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Marine Le Pen Clashes with Swarmy, BBC Cuck-Reporter Over Immigration and Leaving the EU

If you can stand it, this is a fascinating interview in which Marine Le Pen verbally spars with an arrogant, smug cuck-reporter from the BBC. His name is Stephen Sackur, a real liberal weenie. I warn the viewer that he’s hard to listen to because he’s so damn obnoxious.

The interview illustrates, however, the overt bias the establishment media has in favor of mass third-world immigration, their opposition to White identity, and their promotion of worldwide globalism.

I commend Le Pen for her patience, although I doubt I would have been able to exercise the same level of restraint. She is a great woman, and I pray that God will grant her even more success and protect her life.

Boston ‘Antifa’ Sends a Message to its Men (aka masked pussies who live in their mother’s basement)

This video, supposedly representing Boston’s ‘Antifa’ chapter, has been making the rounds on social media. I tend to think that the douche-bags of ‘Antifa’ are being trolled. Maybe they’ve got a mole in their ranks, and she’s making them look even more stupid than they already are?

The segment, admittedly, is funny and completely absurd which is why I tend to doubt that it genuinely reflects the thinking of Boston’s ‘Antifa’ chapter. Could they really be this over-the-top stupid? If so, we’ve got nothing to fear from these ass-clowns!

‘Based Stick Man’ Going Back to Berkeley on April 15th High Noon: All Commie Crushers Are Invited!

God bless ‘Based Stick Man’. May his tribe increase!

Are We Inching Closer to Civil War? Anti-Trump Protesters Showing Up at Public Demonstrations Armed

I have been saying for a period of time now that eventually the brewing conflict between the Left and the Right will progress from fists, sticks and pepper spray to bullets. 

Now that Leftists are showing up armed – at least at this demonstration in Arizona – it’s just a matter of time before Trump supporters likewise show up armed. The good news is that those on the Right have more guns than those on the Left and are more proficient in their use. Right-wingers have always been pro-Second Amendment unlike Leftists who are generally opposed to firearms and gun rights.

Observe also how this piece portrays Trump supporters as the aggressive, combative ones who by their actions force anti-Trumpers to arm up. In the majority of instances by far, it’s Leftists like those of ‘Antifa’ who attack their opponents and vandalize property. Trump supporters on almost every occasion where a fight breaks out are merely defending themselves or resisting the intimidation of the masked ‘Antifa’ scum.

Are we inching closer to civil war? You betcha!

A book you’re not supposed to read 

Nebraska Democrats Include Voter Registration Forms in ‘Welcome’ Baskets for Refugees

According to the description provided in Live Leak, “The Nebraska Democratic Party is welcoming refugees with open arms, welcome baskets and voter registration forms. A donation drive organized by the NDP collected some 50 gift baskets for refugees. Each contained items like diapers and kitchen utensils, a welcome letter from the Nebraska Democratic Party signed by its chairwoman Jane Kleeb, and a voter registration form, according to a video posted to Facebook by the Nebraska Democratic Party.”

How much clearer does it have to be that Democrats are working against the American people? How much more evidence do you need to realize that the Democrat Party is working tirelessly to bring about the racial and cultural displacement of Whites?  

The Crazy and Depressing World of Libtards: Liberals Are Suffering from ‘Post Election Stress Disorder’

‘Post Election Stress Disorder’ is what happens to Liberals when they can’t face reality. It’s what occurs to ‘people of the lie’ who can only think in terms of feel-good bumper sticker slogans and ‘happy talk’ from clinical psychologists. Their entire political world is crumbling around them, and all they can manage to do is seek help from therapists, engage in the craziest public antics, and run for their ‘safe spaces’.

These women’s minds are diseased, corrupted from within as a result of decades of ingesting Libtard poison. They can’t emotionally handle a Trump presidency because their entire life and dreams are wrapped around a socialist-Leftist fairy tale in which a statist government dictates our every thought and desire.

Trump is slowly draining the swamp. Each day he says things that ‘trigger’ them like no one else. He declares the ‘disturbing’ and ‘uncomfortable’ realities of life, ideas that run counter to everything their Leftist overlords have told them to believe. They prefer the lies of the grinning baboon who recently left the Oval Office because he tickled their ears, made them ‘feel good,’ and had a nice smile even though his every intention was to sink the ship he was in charge of. As for the sometimes ugly husk that truth arrives in, they avoid it like the plague. It takes them out of their comfort zones and leaves them with the task of having to think for themselves – something they’re just not accustomed to doing!

