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Young Ratchet-in-Training Does What Comes Natural to Her

When you were a little kid would you have thought, let alone done, what this young ratchet-in-training did? This girl did what comes most natural to her. She was acting out what her cultural instincts dictated.

Her first impulses were to enter a place she had no right to be in (behind the steering wheel of a police car), dial the radio to her favorite rap station, and mad-dog the dash-camera while she bumped to the music. After locking the door, she demanded money from the officer before opening it.

Anyone who thinks this is cute needs to have their head examined. To her Black mother, the little girl’s conduct meant nothing. To most White parents, it would have been appalling and they would have immediately ordered her out of the police car without the officer saying anything.

Like far too many Blacks in America, the ratchet-in-training has no boundaries. Her level of self-entitlement has no limits, and she has an automatic ‘gibs-me-dat’ mentality that’s already set in her way of thinking.

She serves as another indicator that the next generation of ‘African-Americans’ are going to be much worse than the previous generation.

On the bright side, Blacks in America will become so feral and unruly that their conduct alone will help to provoke a mass awakening among Whites as to how dysfunctional and ultimately wicked these people are. When ‘diversity encounters’ become the norm among our people, even White liberals will begin to think differently about them, although some are so deceived that nothing will ever turn them from their multicultural religious beliefs.

Philando Castile’s Mother, Valerie, Defends Her “Muthafuckin’ Son”: “They Murdered My Muthafuckin’ Son Wit’ His Seat Belt On”

Here’s Valerie Castile, Philando Castile’s mother and she’s a “muthafuckin” peach! If you ever wondered where her “muthafuckin’ son” learned his refined and “muthafuckin” ways, look no further than the 61-year-old Valerie.

During this rant that went viral, Valerie’s obviously a little upset. Her “muthafuckin’ son” got ventilated by a “muthafuckin” cop, and it’s “muthafuckin” understandable. What single ghetto mother wouldn’t be “muthafuckin” angry?

As one might expect, Valerie doesn’t agree with the “muthafuckin” jury’s decision, and she hopes the “muthafuckin” cop who fatally shot her “muthafuckin” son would just “muthafuckin” die.

Valerie thinks the cops are killing too many of her “muthafuckin” people: “They gonna keep on killing us as long as we sit down and just take it . . . Bull muthafuckin’ shit!” 

By the way, where’s the “muthafuckin” dad in all of this? Oh, wait, I guess I’m not supposed to notice or even ask such “muthafuckin” questions.

‘He was such a good boy’

The company a person keeps tells us a lot about them

Oh, of course, we all make Crip gang signs

The Beauty of Sheffield No More: This is What Happens When You Allow a Muslim and African Plague into Your Country

Much of Sheffield (a county in South Yorkshire, England) has lost its charm and beauty as a direct result of their shitskin plague (swarthy middle easterners and sub-Saharan Africans). Scenes like the one in the cellphone footage above play out daily on the streets of Sheffield.

Demography is destiny. If you permit hordes of low-skilled and low-IQ peasants from the third-world to immigrate into a first-world, civilized society, don’t be too surprised when your cities and entire country turns into a chaotic cesspool of savagery.

The new Sheffield is definitely not the old Sheffield

Youtube’s Pro-Migrant Propaganda Video, ‘More Than A Refugee,’ Has Failed Miserably

The phucknuts at Youtube thought they could promote a pro-migrant propaganda hit-piece and that people would like it. They were dead wrong. They fed us a shit-sandwich and expected us to thank them, but most viewers didn’t. 

Even though the cucks at Youtube deleted scores of dislikes and negative comments, it became abundantly apparent that viewers don’t support the current third-world invasion of Europe.

We don’t want to support nor even look at a bunch of swarthy goat-humpers, sub-Saharan shit-stainers, nor bearded followers of the pedophile prophet. We’re done with these welfare-dependent colonizers who protest on our streets against us, who rape our women, and who threaten us with death because we refuse to bow to the primitive teachings of their 7th century death-cult.

Here’s one response, among many others, to Youtube’s efforts to pull the wool over our eyes.     

Feel Good Story of the Day: Armed and Worthless Pile of Dindu Excrement Beaten by White Males During Home Invasion Robbery

Here’s the story of a shitskin who tried to conduct a home invasion robbery on the wrong apartment. The last thing I’m sure he was thinking was that he would be confronted and taken down by some White boys. 

The suspect, Calvin Carter III, came armed with a handgun and even shot one of the men who detained him until police arrived. 

Carter now faces charges of attempted first-degree murder, especially aggravated burglary, reckless endangerment and three counts of aggravated assault.

Don’t you worry, though, because some White liberal judge is sure to give him a light sentence, one which allow him to be back on the streets doing what Dindus do best in a matter of a few short years.  


Another Uplifting Story From the Hood (Literally!)

You act like a Dindu, you get treated like a Dindu. These dysfunctional people are literally the masters of their own disasters.  


