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18-Year-Old White Girl Gets Her College Fund Cut Off Because She’s Dating a Black Guy – Way to Go Dad!

Here’s the story of an 18-year-old White girl, Allie Dowdle, who recently got her college fund cut off because she’s been secretly dating a Black guy. Her parents also took away her car and cellphone.

Man, I love these parents already! 

Anyway, Allie set up a GoFundMe account and has raised approximately $15,000 from her  gullible fans. She stated on her fund-raising page that she turned to the public because she has no means of transportation and cannot get a job. Oh? I’m sure it hasn’t occurred to Allie, but there’s this thing called public transportation, you know, subway trains and buses. I guess that’s beneath her, eh?

And why can’t she find a job? A pretty young girl like her should have all sorts of opportunities to secure employment. Hell, she could easily find work at a million fast-food joints, don’t you think? That too, I’m sure, is beneath her.

Kudos to her parents for cutting off this privileged ‘c-word’ for dabbling in dark meat, and expecting her parents to pay for it all. The father may claim it’s not about ‘racism’ (even though we know it is – it’s called race realism!), but he probably knows the way of Black males and he doesn’t want to grandfather a nest of mongrels. I don’t blame the man in the least. He wants his daughter to marry a nice White man so that his grandchildren can carry his lineage. He wants them to look like himself or those of his racial ancestry. Who can reasonably accuse him of ‘racism’ when many Blacks and almost all Jews want the same?

This father, I’m sure, knows all-too-well about how Black men knock up racially-naive White girls, and then leave them. He knows his daughter will likely get pregnant and become a single mother, and he wants none of it.

This father should serve as a model to all White fathers who have coal-burning daughters. In fact, this girl, it seems to me, has been so sheltered and privileged that the father should teach her a lesson about maturity and hard work by permanently refusing to pay for any of her expenses – even if she drops the Dindu!

She’s got a great future as a single mom on welfare

Hard Truth: In my opinion, parents should not pay for the college education of their children, especially when one considers how Leftist our colleges are. This includes even trade schools where they will learn a real-life skill (although I prefer trade schools over universities). Paying for our kids’ college education teaches them nothing about the high costs of things in the real world. It teaches them nothing about hard work, and the discipline needed to balance employment and education.

Forcing kids to pay for their own college education teaches them to manage stress and adversity. It makes life a little harder on them – and that’s a good thing! Contrary to popular belief among the sheeple, the role of parents is to produce responsible and well-adjusted young adults who will go out into the real world and be productive, as well as able to handle the difficulties of life because they’ve been taught coping skills.

Responsible parents don’t cushion the realities of life for their young adults. They allow them to experience hardship and suffering, trials and tribulations, because they know these will mold their character and turn them into survivors. The end result of maturity and personal character is what they’re aiming for. 

Such ideas are offensive to the modern, ever-coddling parent. They imagine their job is to make life easy and worry-free for their kids. But it’s not. No wonder so many young adults entering the work force or attending college are brain-dead and ill-equipped to handle the harsh realities of life. Which child is more likely to succeed in life – the sheltered and always coddled kid or the kid who has had to work for everything they have? You know the answer.

I know what some of you are wondering. Did you pay for your children’s college education, AK? No, no I didn’t, proud to say. Because I understood real-life parenting principles, I didn’t get myself in debt, I didn’t support the liberal college system, and I’ve got money to travel and do whatever I wish with it. Man, life is good! 

‘Questioning the Holocaust’ (a short documentary)

This is a short, but well-made documentary exposing some of the ‘inconvenient truths’ surrounding the Holocaust. Obviously, it’s from the perspective of ‘revisionists’ or skeptics of the established narrative, but this doesn’t necessarily make it false.

I think it’s a good video to get people thinking, especially among those already suspicious of what Jews have been ramming down our throats since the end of WW2. I don’t ask nor do I expect my readers to agree, but these are important things to consider.

They also force us to ask some uncomfortable questions, such as, ‘Why do Jews feel it necessary to punish people who disagree with the official story of the Holocaust?’ ‘Why do Jews who claim to champion free speech and free inquiry work so hard to prevent dissenting opinions on details surrounding the Holocaust?’ ‘Why are Jews permitted to have such widespread influence and power in making ‘Holocaust revisionism’ illegal and worthy of incarceration or steep fines?’ ‘What does this tell us about the nature of Jews?’

