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Remembering Our Fallen and All Those Who Have Honorably Served

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Stupid Kids with Guns: 13-Year-Old Accidentally Kills His Friend LIVE on Facebook (Warning: Disturbing!)

According to the description provided in Live Leak, “This happened in my country (Argentina). A couple of children was playing with a shotgun when one of them accidentally shoot Georgina Magalí Vega (12) killing her instantly.

It happend on Santa Rosa de Calchines – Santa Fe, a small town of 9.300 habitants. Georgina was only daughter and lived with his father.

Some translation of what you hear:
0:11 (Georgina): “You kill me and I kill you.”
0:15 – 0:28 (Killer): “Look this! A shell…I load it… And I shoot you but you don’t die!”
0:36: (Georgina): “Do you see blood or something?” (Kidding)

0:45 – Shotgun sound
They start screaming “Georgi”

1:00 (Other girl): “Man what have you done!?”
1:05 (Other boy): “Her parents are going to kill us!”
1:10 (Killer): “I’m leaving…”
1:11 (Other boy): “Stop Lucas come here!”


This is heart-wrenching to watch and listen to. If anything, I hope it underscores the need to have all firearms in a home locked up and never accessible to children. I’m sure as well that none of these children were taught the basics of gun safety which likely would’ve prevented this tragedy from occurring in the first place. 

These Are the Kind of Guys I Hated to Fight

This guy is naturally strong. He may not be muscle-bound or huge in stature, but it was guys like this who were the hardest to fight in my younger years.

I fought my fair share of big, burly guys, and they’re weren’t half as much a challenge as thinner guys who had incredible natural strength. Obviously, there were exceptions at times.

But, generally, the bigger guys were usually slower and their punches, while packed with a lot of weight behind them, didn’t seem to hurt as much as fighters who were relatively trim and agile. These were the kind of guys who didn’t work out with weights regularly, but who worked vigorously on a farm or on the docks lifting and carrying heavy objects around. When you were hit by one of these guys, it hurt like a ‘sum bitch’! It was like getting hit with a concrete sandwich. I can only describe it as an intense, deep-rooted natural strength.

In my twenties, I had a job working as a cross between armed security and bouncer at an extremely popular dance club in the Hollywood area. This place was always packed, and it was rowdy as all hell. For about two whole years while working there, I regularly got into fist-fights two to three times a night on the weekends. I had my fair share of fights growing up in L.A. prior to that period, but fighting became a regular thing once I got hired at the club.

Sometimes it was too much, but I gained a real appreciation for different body types and how they fight. If anything, it taught me to never underestimate someone’s size or weight. It also taught me that no matter how big and bad you might imagine yourself to be, there’s always someone bigger and stronger than you. Always.

Happy Resurrection Day!

Books they don’t want you to read

You Play, You Pay: 13-Year-Old Robber Gets Ventilated by Store Clerk

You think that store clerk knew it was a 13-year-old teenager? How was he able to discern this when all the robbers are clothed in masks and hoodies? You think he didn’t have every reason to believe he was being robbed? You think he knew that none of them were armed?

The police have arrested the clerk, and they charging him with murder because it’s believed the shooting was unjustified. They reason that the 13-year-old robber, identified as Fabricio Patti, was too far in distance from the store clerk to have posed a threat.

Oh, really? Look closely at the video surveillance and observe how fast that teen is running toward the clerk. Notice also how far he had gotten and how quickly he was already closing the distance. It was perfectly reasonable for the clerk to think that someone running at him from behind the counter has criminal intentions, especially dressed like that and accompanied by two others dressed the same.

Good Lord, how obvious does it have to be?!

The investigators claim the clerk could have “yelled” at him. Well, when three masked thugs in hoodies run into your store with one of them starting to close the distance toward you, the time for yelling is over. It’s bullet time! 

Moreover, the clerk’s state of mind was the deciding factor in light of the additional circumstances noted above. What if he was too paralyzed with fear to say anything and, instead, reacted swiftly to protect himself? How can he then reasonably be charged with murder?

