would never allow my son to join the Boy Scouts of America because they’ve been politically-cucked for a long time now. Though they made a valiant effort to resist homosexual scout leaders among their ranks, the gay mafia stepped in and placed too much pressure on them. The BSA cracked big time and it has went the Libtard way that has been the mark of almost every once-great American institution.

The Boy Scouts of America now also permit Transgender freaks to join their organization. No thanks, I’ll pass on anything supportive of the BSA from now on. 

Personally, I want our boys to be taught gun safety. I want them to have both a deep respect for firearms and yet a great love for them too. I also enjoy it when I see our young boys play with toy guns and toy rifles (and, yes, squirt guns and water balloons too!) because I think it helps to develop a heathy warrior spirit among them. 

Contrary to what effeminate liberals think, building a warrior spirit, including a love and respect for guns, is a good thing for our boys. While I recognize that not all boys have the same interests, the good news is that most boys like to fight, wrestle and play war games with their friends. This is normal and healthy.

These are qualities that we must foster among our sons.

A book you’re not supposed to read  

Degenerate New World: Drag Queen Reads Stories to Children in Public Library as Part of ‘Drag Queen Story Hour’

You still think there isn’t a grand social engineering experiment going on in an attempt to turn our children into cultural Marxists? If you think the Left’s plan is to merely convert each new generation into government-dependent socialists, you’ve failed to see the entire picture.

Socialism and, eventually, communism is only part of their ‘progressive’ plan. They intend to so morally bankrupt every member of society that even the most obvious perversions and degenerate acts will be seen as perfectly ‘normal’ and something we should ‘celebrate.’

It’s all meant to disarm our children, and to get them to question their conscience and to resist their natural defenses which warn them when something unnatural or dangerous is paraded before them.  

Shame on those parents for allowing this hellish freak to be taken seriously, and to be allowed to read propaganda stories to their children.

This nation is sick and demented. It cannot be reformed. It will die like all haughty and great nations before it. You will see.


Absurd ‘Art’: Jean Busquiat’s Skull Painting Sold at Auction for $110.5 Million!

Basquiat’s skull painting: A pretentious pile of shit!  

A 1982 painting of a skull by Jean-Michel Basquiat was recently sold at Sotheby’s auction for the staggering amount of $110.5 million. It was purchased by a Japanese billionaire.

To each his own, and if someone finds value in such an ugly painting, then I suppose they have their reasons. I don’t know how it can be denied that Basquiat’s skull painting looks like the kind of graffiti one would find on a New York City subway. I can say this, though, that Basquiat surely made a sucker of at least one Japanese mogul. In fact, he’s made suckers of all sorts of rich and pretentious folks, including Libtards like Johnny Dep, Madonna, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Jay-Z.

Jean Basquiat: The guy who fooled lots of stupid Whites

Another one of Basquiat’s paintings sold in 2013 which set a world record (see below). It’s hard to believe that people who are considered well-educated and respectable would fall for this crap, but it shows how even the best of us can do some pretty stupid stuff in life. In fact, I’d be as bold to say that the more liberal your worldview is, the more likely you’d get suckered by this heroin-addicted radical who died in 1988.

I have no proof of it, but I wouldn’t be surprised if this guy became popular as a result of disingenuous White liberals who purchased his stupid paintings in order to show how ‘non-racist’ they were. They probably told their other White friends about him and, before long, collecting the paintings of Jean-Michel Basquiat became the stamp of ‘coolness’ and proof of one’s diversity-loving credentials.

Jean Basquiat’s Wikipedia entry is most telling about his anti-White worldview: “Basquiat used social commentary in his paintings as a ‘springboard to deeper truths about the individual,’ as well as attacks on power structures and systems of racism, while his poetics were acutely political and direct in their criticism of colonialism and support for class struggle.” The entry goes on to say that “He died of a heroin overdose at his art studio at age 27.”

Aww, how mighty radically Black of him (although in fairness, he was of mixed racial ancestry. His father was Haitian and his mother was Puerto Rican, not the best combination I might add).

If the reader is interested in seeing more of the confusing and ugly shit that parades itself as ‘art’ by our Black power radical, consider the following paintings which have been peddled before his adoring but gullible fans.

Jean Basquiat: Still fooling the White man even in death

The New Puritans: Self-Righteous Libtard Gets Unhinged When She Learns That Portland Store Sells Confederate Flags

If you think liberals are about ‘live and let live,’ you’re sorely mistaken. Today’s liberals are the new puritans who feel it’s their mission to set everyone right on what they should believe, what they should sell in their stores, how they should vote, and what they can say and can’t say in public.

They’re really no different than religious zealots. They’re missionaries for their progressive causes, and God help anyone if they dare to think and live differently than them.

