The Transgender Freaks Among Us (Warning: Creepy!)

These are the creeps that are being forced onto our society to accept as ‘healthy’ and ‘perfectly normal.’ One doesn’t need an advanced degree in psychology to recognize that these folks are deeply disturbed, and I mean deeply!  Actually, someone with an advanced psychology degree would probably celebrate such a perversion.

These folks are not just weird, they’re totally creepy! Listen to them talk, watch their mannerisms, and you’ll see what I mean.

How cruel the Left is to be pushing them upon us, and for them to convince these lost souls that they are what their own biology and bodily parts tell them otherwise. But isn’t that the essence of the Left? Insanity, lies, and confusion have always been the hallmarks of liberal ideology. The more any society accepts its tenets, the more irrational and suicidal that society becomes. Death and destruction is the Left’s end game though, unfortunately, Leftists never understand this until it’s too late.

I must say that it has become frustrating to have to explain such obvious things to people. I have talked to others about this over the years, and I am always alarmed at how many folks think it’s perfectly normal. Even those who think it’s strange, are rarely persuaded that it will have any negative effects on the moral fiber of this nation. I am bewildered at such ignorance because every social movement has consequences (whether good or bad), and will effect future generations.

If our society is to survive, it must utterly reject and condemn Transgenderism (homosexuality too, but I’ll save that for another post). The widespread acceptance of this perversion among great numbers of Americans is proof of our decline. If left untreated, this poisonous scourge will destroy us all. Libtardism doesn’t just impact horrifically the person caught in its web of deception, it negatively impacts everyone else too.

When Typical Dindu ‘Showboating’ Goes Wrong

Some people never learn

Tatted and Shaved-Head Mexican Gang Member Driving a Stolen Car Kills One Cop and Wounds Another in Whittier (CA)

Los Angeles County used to be a beautiful place with relatively low crime. The dominant racial demographic was White – that is, until a gradual Mexican invasion beginning in the 1950s took root. Much of the county is now a cesspool of illegal immigrants from Mexico and a massive population of Mexican and El Salvadorian gang members.

East Los Angeles, much of the City of Los Angeles, and the nearby San Gabriel Valley survive as testimonies to what Mexicans bring to any country stupid enough to have them.

The point is not that all Mexicans are bad people. They’re not, and I have met several wonderful and hard-working Mexicans over the years. The problem is that far too many of them are low-IQ and low-skilled. They have, moreover, a strong propensity toward the gangster lifestyle, including widespread and severe levels of alcoholism, single motherhood, and street crime.

Mexicans yesteryear, Mexicans today

My words do not spring from someone who knows little about these people on a personal level. Instead, I have worked closely with Mexicans over many decades. I’ve been inside their homes more times than I wish to count. I’ve been to their parties, family gatherings, and even their funerals. I’ve worked daily in their barrios for years as a cop. I’ve had some very close Mexican friends beginning in the early 1970s. I know these people, and while I would never paint them as all bad without exception, the truth remains that in a matter of years they have the capacity to destroy every community they settle into. 

If you wants lots of crime, graffiti, and gangsters roaming your streets, then by all means invite a bunch of Mexicans, Hondurans, and El Salvadorians into your neighborhood.  

Whether we wish to accept it or not, Mexico does not give us their best, and those who arrive on our soil from Mexico and Central America have proven for the past sixty years just how disruptive and ruinous they become when they are tolerated. Do you seriously think for one minute that L.A. County would’ve been dubbed the ‘gang capital of the world’ had Whites not allowed so many Mexicans to dwell among us?

Mexicans do not belong in the U.S. They are not of us (Whites) and they never will be. They do not think the way we do. Their values are different. They belong in Mexico. That is their home. That is where their hearts are. Because we have allowed so many Mexicans to remain in the U.S., we see clearly what kind of trouble they bring. They have not made America a better place, but a worse place. We have lowered the value and quality of our country by allowing them to dwell among us.

It’s been a tragic mistake.

While I grant that Mexicans may not quite be the plague that Blacks have proven to be, they’re certainly a close second.

For those wanting more on this subject, I recommend two additional posts that I’ve published on this site: (1) ‘Has a massive population of Mexicans been good for L.A. County?’ (March 27, 2013), and (2) ‘What Mexicans bring to America’ (June 27, 2013).  


