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12-Year-Old Girl Commits Suicide LIVE on Facebook: Another Case of a Self-Absorbed Teenage Attention-Seeker? (Warning: Graphic!)

A 12-year-old girl by the name of Katelyn Nicole Davis recently committed suicide LIVE on Facebook. She claimed to have been suffering from depression and was, allegedly, sexually abused by a family member (her step-dad). In her own words, “no one fucking wants me and I don’t blame them. Who the hell would want an emo girl?” Yes, that’s a good question, who would?

Everything about Katelyn tells me she’s a self-absorbed twit whose identity was grounded in her Facebook account and the narcissistic videos she produced. I get the strong impression that this privileged girl’s problems were self-imposed, the creation of her own vacuous mind. The school she attended didn’t even know there was a problem and, as of yet, no one has been arrested in connection with her allegations of sexual abuse.

In another video, she claimed she was “raped” by her step-dad, but then later changed it to “he tried to rape me.” She toned the allegations even more by claiming that he just wanted to have sex with her, even though he hates her (her words). I’m not saying it didn’t happen, but I have serious reservations about believing anything she said at this point.

It’s amazing at how many people are already 100% convinced that she was molested, even though investigators have not yet secured a search warrant for her cellphone records nor interviewed all the involved parties. Nothing at this point has been proven.

I hate to point out the obvious, but do you realize how many young girls claim to have been sexually abused or raped these days? In the majority of cases by far, they are proven to be false, the mere fantasies of empty-headed girls with too much time on their hands. We should have a wait-and-see attitude, especially when so many of these claims prove baseless.

She also claimed in one of her videos that her step-dad encouraged her to kill herself. I don’t know if this is true either, but I can imagine how frustrated he might have been having to deal with this disturbed girl and her drama each and every day. She probably talked a lot about how she was going to kill herself, and he may have just told her to go out and do it. I’m not saying that we should encourage suicidal threats, but each of us has a breaking point.

In this same video, she talked about how her biological father didn’t show up at the hospital when she overdosed, even though he only lived a few miles away from her. She also showed the cutting scars on her wrists to her viewers, which are barely visible. Many of her videos show her wearing heavy makeup and sighing, talking about how “nobody cares,” and batting her eyes at the camera with different facial poses and angles. All of this tells me she’s an attention-seeking whack job just as I had suspected.  

What I’m seeing in Katelyn is a self-described “emo girl,” a self-obssessed and ‘addicted-to-the-drama’ preteen. Our country is filled with young girls just like her. She feeds on this stuff, and she gets a certain thrill and purpose in life in portraying herself as ‘oppressed’ and ‘misunderstood.’ She wants everyone to know how much she’s ‘suffering inside,’ and a total ‘woe-is-me’ mentality permeates her entire existence.

Katelyn’s recording of her own suicide LIVE on Facebook in which she hung herself from a tree was yet another occasion of ‘Look at me, everyone!’ This was just more of the same drama-inspired “emo” nonsense that she fed to her gullible viewers. I’m sure she was gleefully counting the many ‘likes’ her Youtube page would get after her suicide. You might think I’m ‘insensitive’ to point this out, but that’s how these self-obsessed types think. It’s how they view the world in light of their social-media addiction.   

I don’t know where mom or dad are in any of this, but it seems to me like the parents have allowed this girl to have a Facebook page which she could never emotionally handle. Even those parents who claim to ‘monitor’ their children’s Facebook pages, usually do a piss-poor job of it.

Here’s a word to any parents who might be reading my post: Facebook is evil and, for the most part, all it does it turn people into rabid narcissists. Responsible parents don’t allow their teens to have Facebook accounts, and they warn their children of its dangers. So, if you want your precious little skull of mush to become a gossipy, self-preoccupied, attention-seeking, and babbling twit, then by all means allow her to upload her own Facebook page. Then stand back and watch the social-media monster you’ve created!  

Finally, I don’t believe this foolish girl was ‘suffering,’ at least not to the point that she couldn’t get help for her problems. Sorry to tell you folks, but if you want to witness real suffering, visit some of the third-world hell-holes outside of the U.S. This little girl had it too good. She was just a product of the narcissistic age in which we live. Everything around Katelyn, including her family, school and most of society enabled her life of ‘drama,’ her self-inflicted “emo” existence. She didn’t have a hard life, she had an easy one. Like almost all young White girls in the U.S., they’ve got it good. Full bellies, a nice house or apartment, plenty of clothes, lots of electronic devices, unimaginable comforts, and surrounded by just enough materialism to turn them into self-absorbed, hedonistic tramps.   