This unhinged woman in the video thinks it’s her duty to shame, intimidate and make public scenes against those who think differently than her. She’s essentially trying to stigmatize the business selling confederate flags and to encourage others not to buy from the establishment. She may have every legal right to do this, but she ought not to complain when people write her off as a loon. In her own way, I suppose, she’s trying to place the scarlet “H” (Harlot) that the puritans of old used to identify and disgrace those accused of witchcraft or harlotry.

And notice also that the woman brings her children into her antics. I think she does it primarily for the purpose of garnering sympathy from others, and to give the illusion that she’s a victim. It’s all very typical of liberals to create a scene and then play the victim card when others voice their opposition. Liberals very much are a people addicted to the drama.

Observe also the long distance between the store clerk in the parking lot from the crazy woman next to her car. She complained that they were following her and preventing her from leaving, even though the store clerk told that all she had to do was get in her car, turn the key, and leave. That’s apparently too much for our drama-queen.

This gal is so typical of obnoxious liberals. They create chaos and stir up strife with others, and then overreact to everything that happens around them – and she does it all before her kids! What kind of example does this set? The only good news is that if mommy does this sort of thing enough in her life, her kids might just realize that mommy is nuts and turn out to be hard-core, right-winger White nationalists. 🙂

I’m glad the store clerk and other employees told the woman off. Crazies like this woman need to be put in their place. They need to be resisted. It’s good to call them out for the stupid games they play.

Liberals are not accustomed to resistance. They’re used to being in charge of the narrative. They’re used to controlling the scene while shaming others because they’re not as pure, smart, and good as themselves. They like to scold and wag their fingers at all those who are not as ‘enlightened’ as themselves. They’ve gotten away with such nonsense for too long, and a lot of us are pretty tired of it. We’re speaking out, and taking the shit they feed others, and flinging it right back at them.

“Weird” is codeword for degenerate and bat-shit crazy 

Freak of the Week: ‘Non-Binary Gender Identity’ TV Star, Asia Kate Dillon

Check out this freak who is being hailed by Leftist Hollywood media as not only a great and ‘daring’ actress (oops, I’m not supposed to suggest she might be a female!), but as one who is ‘breaking down barriers of gender stereotypes.’

This foolish little girl who goes by the name of Asia Kate Dillon (proof that her parents were also Leftists) is another useful idiot of today’s cultural Marxism whom the ‘enemies within’ employ as a battering ram to confuse and demoralize the masses.

Our Leftist overlords want everyone confused about everything. Whether it be what constitutes a marriage, gender, race, morality, or what have you, their aim is to mystify, overcomplicate, and bewilder Americans on every subject so that we can no longer discern between right and wrong, good and evil. The Left’s secondary aim is to shutdown all voices of opposition to their cultural agenda, to unnerve, embarrass and, ultimately, to crush all dissenting opinions to their schemes.

Their goal is to change your way of thinking, and to silence outside voices so that you see the world around you in only one shade. This is mind control, pure and simple.

The Left accomplishes this, in part, by parading freaks and empty-headed fools like Asia Dillon before TV audiences, lauding them as great people whom we should admire and emulate. They rightly know that there are sufficient numbers of low-information sheeple throughout the U.S. who will uncritically digest such lies and promote them among their friends and family. This is how the Left wins the so-called ‘culture war,’ although in all frankness they’ve already won it.

The freaks among us

Bill Nye, the NON-Science Guy and Degenerate: “Drag Queen, Drag King, Just Do What Feels Right”

Bill Nye only serves to prove just how morally bankrupt and degenerate the Left at its core really is. They are destroyers of all that is just, pure, and good. 

Feminist Millie Brown: Modern-Day Vomit Artist

I had never heard of this vomit ‘artist’ until recently (she actually calls herself a “performance artist”). It’s hard to believe anyone would take her seriously, but she’s got all the right credentials: She’s a hardcore femnist-liberal, and she pals around with Lady Gaga, so I guess that’s enough to quality someone these days as an ‘artist.’

None of this surprises me because it’s another sign of our national decline and our collective embrace of the ugly, society’s misfits, and those who are morally perverse and bankrupt. These are the practical fruits (pun intended) of modern-day liberalism. The more our society accepts it, the deeper down the sewer drain our nation goes. 

Hard Truth: If you think Trump will save us from this, think again. The tide cannot be changed. Our destiny and final end is sealed. This nation has went beyond the point of no return, and nothing can save us now.

God Himself has abandoned this nation as historically conceived, and we stand under His judgment. He has lifted his restraining grace from us, and has allowed us to inherit the reward of our foolish choices. 

We are surrounded by our enemies at every point. They have taken over every historic U.S. institution, all of our colleges and universities, our media and news outlets, our legal system, and our entire congress and various government entities. The barbarians are not just at the gates, they have scaled the walls and they have set up camp in our midst.

Trump may buy us (Whites) some time, but little more than that. This nation cannot be reformed, and its entire governmental system has went beyond its usefulness. It was never designed for hordes of third-worlders, apathetic and guilt-ridden Whites, devious and manipulating Jews who control much of its power, nor for a people who have no sense of right and wrong, who are unable to think critically and employ reason, and who are addicted beyond hope to materialism, hedonistic pleasure and vain pursuits. 