Check out also the display of ‘revisionist’ books at the end of the documentary. I was not aware that there were that many detailed and well-organized treatises from the perspective of those who question and doubt the official Jewish narrative. This doesn’t make them true, mind you, but it should cause us to at least inquire into the subject.

The point is, we ought always to be inquisitive and questioning types. I’m not talking about being endlessly skeptical in the face of clear evidence and reason, but only that we ought to be careful in what kinds of beliefs or worldview we settle into.

Being a truth-seeker, as some of us already know, is not a popular thing. It’s easier and one’s life is less controversial in nature when one goes along with the received paradigm. Yet truth-seekers will never be happy with it. We are most content when we know the truth, when our eyes are opened, and when we are not bound to the shibboleths or ‘assured results’ of what others demand that we believe.

We will make up our own minds. We will think for ourselves.

A book you’re not supposed to read 

Robbers’ Actions Demonstrate the Impulsive Nature and General Stupidity of Negroes

Here’s a Dindu caught on surveillance video robbing a convenience store. The main feature concerning this robbery is when the robber decides to check his pistol – during the robbery itself! It apparently never occurred to the groid that the time to press check the weapon and make sure the magazine’s in place is before the act of robbery.

Notice also the cheesy and ineffective bandana the thug uses to conceal his face, which he allows to drop while fiddling with his gun. The cops will have no problem identifying and locating this knucklehead. I bet this guy wears the same damn clothes and baseball cap every day too.

The point is that while these people may be dangerous, thankfully they’re stupid. As Whites, we’d definitely be in a world of hurt if the Dindus who’ve infested our land were both dangerous and smart! 

The robbery also illustrates how impulsive these people are. They commit robberies on a whim, with obviously little preparation and forethought. They don’t even care that their faces are exposed when committing their dirty deeds because all that matters to them at the moment is the gratification of getting easy money, with no thought about the consequences such as death or a lengthy prison sentence.

Blacks, as I’ve said on many occasions, live ‘in the moment.’ Delayed gratification is hard for these people, and the thought of working and saving for what one wants are foreign concepts to great numbers of them.

The incident recorded above reminds me of a scene from the movie ‘White Men Can’t Jump’ (1992) in which the character ‘Raymond,’ a basketball hustler who with little forethought impulsively robs a neighboring liquor store for some quick cash. The problem is that ‘Raymond’ is well-known in the area, and his ‘disguise’ doesn’t do a damn bit of good.

This little scene, unbeknownst to most viewers, illustrated perfectly the impulsive nature of negroes. Anyone who has been around them for any length of time knows that what was portrayed in this clip comports with how these people really are. Nothing was far-fetched about it.

The Wages of Mudsharking: Former Miss Italy Finalist Disfigured with Acid by Creole-African Boyfriend

Here’s a music video that features former MIss Italy finalist, Gessica Notaro (28 years of age), getting hot and bothered with her former boyfriend, Jorge Edson Tavares (29 years of age). Her boyfriend later permanently disfigured the beautiful White model’s face with acid in retaliation after she had dumped his ass. 

Notaro, like many White women, thought they could play with the savages and things would turn out like a fairy tale. Having no racial self-awareness and led solely by their emotions, mudsharks like Notaro eventually discover that their ‘love pets’ are volatile and routinely lash out in violence against them. I can assure you that such extreme violence against Notaro didn’t happen in a vacuum. There were signs throughout their relationship that the man had a violent and vindictive temper. Being the gullible sort, she never caught on until things started getting out of hand such as when he began to stalk her and wouldn’t accept their breakup.

According to The Telegraph, “An Italian model risks losing her sight and will have to undergo intense plastic surgery after acid was thrown in her face, allegedly by her jilted boyfriend, in a revenge attack that has shocked the country.

Gessica Notaro, 28, a former Miss Italy contestant who worked as a dolphin and sea lion trainer in an aquarium on the Adriatic coast, was allegedly attacked by her ex-boyfriend, Jorge Edson Tavares, 29.

Tavares, a bodyguard who is originally from Cape Verde, was reportedly bitter after she broke up with him last summer following a two-year relationship, and had allegedly been stalking and threatening her for months.

