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Mexican Resident of Rialto (CA) Declares That ‘White People Have 5 Years Left in California’

Mexicans in California have become so emboldened by their majority status that they now speak openly about the demise of Whites in the Golden State. They even got it down to an exact year, apparently!

This is how the Mexicans, whether legal and illegal, reward Whites for the kindness that has been shown to them. Never forget that the vast majority of Mexicans have no intention of making America great. No, they just want to make America Mexico. They left their shit-hole shanty existence in Mexico so they could arrive and turn our nation into another version of Mexico with its skyrocketing levels of crime, poverty, squalor, gang culture, and violent cartels.

We have enough problems in the U.S. The last thing we need are more poorly educated, low-skilled, and raging alcoholic peasants.

Wake up America and see what they are trying to do to us!

Don’t worry, they’ll assimilate beautifully! 

Black Female Student Tasered After Threatening Others With Knife

Queen Kong goes down for the count

Gee, who would have ever imagined that it would be a Black person? They’re usually the most diligent students and the most self-disciplined too . . . said no one ever!

Punishing Schools For Having “Too Many White Kids”: “The More White People, the Less Money”

Can you imagine the outcry if funding was withheld from schools because there were too many Black or Hispanic students? Yet no one hardly bats an eye when funding policies are created that explicitly discriminate against White students.

Think about it: Schools within the Los Angeles Unified School District are actually punished if their enrollment of White students exceeds 30%!? How can LAUSD not be accused of intentionally working to keep White student enrollment down to a minimum? They actually reward those schools that maintain a White minority enrollment with more funds.

How is this not a form of racial displacement? How is this not an explicitly anti-White policy? How is this not a form of reward for schools to keep their White enrollment numbers to the smallest possible numbers? Why do LAUSD schools want so few White students? 

If the same policy was applied to Black or Hispanic students, wouldn’t the cry of ‘discrimination’ and ‘racial bias’ be justifiably leveled at LAUSD board officials? How could it not? Yet when the same policy is applied to White students, they engage in all sorts of mental and verbal gymnastics to avoid what is obviously an anti-White agenda.

By the way, the frustration and anger raised in this news story is not directed at the small and alarming number of Whites that attend LAUSD schools. It’s not because White students are being racially discriminated against. No, the only point of contention is that some schools are not getting as much funding as other schools. That’s their one and only concern – money! 

This story illustrates the reality that racism against Whites is not always explicit. Most often it’s subtle and manifested in government policies incrementally so as to not alarm Whites about what’s happening to them. This is the ‘slow cook’ method or what has sometimes been termed the ‘Frog in the Kettle’ method. By the time we wake up to discover that we’re boiling, it’s too late to do anything about it.

With this in mind, I will say that I’m glad that the LAUSD has so few White students. This is actually encouraging. These government schools are rotten to the core, and White kids really don’t belong intermingling with the Black and Hispanic kids anyways.

The only thing it does is bring White kids down to the level of Blacks and Browns. Our White children begin to take on the degrading cultures and customs of non-Whites, and this never works well for our birthrates and posterity. It breeds wiggers, mudsharks, and creates a wake of mixed-race, mongrel babies.

It also demonstrates that White flight is a reality. In spite of what White liberals claim about ‘diversity,’ even they don’t want their kids in schools and living in neighborhoods dominated by a high Black and Brown demographic.


CNN Panel Not Happy Because Photograph of Trump’s ‘Freedom Caucus’ Shows All White Men and No Women: “It’s the Lack of Diversity”

The Libtards from CNN are all butt-hurt because a recent photograph Tweeted by Vice-President Pence shows Trump’s ‘Freedom Caucus’ to be comprised only of White men and no women.

What’s wrong with that? Because Trump for decades worked in the real world and wasn’t a politician, he’s accustomed to placing only the most qualified people in positions of importance. If they happen to be all male and all White, so be it.

Trump doesn’t fit everything under a racial template as Leftist, government zombies are inclined to do. Instead, he works from the premise of installing the most qualified, skilled, experienced, and competent people he can. Though it’s unpopular to say in a polite society, in most instances, those kind of people are White men. If you doubt the Black man’s general inability to govern and manage businesses and governments, take a long hard look at South Africa, Nigeria, South Sudan, Detroit, Birmingham, Philadelphia, and the list goes on.

