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Brave New Parents: Child-Rearing in an Age of Thuggery and ‘Gangsta Rap’

Check out how this little thuglet speaks to his mother (yellow shirt) and grandmother. His behavior and foul mouth tells us what kind of influences he’s getting at home. Of course, he’s being raised by two weak females, none of whom have any control over the future prison inmate. His mother (presumably) said, “This is fucking embarrassing.” 

Any kid who talks and acts this way at such a young age is almost guaranteed to experience a life of criminality, drug addiction, incarceration and misery. These are his formative years, and if he’s already this unruly and foul-mouthed, it’s a clear indicator of what his future holds.

Happy Father’s Day!

I thought this was a touching video of a son’s tribute to his father. God bless our nation’s real fathers who lead and protect their families, and who teach and mold their children to be honorable, law-abiding members of society. 


Dad Punches and Kicks Son Caught Stealing: Now You Know Partly Why Asians Have on Average Lower Crime Rates

Good for Dad! He didn’t want a little thief in his family, someone who would pollute the family name. Contrary to what the precious snowflakes of our society think, this kid isn’t going to grow up ‘scarred for life.’ He wasn’t emotionally ‘traumatized’ simply because Dad gave him a swift kick in the ass.

No, in fact, this kid will grow up to love his Dad even more. When he reaches full maturity, he will look back and thank his father for what he had done. Those of you who think this is ‘abuse’ need to recognize that a swift slap or kick now is infinitely better than spending years in the criminal justice system and a long prison sentence later. 

This kid has two things going for him that will ensure he grows up to be a responsible and productive member of society: (1) He has an involved father in the home. Unlike most Black males in raised by a single mother, this Asian boy has a Dad who’s actually involved in his life and cares enough to confront him for his thievery; and (2) He has a father who holds his dumb ass to account for his actions.

We need more Dad’s like this in our society. Unfortunately, the disciplining hands of today’s parents have been shackled and neutered by modern child-rearing educators (I prefer to call them ‘over-educated fools’) which, in turn, is enforced by the State. No wonder our kids have no respect for authority and for their elders.   

Parenting: Children of the Left – Vs – Children of the Right

I know this isn’t any scientific study, but who doesn’t know by now that children raised by right-wing parents are very much different in both their conduct and outlook on life than children raised by Leftist parents?

It’s not that children of the Right are perfect or problem-free, but only that they are better-adjusted to handle life’s problems and take greater individual responsibility for their life-choices. Children of the Left, on the other hand, are frequently depressed, blame others for their bad decisions, and are often as angry at the world as their parents.

Children of the Right, at least in most cases, tend to appear clean-cut. Their more positive outlook on life shows itself in how they present themselves. Their entire attire and presence is subdued and normal (yes, there is such a thing as ‘normal’). Children of the Left, in contrast, often appear disheveled, wearing strange haircuts, facial piercings, tattoos and the like. The image is one of rebellion which comports with the typically rebellious attitudes of their liberal parents (yes, I’m aware that there are rich liberal parents and kids who don’t necessarily fall into this exact mold). They are often what we would term “misfits.”

Children of the Right are taught to endure and cope with life’s adversities. They are instructed to ‘man-up’ and face squarely any troubles they face. It is one of confronting life’s challenges as opposed to fleeing or hiding from them. Children of the Left, in contrast, often lack coping skills and, as a result, are prescribed psychotropic medications to deal with depression and anxiety. Many of them are neurotic and possess extreme personalities. They are emotionally disturbed in many instances.

Children of the Right are generally taught to earn what they want. Children of the Left are generally taught that they are entitled to whatever they want. An attitude of ‘you owe me’ prevails in their thinking. They are often spoiled and entitled, and such attitudes are carried with them throughout the remainder of their lives. 

Children of the Right are patriotic and love their country. They see America as a great nation full of opportunities and blessing. Children of the Left, like their parents, hate their country and blame it for all the woes of the world. They see the nation and its history as violent and especially oppressive of non-White racial groups. Its founders are viewed as nothing more than White male slave owners who ‘oppressed’ Blacks and committed genocide on indigenous Indians.