Miss Notaro paid dearly for her experiment in ‘diversity’ 

She complained about the intimidation to police and in August a court ordered him not to approach her home.

Tavares was arrested and remanded in custody on suspicion of carrying out the assault.

He allegedly lay in wait outside his former girlfriend’s apartment on the outskirts of Rimini. As she arrived at the property, he reportedly called out her name before flinging a bottle of acid in her face.

The liquid burnt her face, eyes and scalp and she was rushed to hospital in the nearby town of Cesena. ‘She’s not in danger of losing her life, but the damage is extensive,’ said Davide Melandri, the hospital’s director. ‘It will be a few days before we can assess how bad it is.’

A friend of the model told La Repubblica newspaper: ‘She was always smiling, always optimistic. Her mother is destroyed by this.’

In 2007 Miss Notaro was crowned Miss Romagna – the region where she lives – and then landed appearances on television as a showgirl.

She started working at the aquarium in Rimini in 2014.

Barely a month goes by in Italy without women being shot, stabbed or disfigured by jealous former husbands and lovers. The attacks have followed a depressingly familiar pattern – the woman breaks up with the man, who becomes enraged by jealousy and bitterness. [Gee, I wonder what race or ethnicity these ‘lovers’ are?]

‘Yet another act of violence against a woman, and in a particularly despicable manner,’ said Patrizia Mirigliani, a patron and organiser of the Miss Italy contest, who met Miss Notaro when she competed a decade ago. ‘There can be no greater crime than defacing a person’s face in order to erase her identity, her beauty, her smile. These are outrageous attacks which keep being repeated.’ [Hmm, African and middle-eastern men?]

Three years ago another beauty pageant contestant, a young model called Rosaria Aprea, had to have her spleen removed after being beaten up by her ex-boyfriend. “Now another beauty queen finds herself between life and death,” said Ms Mirigliani.

Gloria Lisi, the deputy mayor of Rimini, condemned the attack as a “terrible episode”.

Smile now, cry later

Unfortunately we have become accustomed to witnessing these sorts of attacks almost every day, throughout the entire country. This is a type of violence that is intended to render the woman humiliated and injured and to leave her with signs of submission.” Such attacks were carried out by men who “believe they have the right to treat women as they want, negating their autonomy and free will,” she said. [Notice how race and ethnicity never comes up in any of these crime statistics?]

In a similar attack in 2013, a lawyer, Lucia Annibali, had acid thrown in her face by two men who had been paid by her ex-boyfriend to disfigure her. The boyfriend, Luca Varani, was sentenced to 20 years for attempted murder while the attackers were sentenced to 12 years each.

While horrific attacks against women in Italy occur on a regular basis, surveys suggest that the country is no worse than many others in Europe for domestic violence.

A survey about violence towards women, published in 2014, found that 27 per cent of Italian women above the age of 15 said they had suffered physical, sexual or psychological violence by men. [Gee, I wonder what race or ethnicity they were?]

The figure was much higher in Britain (44 per cent), Finland (47 per cent) and Denmark (52 per cent). Italy was markedly below the average of 33 per cent for all EU countries.

The survey, Violence Against Women, was produced by the European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights and was based on 42,000 interviews with women across the EU.”


Gee, how’s that ‘migrant’ invasion working for you?

What many Whites don’t seem to understand is that for Black, Hispanic and middle-eastern men, having a beautiful White woman is their dream, their fantasy come true. White flesh is valued above all other racial groups among the swarthy, third-world natives.

So, they will not let go so easily when their jewell no longer desires them. Not only is it an affront to their pride, but the loss is too much for them to bear. They will almost always retaliate in some way, and such western concepts as women’s rights, personal liberty and freedom mean nothing to them. They do not think in such terms, and their entire worldview and values are grounded in the backward countries from which they came. 

It’s all fun and games until the beatings begin 

In Honor of Chicago’s Feral Four

Sometimes you can learn a lot from a cartoon

Feel Good Video of the Day: Dindu Gets Ventilated by White Store Owner During Armed Robbery

According to the description provided in Live Leak, “Two armed men chose the wrong place to attempt a robbery Monday morning, when an employee at the Cobb County gun shop confronted them and shot one dead at the scene, Cobb County police said.

