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Whatever Happened to MAGA?

Don’t worry, I’m sure he’s just playing 4D chess, right?

Look, I’m not saying Trump won’t accomplish some of his campaign promises, and some is better than nothing and certainly a lot more than Hillary would’ve ever accomplished. The man, admittedly, has had an uphill battle and there are forces of opposition everywhere he turns, including those within his own party. 

Yet, at the same time, Trump has surrounded himself with people who stand in direct opposition to the promises he made to the American people during his campaign. A good number of those closest to him are comprised of Jewish neocons, and his cabinet is loaded heavily with Jews. His Jewish daughter and Jewish son-in-law stand ideologically in another political camp (they’re liberals in large part), and yet they seem to have the greatest influence on his decisions. I don’t see how that can be a good thing. 

From his bombings of Syria (which appears to have been strongly influenced by his overly-emotional daughter, Ivanka) to his pilgrimage to Israel’s Western Wall to kiss Jewish ass, it has become apparent that Trump has surrounded himself with the very swamp creatures he vowed to drain out of Washington. Is it any wonder why his administration has gushed with accusatory leaks against him?


Yes, I’m quite aware these things take time, and I recognize that once an elected president arrives in Washington, there’s an entirely new set of realities that one must work within that’s different from the campaign trail.

The problem is that Trump has done things as president that stand in blatant contradiction to what he promised to his supporters when he campaigned. The contrast is so apparent that one wonders at times if we have the same person in the Oval Office?

I’m persuaded that so long as Trump surrounds himself with Jewish neocons and with people who don’t share the same vision as himself, he will continue to go off message. His focus will always be somewhere else. His passion to drain the swamp will subside, and he will be just another big government, globalist U.S. president who will prove to be little different than Republican weenies such as George Bush, Jeb Bush and Mitt Romney.

We’ve got to end these neo-con and globalist wars in the Middle East. All of them it seems to me have been fought on behalf of Israel in some way or another. This is not good, and it has proven disastrous as any fair-minded person could easily discern. One of the best ways Trump could do that would be to stop appointing Jews to strategic positions within his administration. Unfortunately, Trump is wed to these folks, and there is no reason to imagine that he will abandon them for the greater good of the American people.

Always working against our racial interests 

By the way, whatever happened to the wall? If my memory serves me correct, funding for the wall was not originally included in the most recent budget. Then I heard it was, and now it’s been reported that Trump’s budget has asked for less border wall funding than the original request.

I hope I’m wrong, but I’m starting to get the impression that a “big, beautiful wall” is never going to be erected. Mexico has also remained steadfast that they will not pay for it either. The Democrats and GOP have no interest in stopping the third-world invasion from Mexico, El Salvador and Honduras. This is not encouraging. 

The only good news in all of this, I suppose, is that ICE arrests and deportations are up. The Mexican invaders are worried. Some are returning to Mexico, and that’s a good thing.

Trump’s arrival on the political scene at least exposed the Left’s true colors. While many of us were already aware of it, his campaign and presidency has shown to the American people in vivid color just how rabid, off-base, and anti-American the greater number of liberals are. It’s no longer a matter of what we say, but what liberals prove to the world by their actions. 

Moreover, Trump’s presidency has managed to reveal just how determined globalists are to eradicate all forms of nationalism, especially White nationalism. They really are working feverishly against the racial and cultural interests of Whites. It’s no wonder, then, why Leftists flail into violent fits of rage and become so unhinged when a discussion of ethnic nationalism or the ‘Alt-Right’ arises.

Finally, Trump’s presidency has forever exposed the mainstream media for what it is – namely, a Leftist and globalist loudspeaker which, instead of reporting the news, only manipulates it to shape public opinion and promote the accepted ‘narrative.’

Trump, then, has the potential of accomplishing much that is good. Unfortunately, not a whole lot that’s encouraging has taken place thus far. I hope the situation will improve, but I’m doubtful. If anything, as I’ve said before, his presidency may just buy Whites enough time to plan and mobilize and somehow fight off the soft genocide currently underway by our Leftist overlords.  

We shall see. 

Have we been suckered . . . again?