Children raised by right-wing parents may not necessarily be racially-conscious or even pro-White (at least not by our standards), but neither are they hateful of their White race. Children of Leftists are almost always bitter, often hostile, toward their racial ancestry. They see Whites as colonial oppressors of non-Whites. They believe Whites have an inherent ‘White privilege’ that gives them unfair advantages over other races. White people are seen as destroyers of the planet. Whites are seen as evil while non-Whites are seen as honorable and environmentally-friendly, ‘people of the land’ who live at peace with mother nature.

Children of the Right are taught values, often religious ones. Many of them see themselves as Christian or at least have a theistic worldview. Life is seen as having a purpose, and morality and personal ethics play an important role in their lives. Children of the Left are often raised in a godless home. Morality and concrete values are not stressed. They are replaced by liberal platitudes and bumper-sticker ethics. Leftist children are generally raised with a dark, nihilistic outlook of life. Life has little or no meaning, and the concept of ‘God’ is viewed as nothing more than religious oppression forced onto the masses.   

Children of the Right are content with their gender and identity. They are what psychologists would term “well-adjusted.” They view marriage and sexual relations in traditional norms. Children of the Left, in contrast, are confused about everything. Whether it’s their gender or sexual orientation, they often have great difficulty fitting in. They see themselves as outcasts among a ‘cis-gender normative’ society. Nothing to them is ever ‘normal’ and they find it ‘offensive’ to even suggest that anything could be.

Whether one agrees or not with my personal observations, it would be hard to deny that Right wing parents and Left wing parents raise their children very differently (or at least in most cases). This is due to the fundamental differences in worldviews that each group has. The children raised are very much a reflection of differences in parenting styles. They are indicators of the outlook, philosophy and values of their parents.


Actor Will Smith on His Son Wearing Dresses: A Lesson in Directionless Parenting

Actor Will Smith recently gave an interview about his son, Jaden Smith, who chooses to wear dresses as his attire. Will states that “Jaden and I were very serious about finding what they are and encouraging them to be what they are” and “The greatest gift that I can give to my children is the freedom to be who they are.”  

In fairness to Will, he may actually be troubled by his son’s dresses and is just trying to put a good face on it by declaring that he’s allowing his son to find out who he is. At the same time, Will’s response to it is indicative of most modern fathers in that they provide little direction for their children. They may be in the home, but they have little real influence and provide little direction to their sons. For all intents, they are absent fathers, absorbed in their own interests and have abdicated their role as leaders and teachers within their families.   

Jaden, admittedly, may just be going through a phase. Perhaps he’s wearing dresses as a way of expressing his unique identity, maybe as a form of rebellion? But whatever it may be, it’s a major red flag, one that parents ought not to ignore or downplay. It doesn’t mean they need to freak-out over it, but to merely dismiss it as him trying ‘find out who they are’ is naive and irresponsible.

This kids needs to seriously un-fuck himself 

Whenever children start to question their gender or their sexual identity, there’s a deep-rooted problem brewing. They are questioning or maybe even rebelling against the created order, the way they’ve been designed. They are becoming weird, and some odd fuckery has taken over their thinking.

Often this happens because the father has not provided a strong and masculine role model to his son. In other cases, the mother’s role is too strong, and he starts to take on her way of thinking, mannerisms, etc. This is especially likely if the son’s mother is a die-hard liberal and is determined to provide her children with a ‘progressive’ view of the world. Beta fathers will often let their wives do the influencing and teaching in the home either because they’re afraid to counter their wives’ beliefs, or they have no set beliefs or strong values themselves.

Parents who allow their children to ‘find themselves’ by engaging in the weirdest pursuits or personas are foolish. The role of responsible parents is to guide their children, to direct their footsteps in life until they are adults. It’s the opposite of remaining aloof, apathetic, and directionless.

Responsible parents, in contrast to today’s Libtard mentality, make value judgments. They’re not afraid to say when something is wrong or false. They believe in right and wrong, good and evil. Life to them is not a mass of ‘gray’ areas.

Responsible parents also recognize the principle that if they don’t mold their children and provide for them a realistic framework in which to interpret the world, someone else will. This explains why so many of our young people are confused about everything. Their parents have trusted that others – namely, the media, public school teachers and their college professors – will equip their children with a sound worldview. This is something the media and the public school system will never do.

Mind you, I’m not saying there isn’t a place for allowing your children to discover their own identity, their own person, within reason. The responsible parent simply doesn’t allow it to get out of control by allowing the child to morph into some sideshow freak.  

