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Trumps Calls CNN “A Terrible Organization” and Tells One of Their Reporters “You’re Fake News” During Press Conference / Other Reporters Applaud

If there’s one thing I love about Trump is that he fights back. He gives the media the same shit back that they give to him. That’s what you’ve got to do, otherwise their stories will dominate and the truth will get buried. The nation, as a whole, will believe their lies too because the common assumption is that someone who doesn’t defend himself vigorously in the face of false accusations must be guilty.

The ‘lying media’ is not prepared nor accustomed to a major political figure who fights them, who gets mean and dirty with them. Can you imagine any other president in recent history doing this sort of thing to the media’s snide reporters? Every president is expected to take it in the ass and respond ‘presidential’ (whatever that’s supposed to mean?). Not Trump. He’s a fighter, and he knows what lying pieces of excrement these smug reporters are, including the organizations they work for. He’s had a long history of dealing with these Leftist quislings, so he knows them well.

After Trump refuses to answer this reporter’s question and calls CNN “fake news,” the crowd of reporters standing around actually applauded. Even they, apparently, know what phonies CNN’s reporters are!

As I’ve said before, taking the ‘high road’ in politics sounds good in theory, but you will lose. The ‘lying media,’ in fact, counts on conservatives and republicans taking the ‘high road’ because that’s how their false stories gain credibility. Every time a republican smiles off a false story against him or her, or ‘plays nice’ when innuendoes of corruption or racism are leveled against him or her, the media wins and their lies sound more plausible to a low-information populace.

What I’m saying is that a smart politician needs to be prepared for these kinds of questions/objections from a reporter, and a willingness to speak to them like they’ve got nothing to lose. Get in their grill and talk shit back to them! Conventional wisdom tells us that this approach will turn off one’s constituents, but the reality is that most viewers will respect the politician who stand ups for himself and fights back! The greater number of Americans have low opinion of reporters anyways, so they’ll admire the man or woman who takes their shit and gives it right back to them.

Most people respect a fighter. They admire the person who takes off their gloves and tells it like it is. This is one reason why Trump is so loved by Americans. The people want a fighter, something Mitt Romney, John McCain, George Bush, and all the cucks of the GOP  never quite understood.

America’s First Tranny Tears Up While Telling Democrats to Brace Themselves for the Dark Days Ahead Under a Trump Presidency

Speaking before a group of democrats comprised mostly of liberal White women, the Wookiee herself tears up and urges her gullible followers to “hope, never fear,” “don’t be afraid,” and “know that I will be with you, rooting for you and working to support you the rest of my life.”

Yeah, right, just like you did during your husband’s eight years of tyranny when you weren’t spending exorbitant amounts of taxpayer money vacationing around the world with your entourage. She ended her disingenuous, drama-filled speech telling the audience, “I hope I’ve made you proud” in which they break out in applause. It’s all so sappy that it’s embarrassing to watch this ‘thang’ and her adoring morons.

The implication behind her farewell speech is that America now faces dark days ahead because of Trump’s presidency. She recently told Oprah, in fact, that she now knows what it feels like to not have hope now that Trump will be seated in the Oval Office.

Seriously, the drama and phoniness is too much to bear sometimes. These two chimps from Chicago have done nothing good for the people of America. In fact, Trump has done more good for Americans during the past eight weeks than Obama has done for them in the past eight years – and he hasn’t even taken the presidential oath of office yet! 

Both she and her husband have lived high on the hog at taxpayer’s expense while traveling here, vacationing there, and burdening hard-working Americans with a monstrous national debt that neither of them felt any concern nor remorse for. You’d think they would’ve led by example and lived less exorbitant lives, but no, we’re not dealing with people who have such a conscience. Obama increased the nation’s debt like no other president in U.S. history, one which we and our grandchildren’s grandchildren will never be free from. Such things matter little to Obama and his pretend, ass-shaking wife. 

None of this, I might add, was accidental. It was intentional all along with the end result being the ruin and ‘transformation’ of America from within at the hands of radical political and cultural Leftists. Should any of this surprise us when we discover that Obama began his presidential pursuit in the living room of former domestic terrorist and Leftist radical, Bill Ayers?

This couple ruthlessly insulted and maligned America, including the founding stock of this nation for the past eight years, and we took up the ass whatever they gave us – all because we had to have a Black president so we could prove how ‘non-racist’ we were! 

Well, you morons, you finally got your house negro, didn’t you? How’d that work out for you? Do you have more money in your pocket today or just ‘hope and change‘? Are you better off now? Has the federal government been reduced in size and scope of influence? How’s that Obamacare working for you? Obama really rectified our national debt, didn’t he? Is your country’s military stronger now after eight years of our Kenyan dictator, or weaker? How’s that unemployment working for you?