‘The Times of Israel’ Reports That Two Jewish Suspects Have Been Arrested for Spray-Painting Swastikas on a Synagogue – Oy Vey!

Wait a minute! How could the suspects turn out to be jewish?! The Jews would never do such a thing to their own synagogues, would they?

Besides, even if they did, White gentiles would be to blame and Jewish people would never want to portray Whites in such a ‘racist’ light, right?

Ice Cube Rebukes Bill Maher for Using the Privileged ‘Nigger-Word’: “That’s Our Word Now”

Ice Cube recently got his ‘nigga-nuts’ in a bunch when he rebuked comedian Bill Maher for using the ‘nigger-word’ during his show, Politically Incorrect. He tells Maher that the ‘nigger-word’ is “our word now.”

Isn’t that exactly what I’ve been saying since the very beginning of this blog? It’s their special word that only they can use and which they employ to berate and intimidate White people with. The greater number of Blacks don’t hate the word, they love it because of the power it gives them over Whitey. Blacks in America, then, leverage power over Whites by monopolizing the expression and feigning ‘hurt’ and ‘pain’ whenever White people use it.

It must be noted that Blacks didn’t gain this verbal leverage over Whites on their own. As in everything else that Blacks in America have, Whites gave it to them.

Whites have allowed themselves to be demoralized and intimidated by Blacks due to weakness and racial self-loathing. It was not because Blacks in large numbers conducted their lives with such honor, self-respect, civility and circumspect behavior that Whites felt compelled to not use the expression, but rather because soft-minded Whites got themselves bamboozled into thinking that the word would hurt the tender feelings of negroes.

And our beloved ‘African-Americans’ laughed all the way.

American Dindus rightly deserve their own special term

If Blacks really hated the ‘nigger-word,’ they’d stop using it. They really wouldn’t give it any ‘power’ by stopping all forms of the expression. They wouldn’t claim to have ‘conquered’ it or turned it into something ‘positive.’ They would’ve just stopped using the expression altogether. Do you ever hear Japanese people greet each other by the derogatory term “Jap”? Do you ever hear Chinese people call each other “Chink”? Do the Vietnamese ever describe their own people as “Gooks”? Yet Blacks in America continue to call each other a modified form of a word they claim to despise!? You get the point. It’s laughable. 

Maher, the politically-correct weenie that he is (in spite of the image he tries to portray as some kind of hard-core truth-teller), apologized and groveled before the foul-mouthed Dindu. Ice Cube conned Maher’s audience into believing that hearing the ‘nigger-word’ from a White person is like being stabbed in the back with a knife.

Oh, sure it is. I feel your ‘pain’ Mr. Cube. 

Mind you, this is the same ass-clown who became rich by using the expression repeatedly in his rap songs. He was one of the founding members of the group N.W.A. (‘Niggaz Wit Attitudes’) in which the ‘nigger-word’ became the staple of almost every lyric.

Ice Cube is the last guy who should be lecturing anyone on the use of ‘hateful’ words since he regularly employs such loving and heart-filled expressions as ‘bitches,’ ‘hoes,’ hating on the ‘po-lice,’ and using an assault rifle to ‘cap’ some asses he doesn’t like. His lyrics are filled with almost every conceivable foul-mouthed gutter expression used by ghetto dwellers.

Maher’s interview with Ice Cube illustrates once again how the hypocrisy of Blacks in America, which should be plainly evident to all, is never dared to be mentioned. Maher could’ve easily exposed the blatant hypocrisy of this ugly self-righteous thug, but he lacked the cajones to do so because the ‘darlings of diversity’ must always be treated with kid gloves. This is one reason why Black dysfunction runs rampant in our country – these people are never or rarely held accountable for their words and deeds! 

America is a cucked nation. We give respect to a race of people who in large measure have no honor or self-dignity. We give power to a people who by virtue of their own merits and lack of industriousness, have none. We have allowed a criminally-prone and dysfunctional people who are marked by the most insane levels of thuggery to dictate to the rest of us what is morally acceptable. 

The real crazies are those of my own race who have allowed such insanity to continue for decades largely unchallenged and unopposed. We are still afraid to tell Blacks the truth about themselves. 

Living Among the Dindus: Black Woman Intentionally Sets Fire to House With Subhumans Inside . . Uh, I mean People Inside

She couldn’t help herself because, you know, ‘Black Lives Matter’ so much to these people. Now that’s what I can some serious ‘brotherly love’! 

Urine Detection Devices Installed on Atlanta’s MARTA Trains and Elevators to Discourage Blacks from Pissing All Over the Place

This sort of thing is par-for-the-course when you live among the Dindus. It’s important to note that MARTA ridership is 74% Black.

It serves as another proof of MLK’s nightmare which he called a “dream”. The real “content of character” of our blessed ‘African-Americans’ is plainly evident for all to see . . . that is, among those with eyes to see and ears to hear.   

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