President Trump, then, aims for excellence and success as opposed to maintaining the status-quo of government incompetence and waste. This mystifies and angers the Liberal talking heads at CNN and MSNBC because they can’t conceive of government in any other way and because they’re in denial of racial realities.

Not so surprisingly, these same folks never complain about caucuses comprised exclusively of women, Blacks, Asians, or Hispanics. Never forget that in the Liberal mindset ‘diversity’ is only a mandatory requirement when it involves Whites. Only Whites are expected to make their organizations, committees, and associations into ‘racial rainbows’.

By the way, listen to how that traitorous White cuck, David Gergen, sells out his own race when he smugly declares: “You can’t look at that picture and not agree, ‘We have a long way to go.’ But all you have is White guys like us sitting around a table, and that’s the inner-sanctum where big decisions are made”. This old do-nothing fool needs to shut his fat trap! It’s White cucks like Gergen that have given intellectual justification to our enemies to racially and culturally displace us from the very lands we’ve founded. His racial virtue signaling will be his end, but he’s too filled with self-importance to realize it.

The dark hordes flooding our land have no use for this wrinkled pile of excrement. I’m sure that Gergen imagines they will be grateful for his ‘non-racism,’ but that only tells them that he’s weak and will easily succumb to their multiple bloody anal intrusions. I can only wish that David Gergen experiences a horrific ‘diversity encounter’ before he finally perishes in complete agony from the face of this earth.

David Gergen: Another cuck justifying White racial replacement         


A Place of Our Own: White Man Explains Why He Left America to Make Poland His Home

For those Whites sensing it’s time to leave the ‘diversity’ cesspool here in America, I urge them to consider Poland. I don’t guarantee that they will accept you, but it’s at least one available option.

It’s important that Whites always have a second and third plan. Never forget that America is dying, and a Trump presidency is only buying us a temporary reprieve. If a genuine reformation and racial awakening takes place in the U.S., that will be an incentive to remain. I am very doubtful that this will ever occur, though I would love to be proven wrong.    

God bless Poland and the Polish people! 

Things You’ll See in Dinduland: Bullet-Proof Glass at Detroit’s Wendy’s, Popeye’s Chicken, Taco Bell, Burger King and Metro PCS

Now why would a city like Detroit require so much bullet-proof glass? When was the last time you saw bullet-proof glass at fast-food restaurants and cellphone stores in all-White neighborhoods?

What does the presence of so much bullet-proof glass tell us about the nature of Blacks? Is this a subtle way of reminding us about racial differences?

You betcha!

Whites may not wish to discuss openly the very real differences that exists between Blacks and Whites, but they do so in other ways. This is clearly one of them. The proprietors of these businesses know that Blacks are dangerous and they bring violence with them wherever they go. So, as a means of protecting their employees and their cash, they erect bullet-proof barriers between themselves and their Black patrons.

Blacks are not offended by it either because they know all-too-well the strong criminal proclivities that their own people have.

Just sayin’

These measures, mind you, didn’t occur in a vacuum. It’s actually quite costly to erect such protective measures, but it’s necessary. This is the result of thousands of armed robberies and assaults that have occurred in their businesses over the years.

Folks, this is not what businesses create on a whim, it’s what typical negro criminality forces such businesses to do!

These are visible testimonies to the dysfunctional nature of Blacks.

Most people don’t see such obvious points. Perhaps some do, but they always keep it hidden below the surface. They don’t want to think let alone discuss such realities.

The presence of so much bullet-proof glass in Detroit (and other Black-run cities), then, tells us about the ‘content of character’ among America’s Blacks. Such measures are unnecessary in a community marked by lawfulness, civility and low crime. They’re only needed in communities where the opposite exists, where the law of the jungle prevails.

Black criminality: It’s obvious to anyone with eyes to see 

‘The Dumb American Poem’ Tells Us Who We’ve Really Been Fighting For

(A synopsis of American History of the Twentieth Century)

Oh, I’m a dumb American and this is what I do
I go ’round fighting wars, fighting for the Jew

I didn’t jump to World War I, a fight I disavowed
Until the Jewboys made a deal, to send me anyhow
The Jews took over Hollywood, and said, “Now watch us go!”
“We’ll brainwash all the Goyim, the truth they’ll never know”
With Hollywood as theirs, they said, and pretty soon TV
“We’ll wrap our chains around the Goy, so free they’ll never be.”