Finally, if you want your kids all screwed up, confused over everything, committed to nothing, gullible, and easy prey for radical Leftists, then by all means take a ‘hands-off’ approach to parenting. Let liberals teach and influence them, but don’t you dare ever wonder why your kids turned out to be so screwed up.

Here’s Jade either fapping ferociously, or chanting his ass off that “He (meaning Trump) will not divide us.” Either way, the kid’s got serious issues.     

The Four Tops – ‘Keeper of the Castle’: A Call for Black Men to be Fathers to Their Children & Faithful Husbands to Their Wives

The late comedian, Lucille Ball, shortly before her death, did a remarkable TV interview with Merv Griffin. He asked her a very serious and pointed question: “Lucille, you’ve lived a long time on this earth and you are a wise person. What’s happened to our country? What’s wrong with our children? Why are our families falling apart? What’s missing?”

Lucille Ball answered without hesitation: “Papa’s missing. Things are falling apart because Papa’s gone. If Papa were here he would fix it.”

Isn’t that the truth? Where have our fathers gone? 

Fathers, today, are treated as unnecessary, irrelevant, or mere vestiges of a bygone patriarchal era. Part of this is due to the widespread influence of feminism and the modern attack on the family as the foundation of any society (thanks to ‘progressives’!). Our men, too, have been feminized, and a good many of them have abdicated their role as fathers and leaders of their home.

Yet, in reality, fathers are perhaps more needed today than any other time in our history. Western civilization is barely hanging on it seems by a thread, and our nation (America) is in rapid decline. Now is the time for men to return to their traditional roles as fathers who provide for their children, as husbands who love their wives, and as true leaders of their families.


This song by The Four Tops (‘Keeper of the Castle’) hit the charts in 1972, and I liked it back then and even now. However, it was only recently that I learned the words of the song, and the social commentary they were seeking to convey to Blacks in America.

‘Keeper of the Castle’ is, essentially, a call for Black men to be fathers to their children, to serve as examples to them in order to shape their destiny for good and not evil. The song tells Black men to be providers for their offspring, and “Like a sovereign Lord protector be their destiny’s director, and they’ll do well to follow where you lead.”

‘Keeper of the Castle’ also addresses the need for Black men to be kind and loving to their wives as well as faithful to them, “Tend the garden that you seeded, be a friend when a friend is needed, you won’t have to look the other way.”

Another important theme is addressed in the song – namely, the frivolous social and political pursuits that Black men (and women!) consume themselves with while abandoning their role as responsible and involved parents in the home.

Notice the following lyrics” “Oh, can’t you see, while you’re picking on society that the leaves on your family tree are calling you to come home?” Hey ‘Black Lives Matter’ agitators, are you listening? If there’s any group that ‘picks on society,’ it’s got to be them! The Black man’s priority is to the nurture and care of his family, and not to protesting, rioting or looting.    

The words are so appropriate and relevant for our day, and I stand amazed at the depth of insight which this group had. I wish I had known the meaning of the lyrics when I was younger, but sometimes we don’t understand the significance of a song until we are much older. 

In a sense, though, this is a song for Whites too. We too have had our fair share of parental abandonment, skyrocketing levels of divorce, we’ve abdicated our role as fathers, and we have not been the kind of husbands we should have. All of us, myself included, have failed in this at times. 

I expect such dysfunction from the Dindus. In many respects, it’s who they are and it comports with their innate traits. But we as Whites are different (or at least we’re supposed to be). We have an entire history that has modeled before us conduct that is circumspect, honorable and dignified, and we betray our ancestors when we conduct ourselves like the lower races of people.

I don’t believe Blacks will ever collectively reform themselves. I hope I am wrong about this, but I am skeptical at best that it will ever happen. Their genetics and innate proclivities, coupled with their toilet bowl culture, are not conducive to real and lasting change.

On the other hand, Whites have every reason to be confident that we can return as a people to living honorably, raising intact families, avoiding divorce, and increasing our numbers worldwide – that is, if we can eschew the miserable yoke of cultural-Marxism which has proven to be a death wish to our people.