Like a Good Goy, Trump Visits the Western Wall and Vows to Make the Middle East a Place Where Children can “Grow Up Free From Terrorism and Violence”

Good Goy that he is, President Trump visited the Western Wall today and played the religious part on behalf of Jews in order to show he’s a good friend to Israel. He also vowed to pursue a peace deal that would make the Middle East a place where children can “grow up free from terrorism and violence” (see the Daily Mail article).

Excuse me? Hasn’t this been tried ad infinitum by previous U.S. presidents to no avail? What in the world crawls up the poop-shoots of our presidents to imagine that it’s their duty to resolve a 3,000 year conflict between Jews and Arabs in the Middle East?

Does Trump really think that it’s his job to work out a ‘peace deal’ between Jews and Palestinians? Well, it’s not. That wasn’t why Americans voted for him. Their concerns were almost exclusively domestic related and not preoccupied with trying to bring about peace between two peoples that utterly despise each other.

How refreshing it would have been for Trump to have stayed home in the U.S. and concentrate his efforts on domestic concerns. How encouraging it would have been had he said at the outset that the American people elected him to resolve the problems Americans were facing and not to end foreign conflicts abroad, especially ones that have endured for over 3,000 years.

Trump’s ‘deal’ to make the Middle East a place where children “grow up free from terrorism and violence” will fail just like every ‘plan’ to bring peace to these Semitic tribes of people. It won’t work because Trump doesn’t have the power to heal the deep-rooted hatred they have for each other. He can’t change the human heart nor the soul that’s engulfed with hatred for others. 

Moreover, Muslims throughout the world hate Israel too much and the Palestinians serve as an effective tool to agitate Israel with, forever making them appear before the watching world as bullies and terrorists themselves.

Trump has become a stooge for Jews and for the nation of Israel, and he’s not introspective enough to recognize it. He lacks the discernment to see that it’s not his job to establish peace between Israel and Palestine. His arrogance and self-confidence blinds him from the obvious.

Our American Founders wanted their new nation to remain free from foreign entanglements, yet every president since the establishment of the State of Israel feels it’s his moral imperative to involve himself bringing  about peace in a never-ending conflict between two Semitic tribes. In this respect, Trump is no different than every other U.S. president of recent date. 

While I recognize that U.S. presidents must at times deal with international affairs, this doesn’t mean they should entangle themselves in unnecessary conflicts, particularly those that have been on-going for centuries throughout human history. It should be readily apparent to Trump that sticking his nose in a war of constant tit-for-tat between Jews and Palestinians will get him and the American people nowhere. But he won’t see it because he has chosen to surround himself with a cadre of Jewish neocons and globalists who are essentially Israel-firsters. 

Mark my words: There will be no settled peace between Israel and the Palestinian people. Any so-called ‘deal’ will be futile and amount to nothing.   It will be another wasted experiment in trying to wager peace between two groups of people who are determined to kill each other. 

Stay out of their tribal bullshit Trump!

Ain’t it the truth? 




How Our Elected Officials Work Against the Greater Interests of the American People: Colorado Governor Pardons Cuban Immigrant to Avoid His Deportation

According to a recent article in Reuters, “Colorado’s governor on Friday pardoned a convicted armed robber released from prison decades early, but who now faces deportation to Cuba, from where he fled as a child during the 1980 Mariel boat lift.

The decision by Governor John Hickenlooper was the latest wrinkle in legal maneuvering surrounding Rene Lima-Marin, 38, who was ordered freed from a state prison this week after a clerical error that cut short his original sentence.

In 2000, Lima-Marin was convicted of aggravated robbery with intent to kill, kidnapping and other charges stemming from a crime spree that he and an accomplice committed in the Denver suburb of Aurora.

The trial judge sentenced him to a total of 98 years in prison, to be served consecutively. However, a clerical error on a sentencing document stated that the prison terms for each of the offenses were to be concurrently, reducing expected time served to 16 years.

According to court documents, Lima-Marin became a model prisoner during his incarceration and was paroled in 2008. He successfully completed his parole, found a steady job, married and became a father.