Oh, I’m a dumb American and this is what I do
I go ’round fighting wars, fighting for the Jew

Father Coughlin spoke with wisdom, he said a thing or two
But he wasn’t heard above the noise, created by the Jew
As good a man as Henry Ford, he tried to warn us too
But one good man like Henry Ford, could not defeat the Jew
Lindbergh was a great man too, most sure from heaven sent
Our world might be so different now, had he been President

Oh, I’m a dumb American and this is what I do
I go ’round fighting wars, fighting for the Jew

The World War II was my big thing, the Jews said, “Don’t you fuss!” “We’re sending you to fight and die (but the win belongs to us)” 

The Jews and their boy Franklin said, “We must get in this war!”
(“If we can get the Japs to start, we’ll go through the back door.”)
“A day of infamy…”, they said, December, Forty-One
But I suspect they wrote the speech, before the deed was done

A day of great, great infamy, no thing could be more true
And the best of all lay at the feet, of Roosevelt the Jew
This was the day they reckoned for, they could hold a celebration
For now the Jew agenda was, the agenda of our nation
I fought my best in Europe, killing all my racial kin
A German asked, “Why fight us, boys, since just the Jews will win?”

Oh, we are dumb Americans and this is what we do
We go ’round fighting wars, fighting for the Jew

Thereafter there came Nuremberg, and war crimes took the floor
Of course we knew the bad guy was, the one who lost the war
Was this a deed of justice, or was it deed most vile?

The culprits there at Nuremberg, were not the men on trial
We heard about the Communists, but there wasn’t much to choose. It turned out for the most part, they just happened to be Jews

Oh, we are dumb Americans and this is what we do
We go ’round fighting wars, fighting for the Jews

We heard about the Holocaust, oh did we ever hear
But survivors far outnumbered, the victims, I do fear
And speaking of the Holocaust, here’s one not in the news
The millions of Ukrainians, starved by the Soviet Jews
A friend of mine years later, when asked, (this was not tough)
“How many Jews died in the war?”, replied, “Not near enough.”

Oh, I’m a dumb American and this is what I do
I go ’round fighting wars, fighting for the Jew

Korea and Vietnam I fought, and now the Middle East
I really need to stay at home, and fight the Jewish beast
I fought to make the planet safe, safe for Democracy
But truth be told, come think of it, I don’t feel very free
I thought I fought for freedom then, but look what’s happened here. All words must be PC today, and people live in fear

Oh, I’m a dumb American and this is what I do
I go ’round fighting wars, fighting for the Jew

The films we watch by Spielberg, the quintessential Jew
If you believe in him, my friend, I have a bridge for you
Our country is invaded now, Mestizos stream across
To stop this here invasion, Uncle Shlomo’s at a loss
Come on, you Jews, send me again, to the border South this time
Give me my weapons, dare I plead, I’ll stop them on a dime

I haven’t heard the call as yet, and doubt that they’ll call you
Because this real invasion, is cheered on by the Jew
So why when we’re invaded now, do the Jews say, “Do not fuss!”?
Could it be their longtime goal is to destroy our land, and us?

And sitting in the White House, a pathetic aging boy
Perhaps we could describe him as, a wind-up Jewish toy
This poor excuse for leadership, could not shine Lindbergh’s shoesPlays out his role in history, a front man for the Jews
Alongside him another clown, waiting for his turn
To serve his Jewish masters, when will we ever learn?

We made the planet safe, you say? My friend, lay off the booze
We made the planet safe, alright, for traitors and for Jews
When you’re fighting for your enemies, against your kin as well
You win a war like that, my friend, you’ve won a place in hell

Before you fight a war then, be careful how you choose
The Germans weren’t our enemies, our enemies are the Jews
So, all you Yanks and British, you French and Russians too
Must now learn to cooperate, in your fight against the Jew

The Jew will bring down all of you, there will be no salvation
He’ll turn each one of your proud lands, into a mongrel nation
Your ethnic past will all be lost, a sad song you will sing
As you replace George Washington, with Martin Luther King

Oh, we are dumb Americans, we can’t do what is right
We go ’round fighting wars, for Jewish parasites
Oh, we are dumb Americans, will we wake up and pause?
And end our role of servitude, to the evil Jewish cause?

