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Female Trump Supporters Close Their Nordstrom Accounts After the Corporation Drops Ivanka’s Line

Folks, this is how we got to start fighting the Left, especially politically-correct corporations that try to punish right-wingers or our president because they don’t agree with his political policies.

Simply remove the life-blood from them by closing credit card accounts and not purchasing anything from their stores. Let them know exactly why you’re doing it too, as these lovely ladies did. 

By the way, did you notice that these female Trump supporters don’t look anything like the typical Birkenstock liberal woman? Nothing dumpy and frumpy about them! Liberal yentas, pay attention! 

We need to starve the beast of Left-leaning corporations. Let them hear your voice, and the absence of your cash. I predict that eventually there will be reversal of attitude on their part.

Money talks!  

How the ‘Lying Media’ Grills One of Their Own as Compared to a Republican President

If it’s not obvious by now that the media has an explicit liberal slant in all that they say and do, well, then you’ve been living under a rock (or maybe just going about in life in a cloud of haze?). How much more obvious does it have to be? 

I remind my readers that today’s media is no friend to the American people, especially to those of us who have been red-pilled. They lie, they obfuscate, they deflect, and they twist the words of their political opponents. They work against our best interests as Americans. 

The media is supposed to be protecting the American people from the waste and lies of Washington, yet all they manage to do is whitewash the news, making sure it comports with their Leftist ‘narrative.’ They have abdicated their role, and they make a mockery of being fair and balanced in their reporting of newsworthy events.

I don’t trust them in the least. I despise them to the core of my being. 


Trump ‘Grabs’ Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe ‘By the Pussy’

Japan’s prime minister, Shinzo Abe, wasn’t prepared for Trump’s ‘power’ handshake. Trump, however, was simply doing what he does to all the world’s political girly men – grabbing ’em by the pussy!

I’m sure this wasn’t the first time the prime minister shook Trump’s hand, so there’s no excuse for not being aware of Trump’s ‘power’ handshakes which involves both a strong grasp and pulling the other person inward. It’s something that Alpha males usually do – that is, men with strong and domineering personalities. It’s a form of showing one’s strength and revealing one’s dominance – something that Trump has a lot of.

Notice also that the Japanese prime minister remained in his pussified grip which made him look, well, even more like a pussy! If he had a better sense of Trump’s personality, he would’ve been prepared for it. At worst, he could have tried to readjust his grip so as to make it appear less girly. But he remained in his awkward ‘help I’ve fallen and I can’t get up’ position. I loved every second of it!

Some people might not like it that Trump handshakes in this way, but not me. How refreshing to have a national leader who is strong, and who exudes strength in everything he does. While it may seem superfluous to attach any importance to Trump’s ‘power’ handshakes, it not-so-subtly tells world leaders that America now has a strong president who will not kiss their asses. The days of ‘bathhouse Barry’ presidents are over! 

12-Year-Old Boy Attacked for Wearing MAGA Cap to School

Once again, the ‘tolerant’ Left shows its true colors. 

Feel Good Video of the Day: Portland Cops Know How to Deal with Anti-Trump Anarchists

Kudos to the Portland police officers who quickly took down these anti-Trump anarchist thugs. I have no objection with peaceful protests among those whose political views I am in complete disagreement with.

This is right and it’s the American way. We can agree to disagree, and the necessity of free expression and the right to voice one’s grievances at the government should always be upheld. 

But when the Left employs violence, vandalism and disrupts the civil peace, they really do deserve a good boot up their asses! 

Liberals Like Chelsea Handler Never Recognize Their Own Hypocrisy

This has always been the problem with limousine liberals like the foul-mouthed Chelsea Handler. They think they’re so wise on social and political issues, yet they never think through the implications of their own rhetoric. Theirs is a ‘If it sounds good, say it’ with no forethought about any logical consistency.

Few will call liberals to account for what they say and, those who do, are simply dismissed as ‘right wingers’ as if that alone is sufficient to rebut any accusations or argument. 