After six years of freedom, prosecutors noticed the error in the sentencing calculation, and Lima-Marin was sent back to prison.

His lawyers appealed, and this week Arapahoe County District Court Judge Carlos Samour ordered Lima-Marin’s release, citing his successful rehabilitation.

‘No other remedy will result in justice in this case,’ Samour ruled.

But after Lima-Marin was freed again this week, agents with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) took him into federal custody, citing a deportation order that was issued based on his felony convictions.

Lima-Marin’s immigration lawyer, Hans Meyer, then requested a pardon, which Hickenlooper, a Democrat, granted on Friday.

‘Given the extraordinary circumstances of this case and Mr. Lima-Marin’s demonstrated ability to live successfully in the community … it would be unjust for Mr. Lima-Marin to suffer further consequences for his convictions,” Hickenlooper said.

Meyer cautioned that the pardon does not guarantee federal authorities would not move ahead with deportation proceedings.

‘We hope that ICE and the immigration court will also work with us in the interests of justice to reopen Rene’s immigration case, restore his lawful permanent resident status, and reunite this family once and for all,’ Meyer said.

ICE spokesman Carl Rusnok said the pardon does not change his agency’s position.

‘Rene Michael Lima Marin currently has final orders of removal from a federal immigration judge,’ Rusnok said.

Lima-Marin was just 2 when his family joined an estimated 125,000 Cubans fleeing the Caribbean island nation in boats to the United States in a mass exodus permitted by then-Cuban leader Fidel Castro.”


You’d think with all the problems we have in America with criminal immigrants that our elected officials would do what’s right for the people they serve. But they don’t. They don’t serve us at all, in fact, except to further tax and enslave us with government bureaucracy.

I don’t give a rat’s ass that this ‘Cuban-crumb’ finished his parole stipulations, got married, and got himself a steady job. Hey governor numb nuts, that’s what he’s supposed to be doing! The governor, in effect, is rewarding the criminal (who still hasn’t serve his entire sentence of 98 years!) for doing what everyone is expected to do.

Typical liberal stupidity!

The soft-headed governor tells us that “it would be unjust for Mr. Lima-Marin to suffer further consequences for his convictions.” Oh? What’s really “unjust” about the ordeal is that there exists a slew of victims who will never get full justice for the violent crimes committed by this Cuban immigrant.

Once again, liberals are shown to downplay the need for justice, for victim recompense, and retribution against criminal offenders. They are soft on crime and criminals because such attitudes comport with their demented outlook on life. 

Black Democrat Congresswoman, Corrine Brown, Convicted of 24 Federal Counts of Fraud, Conspiracy, Obstruction and Tax Evasion

Couldn’t have happened to a more deserving negress

Here’s a taste of what a screwball this woman is.  

Dindus in her district deserve her

But It Wasn’t “Good Food”!

Here’s America’s former booty-squater, Moochelle or also known as Manchelle, complaining because Trump ended her school lunch program that almost the entirety of public school students hated and rejected. She whines, “Why don’t you want our kids to have good food at school?” Because it wasn’t “good food,” you moron!

The nation tried to tell you, but you turned a deaf ear and continued to impose your tasteless slop on our children anyways. You subjected our children to something you would never regularly serve your own. And then you had the gaul to selfishly parade around the country like you had accomplished something beneficial to our nation’s children.

You weren’t even an elected official. No one voted for you to impose your nutritional schemes on our children. Like the self-righteous and arrogant negress that you are, you wouldn’t listen to what rational people were trying to tell you.

More than that, you had every opportunity to revise your government food program, but you never did. The food choices that are available do not have to be either Coca-Cola, candy bars and potato chips or salads, stale granola bars, and some strange soupy concoction. No, there’s all sorts of healthy, nutritional foods that have flavor, protein and healthy fats that provide satiety and can be eaten without experiencing a sugar or processed carb overload.

Mooch, unfortunately, couldn’t see it because she only knows one nutritional paradigm – namely, the failed government food pyramid in which carbohydrates, bread, vegetable oils, margarine, and sugary cereals are emphasized while saturated fat in the form of red meat and pork, organic butter, olive oil, eggs, and the like are downplayed in importance.