Will we wake up and serve no more, the evil Jewish cause?
Will we wake up and serve no more, the evil Jewish cause?


A book you’re not supposed to read

The ‘Racial Equality’ and ‘Cultural Relativity’ Myths Busted Again: Child Sacrifice in Uganda Has Reached Epidemic Proportions!

Child sacrifice throughout Uganda has been going on for many years, but over the past ten years it has reached epidemic proportions.

A series of public campaigns have been created to urge Ugandans to stop this wicked practice. The campaigns, of course, were not started by the Ugandan people themselves, but by White foreign aid workers and Christian missionaries who have tried desperately to awaken these savages from their ritual blood-letting ways.

Once again, Whites must step in to stop Black Africans from committing horrific crimes and genocide against their own people. As I’ve said many times on this site, the only people whom Blacks hate more than Whites are those who share their same skin color.

Now think for a minute: What kind of people are these in which a nation-wide campaign urging them to stop sacrificing their babies to witch doctors has to be created? What does this alone tell us about the ‘content of their character’?

We are living in the 21st century, and yet Blacks in Uganda have to publicly be told not to sacrifice their children. Grown men in South Africa have to be told not to have sex with babies or little girls in order to rid themselves of the AIDS virus. They also have to be told to not rape women because the country is considered the ‘rape capital’ of the African continent. In the Congo, a campaign is underway urging the Black U.N. soldiers who are supposed to be protecting the villagers to stop raping the women and children.

Are you starting to see what a complete lie the ‘racial equality’ myth is? Do you see how moronic it is to say that ‘all cultures are relative’ and that ‘no race or culture of people is better than others’?

How many more atrocities do Blacks throughout the world have to commit before you awaken from your multicultural slumber and see them as they truly are?

Blacks are the same wherever they go. If Blacks in America were not as closely monitored by the authorities as they are, we would see the same sorts of horrific crimes in our country. No matter how much is done on their behalf to bring them to parity with Whites, Blacks always resort to their savage and primitive ways.

It’s who they are. It’s what they do best. 

And you thought Blacks were ‘just like us,’ didn’t you?

The Typical Double-Standard: “White Women Should be Hunted and Killed” Facebook Comment NOT Considered a Violation of Facebook’s Community Standards

The Info Wars site has revealed a shocking anti-White Facebook comment in which hunting down and killing all White women is not considered a violation of Facebook’s “Community Standards”. The poster revealed the reason as follows: “then we won’t get babies who think they own the world”.

After reviewing the complaint, the Libtards at Facebook stated: “We reviewed the comment you reported for displaying hate speech and found it doesn’t violate our Community Standards.” 

How mighty anti-white of them! You think they’d feel the same if someone had made similar comments about Black women? Don’t count on it.

Although I don’t like such comments, I’d be okay with allowing them so long as Facebook equally allowed everyone else to say whatever they wanted, politically-correct or not. But they don’t do this. Facebook targets almost exclusively comments they deem ‘racist’ or ‘Islamophobic’ which, in practice, means anything critical of the ‘darlings of diversity’. They have a decidedly anti-White bias as is obvious from the posted comment which they believed was not a violation of “Community Standards”.

Any criticism against typical Black dysfunction or against the bearded goat-humpers is promptly censored. For Whites, though, it’s open season.   

How mighty anti-White of Facebook



This is What You Get When You Invite Blacks and Browns to Dwell in White Societies

Words cannot express the complete human scum we’ve allowed to flood our land as a result of the 1964 Civil Rights Act and the 1965 Immigration Act which guaranteed the eventual demise of our republic. We are slowly but surely being turned into a third-world nation. Go ahead and deny it if you wish, but the facts and what is plainly evident shows otherwise.  

Whites are far from perfect, but any civilized nation that allows its borders to be populated by the world’s lower racial groups is destined to turn into a massive cesspool of human shit manifested in the form of ethnic conflict, welfare dependency, skyrocketing levels of crime, and uncontrollable dissension. There is no cohesion and unity in the U.S., only chaos and strife.

Trump may buy Whites some time. He might be able to make some temporary governmental reforms, but he will never remove the hordes of shit-stains that have infested our once great nation.     

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