Though Katelyn lived in a land of prosperity, she convinced herself that she was ‘suffering.’ The only thing she was suffering from was her own stupidity, and her attention-seeking obsession. Even though Katelyn had every reason to be optimistic and hopeful in a land of plenty, she voluntarily chose to live in a dark and depressed world. Her sorrows, in my opinion, were self-inflicted. Her mother and step-dad aren’t perfect, but then again neither was Katelyn nor you and I.

Honestly, if you’re so stupid so as to kill yourself when you have everything to live for and at such a young age, then don’t expect me to feel sorrow for you. I will shed no tears or grief for you. If anything, it’s a form of culling the herd of idiots that our once great nation has been flooded with.

Some readers may get angered that I dared to ‘judge’ Katelyn. They’d prefer that I shed crocodile tears, and demand that her step-dad be hung by his balls from the very tree that Katelyn hung herself, even though no crime has been proven at this point. But I won’t do that. I’ll say what I want about this foolish little girl. Unfortunately, our nation is filled with ditzy and attention-seeking girls just like Katelyn. Expect more of the same in the coming months and years as our nation sinks even deeper into the abyss.  

Addendum: Some of you think I’ve been unduly harsh on this girl. After all, it’s been argued, her brain wan’t fully developed and she didn’t really know what she was doing.

I understand this line of reasoning and, on the surface, it makes sense. Still, I’d like to respond to these kinds of arguments and explain to my readers why I don’t accept them, at least not in the case of Katelyn Nicole Davis.

I’m quite aware that Katelyn’s brain wasn’t fully developed. The brain, if I’m correct, doesn’t fully develop until around 20 years of age. But that doesn’t make a young person like Katelyn any less responsible for her actions. It was her choice. It was volitional. Nobody forced her to hang herself. Nobody forced her to be an attention-seeker, and to waste her life in such a dramatic fashion. She knew what she was doing, and she wanted to emotionally manipulate any and all who watched her last moments. This is what she was about, and almost everyone fell for it. She wanted pity, attention, and everyone to talk about her, and she got it.

Again, while I concede that the human brain is not fully developed until years later, does that mean parents or society should not hold 12-year-olds responsible for their actions? Why even mandate ethical standards for preteens and demand that they abide by them if they are not responsible for at least some parts of their lives? The development of a young person’s brain does not remove them from being accountable for their actions. Although criminal charges will not be filed in most states against a 12-year-old, they could still get penalized or held accountable in other ways. And why is that? It’s because at even 12 years of age, kids are fully conscious of what they are doing even if they do not fully understand all the ramifications. All of us, to some degree, recognize this.

How about those 12 and 14-year-old Dindus who gun each other down like there’s no tomorrow? Should we dismiss their actions because their brains haven’t completely developed yet? How far are we as a society going to take such logic?

But didn’t this girl have a screwed-up home life? Wasn’t she an emotional wreck because of abusive parents? We don’t really know that with any certainty, do we? Has that been proven? What Katelyn thought was an abusive and poor home life may not have been the reality. This girl seemed to have a habit of inflating her problems and circumstances because she was addicted to the drama, but that doesn’t mean it was reality.

Like most 12-year-olds, Katelyn wasn’t happy with her parents or home life. She thrived on rebellion and conflict as many young boys and girls do. The problem with Katelyn is that she used the forum of Facebook to whine about how “no one cares.” It was just an outlet to express her narcissism. These are the kinds of kids we are producing today. I’m simply calling Katelyn for what she is – a self-obssessed attention-seeker who made out her problems at home to be worse than they really were. 

I’ll tell you this: There are millions of kids in third-world countries who would gladly exchange their existence for Katelyn’s existence any day! They’d laugh to themselves over what she considered a horrible existence! With food in their stomachs, a roof over their heads, surrounded by modern comforts, clothes, and with electronic devices galore, every third-world kid would gladly trade their lives with hers. 

Granted, Katelyn’s parents were probably not the best, but whose parents are? There are millions of kids who grow up with loser parents, with parents who are less-than-ideal, but they don’t go out and hang themselves and make sure to film it too!

As for Katelyn’s allegations of sexual abuse, they haven’t been proven or confirmed yet. Her story as to what happened seems to have changed too, making her less than credible. This we know so far: A rape did not occur. Her step-dead, she claims tried to have sex with her, but it did not actually occur. If this is true, it’s terrible, but it still doesn’t warrant hanging oneself. Anyone who does commit suicide over something like this doesn’t gain my sympathy.   