Since Mooch has a big-government mentality, she can only think in terms of what government establishment types view as nutritious. She has no idea that the entire nutritional paradigm has swung against the old paradigm promoted by misguided folks such as the American physiologist, Ancel Keys, beginning in the 1950s who taught the false notion that saturated fat caused coronary heart disease, etc.

Mooch, seriously, your best talents lie in shaking your ass and lecturing your mangina you call a husband. Stick with that, and get your fat ass out of our personal lives.

Mooch needs to stick to squatting and shaking her ass


Hillary Clinton Celebrates Macron Win!


Mocking the Left, Doing It Right: ‘Carrot Man’ Mocks ‘Antifa’ SJW’s

Here’s ‘Carrot Man’ mocking the prancing ‘Antifa’ drummer-boy shouting at the crowd. This is how you do it, or at least it’s one effective way. The Left is accustomed to being in control of the ‘narrative,’ so they get particularly annoyed when one of our own mocks them publicly.

Ridicule and mockery is a staggeringly effective tool against our enemies. Leftist SJW’s take themselves so seriously that their heads explode when people just look at them and laugh or deride them. It’s also a good way to win over a crowd, and humor is helpful in toning things down a little.

So, kudos to you ‘Carrot Man’ for embarrassing a self-righteous, unemployed twit who probably still lives at home with Mom and Dad.

Communists at the ‘International Workers Day’ Speak Out: “The Russian Revolution was the Greatest Accomplishment of the both Century”

It’s good that we hear what these people have to say. The lunacy and outdated beliefs of today’s socialists and communists should be on full display.

It illustrates the incredible capacity that humans possess for self-deception. Think about it: These are people who live in a country (USA) that affords them almost unlimited freedom, bountiful amounts of food, endless opportunities for success and wealth, and every imaginable comfort and modern convenience that one can possess – yet these communists actually believe that living under a regime which either restricts or outlaws all such possible freedoms is a good thing?!

Every country that adheres to a strictly communistic philosophy of government and economics is poverty-stricken and embroiled in political upheaval. The only successful countries throughout the globe are countries that adhere in some form to a capitalistic economic framework. China and Russia may be socialistic/communist in some form, but they recognize the value of capitalism in fostering a vibrant economy for their people.

The Libtards in the video are enthusiastic for socialism/communism only because they haven’t had to actually live under its tyranny for any length of time. Once they do, they’ll flee from it as everyone else does who experiences its ruinous and poverty-promoting effects. 

Feel Good Video of the Day: Truck Drives Through Communist May Day Supporters Blocking Roadway

According to the description provided in Live Leak, “A pickup truck drove through a May Day march in Durham, North Carolina. Some demonstrators tried to stop the vehicle. Nobody was hurt. Local TV stations including CBS North Carolina were covering the march and caught the incident on camera.”

Too bad he wasn’t ‘rolling coal’ at the same time. 

‘Antifa’ Thugs Throw Molotov Cocktails at French Police

It’s just a matter of time before America’s communists-anarchists known as ‘Antifa’ start doing the same to our police officers. The only difference, I tend to think, is that our cops will shoot back or at least give them a good old ‘Antifa’ ass-whooping.

It’s amazing how any police force can allow the same people who are known to attack others and vandalize property all while wearing masks to publicly protest. The minute the ‘Antifa’ anarchists show up, they should be unmasked and arrested. Is there really any doubt about what these street agitators are about? They’re not protesters, they’re violent criminals. 

I can only surmise that our liberal governments allow the masked ‘Antifa’ brawlers to flourish because they secretly agree with them (or perhaps not so secretly?). They want them to provoke chaos and dissension among the populace because it comports with their globalist plan to racially and culturally displace Whites with hordes of low-skilled third-world peasants.

The more that radical communists and anarchists take to the streets and unsettle things, the more our governments can justify their restrictions on our liberties. We are no longer being told to accept ‘diversity,’ we are now being forced to accept it and groups like ‘Antifa’ are being used by our governments to help enforce it.

This guy is like your average ‘Antifa’ ass-clown 

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