Interestingly, the father of the teen has stated that the clerk should be freed, that he doesn’t belong in jail. The father, it seems to me, has a strong sense of right and wrong, and he knows that his son did not have good intentions. He also knows that the clerk was merely trying to defend his life in what he believed was an armed robbery.

In contrast to the teen’s father, check out the bleeding-heart female captain of Las Vegas P.D. who tears up during a press conference. It illustrates once again why women should not be placed in strategic positions of authority in the realms of law enforcement and the military. Among a host of reasons, they are too easily led by their emotions.

This teenager may have been liked by a lot of other kids, and based on his appearance he does seem like a good kid. But somewhere along the way, he got attracted to thug life and started hanging out with criminal knuckleheads. He wanted to play the thug-life, and now he’s paid for it.

One never ultimately knows until a verdict has been reached in a court of law, but I strongly suspect that the clerk will be acquitted. The D.A.’s Office may even dismiss their charges against him and the matter may not even end up in court. We shall see.

Admittedly, I don’t know all the facts in this case, and there may be details that I’m not aware of. But based on what I’ve read and seen in the video surveillance, it seems to me that the clerk’s arrest and the subsequent charge of murder is not well-founded.

Stefan Molyneux Nails It When He Says: “Don’t Go To College”

I’ve been listening to Stefan Molyneux on-and-off for the past five years. I don’t always agree with him and, at times, he has drawn some serious controversy over the things he’s publicly said (which of us doesn’t though, except blissful blue-pillers?).

I find him to be incredibly perceptive and even when I don’t agree with him, he always provides me with food for thought. I’ve also noticed that he’s matured greatly in his thinking over such issues as race, the current ‘migrant crisis’ throughout Europe, human bio-diversity and IQ as it relates to race, and on the ‘Jewish question’ (he claims to have some distant Jewish ancestry on his mother’s side, although some have disputed this and believe he has said this in order to protect himself from censorship. I have no way of knowing whether this is true or not, and it’s a relatively moot point for me).

Molyneux has stated that there’s a soft genocide underway to racially and culturally displace Whites throughout the West. He has moved further away from much of his prior Libertarian dogma and, if I’m correct, has also abandoned atheism.

These are all good signs that the man’s a true philosopher, that he’s willing to challenge his own assumptions and belief system, including abandoning them when proven wrong and admitting it.

Another sucker of the college industrial complex

Molyneux in the video above rightly points out that, as a White person, if you’re interested in totally learning to hate yourself, hate your race, your country and willing to pay exorbitant rates as well as get into lifetime debt, then by all means attending a liberal arts college is for you. But don’t bitch about it when you finally realize that your soft-science is utterly worthless in the real world.   

Molyneux is discerning enough to recognize that formal training is necessary for those seeking a degree in the hard sciences (engineering, physician, etc.), but for the greater majority of young people who imagine that a degree in public relations, political science, history or sociology will gain them lucrative careers (or even ‘careers’ at all!) they will soon discover that they’ve been lied to big time by the college industrial complex.

In my own case, I attended a private Baptist college for a short period of time (majoring in biblical studies), but I was bored by it. I wasn’t intellectually challenged by the curriculum, especially since I had already been reading graduate level theology since around 1980. I had already been red-pilled theologically having converted to Reformed soteriology in 1985 (‘five-pont Calvinism’), and so the Dispensationalism I was being fed by my status-quo professors didn’t settle well.

Some never learn this lesson until it’s too late

I knew there was something inherently rotten about the college establishment (including seminary training), but I couldn’t quite put my finger on it at the time. Years later, I formulated some concrete thoughts on much that was wrong and misguided about it.

I hope those thinking about attending college will seriously consider what Molyneux has to say. The greater majority of young people have only been presented with one side of the story – namely, a positive case for going to college. They’ve never been told about the other side nor the lifelong debt they will incur as a result.

Some are only waking up to these realities now because the exorbitant cost and debt has finally hit home, and they’re angry because the smiling college recruiters and administrators never bothered to warn them.