The two men entered Dixie Gun and Pawn at 11 a.m. and attempted to rob the business.

A store employee happened to be armed and exchanged gunfire with the men, striking one of them. The robbery suspect died at the scene, police said.

The other suspect fled on foot. Police said Monday afternoon they have no information about him. The worker was not injured and the case remains under investigation.”


Man, I could only watch that video fifty times! Seriously, you can tell the employee firing at the armed Dindus had spent some time on the range if you look at his stance and grip. Also, he’s firing a 1911 which spits out the instant knockdown power of a .45 ACP round.

Folks, this is how Whites today need to be – always prepared for the fight! Refusing to be victims of anyone, especially from the lower races! 

If you’re not already aware, times have changed – and so has your safety! It’s time to start carrying concealed. It’s time to get a good quality sidearm, and practice like there’s no tomorrow.

Remorse? 83-Year-Old White Man Severely Beaten and Robbed by “Teens” (negro savages)

Here’s one of the feral “teens” police arrested who severely beaten and robbed an elderly 83-year-old White man. The news report tells us that the “teen” showed a “glimpse of remorse” Oh really? Just because the “teen” mouthed the words, “I’m sorry to that man. I apologize,” the gullible newscaster assumes that “remorse” was involved. The only thing this predatory ape feels remorse for is getting caught!  

People don’t seem to realize that “super predators” (the only truthful words that ever came out of Hillary Clinton’s filthy mouth!) like this “teen” do not have any moral basis or framework in which to empathize with the suffering of others. They feel nothing toward their victims, and they lack the capacity to even do so. They have been bred by their ‘baby mommas’ to hate, to steal, to revolt against all forms of authority, and to victimize the innocent without the slightest pricking of their conscience.

When people exhibit genuine remorse for what they’ve done, there is always an accompanying deep sorrow for what they’ve put others through. Not only do they not defend themselves for what they’ve done, they are more than glad to make restitution. More than that, they humbly accept whatever penalty is imposed on them. They are ashamed, and they are contrite. If these qualities are not present, you can rest assured that there has been no true remorse.

Yet how often do we see such remorse? How often do we see it displayed by Blacks? The only thing I ever see Blacks do in court is smirk, get angry, and blame the cops and the victim for their troubles.

Here’s a hint: Any kind of remorse for victimizing the innocent without the accompanying signs of voluntary restitution, confession and contrition is just a show to convince the naive.  

Feel Good Video of the Day: Young Boy Salutes British Coldstream Guards in Traditional Attire

According to the description provided in Live Leak, “Boy Dressed as Coldstream Guard Salutes the Real Thing on ‘Best Birthday Ever’: A young boy showed his appreciation for the Coldstream Guards with a salute as they marched past him outside Windsor Castle, as seen in this video shared on January 4. In the footage posted to Instagram, the boy, who’s dressed in the regiment’s iconic red outfit, makes the gesture as the guards march past him and into a building. One of the guards then comes back and poses for a picture with the boy. The boy’s mother posted multiple times to Facebook about incident and the day her son, Marshall, had at Windsor Castle for his birthday. She wrote that he declared it ‘best birthday ever.'”


How refreshing it is to see a young boy so enamored with his country’s military traditions that he actuality wore the uniform of a Coldstream Guard in honor of them at Windsor Castle. That he saluted them as they marched past is even more endearing. His parents should be praised too for instilling such respectful values.

When I see very young people like this boy, I sometimes wonder if he might one day grow up to be the leader that Britain needs to rid themselves of the hordes of Muslim and African invaders. One never knows. If there is one thing that Britain needs at this time, it’s a strong nationalist leader who will return the country to its indigenous people, White Brits! 


This is Why There Used to be Lynchings: Black Man Brags About Sexual Relations with 100-Year-Old White Woman

Taking advantage of the elderly, either sexually or financially, is a serious crime in any state. This young Black man seems to know it too: “I know I can get in trouble for ‘dis shit.”

Apparently, the 100-year-old White woman seated in the passenger’s seat has a Black female caretaker. The caretaker’s boyfriend is the Black guy driving the old woman’s car and bragging about the sexual things he does to the old lady. It’s truly disgusting!