But don’t kids, especially girls, have fragile feelings? Yes, I’m aware of this, but let’s think about something first. Why are our kids so “fragile”? Why are they so addicted to “feelings”? Is it not because we as a society have allowed our thinking to be ruled by the media, by modern day psycho-babble, and by a mentality that pampers our kids and which stunts their emotional growth? Most parents, I’m convinced, don’t teach their kids coping skills. They either feed into their kids’ drama, or they look to shrinks and meds to help their children.

Don’t you see, folks, that we’ve raised a generation of weak, emotionally unstable Katelyn-types? We whine about how immature, ‘troubled’ and emotionally-crippled our kids are, yet we fail to realize that is this is precisely what we have allowed liberals to do to our kids for the past five decades! We permit and feed into this kind culture, and then we moan when the chickens finally come home to roost.  

And now we are expected to shed tears for a girl who without any real justification went out and filmed her own suicide. She managed to manipulate almost all of us. She fooled almost everyone. Nope, I refuse to fall for her nonsense. 

How Liberals Use TV Sitcoms to Shape Our Values and Worldview

Here’s a small sampling of today’s ‘family’ sitcoms which features every type of depravity, dysfunction and perversity. These shows, in some respects, really do depict the ‘new normal,’ the kind of worldview and values that liberals want everyone to share. Sitcoms like these could never have been aired during the 1960s or even the 1970s because the brain-deadening of the American public and reshaping of our values hadn’t come full circle yet.

Now that our nation has gone completely insane – thanks to fifty years of social engineering and Leftist ‘reeducation’ – liberals are free to unleash all the filth they’ve always wanted to. There are no restraints now, and anyone who dares to protest is seen as prudish and out-of-touch.

Watching the trailers, notice how almost every character is White, and portrayed as neurotic and self-absorbed. The prevailing assumption is that White people are rich and deeply privileged – and boy are they screwed up! The men are featured as weak and effeminate, confused as to their gender and sexual orientation. The women, too, are either lesbians or androgynous. Most of them are physically repulsive. They’re all snarky too, and ready at a moment’s notice to put down any men in the room.

Everyone, it seems, is addicted to something and needs a stiff drink just to cope with everyday life. Chaos and confusion rules the roost. The parents are adults, but only physically. They are depicted as just as immature and self-entitled as the children they’re raising. The children are just as worldly and experienced in vice as the parents.

The shows are supposed to be funny, but I find them to be nothing of the sort. The producers want us to believe all of  this is normative of most American families. But it’s not. It’s an attempt to get us to think differently about what constitutes a ‘family.’ It’s a mockery of everything normal and traditional. It’s purpose is to demoralize us, to make us somehow embarrassed or uneasy about wanting a healthy and balanced family structure that follows traditional patterns.

The shows, such as Transparent, have as part of their agenda to humanize and normalize transgenders, to make them into noble and well-adjusted persons just like you and I. Their aim is for the viewer to empathize with the characters and, thus, celebrate ‘diversity’ and ‘tolerance’ of every freak that comes down the pike. The producers, if they’re honest, will admit that their purpose is to entertain, but to also inform. What this really means is indoctrination from their point of view, from their worldview, albeit in subtle form and with the added benefit of humor.

The New Normal, likewise, features two married homosexuals who want to have children. Anyone bigoted enough to disagree is ridiculed ruthlessly. The main character, a pretty young White woman, is ditzy and somewhat of a lost soul, although she’s got no qualms about selling her eggs so she can go to law school. Any concerns over morality are absent. No one even questions it because issues of right and wrong, good and evil, play no significant role in their secular, nihilistic paradigm. The deeper questions of life are only to be laughed at and goofed on.

Liberals have always understood one thing very well – and that’s the power and effectiveness of media, the use of television, movies and radio to disseminate their message. Since the 1960s they’ve focused on our young people because they realized that if they could capture their attention with a different message and with different ‘values,’ they will have secured the next generation of useful idiots for their Utopian schemes.

I’d say they’ve been pretty darn successful, wouldn’t you?

Today’s new sitcoms reveal them to be up to their old tricks.

The Vacuous Shit Hollywood Produces for Television

I stopped watching television years ago because it was a constant assault on my intellect. The shows just got dumber and dumber. The same with movies, although I periodically watch one if it catches my fancy.