Father Charged with Crime for Using Boxing as a Disciplinary Tool to Teach His Son Respect for Teachers

Here’s a father who discovered that his 17-year-old son has disrespected a teacher, and he was also caught skipping class to be with some girls. The father was also upset because his son never bothered to call him when he left school as he was directed to do.

As a form of discipline, this father made his son put on boxing gloves and they had a boxing match in the living room, leaving the teen pretty bloodied. Dad says that his approach, rather than a belt, gives his son a chance and teaches him how to defend himself. 

The father is apparently an experienced boxer, so the kid didn’t really have much of a chance (plus, he was outweighed by his dad). Afterwards, the father made his son apologize to the teacher, clean up the blood from the carpet, and he threatened him that his report card better be “golden.”

The father posted it on his Facebook page (which really wasn’t the smartest move in my opinion), and he was later charged with child abuse when it was discovered. He turned himself in to the authorities, paid the bail, and he was released with a court date.

Some are inclined to be condemn the father, but I’m not so sure I would agree. With all the problems that young Blacks males face today in the sense of being fatherless and without a strong hand to guide them, I admire the father’s efforts to set his son straight.

Is it unorthodox a little? Yeah, but the father’s unique form of discipline might be the very means to keep his son from being another statistic or a prison lifer. This father is doing what he can to increase the odds that his son will survive and make something of himself – and for that, I won’t condemn him! 

The father commands the respect of his son, and even though some think the teen will grow up to hate him, I seriously doubt it. If the boy stays on the straight and narrow, he will look back in his ater years and thank his dad for being so tough on him.


What 50 Years of Liberal Parenting ‘Values’ Gave Us

Check out these vile rug rats, including mom’s inability to control any of them. Can you imagine what kind of conversations occur in their home? I guarantee that there’s no strong father at home disciplining these boys. The boys appears to be racially mixed which suggests mom’s been flavoring the landscape of different guys.

I’m not sure what provoked the altercation (a passenger probably dared to complain about how unruly the boys were), but it illustrates what has become acceptable in today’s society. This is more common than most people realize, especially among the lower racial groups that have flooded our land.

In case you think this isn’t a big deal, just remember that these are the kids that will be our nation’s future voters, will be taking care of you in your old age, and whom a major chunk of your taxes will used to pay for either as welfare recipients or as incarcerated prison inmates.

This is what 50 years of Leftist parenting ‘values’ gave to us. And now we all have to suffer because of it.


When dad’s out of the picture, all hell breaks loose

A Self-Absorbed and Entitled Generation Have Now Become Parents

What liberal parenting ‘values’ gave us

Re-Post: Should We Give Our Children Everything We Didn’t Have?


It’s common for well-meaning parents to say they want to give their children all the things they didn’t have when growing up. Usually, this means giving their kids lots of material stuff and, in effect, spoiling them. These kinds of parents think they were robbed of life somehow because they didn’t possess fashionable or expensive clothes, having instead to buy them from the local thrift store; they couldn’t afford the latest technological devices, money was scarce, they had overly-strict parents, and the list goes on.

Upon reaching adulthood and having their own families, these same parents vowed to provide their children with everything they lacked: “I want to give my kids everything I didn’t have” or “I don’t want my children to suffer like I did.” I cringe whenever I hear this sort of thing because I know how destructive it is for both the family and society as a whole.

Much of the entitlement mentality among our young people today is the direct result of this attitude. If you want to see it up-close, listen carefully to what many of them who are connected with the ‘Occupy’ and ‘Black Lives Matter’ movements have to say. Their level of ignorance, blame and self-pity is astonishing.

It’s believed by many parents that their children should never experience adversity, hardship, any form of suffering (mental or otherwise), difficulty, poverty, affliction or trouble. The life of every child, it is assumed, should be a life of plenty, fun and enjoyment, and constant personal affirmation and approval. It should always be positive to the fullest degree and never negative in the least. This seems to be the prevailing view among most contemporary parents and it’s generally reaffirmed by our therapeutic professionals. The ‘self-esteem’ movement of the 80s and 90s likewise did much to promote such notions.


I know this may sound a bit strange to say, but adversity, hardship, poverty and even suffering can actually be beneficial to our children. How so? For one, it teaches them to appreciate life, even the little blessings they have. When they are given everything just for the asking, they appreciate nothing. They take it all for granted. Its value means little or nothing to them.

