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Dindu ‘Teen’ Enters Church to “Make History”

He’ll “make history” alright, when he’s featured in the nightly news after being ventilated from a drive-by shooting. 

Did Mankind Originate Out of Africa or Europe? A Growing Number of Scientists Believe That Humans Evolved Out of Europe

According to a recent article by The Telegraph’s (UK) Science Editor, Sarah Knapton, there’s a growing consensus among scientists that humans evolved not out of Africa as commonly understood, but out of Europe.

I don’t know for certain whether this is true, but there appears to be some solid reasons for believing so. The reader, of course, should make up his or her own mind on such questions. I offer it only as something to think about. 

Why the Civil War was NOT About Slavery: Countering Prager University’s Video on the Subject

I found this to be both an interesting and factually accurate presentation (at least in most things stated) on why the Civil War (or ‘the war of northern aggression,’ however one chooses to call it) was NOT about slavery.

I urge the reader to arrive at their own conclusions based on the evidence. While I despise the institution of slavery and believe that it was a monumental mistake on the part of our nation to have ever engaged in the practice (as we’re clearly seeing firsthand during our time with our gravely dysfunctional ‘African-American’ communities), I generally side with Southerners in recognizing that the Civil War was fought for reasons other than preserving the institution of slavery. There were an array of pressing issues at the time that provoked the South to secede from the Union as opposed to one issue alone – namely, that of slavery.

Slavery as practiced before and during the Civil War was a form of stealing – in this case, stealing humans, shipping them across inhospitable oceans, and forcing them to work without paying them. Whites who were slave owners were, essentially, trying to get something for nothing.

Yeah, they may have paid for those slaves and were responsible for housing and feeding them, but they had no moral or ethical right to do so. They were quite content in their own minds to force negroes to work for them the remainder of their lives with no form of remuneration (yes, I’m quite aware that some slaves earned their freedom and were set free by their slave masters). They wanted something for basically nothing (yes, it’s also true that most Whites did not own slaves). 

Moreover, like hiring cheap labor today in the form of illegal immigrants to work our fields, clean our homes, be nannies to our children or mow our lawns, we’re again guilty of trying to get something for nothing.

Many Whites want the physical labor that low-skilled Mexicans provide without all the problems that such a social arrangement brings. We want to sanction hordes of illegal immigrants invading our cities and neighborhoods because it’s supposed to be good for our economy while ignoring the mounting problem we’ve created by doing so – namely, our own racial and cultural displacement! 

So, while I generally sympathize with the South and its reasons for breaking from the Union, slavery was perhaps the biggest and most far-reaching mistake this country ever made. We should’ve never paid for the capture of African negroes nor shipped their asses here to the U.S. to work our fields or whatever domestic chores needed to be done on the plantations. This should’ve never been accepted on such a large scale among our people.

These very primitive people have caused us more harm than good in the long run, and our collective guilt and liberal, ‘feel-good’ social policies has led them to utterly decimate a good many of our once grand cities.

We should’ve left them alone. Now we’re stuck with them. Unless we somehow obtain a White ethnostate in the future and are able to break from these people, we’re stuck with typical Dindu dysfunction and criminality as a way of life, the kind we have to see and experience daily while living under a corrupt U.S. government. 

Personally, I see the disastrous fruits of our experiment in slavery as God’s judgment upon us, but that’s just me. I also see the current non-White, third-world invasion of the West as God’s judgment upon us too for having abandoned Him and our historic Christian faith. Just like the ancient Israelites were handed over to their pagan enemies by God whenever they abandoned the Torah, so He is doing the same to us who profess to be citizens of a ‘Christian nation.’ He is flooding our lands with hordes of pagans and their strange gods as judgment against our apostasy.

I don’t ask nor expect that everyone will agree with me, but it’s what I have believed for many years. 


The Times Square Mestizo Driver: Deliberate or Accidental?

This doesn’t look so accidental. 