Funny, Chelsea Handler claims that Melania Trump barely speaks English (not true, by the way), yet the woman speaks five languages. How many languages do you speak Chelsea? Seems to me your vocabulary is limited to “fuck off” and other epithets. 

CNN Guest Struggles to State What the ‘Women’s March on D.C.’ Was About: “People of the World Are Really Unifying Against the Idea of Populism” and “That a Diverse Community Makes Us All Better”

When asked what the overarching message of the ‘Women’s March on D.C.’ was about, the rather dykish-looking Jessica Rogers struggles in her answer: “I believe the overarching message is that people of the world are really unifying against the idea of populism. I believe the message is that a diverse community makes us all better.”

Immediately afterwards Rogers has this awkward expression on her face because she knows that she just unloaded a putrid pile of bullshit on everyone. She can’t come up with anything profound, so she resorted to the same old drivel about ‘populism’ and ‘diversity.’ She doesn’t even believe her own statement, and her expression reveals it for all to see. 

The recent march, in truth, was nothing more than another public conniption fit by feminists because they’re unhappy with the election of Trump.

Check out the other female guest, Breanne Butler, who doubles-down on their collective stupidity when she says that “If we can secure the rights of a Black woman, then the Black man’s rights are secure.” Huh? I don’t know about you, but I didn’t see any protest signs at the march that said anything about securing the rights of Blacks. All their signs centered around women’s reproductive rights, protecting their vaginas, demanding that Trump not grab their pussy’s, and declarations that Trump was not their president.

Here’s the truth: Since the feminist march on D.C. didn’t really have its own unique message other than ‘keep out of my pussy’ (or something to that effect), they were forced to conflate an array of civil rights causes in order to lend themselves credibility and buttress their rather weak message. This is why these two female guests floundered so badly, and were desperate to attach their march to the civil rights of Blacks.

Again, the ‘Women’s March on D.C.’ was just a public tantrum, a collective bitch session by feminists who were upset at Trump’s election and nothing more.


Trump Press Secretary, Sean Spicer, Takes the Press to Task: “We’re Going to Hold the Press Accountable as Well”

Man, this is how you hold a press conference! Well, at least that’s how a new president’s administration press briefing should start! Trump’s press secretary, Sean Spicer, gave it to reporters for their lies and distortions surrounding the newly elected president’s inauguration.

Few, if any, press secretaries that I can recall would have ever spoken this boldly to members of the press. President Trump knows that the ‘lying media’ is against them, and he has enough sense to recognize that it will do little good to ‘play nice’ with the snakes.

The rebuke that Spicer issued might have been over relatively trivial matters, but I enjoyed it nonetheless. Every time the press get scolded for its lies and half-truths, it’s a good thing. 

As Whites we must remember that today’s liberal news outlets work against our racial and cultural interests. This is why they will not identify Black thugs on their news reports who commit atrocities against the innocent, preferring instead to merely describe them as “teens.” They protect the race of the perpetrators so that their viewers don’t start to become conscious of typical Black dysfunction.

These are the same people who give softball questions to liberal-democrat politicians, but reserve all their hard questions for conservative-republicans. Their approach to almost every story is slanted toward a liberal worldview, a ‘narrative’ that comports with a politically democrat platform. 

Instead of being ‘fair and balanced,’ and conducting themselves as the watchdogs of our republic, the lying news media has abdicated its true mission and core values. This is why I urge everyone to completely distrust news reporters and to call them out for the phonies they are.  

You’ll NEVER See Melania Trump Give People the Stink Eye in Public

The contrast in First Ladies couldn’t be clearer

Things You Will NEVER See Melania Trump DOING in Public

You’ll never see Melania squatting and shaking her ass in public

Melania will never try to prove how strong she is

You’ll never see Melania fist-bumping with her husband

You’ll never see Melania doing this either

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