This show, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, is typical of the vacuous, over-the-top crap that Hollywood passes off as comedy. What I hate about it is that everyone is portrayed as neurotic and the cliches and mindless banter become tiresome. I can’t imagine anyone who is a critical thinker, who thinks about the societal implications of all that happens in the news, enjoying a show like this because one literally has to turn their brain off in order to bear through an episode.

A show like this would have never aired in the 50s, 60s, or even the 70s because any TV show had to have some semblance of sanity and wholesomeness. As the hijacking of our once great nation progressed, though, decency and propriety went right out the window. It became ‘cool’ to mock religion, to ridicule the concept of the family, and to snark at anything sacred.

Hollywood gets away with it though because this is what a large portion of the U.S. population wants. If people didn’t watch this crap, I doubt these kinds of shows would continue to be featured.

These type of television series are a reflection of our nation’s decline. It’s a symptom of a much deeper problem. They also serve as proof of what liberal ‘values’ bring – namely, the deadening of a nation’s conscience, widespread perversity and confusion, the ruin of families and traditional religion, the moral corruption of our youth and, finally, insanity and national implosion.  

That is always the end result of liberalism. This is why I hate liberals so much. 

Skid Row: America’s Future Under Democrats and When All Drugs Are Legalized

This is a good documentary showing the kinds of societal problems liberals create when they advance their Utopian schemes. Los Angeles was not like this during the 1940’s or the 1950s. Yet as soon as liberals began to hijack this once great nation beginning in the 1960s, it wasn’t long before sections like Skid Row in Los Angeles became the norm in almost every major U.S. city.

Don’t misunderstand me. I’m not taking away the responsibility these ‘homeless’ folks have for their own life decisions, but only that liberals manage to always create societies where these kinds of things can flourish.

What you’re witnessing on Skid Row is not just the depravity of humans, but the inability of liberal social policies to improve life and to ‘transform’ society when they are in charge. These ‘Tent Towns’ only increase when liberals influence the culture and play a major role in determining national policies to combat poverty, unemployment, widespread drug addiction, welfare dependency, and other social ills.

A book you’re not supposed to read

Liberals always make everything worse, and this is why our national problems are never solved. Their policies are misguided at the outset, and so the ‘solutions’ they propose to ‘fix’ the very problems they’ve created prove ineffectual, in part, because liberals never bother to question their most basic assumptions about everything. They are unable to think outside of their box in large measure because they are close-minded and because they are grossly ignorant of human nature. In other words, they don’t understand the very people (humans) they propose to ‘help,’ and so they engage in endless and costly pursuits in an attempt to create their mythical societies.

Observe also that liberals are never held accountable for their social experiments. They respond to their massive social engineering failures by either doubling-down on their stupidity in the form of spending more tax dollars to ‘fix’ the problem, or they move on to some other disastrous and wasteful government pursuit. Either way, they are never called to account for what they design and implement. They make us all suffer.  

Recognize also that Skid Row’s ‘Tent Town’ is America’s future if all drugs are legalized. This will be the destiny of a massive number of Americans once they are given the ‘green light’ by the feds to ingest and shoot-up whatever they want. The current marijuana policies throughout the states, including widespread acceptance of the substance among a growing number of Americans for ‘recreational use,’ is proof of how something originally designed for seriously ill patients can be abused. It won’t be long before an entire marijuana-addiction industry will be created (if it hasn’t happened already?).

Look also at how many children in our nation’s middle schools and high schools are already experienced marijuana users and even addicted to it. America’s addiction epidemic is guaranteed to reach epic proportions once all drugs are legalized and made available to everyone. If you don’t think drug legalization will encourage even more people to use and become addicted to it, you are horrifically naive.  

This is not a matter of personal freedom but, rather, a matter of national suicide. A sane nation will not allow its people to commit wide-scale suicide and self-destruction. A sane nation will step in and prohibit all forms of national suicide no matter how many voices cry out for one’s ‘personal choice’ and ‘liberties’ on such matters.

Times have truly changed

Humans are such that if something makes them feel good or gives them a good high, they will abuse it until nothing else matters to them in life. Entire families, relationships, and even societies will be ruined by it. If people are allowed to consume strychnine and every weird narcotic concoction conceived in a laboratory, they will! This is the nature of humans whether we wish to believe it or not.