Why should they? They know a sucker when they see one.

My EDC (‘Everyday Carry’)

(The above photograph is not my actual carry)

There’s a lot of talk these days about ‘EDC’ (i.e., everyday carry), meaning the weapons and important tools one carries on their person each and everyday. I’ve been carrying those sorts of things for years before the ‘EDC’ thing ever became popular.

On Youtube, for example, guys and gals will show the kinds of things they regularly carry on their belts. Some of it is good and necessary, but some of it is extreme in my opinion. I can’t believe some of the heavy and double and triple tools that some guys carry?! Do you really need to carry two sets of knives, a double-magazine pouch, two flashlights, a backup gun, and two separate cellphones? To each his own, but goodness gracious that’s a lot of crap!

I’m a very practical person. I won’t brag about carrying something I don’t really carry, and I won’t carry something that’s uncomfortable or an item that’s not really necessary or is unlikely to be used. I suppose one can argue for carrying just about anything, but I can’t.

There’s enough I have to wear and carry such as a watch, keys, wallet and flat badge, so I don’t want to wear or carry any additional items that aren’t really needed. Besides, I’m not a gadget guy and I don’t feel the need to have the latest this or that. I like keeping things as simple and ‘real’ as possible. I have to constantly ask myself, ‘Am I really going to carry that everyday, all day long?’ This forces me to ‘get real’ and helps to keep me from impulse buying.

What I do recognize is the importance of purchasing well-made and high-quality equipment and to keep it at a minimum. Please understand that none of the items and tools I’ve purchased are my grand or unique ideas. I’m not smart enough for that. I wish I were, but the truth is I’ve learned about these things from others as most of us do about almost everything. I have, however, tried to carry only that which meets my requirements for daily carry and which is unique to my situation in life.

So for those of you who might be interested in what Ambrose Kane carries, here you go.

Glock 26 (4th Gen) 9mm

I prefer the Glock 26 (4th Gen) which is chambered in 9mm. I’ve placed a ‘double-diamond’ aftermarket barrel on it, including a ‘Tungsten’ steel guide rod spring (yes, I really have noticed less recoil and it has taken the ‘snap’ out of that short barrel!), a Glock factory magazine extension (which allows me to carry 13 rounds), and a set of Tru-Glow TFX Pro Tritium fiber optic sights (which work wonderfully!).

The bullets I use are 9mm Winchester Ranger (law enforcement ammo), 147 grains. It’s an outstanding defense round. I’m not saying there aren’t other great rounds, I’m just saying this one has served me well and I’m content with it. I also carry one extra magazine.

I’m not really into ‘whoring up’ my gun with this new gadget and that new gadget. I try to keep it limited to only those items that will improve my shooting accuracy and target groupings. The remainder of my money is spent on target ammo for practice, practice, practice!

The holster I use most often is a BlackPoint Tactical ‘Leather Wing’ which uses both Kydex and a leather backing to secure my handgun. It keeps the gun secure and it’s also very comfortable. I can wear this thing all day long and easily forget its there (although, in reality, I never forget that I’m carrying a pistol).

Every so often I mix it up between my Glock 19, Glock 27 (chambered in 40 cal.), and my Sig P320 (chambered in 9mm). Good Lord, I love my Sig P320! That gun is almost perfect, except my compact version is perhaps a little too big for comfortable concealed carry. I’ve thought about getting it in the sub-compact version, but there’s no rush at this point. However, I keep going back to my Glock 26. I guess I just can’t help myself. It fits me perfectly and is so reliable. It’s a Glock after all, right?  

I love everything about my Glock 26. There are many guns like it, but this one is mine.

Benchmade 581 ‘Barrage’

I have several knives. I have knives I use for backpacking. Some are for camping, while others I used when I worked street patrol as a cop. There are some knives I carry for about six months (‘Cold Steel,’ ‘Spyderco’), and then I alternate to another EDC knife.