When Chinese People Speak Truth: “Hey, This is Library”

I think commentator, Frank DeScushin, sums up well my own thoughts when he wrote the following at the American Renaissance website: “I love that video because it’s a short and sweet example of Indoctrinated vs. Non-Indoctrinated.

The foreign Chinese student who was likely never indoctrinated in Social Justice growing up can’t understand why anyone would be yelling in a library, never mind about such nonsense, and he can’t understand why nobody has told them to shut up.

The American students who have been indoctrinated in Social Justice their whole lives and believe they have a right and duty to spout their nonsense wherever they want can’t understand why anyone would dare tell them to shut up.

Before the Cultural Marxist revolution in America every American accepted that the way the Chinese guy acted in this video is the proper way to act, and nobody even considered acting like these Social Justice Warriors.

That’s the power of indoctrination.”

Mestizo with Prior DUIs Mows Down Pedestrians for Three Blocks in Times Square, Killing One Person and Injuring 22 Others

How’s that ‘diversity’ working for you? How those Hispanic ‘family values’ working for you? Isn’t multiculturalism grand? 

As White Americans, we have enough of our own problems. But why compound and exacerbate our social problems by allowing the immigration of millions of non-assimilating Hispanics and Amerindians who bring their own set of problems? 

Mestizos have a real problem with alcohol. Because they’re partly Indian (in many cases, they’re fully native Indians from Mexico), they’re notorious for being unable to handle their liquor. Alcoholism runs rampant among these people, and the concept of not operating a vehicle when liquored up hasn’t quite set in for the greater majority of these folks.

Yeah, I know the Irish who are obviously White have their problems with alcoholism too, but I consider them vastly more responsible than the Mestizos who have flooded our land. In fairness, the suspect in this case, 26-year-old Richard Rojas, is an American citizen and, apparently, served time in the U.S. Navy.

To Whites, however, who are racially conscious, this means nothing because this Mestizo and his parents should have never been permitted to enter onto our soil in the first place. I don’t care if our wicked government calls them ‘Americans,’ they are not of us and they never will be. 

As of yet, this tragic incident has not been officially labeled an act of terrorism, but we’ve heard that before, haven’t we? I think it’s best to just wait and see. I don’t think a clear motivation has been established yet, so we need to keep an open mind to where the evidence leads. As far as I know, he wasn’t shouting any ‘Allah Snackbar’ nonsense.  

Beat his ass boys! 

Yale University’s Asian Dean Caught Making “White Trash” Comments on Yelp

Yale University’s Dean of Pierson College, Jane Chu, was recently caught making racist comments on Yelp about a particular restaurant in which she referred to the kind of people who would patronize the place as “White trash.” She’s since formally apologized for her comments.

In contrast to Whites caught making racist comments, Chu won’t be fired. She’s of a privileged gender and racial class, so her career won’t be threatened. She won’t have to go on an apology tour and grovel before the Dindus nor give large sums of cash to Dindu charities.

I’m not particularly offended by her comments because there are indeed some Whites whom I would have no hesitation labeling as ‘White trash.’ I’ve encountered them and so have you. There are low-life’s among our people too, and only the willfully blind would pretend otherwise. But, then, I don’t claim to be a ‘non-racist’ while Chu clearly does.

If anything, Chu’s comments demonstrate how each of us have prejudices and that we are all inclined to negatively label those whom we disapprove of. In spite of the woman’s claim to being ‘racially sensitive,’ she’s just as politically-incorrect as most people. The only difference is that she’s better at hiding it behind a veneer of scholarly respectability.

It’s another case of liberals saying one thing, and then doing another.

Oh Look, It’s Another Dindu Who Couldn’t Follow the Simple Directions of an Officer!

According to the description provided in Live Leak, “Las Vegas, NV – A man in police custody died after he was shocked by a Taser, punched, and put in a choke-hold by a Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department officer on the Las Vegas Strip.The Clark County Coroner’s Office identified the victim as 40-year-old Tashii Brown of Las Vegas. His official cause and manner of death are still pending.”