You fools, the only thing this Chicago ‘community organizer’ did was heap more debt on your dumb asses. While you tried to pretend Obama wasn’t really out to destroy America from within, he traveled throughout the world apologizing to all the nations for America’s sins of greatness, industriousness, and achievements. While you were busy being ‘non-racist’ and ‘non-judgmental,’ he was enflaming racial tensions by speaking out on matters he had no real knowledge of. While you thought the Obama administration was working to protect you, they were busy inviting hordes of illegal third-worlders from Mexico and Central America into our land. While you praised Obama and gushed over his ugly wife, they schemed and connived to racially and culturally displace your White ass! 

While Muslims were murdering Americans on our streets, Obama was busy appointing more Muslims to high-ranking positions within the federal government. While you were rebuking other Whites for their ‘White privilege,’ he was siccing his Attorney General and other federal goons after White cops who dared to fatally shoot any violent Black thug – uh, I mean ‘teen.’ While Obama blamed the tanked U.S. economy on Bush, he was at the same time increasing our national debt by taking lavish trips, partying with celebrities all at taxpayer’s expense, and promoting outrageously expensive federal policies guaranteed to excessively burden our people with even more debt and government waste.  

America, you thought you were getting a Black president and First Lady who genuinely loved and cared for this once great nation, but all you got was two privileged, affirmative-action niggers!

America’s low-information voters got what they deserved

They Just Don’t Get It: The Lies and Lame Excuses That Democrats Offer for Trump’s Election Victory

Pay special attention to the titles placed under ‘New This Morning.’ 

Israel Receives the First of Its Two F-35 Fighter Jets That YOU Paid For – Suckers!

Each of these F-35s cost about $100 million each, and guess who paid for them? You and I, the American taxpayer, did! That’s right, we paid to militarily equip another nation’s military. A nation, mind you, that’s fully capable of defending itself and which even possesses nuclear warheads. Yet we agreed to fork over billions of American taxpayer dollars to arm Israel!?

Our current president, the ‘Nothing Man,’ and both parties, Republicans and Democrats, agreed to waste your hard-earned cash on building a foreign nation’s military. If you’re starting to feel like a sucker, well, get used to it because there doesn’t look to be any end to this nonsense.

How do you think our Founders would have felt had they known that arming and protecting foreign nations, some of which are clearly hostile to us, would become the national norm in the future? They’d be spinning in their graves had they known this crap was occurring. 

Geraldo Rivera’s 11-Year-Old Daughter Has More Common Sense Than Him When it Comes to Trump’s Wall

It doesn’t surprise me that an 11-year-old has more sense than this arrogant Libtard. Besides, if this is all it took to persuade Rivera that erecting a wall is good idea to prevent illegal immigrants from entering through our Southern border, it shows what little intellectual substance his opposition was founded upon. 

Never forget that liberals almost always argue from an emotional and reactionary position, as opposed to well-reasoned facts and careful reflection.  

Breaking: Obama Has Announced His Next Career Move Upon Leaving the White House

The ‘Nothing Man’ has just announced his next career move upon leaving his duties as Dictator and Nation Destroyer come January 20th, 2017. Reminiscent of the rim-jobs he regularly received and gave at Chicago’s gay bathhouse, ‘Man’s Country,’ Barack Obama will be working as a street break dancer in which he twirls a bicycle rim upon his anus.

Now that takes a lot of skill and practice! Unbeknownst to most people, the president has been feverishly choreographing his dance moves in between his other responsibilities of golfing and late night partying at the White House.

Eric Holder and ‘Reverend’ Al Sharpton are expected to join him in an ensemble celebrating eight years of Black-run tyranny.


Lies. It Was All Lies. Nothing But Lies.

Boy, the American people sure got railroaded with this knucklehead who is appropriately called ‘The Nothing Man.’ That’s exactly what Barack Obama did for America – Nothing! 

Well, maybe a slight correction is in order. Obama managed to increase our national debt to over 20 trillion. He managed to impose a heath care system that was anything but “affordable.” He weakened our military like no other president in U.S. history, all the while keeping us engaged in protracted wars in both Iraq and Afghanistan.

Obama did nothing to significantly decrease unemployment levels. He continued to support excessive taxation of the American people. He cost taxpayers billions for his many vacation trips throughout the world. He played more golf and engaged in more leisure activities than all U.S. presidents before him. He seemed to have little appreciation for the concept of hard work, and it showed.


Obama: Working hard for the American people

Obama did nothing on behalf of his own people, and  great numbers of them will admit it too. Blacks in America thought their lives would improve once one of their own was elected to the highest office in the land. It never happened. Their conditions got worse. 

Obama’s presidency was marked by constant scandals and controversies. His entire cabinet was installed with radical Leftists, overt socialists, and communist sympathizers. The man became the laughing stock of worldwide opinion, and few world leaders respected him. He was seen as weak, vacillating and effeminate.