I keep coming back, however, to my Benchmade 581 ‘Barrage’ assisted-opening knife. Benchmade manufactures high-quality knives, and I don’t know of anyone who trashes this knife designer. They are highly respected by just about everyone who is knowledgeable of these things. I’m not saying they’re the best, but only that they’re good enough for me and what I need it for. It more or less serves as a secondary weapon and a box and letter opener. Yeah, I know, it’s not too exciting. 

Leatherman ‘Wave’ 

I like the Leatherman products and tools. The quality is outstanding and they’ve gained a well-earned reputation for making quality and practical tools. I’d be lying to you if I told you I use it everyday. In fact, I’ve rarely used my ‘Wave.’ It is nice, though, knowing that if I were in a pinch and I needed a multi-layered tool device to fix something on the spot, the Leatherman ‘Wave’ is just the kind of thing that could help me.

‘Thrunite’ mini flashlight

I always carry a small flashlight with me. I prefer the Fenix and Thrunite brands (currently I’m carrying Thrunite). This is important in case you ever find yourself stranded or find yourself in a situation needing illumination. These may be pricey to some folks (I actually think they’re pretty affordable!), but the quality and craftsmanship is outstanding. They are very reliable too and, because they are small, they can easily fit into a pocket or a purse.

Naturally, I carry a small and thin wallet (I’m not into bulky and oversized wallets), one set of keys (no, I don’t carry two sets!), cellphone, my flat-badge with police ID, and my reading glasses (I always need those!).

I do something that perhaps many EDC carriers don’t. Maybe in this I violate a core EDC rule? Whatever, I don’t really care. Well, here it goes. I carry a ‘man-purse,’ a small black leather carry bag (or whatever you want to call it) that allows me to hold those items when I don’t feel like carrying them on my waist or in my pocket. In fact, I actually have a holster in my bag that allows me to place my firearm into it securely. I also position it in such a way that I’m able to retrieve it quickly when I want to.

This ‘man-purse’ or ‘carry-bag’ affords me a break on those occasions when I don’t feel like carry all that stuff, especially on long car rides or when I just want to be comfortable. Mind you, the bag goes everywhere I go, and I never leave it unattended. I don’t worry about what others think about my ‘man-purse.’ I’m secure in my manhood. 🙂 It’s a practical thing, that’s all. 

On other occasions, I actually do carry that stuff on me, particularly when I travel into the big city. Aside from my head constantly turning ‘watching my six’ (I can’t help it, I was a cop for too long!), I make sure all my EDC stuff, especially my firearm, is on my person. 

Whatever rides on my waist, by the way, is always attached to a thick bull belt. If you’re going to carry concealed, you need a good foundation. Flimsy leather belts won’t do the job. You need a thick leather concealed carry belt such as that manufactured by Hank’s Amish Belts (very affordable!), Daltech Belts, or Zach’s Gun Belts (a little pricey but definitely worth it!).

Lest anyone dismiss my words about the importance of a proper and sturdy concealed carry belt, please don’t! The average belts available in clothing stores, even those designed for ‘heavy duty’ construction work, are not sufficient. You really do need a thick, sturdy, and well-crafted concealed carry belt. I prefer bull belts over standard cow leather belts because they are thicker. They also make them in reinforced ‘tactical’ nylon if that’s something you might find more appealing. 

Some manufacturers even place a strip of Kydex inside the seam of the belt to make it stiffer, but that’s a personal preference. The point remains: You need a strong and sturdy belt if you’re going to carry a firearm and other tools on your belt.

Well, there you have it. You might carry some of the same items, or something altogether different. You might even carry more than I do or perhaps less? Do whatever works for you, and make sure to enjoy it too!

Carrying concealed is practically a religion for me. I’ve been doing it for a long time. I never get tired of it. I love everything about it, probably because I love firearms (no, I’m not a ‘gun fanatic’ nor do I know everything about them!). I like knowing that I’m always in a position to fight back against those who wish to rob me or harm my loved ones. I never want to be the victim. I refuse to be. 