Think also of the strange biological and genetic oddities, including deformities, that will arise among future generations whose body chemicals have been altered as a result of long-term drug use? How much will this alone cost society? What will our grandchildren look like? What kinds of strange addictions will they be born with? These questions are rarely faced by the pro-legalization crowd because of the obvious problems they present to their agenda.    

Every one of these Skid Row tent dwellers, at one time, likely thought they could handle their alcohol and drugs. It wasn’t long before experience and human biology dictated to them that they couldn’t. But by then it was too late.

As I’ve said before, a doped-up nation is a defeated nation.

Skid Row’s ‘Tent Town’ is America’s future if insane liberal social policies are not jettisoned. This will also be our future if all drugs are legalized and made available to whoever wants it.

Really bad advice

‘Mad TV’ Comedy Skit Predicted the Era of Social Justice Warriors

This ‘Mad TV’ comedy skit from 2001 unknowingly predicted the era of Social Justice Warriors with its preoccupation of ‘micro-aggressions,’ the priority of feelings over everything, overreaction to anything that is said, hypersensitivity, and assumptions that language is rape and words are the equivalence of violence. 

What was laughable in a comedy skit 15 years ago has now become the norm among the millennial generation and our university students. 



“I am a Cuck, I am a Libtard”

A good video exposing the Left’s faggotry and conservative cuckoldry. 

Keith Olbermann: “We Are at War with Russia. We Are No Longer a Sovereign Nation. We no Longer a Democracy. We Are No Longer a Free People”

No need to worry, it’s just Keith Olbermann spewing his moonbat nonsense again. Hard-core Leftists like Olbermann have gone completely unhinged since the election of Trump, and its absolutely hysterical! 

His entire presentation, including the manner in which he talks, is so over the top. He’s a caricature of himself, but he doesn’t realize it because his head has exploded and all he can do is shout and sputter. 

‘Sodom’: Russian Documentary Exposing the LGBTQ Perversion and Its Corrupting Effects on Society

This is very good documentary by a Russian film maker exposing the LGBTQ perversion that has spread like a fire throughout the West.

It seems to me that the Russian people are much more sane and traditional when it comes to understanding the natural role of men and women, including the importance of not allowing western forms of sexual perversion to infiltrate their country.

How strange indeed when one considers that both America and Russia have reversed their historic roles. Russia was at one time the most atheistic nation of the modern era, while America was seen as the beacon of religious light and freedom. Not so today. While Russia has progressed in a religious and virtuous way, America has morally declined so badly that our Founders would be unable to recognize the very nation they created.


The deception runs deep among our people

Respect to the One Legged Construction Worker!

When a man wants to work bad enough, he’ll find a way! 

Social Media Giants Unite to Block Internet “Extremism”: Another Attack by Liberals to Censor Free Speech


Social media giants such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Microsoft have recently united to combat what they deem “extremism” from their sites. According to a recent article in Yahoo! News by Julia Fioretti (‘Web Giants to Cooperate on Removal of Extremist Content’), “BRUSSELS (Reuters) – Web giants YouTube , Facebook , Twitter and Microsoft will step up efforts to remove extremist content from their websites by creating a common database.

The companies will share ‘hashes’ – unique digital fingerprints they automatically assign to videos or photos – of extremist content they have removed from their websites to enable their peers to identify the same content on their platforms.

‘We hope this collaboration will lead to greater efficiency as we continue to enforce our policies to help curb the pressing global issue of terrorist content online,’ the companies said in a statement on Tuesday.

Tech companies have long resisted outside intervention in how their sites should be policed, but have come under increasing pressure from Western governments to do more to remove extremist content following a wave of militant attacks.

YouTube and Facebook have begun to use hashes to automatically remove extremist content.


But many providers have relied until now mainly on users to flag content that violates terms of service. Flagged material is then individually reviewed by human editors who delete postings found to be in violation.

Twitter suspended 235,000 accounts between February and August this year and has expanded the teams reviewing reports of extremist content.

Each company will decide what image and video hashes to add to the database and matching content will not be automatically removed, they said.

The database will be up and running in early 2017 and more companies could be brought into the partnership.

The European Union set up an EU Internet Forum last year bringing together the internet companies, interior ministers and the EU Counter-Terrorism Coordinator to find ways of removing extremist content.

The Forum will meet again on Thursday, when ministers are expected to ask the companies about their efforts and helping to provide evidence to convict foreign fighters.”