Hardship, on the other hand, develops character. It promotes maturity and tends to sober up our children. Depending on its nature and extent, adversity compels the child to see beyond the whimsical and vain nature of modern pop-culture; the foolishness of empty pursuits, so to speak.

This isn’t meant to suggest that parents should intentionally seek to bring hardship upon their children. Rather, I mean to imply that when life’s dark clouds and troubles appear as they surely will, our children should be taught to confront it, and to deal responsibly and wisely with it.

Many American children, unfortunately, are in constant crisis mode because they have no coping skills. Everything is seen beyond their ability to handle or manage. The easy solution for an entire generation of parents seems to be in giving their kids various forms of psychotropic medication, rather than teaching them how to cope with and emotionally hurdle their problems.


A good many parents don’t see the importance of teaching their children how to cope with the many negative opinions and attitudes they will receive daily in life. And what little is conveyed to them is often itself infantile and vindictive in nature.

Very few parents, I presume, teach their children about the true nature of man – that people, for the most part, are not ‘nice’; that they are selfish, overly critical, malicious and unkind. How it’s expressed, of course, may vary depending on the person, but this is essentially the characteristic or disposition of all humans – in spite of what modern Freudians would tell us.

We do a great disservice to our children when we fail to tell them the truth about the human condition. We do an even greater disservice to them when we fail to provide them with the skills necessary to fight through and successfully overcome difficult people and arduous circumstances. We are much too ready to rescue them and provide them easy answers. As a result, our children learn these important lessons much too late in life or never at all.

Affluence and material abundance, if not properly guided by wise parents, can also be detrimental to our children. Even the presence of ease and comfort frequently leads to boredom and idleness. Because the so-called “greatest generation” of WW2 (which had also lived through the Great Depression) wanted to give their children ‘a better life’ than they experienced, they unwittingly helped produced the rebellious 60s generation which did so much to undermine the America they fought for.

The lost youth of the 60s were relatively affluent. They were also idle and thus had time and opportunity to engage in the most socially destructive of causes. Sadly, but not surprisingly, the generation that survived the horrors of WW2 and which gave their radical offspring prosperity and freedom was also despised and unappreciated by them. The parents did what they thought was right for their children, but they were greatly mistaken.


Mike Brown’s demise: It all started with poor parenting

So, what should parents do? Here’s a few suggestions:

Whether their children get into trouble at school or with the Law, parents need to let their children feel the consequences of their foolish decisions. Allow them to personally experience the disappointments that come with wrong decisions. Parents who are ready at any moment to rescue their innocent little darlings from the authorities teach them nothing. They only help contribute to the presence of more immature adults and sociopaths within our society.

Teach them the value of self-reliance. Teach them that it’s the nature of slaves to continually depend upon others or the government to provide their basic necessities.

Make them earn everything they want (other than their basic needs). If they don’t work for it, don’t give it to them. The things they worked hard for will also be more valued and better taken care of than if you had simply given it to them.

Stop rewarding bad behavior. If your child is disrespectful toward you, take away privileges and the things they use to socialize and escape boredom with (e.g., cellphone, TV, computer). Be consistent and stick to your guns in all that you say and do. The more lenient and soft-hearted you are during the disciplinary process, the less your children will respect you. They will interpret your easygoing nature as weakness. They will view you as an equal instead of as a parent with authority. They will see you as one whom they can easily manipulate.


On the other hand, if you’re firm and resolute, they will see it as a form of strength. They won’t like it, but they will secretly admire your backbone.

Teach them to stop using expressions such as “That’s not fair!” This is how folks enslaved to political-correctness talk. This is how people talk who foolishly think everything should be equal and all of life should be fair and even-handed. But life isn’t ‘fair.’

The strong don’t survive because life is ‘fair’ to them, but because they find ways to overcome their difficulties in spite of being unfairly treated. They also don’t dwell on the unfairness they’ve been dealt because they recognize life is unpredictable; that people and circumstances are not always fair as we may want them to be.

Parents who spoil their children materially or who allow them to never face the consequences of their poor choices are the worst of parents. They may genuinely love their children, but they are complete fools in developing them to be responsible, moral and honorable citizens. Their haphazard parenting effects not only their children, but all of society who must later deal with them as adults.


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