Obama greatly increased racial strife among Americans. He was afforded every opportunity to quell violent rhetoric among Blacks and crush the riots that devastated several of our nation’s major cities, but never did. Instead, he inflamed the hatred of Blacks toward Whites, and agreed with a false ‘narrative’ that U.S. police officers were randomly and without justification gunning down Black people. He always made it seem that Blacks in America had legitimate complaints, and that their riotous conduct and destruction of property was somehow justified.


While great numbers of Islamic terrorist attacks were occurring throughout the world – even in America – Obama refused to identify by name ‘radical’ Islam (which is nothing more than normative Islam).

Partly out of sheer defiance and partly because he culturally identifies with Islam, Obama would not concede that the terrorism we were experiencing was the result of Islam’s fundamental religious teachings. He refused to name the real culprit in the deaths of so many innocent people. He could have done so much to protect the American people, but he refused to carry out even the most basic duties of a U.S. president in terms of national security.

Without shame, Obama intentionally permitted millions of illegal aliens to enter the U.S. and encouraged a ‘stand-down’ policy among our border patrol agents. This action alone not only swelled our population numbers, including helping to burden our welfare system, but it forced an even greater competition among Americans for the few remaining jobs available.


Obama didn’t care how this would impact unemployment numbers within ‘African-American’ communities. His only concern was to racially and culturally displace Whites so they would no longer remain the dominant majority. Obama, then, turned against the very Whites who had coddled and promoted him throughout his privileged life. He benefitted from a system created by Whites, and then did everything in his power to use it against the naive people who helped him.

What a great guy!    

Hard Truth: The only thing Americans managed to elect was a self-absorbed, privileged and ‘community organizing’ nigga who didn’t give a rat’s ass about anyone but himself. If the media had done its job, and if the American people would have bothered to take a hard look at who this guy was, we could have saved our country from a lot of heartache, waste and embarrassment.

Obama could have nullified the stereotypical opinion (meaning, truthful opinion!) of the greater majority of people throughout the world that Blacks are generally lazy and incompetent. But he was too self-entitled and narcissistic to see the greater good that could’ve been accomplished.

As a result, I predict it will be a very long time before Americans again elect another Black man to the presidency. Our nation is currently suffering from negro fatigue and, after eight long years, we’ve had our fill with pretenders.      


Cenk Uygur of ‘The Young Turks’ Praises Trump and Castigates Obama: “Obama Wouldn’t Have Done That. That’s Not Who He is . . . He’s Not That Strong”

Here’s one of those rare occasions when Cenk Uygur makes sense. Granted, it’s only a matter of time before he returns to his customary overreactions and obnoxious political rants, but this time he was fair enough to concede that Trump did something right that Obama and the democrats should’ve been doing all along.

Cenk castigates Obama for his unwillingness to do the very things that Trump has done with the Carrier corporation in keeping American jobs here in the U.S. He rightly points out that while Obama could’ve and should’ve done this sort of thing all along, he didn’t because “That’s not who he is” and because “He’s not that strong.”

That’s the difference between Trump and Obama. It’s a matter of strength and true leadership. Trump, for all his faults, is a leader and will govern from a position of strength.

It’s important to point out that Trump hasn’t even been inaugurated yet, and he’s already showing his leadership skills! Dignitaries worldwide and even the media somewhat are treating him like he’s the sitting U.S. president, and it’s wonderful to behold. Obama is slowly being discarded like the worthless menstrual rag that he is. 

Interestingly, while Cenk condemns Obama for not doing what Trump has done with Carrier, I can’t recall any occasion within the past eight years when he urged Obama to be strong and to threaten corporations who move American jobs to foreign countries. Maybe he has, but I’ve listened to a lot of what Cenk spews and I can’t remember one occasion where he urged Obama to govern from a position of strength and to threaten corporations that have government contracts. If I’m wrong about this, then I give him credit for doing so.

Part of the reason Trump is doing so well is because he has business experience. He’s been in the real world. He can tell the difference between a good deal and a bad one. He’s got good business sense. 

Yet look what Trump’s missing too. He’s never been a lawyer. He’s never been a politician before – all of which are credits to his leadership skills. In other words, because he’s lacking in the convoluted and pedantic mindset of an attorney, he’s able to see the bigger picture. Because he’s never been a politician until of recent date, he’s not bound to politically-correct rhetoric and overly-preoccupied about what people might think of him.

Also, because Trump has already achieved great success in life, he’s not dependent on what others may say nor threats to his political career. When someone like Trump has successfully withstood every lie the media has thrown at him, it’s easier to continue moving forward with his goals of making America great again.

This is very much unlike almost 100% of those currently elected to congress. Most of them have never owned a business, and the greater majority have law degrees. They are, essentially, part and parcel to the establishment, and this is why they are unable to reform it in any meaningful and lasting way.