It’s always the simple things that Dindus have the hardest time with. Even after being Tasered and ordered by the officer to “get on your stomach,” this idiot still felt the need to ignore the orders given to him and fiddle with his shoe. What could possibly be so hard about simply rolling onto one’s stomach, remaining still, and complying with the lawful orders of a cop?

For most folks, it’s quite easy to do but not so among the ‘darlings of diversity.’ And they have the gaul to wonder why so many of their people die at the hands of police?!

Dindu stupidity never fails to give us a good laugh

German Politician Says That in 20 or 30 Years Indigenous Germans Won’t be the Majority in Their Cities and “This is a Good Thing!”

The moonbat who is celebrating the demographic decline and displacement of her own people is Stefanie von Berg of Hamburg. This speech of hers is typical of the insanity and deep-rooted sickness that Whites throughout the West suffer from.

It’s hard to conceive of someone actually speaking this way about their own race and culture, but it’s part-and-parcel to the craziness that’s the fruit of cultural-Marxism. The level of racial self-hatred astounds the mind. I can assure you that this is not how Blacks, Asians or any other racial or ethnic group speaks about itself. Yet it’s very typical of Whites throughout the West to speak in this manner to varying degrees.

Whites virtue signal endlessly because they lack even the most rudimentary elements of a racial consciousness. It’s a form of self-righteousness, a boasting of how virtuous they are when they put down their own race and cultural customs. They think it’s ‘cool’ to rejoice in our low birthrates.

The foolish Eloi

This is because we’ve been bombarded for over fifty years about how evil the White race is. We’ve been told ad infinitum by the media and our government schools that Whites have done nothing but pillage the world, colonized primitive peoples and cultures throughout the planet, and enslaved millions who are poor. We stand guilty for entire genocides committed against Black and Native people. We have plundered the earth’s  resources, and have destroyed the planet by our feverish greed for more (or so we’ve been told). 

We are expected to grovel before the lower races. We must always apologize for the perceived ills of our ancestors. We are to celebrate every group’s racial and cultural successes, but never our own. While every other group is allowed to self-identify and is even encouraged to do so, this is forbidden of Whites. Racial solidarity is never permitted for those who identify as White europeans. Though they have created great societies which have become the envy of the world, they must not boast of it. Any talk of White superiority whether it be in the form of higher average intelligence in comparison to other racial groups, industriousness, science and technology, is prohibited lest other groups have their ‘feelings’ hurt. 

White liberals have signed their own death warrants 

At first, this sort of message was subtle but as time progressed, it has become a dominant theme in our colleges and universities. It comes in the form of semi-sophisticated, pseudo-intellectual dogma to persuade the simple-minded, such as ‘diversity is our strength,’ ‘White privilege’ and slogans like ‘No human is illegal.’ Whites imagine that they will be rewarded by non-Whites when they speak glowingly of their own racial dispossession, but it will never occur. Non-Whites will see it as evidence of our weakness and racial betrayal – and rightly so! 

Has any other racial group in human history so hated itself as Whites? I cannot think of any. Such expressions and campaigns directed to bringing demographic decline to themselves is unheard of among Black, Asian, and Hispanic peoples.

No one talks this way except those who have a death-wish.


African ‘Refugees’ Surround Frenchman, But He’s Got a Surprise for Them

I hope this video impresses upon all Whites the necessity of obtaining their concealed carry permits. We’ve got to start thinking differently about our personal defense. The days of lazy, blue-pilled bubble-safe living are over. We must arm ourselves, especially since we’re fast becoming a minority in our own lands.

The video shows how arrogant these sub-Saharan rapefugees are. They’re not only in Europe illegally, but they brazenly roam about the streets of France seeking to intimidate and victimize any Whites they want. Police protection from them is minimal at best. 

This is the sort of environment the French government permits its citizens to live under, proving that it hates its own people. What kind of government would allow marauding gangs of sub-humans to roam about targeting its own people without resistance? Only the most Eloi, pussified and self-hating nation would tolerate such gutter apes.

Welcome to the White, western world of our time! 

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