All of this, of course, is a big responsibility. You’ve got to be smart if you’re going to carry concealed. It’s more than just knowing the laws of your state or county. It’s more than just being informed about your handgun. It’s more than regularly going to the range and practicing. It’s about common sense. It’s about making sure the pistol is always concealed on your person and not allowing it to ‘print’ or subtly ‘showing it off’ so that people know you’re carrying a handgun. It’s about avoiding certain places where the likelihood of having to use your firearm is more probable. It’s about avoiding the type of people who attract problems and conflicts with others.

I hope I never have to use my pistol. I’d take no pleasure in taking the life of another. But it’s comforting to know at the same time that if I ever had to in defense of my life or those dearest to me, I would know what to do and I would have complete confidence in my handgun and my firearm skills.

For now, that’s all she wrote.  


Got Myself an H&K VP9 and Beretta 92FS!

A couple of months ago, I got myself an H&K VP9 (chambered in 9mm) and a Beretta 92FS (also chambered in 9mm).

First off, the VP9 shoots excellently. I’ve fired about 400 rounds through it, and I’ve had no misfires or any issues whatsoever. It feels good in the hand, and the ergonomics of the grip fit beautifully in my large hands. I’ve also gotten more accurate with it too, unlike some handguns that one has to more or less ‘warm up’ to. The VP9 has a great trigger reset, and the trigger itself is pretty darn smooth. It may not be as light and crisp as the Walther PPQ (which is considered by many gun enthusiasts to be the best trigger straight out of the box), but I’m not particularly bothered by it.

Seriously, I have nothing but praise for this sidearm. I wouldn’t say it’s my favorite, but it’s definitely made a good impression on me. I still love my GLOCK 19 though. Man, is that an outstanding and reliable sidearm!

Also, and I’m over my problems with the Sig P320 and the Walter PPQ M2 which I had over a year ago (see my post, ‘I Love My GLOCK 19, But Somewhat Disappointed in My Walther PPQ and Sig P320’). The Sig P320, in fact, is really starting to catch my fancy as possibly serving as my primary concealed carry weapon. We shall see if it unseats my GLOCK 19 in this category.

Secondly, I carried many years ago a Beretta 92FS for duty use, so I was already familiar with it when I recently purchased it. A lot of guys used to rag on the Beretta when I was a cop, but I loved mine! Like the VP9, it also fit good in my hands. It was a slightly larger pistol than most used today which tend to be on the somewhat shorter and stockier side.

Either way, the Beretta was easy to clean and it was accurate too. I shot much better with that pistol than I ever did with my Smith & Wesson 686 (.357 magnum) and my Smith & Wesson 5906 (chambered in 9mm) which, in my opinion, were nothing more than boat anchors (yes, I’m being facetious!).

Beretta 92FS

Happy New Year to All My Readers!

I hope that y’all have a wonderful new year. Thank you, again, for your support of this blog and the kinds of things I write about. I could do it without you but, seriously, it wouldn’t be nearly as fun! 

To All My Readers, Here’s Wishing You a Merry White Christmas!

I wish all my readers and commentators a very Merry White Christmas! I am both grateful and honored that you have taken time out of your day to not only read my posts, but to comment on them as well. If only you knew how genuinely appreciative I am.

There are also many of you who privately read my articles, but never contribute comments. For this I am thankful too.

My readership has grown over the past three years in ways I hadn’t expected. I know this because I monitor the statistics and daily ‘hits’ (views) that my site receives. Some of the articles have went viral too. This is all very encouraging, and while I am ‘small potatoes’ in the blogging field, I never take any of it for granted. I am thankful for all that I am given. 

My goal has been to tell the truth. When I am wrong, I try to be honest with my readers and both admit it and correct it. I also enjoy your input and different perspectives, even when I don’t necessarily agree. 

Looking back, this has been a very good year. Trump’s presidential victory and the rise of the ‘Alt-Right’ has renewed us and given us a little hope. I am enjoying the victories, and I do not take them lightly.

I am confident that as we enter a new year, we will continue to see even more victories for our people and the cause of truth.

Thank you again, and may God’s blessing rest on each of you.   

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