I can’t confirm if this video is genuine, but it sure does seem to be. It’s also typical of Blacks to brag about their crimes and post them on social media.

The incident should caution elderly Whites to consider what quality and race of caretakers they will have when they are old and bedridden. It may not seem an important thing to consider now, but it will be as one gets older and in need of daily assistance.

I read a statement from Pat Buchanan in his book, The Death of the West, a number of years ago that gave me a chill. He predicted that in the not-so-distant future when Whites become a minority in the U.S., they will be have as their caretakers not members of their own family or even fellow Whites (due in part to the break-up of the family structure and our low birthrates), but non-Whites who don’t give a hoot about the people under their care other than to take advantage of them.

Don’t misunderstand me. I know this sort of thing can happen among White caretakers too. I predict, however, that it will be especially prevalent among non-White caretakers who are imbued with a deep-rooted resentment of Whites.

Black CNN Guest Unsure if the Recent Kidnap and Torture of a White Man by Four Blacks was a ‘Hate Crime’

Check out this Black woman, Symone Sanders, who was invited as a guest on CNN to comment on the recent  kidnapping and torture of a White man by four Blacks in Chicago. When asked by the host, Don Lemon, whether what happened to the man was a ‘hate crime,’ she engages in all sorts of verbal conniption fits and obfuscation to avoid stating that an obvious ‘hate crime’ had been committed.

After rambling incessantly, she’s concludes that she’s not sure about it. Even Lemon tells us he can’t say whether a ‘hate crime’ had been committed because police investigators haven’t yet officially declared it to be so. Since when has Lemon failed to give his opinion on anything simply because some government entity (in this case, the Chicago Police Department) hasn’t officially declared the cause or motivation of a crime? How much clearer does “Fuck White people” while torturing a White man have to be? The deaths of Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown didn’t prevent anyone, especially Blacks, from stating their conclusions even though almost all of them proved to be wrong.

Notice how liberals and Black apologists suddenly become agnostic when any form of racially-motivated crimes against Whites by Blacks occurs? They’re suddenly not sure what to think about it. Though they are quick to pontificate their ignorance on any fatal shooting of a Black man by police, they quickly change course and demand that all the information be presented before reaching any conclusions when Whites are the victims of ‘hate crimes’ committed by Blacks. They jettison all forms of objectivity when Blacks are victimized by Whites or White police officers, yet they suddenly become cautious or apprehensive when the reverse takes place. Blacks like this loud-mouthed Black woman suddenly demand that all the facts be taken into account so as to prevent a ‘rush to judgement.’

How mighty Black of them!      

In the minds of many ‘African-Americans,’ Black people are incapable of being ‘racist’ and, thus, incapable of committing any ‘hate crime’ against Whites. They reason that since Blacks have little power and influence in the way that Whites do, they are not able commit racially-motivated ‘hate crimes.’ Yeah, I know the reasoning behind such a specious argument is convoluted at best and completely irrational, but we must consider the level of intelligence and intellectual honesty that Blacks in America possess.

Such polemics on the part of Blacks are displays of what I like to call ‘Black logic.’ It’s the kind of logic that only appeals to Blacks because in many respects they are simpletons. They are not generally known to be critical thinkers, and so such arguments as noted above easily sway them, especially when it is spurred by deep-rooted hatred for the White man.

Moreover, Blacks don’t want to admit that they too are ‘racist,’ – in fact, much more ‘racist’ than Whites which many of them concede in private. They prefer, instead, to keep up the narrative that only Whites, of all racial groups on the planet, are ‘racist’ and ‘bigoted.’ False notions such as this keep the government gravy train rolling, and help to provide their protected persons class along with racial preferences.

If you’re still not persuaded of what I’ve written in this post, check out Chicago’s Police Superintendent, Eddie Johnson, who can’t bring himself to admit that when the torturers declared “Fuck White people” while torturing a White man that it was a racially-motivated ‘hate crime.’ How much more obvious does it have to be?

Observe how uncomfortable he is when probed about any possible racial motivations. He prefers, instead, to see it as “stupidity.” In his mind, there’s nothing “concrete” to point them in the direction of a ‘hate crime.’

Oh, of course, not!

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