Trump is starting to prove what many of us have been saying for a long time – an outsider who is a fighter and not part of the ruling elite is needed to help ‘drain the swamp.’

Whether Trump will actually clean up Washington in the way that we imagine, I seriously doubt. But he will definitely shake things up, and his presidency alone will buy race-conscious Whites more time to organize and strategize for our future. For this alone, we can be thankful.  

Cringe-Inducing Political Rap Video by Disgusting Jewish Yenta, Lena Dunham: Is it Any Wonder Why Hillary Lost? (Warning: Gross!)

Brace yourselves for this one. I’ll warn my readers in advance that they might not be able to bleach-out what their eyes are about to see. Turn back now if you value decency and wish to keep your eyes and soul from the filth it’s about to behold.

This video by the fat, ugly, self-absorbed and always pretentious, Lena Dunham, whom the Left has forced on the American people for the past five years, is a political rap video produced to encourage low-information types everywhere to vote for Hillary Clinton (this was immediately prior to the final night’s election).

The video, as it turned out, had little effect on the final decision of voters. The best part of it, however, is how cringe-inducing Lena is portrayed. It’s so typical of this ugly yenta to present herself as more important than she actually is. Watching her should force all rational people to recognize that a grand farce has been foisted upon them – namely, that Lena is a talented and creative actress (neither which is true).

Over the years I’ve ragged on this fat pig, but not because she’s fat or ugly. There are lots of people who are fat and physically ugly, but they are decent people. I have nothing against them. Not so with this Jewish sow whom the media constantly forces on all of us. There has been a concerted effort to make Lena the model, the ideal for our young women. Lena doesn’t just ‘act’ in a cable TV series (if that’s what one wishes to call it?), but she’s politically active, almost evangelical in her efforts to reach young people. Whether it’s voting for Obama or Hillary, or whether it’s ranting against ‘patriarchy’ and ‘rape-culture’ on our college campuses, Lena’s on the front lines promoting Libtardism to all who are stupid enough to listen to her.

Check out the beginning of the video featuring two anal-intruders whom Lena describes as her “closest friends.” If you’re like me, you’ll know the disgust that stirs within when you witness such faggotry. I know that in our age homosexuality and effeminate males are supposed to be acceptable, but I can’t do it. I will always reject it, no matter what others say. I see these two effeminate Whites as the Eloi, the devastating effects that Libtard culture has had on Whites males for the past 50 years. 

Still haven’t had enough of Lena? Alright, here’s for you sadists who love heaping punishment on yourselves. The same warning I previously gave still applies to the following videos. Watch at your own risk!  

Remember: This is what is passes for talent these days.

Bill Press: “Obama is in Denial” and “What a Shambles the Democrat Party is in”

Well, what’d you expect from the ‘Nothing Man’? 

Well, what you’d expect from someone who had almost no congressional experience, who was virtually unknown even among the Washington establishment, who was nothing more than a ‘community organizer’ from Chicago, and who never accomplished anything of substance in his life? This was a man who rode the coattails of his good looks, endearing smile, affirmative action benefits, and who was carried the entire time by guilt-ridden Whites.

Let us never forget that this was a man who was close friends with a former domestic terrorist, and all the people who were most influential in his life were either communists or liberals of the most radical stripe. For many years, Obama attended a Chicago church that was militantly anti-White and anti-America.

Why would anyone imagine that the caliber of this president would produce greatness for the nation? The warning signs were all there, but few Americans wanted to see it because they were consumed with the thought of America having its first Black president. Nothing else mattered to them.

Americans were foolish enough to twice elect a man to the highest office in the land who couldn’t even talk before a crowd of people without a teleprompter. On those rare occasions when he did interviews without one, he mumbled, stuttered, um’d and uh’d his way through everything. This was a man who spent more time on the golf course than in the Oval Office conducting business on behalf of the people. This was a man who increased our national debt more than all previous presidents combined! This was a man who vacationed frequently throughout the world at taxpayer’s expense with not a care about easing the financial burden he placed on the American people.

Americans twice elected this self-absorbed girly man, a man whose two terms were not just marked by incompetency, but by a deliberate attempt to weaken our military and to enflame racial tensions throughout the U.S. Obama had multiple opportunities to quell the strife and angry rhetoric, but never did. He could have even prevented the riots that ensued after the shooting of Mike Brown in Ferguson and later in Baltimore, but didn’t. This was what he wanted all along.

Everything this man did was wrong, destructive, and led to one scandal after another. Obama’s legacy will be marked by nothing more than corruption, scandal, government waste, cover-ups, wasted lives, upheaval in the middle east, and costly social policies that will forever burden all future generations of Americans.

All because we had to have a Black man in the Oval Office so that we could boast before others saying we voted for Obama and, thereby, proved how ‘non-racist’ we were.


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