These are the Eloi, the low-information types, the non-thinkers. It’s all very deceptive because while they present the illusion that they read widely on the Internet and seek out political news stories, it’s all from their pre-packaged liberal worldview. While I concede that political conservatives are apt to do the same sort of thing at times, it’s highly discouraged among us. We are more inclined to think through challenging questions and objections without resulting to ad-hominem or rancor. This is not so with Liberals. Just mention Trump’s name among them, and brace for what happens next.

Dedicated to ‘Based Stick Man’ and the ‘Alt-Knights’ at the Battle of Berkeley

There may only be sticks and pepper spray used now, but I suspect it will likely progress to knives and bullets.

Mind you, I’m not saying I want things to turn more violent. It’s just that the division between the Right and Left is so strong that pretty words and ‘conversations’ will simply not heal the rift between us. The Left continues to think they can bully Trump supporters and engage in violence against us in violation of our free speech rights, so it’s not unreasonable to think that things are bound to become worse.

The good news in all of this is that the Left has no idea what they are about to unleash. White Americans can only take the bullying and constant intimidation against us and what we believe for so long before we take matters into our own hands.

The Left has been egging for a civil war. I wouldn’t be surprised if they got exactly what they asked for.

Good News! ‘Based Stick Man’ NOT CHARGED! All Charges Dropped!

The only caveat is that they have chosen not to charge him “at this time.” They could, of course, charge Kyle Chapman (‘Based Stick Man’) at a later time, but I tend to think it’s unlikely for at least four reasons.

(1) The authorities, including the Alameda County DA’s Office, know quite well that Chapman’s ‘stick time’ was defensive in nature. Anti-Trump protesters have gained a reputation of attacking far too many Trump supporters, so it’s perfectly natural that those holding a pro-Trump rally would have weapons and seek to defend themselves from those attempting to violate their first amendment right.

(2) They know too that this incident has the potential of exploding into an uncontrollable media circus which will expose the violent, anarchist nature of terrorist groups like ‘Antifa’ which routinely disrupt the peaceful rally’s of Trump voters. If it went to court, a host of bloody and injured victims of ‘Antifa’ could be paraded and testify how they were ruthlessly attacked while only exercising their first amendment right.

(3) If they pursued charges against Chapman, they would have to do the same with those on the anti-Trump side, including groups like ‘Antifa’ and ‘Black Block.’ This would mean incarcerating those whom they are generally in political agreement with. Moreover, the entire case would become messy due to the infringement of free speech rights by those who sought to intimidate and attack Trump supporters.

(4) Finally, the spotlight at some point would be placed on the Berkeley police department and their lackadaisical response in protecting Trump supporters who were engaged in nothing more than a lawful political assembly. Deeper questions such as whether a ‘stand down’ order was issued by the Chief of Police, and whether Berkeley’s mayor or any city council members influenced that decision?

Remember, most District Attorney’s want a 100% conviction record so they’ll be voted in for a second and third term (or more!). Like all of us, they too want to keep their jobs. Thus, they’ll frequently throw out cases which are deemed either not winnable or likely to be rejected by a jury. They want a ‘slam dunk’ and not a costly, drawn-out case which has little potential for a conviction. This is likely why Chapman’s case was not pursued by the Alameda County District Attorney’s Office.

Yes, it’s only my opinion, but I know how these folks work.


‘Based Stick Man’: Thumping heads and doing it right! 

‘Trump Girl’ is Amazing! Hope for a New Generation?

This little ‘Trump girl’ is amazing! I enjoyed her spirit, and the fact that she condemned illegal immigration so boldly and unashamedly gives me hope for a future generation.

Can you imagine ‘Trump girl’ at school when the little Libtards-in-training question and challenge her? I’m sure she runs circles around them intellectually! Most of them probably just sit there dumbfounded and drooling – that is, when they’re not screaming incoherently, crying and running to their ‘safe spaces.’  

Trump Rally Crasher (aka ‘the crazy screamer’) Articulates Her Best Argument Against Trump

This is what we’re up against folks. This is the mentality of our opposition. Having nothing intelligent to say, they can only resort to screaming and ‘flipping the bird’ in a futile attempt to disrupt a rally held by Trump supporters.

It’s good to see liberals completely going batshit crazy over Trump’s presidency. We’ve always known that they are spoiled little children who live in their own little world, and here’s the proof it. Don’t think for one minute that ‘the  crazy screamer’ is an aberration. Nope, the Left is filled with mentally deficient folks just like her.

This is what our modern colleges and universities produce. This is what happens to your kids when you take a ‘hands off’ approach to raising and training them. This is what happens when you trust that your public schools will give your kids a ‘good education.’

This is your brain on liberalism. 

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