Bill Maher on UC Berkeley’s Treatment of Ann Coulter: “Berkeley Used to be the Cradle of Free Speech, But Now It’s Just the Cradle for Fucking Babies!”

Bill Maher’s a Libtard puke, but even he ‘gets it’ when it comes to free speech. Glad to hear that he also slammed the screaming weenie himself, Howard Dean, who recently Tweeted that “hate speech is not protected by the first amendment.”

Simpletons like Dean fail to discern what should be abundantly apparent – namely, that the first amendment was designed to protect unpopular speech, the kind of speech that Libtards like Dean and the administrators of UC Berkeley would today categorize as ‘hate speech,’ the sort of speech that runs counter to the prevailing beliefs of a society. This is the kind of speech that our Founders sought to protect.

In fact, there would be no need to protect speech that was popular and widely agreed up. Such an amendment would be unnecessary. Obviously, then, the first amendment was designed to protect radical speech, politically-incorrect speech, offensive speech, and the like.

Oh, one last point. I keep hearing about how UC Berkeley was the “cradle” or ground zero for the free speech movement beginning in the 1960s. Aside from the fact that America’s ‘free speech movement’ actually began when our Founders drafted the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights, the fact remains that liberals only support free speech for all when they are the political minority.

This was certainly the case during the radical 1960s when liberals were trying desperately to make inroads within every American institution for their Utopian schemes (known as ‘the long march through the institutions’). They were the minority in terms of numbers and influence. That’s no longer the situation now and it hasn’t been for a very long time. Every sphere of American society has been flooded with liberal beliefs and values touching on every conceivable social issue.

Now that liberals are the majority, they do what all fascists and communists do: They deny by any means necessary – including through the use of force and intimidation – to prevent opposing political beliefs from being expressed. Contrary to what they claim, liberals hate having their beliefs challenged in an open forum. They use everything in their power to deny access, to legally bar, to intimidate, to ridicule, and to disrupt the free expression of viewpoints contrary to their own.

When liberals shout down their opponents, disrupt their meetings, vandalize their buildings, and cause chaotic scenes at public events, it’s a manifestation of their anti free speech belief system.

Mind you, liberals are not content to shut their own ears, they must also shut the ears of anyone who wants to hear the message of their opponents.

This is why they are so dangerous, and why they must be resisted. 


Promoting the Transgender Agenda: ‘3 Generations’ (Movie Trailer)

This has gotta be the quintessential Libtard movie. It has all the social depravity that liberals love, such as Transgenderism and its normalization, lesbianism, divorced mothers, distant and uninvolved fathers, confusion over gender roles, and the so-called ignorance of society in comprehending the ‘complexity and diversity of human relationships.’

The Transgender freak played in the movie complains that “the hardest part of my day is knowing everybody still sees me as a girl.” What she’s really bothered about is the unwillingness of others to accept her false self-image, her game of pretend. The little phony is annoyed because her fellow students refuse to take part in her charade. She’s expecting for everyone else to be as equally gullible and self-deceived. 

Her complaint is also the kind of thing that soft and privileged White people say. That’s the kind of statement that comes out of the mouths of those who have never had to suffer in life, who live a life of ease and comfort. These are first-world ‘problems’ and, essentially, the ‘problems’ of a diseased liberal mind.

The Left always works to normalize the immoral and abnormal   

The movie also illustrates the confusion, emptiness and bitterness that women experience when they abandon their role as wives and mothers.

It also shows how lost women are when they go at it alone without men. Men and women were designed to compliment each other, to balance one another in effect. But the kind of women portrayed in this movie (aside from the Transgender propaganda) are lost souls floundering through life directionless, having no moral compass to guide them, and endlessly victimized by the socio-political rhetoric of their Leftist overlords. 

While I grant that some women are able to function relatively well in neither role (a rarity, in my opinion!), this is most often not the case. They frequently morph into the proverbial ‘cat lady.’ They let themselves go in their appearance. They do everything in their power to be man-repellants. They are joyless. They remain bitter. They become rabid feminists. They rebel against the traditional order of things. They fight nature itself, and go against the natural order that our Creator intended.   

Activist Libtard Movie Director, Josh Fox, Says ISIS Should be Defeated with LOVE Rather Than BOMBS: “Only Love Stops Hate”

Little does this mush-for-brains movie director know, but were ISIS to control all of western civilization (which would never happen), they’d quickly behead piss-ants like him because his useful-idiot status would no longer be needed.

The kind of nonsense that Fox spews is typical of those who can afford to say such stupid things because they live in a country that values individual freedom and can back it up with the strongest and most powerful military in human history.

Now, if Fox was really a brave guy and if he genuinely believes his own rhetoric, he’d go on over to ISIS strongholds and preach his little message of love to them. How long do you think he’d last?  

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