I’d say that’s an effective plan 

Commentary: The problem with such efforts to combat “extremism” on social media outlets is that it will cover an entire gamut of politically-incorrect speech that has nothing to do with ‘terrorism’ or ‘politically-extremist hate groups.’ Speech that liberals don’t like will conveniently fall under the categories of ‘hate’ and ‘extremism.’ All sorts of justifications and twisted rationale will be employed to block sites, videos, articles, and opinions that run counter to the Leftist ‘narrative.’

In spite of their claims of ‘tolerance’ and ‘acceptance,’ liberals are notorious for preventing contrary opinions to be heard.

If you produce a video critical of Islam’s treatment of women, for example, it will be flagged or ‘hashed’ as having ‘extremist content’ and immediately blocked from all other major social media sites. On the other hand, if you upload a video praising the virtues of Islam and how women are treated in Muslim societies, it will remain and not be blocked. These kinds of videos will be deemed positive because they comport with a Leftist multicultural framework.


The world will be permitted, then, only one side of every story or one perspective of every social-political issue.

This is what liberals have always done until the age of the Internet arrived when information was no longer dependent on what liberals permitted people to know – and it’s precisely for this reason that they have worked busily to censor the Internet, to provide controls and ‘safeguards’ on what information and news stories people discover. An ill-informed and dumb-downed society always works to the advantage of liberals, and the more control they have of what information gets to you, the better position they are in to dupe the masses.

It may sound ‘conspiratorial’ to say such things, but this is precisely what liberals did prior to the creation of the Internet. Those of us who started watching TV and news in the early 1960s know how much information was controlled and spoon-fed to us. We were raised in an extremely biased and one-sided view of every national and world event. This was how liberals controlled the basic worldview of almost all Americans. The Internet changed all of that, and that’s why we must fight to the death to prevent Libtards from controlling it or deciding what can and cannot be seen or heard based on arbitrary ‘hate speech’ guidelines.

If we continue on this path, the only thing that will be available to us on sites like Youtube will be adorable cat videos and vines of teenagers playing silly pranks on each other. Anything of a serious or ‘controversial’ nature will be banned – unless, of course, it adheres to the liberal ‘narrative.’


It’s amazing how insane things have become among the West’s half-hearted efforts to combat ‘terrorism.’ Instead of simply removing the source of such terrorism from our midst and, thus, ridding ourselves of any immediate threat by simply deporting the very people who most threaten our safety (Muslims), we prefer rather to endlessly tolerate them and censor the Internet for everyone so that such ‘radical’ videos are prevented from being viewed.

In other words, groups like ISIS would have very few, if any, people to recruit from among Europe’s many nations via the Internet and various social sites if entire Muslim populations were deported and shipped back to their countries of origin. Unfortunately, both Europe and America lack the collective will to carry out such sensible measures.

In a real sense, the Left doesn’t want to solve the problem of Islamic ‘terrorism’ because it affords them a plausible, but misguided, rationale to censor giant social media outlets from the input of right wingers, such as Youtube, Twitter, and Facebook.

The Left, then, portrays its purpose as combatting ‘terrorism’ and ‘extremism,’ but their real and nefarious purpose is to censor contrary political information from those on the Right.


America’s ‘best and brightest’ 

Never forget that for liberals their stance on various social and political issues are never about what they claim in public. There’s always another underlying reason. Their public positions are only vehicles or a means to reach what they really want to do.

Liberals, for example, wanted to take over the nation’s healthcare not because they ‘cared’ or wanted to provide ‘higher quality healthcare’ for all Americans, but because they wanted to maintain greater control over the American people. Their socialist and Utopian schemes would more likely find fulfillment if they (liberals) could control the character, costs, and quality of America’s healthcare system. The proof-in-the-pudding became evident when the so-called ‘Affordable Care Act’ was rammed down our collective throats by congress. Not only was it poorly conceived, but it was anything but ‘affordable.’

This is why the bill was rushed, and why liberals were so dizzyingly eager to get it passed. This is also why it was hastily put together, and why it proved to be a complete disaster. Again, the entire dog-and-pony show surrounding Obamacare was never about providing affordable healthcare for Americans, but about controlling the population for reasons outside of the nation’s health.

That is the true nature and character of the Left.

Vera Rapcsak, foreground, and others hold up signs outside the office of U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, D-Ariz. in Tucson, Ariz. on Saturday, Jan. 8, 2011 after Giffords and others were shot outside a Safeway grocery store as she was meeting constituents. (AP Photo/Chris Morrison)

Yes, they really are that stupid

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