A shit-stain has polluted our land

Goofin’ on Dindus and Doing it Right

I have my suspicions that these scenarios are genuine (the Dindus are probably paid for taking part in the messy stunts and signed some kind of contractual agreement). Regardless, they’re fun to watch, and who can deny that it doesn’t comport with the kinds of things Blacks routinely do? 

CNN’s Don Lemon Got ‘Triggered’ and Abruptly Ends Segment After Being Told by Black Guest That CNN is “Fake News”

The liberal talking heads absolutely lose it when they are called “fake news.” They’re so accustomed to be fawned over and held in the highest esteem, but now that the sheeple are slowly starting to wake up to what liars the media has been for decades they can’t handle it. The fact that it ‘triggers’ them so badly tells me we should continue using the expression against them every chance we get.

We must remember that the allegation of “fake news” is wholly justified. The media has a consistent pattern of not just lying to the public, but often presenting a skewed picture of things. Remember how they’ve refused to identify Blacks who run amuck throughout our cities describing them merely as “teens,” and who engage in the most savage of crimes? Remember how they, for the most part, ignore or downplayed vicious ‘hate-crime’ attacks on Whites such as the ‘Knockout Game’? Remember how they treated Trump during the election season, and continue to do so even now? Remember how unfairly they treated conservatives for decades when interviewed? Remember how they fawned over Obama for eight years? Recall how they treated him with kid-gloves and did everything in their power to legitimize him and his policies?

The liberal media’s sins are not just sins of commission, but sins of omission. It’s what they leave out from their stories, including any commitment to being fair and balanced. They have an agenda, and it’s not hard to discern once the public wakes up from their slumber. We just need to know what to look for and, once we do, their Leftist one-sided propaganda machine becomes evident for all to see.

Today’s establishment news outlets have abdicated their responsibility of informing the American people and of protecting them from government waste and abuse. So, don’t feel bad for mocking them because they’re only a propaganda tool of the Left. They are enemies of the American people, and remain so.   

I urge every American to mock incessantly the media. “Fake news” must be shouted from the rooftop of every home throughout the land. Every reporter on the street should have people behind him or her shouting “fake news!” as loud as they can. Give ’em hell and don’t stop! These people deserve every ounce of disrespect and contempt possible. 

Feminist Actor Susan Sarandon and Her Libtard Friends Declare: “I Today, am a Muslim Too”

Like lambs led to the slaughter

Pushing the ‘Victim’ Narrative onto a New Generation: Black Parents Teach Their Children to Fear the Police

This entire ‘instructional’ video of Black parents showing their kids how to deal with police during traffic stops is based on the premise that Blacks are unjustifiably targeted by officers. The prevailing assumption is that police officers arbitrarily beat up and arrest Blacks solely because of the color of their skin.

It’s another case of Blacks pushing the ‘victim’ narrative. The young Black kids in the video, like most gullible adult viewers, don’t even entertain the possibility that there might be another side to the story (which there always is). The perception of Blacks must somehow always be the correct one. Yet like most police shootings of Black men in America, the details almost always reveal something different than what’s claimed by family members.

How about that Black father who said he was placed in handcuffs in the mall, thrown to the ground, and Tasered. Do you really think that’s all there was to it? Or how about the Black mother who said she was arrested merely because the bumper was hanging off her car. Do you think there might be a little bit more about that story than she bothered to reveal?

One woman tells her daughter the not-so-surprising fact that police officers are just people who take their personal biases into their jobs. Even though law enforcement agencies try to weed out those with strong racial prejudices before hiring them, the fact remains that everyone, no matter what type of employment they may do, has prejudices and ‘taboo’ thinking which includes the Black parents in the video (do you seriously think the Black parents in the video don’t have politically-incorrect assumptions about others?). That by itself is not the problem. The real issue is whether an officer can put aside their biases and treat others fairly according to the law. The overwhelming majority of police officers throughout the land prove each and every day that they can.

The problem with the parents’ advice to their children is that they presume only officers,  particularly White police officers, have such biases. The video doesn’t once show them telling their children that all of us, regardless of race, have prejudices. Their parents never bother to suggest that even Blacks have strong racial biases, including hatred for those of other racial groups. This is because Blacks are taught the silly notion that they cannot be racist because they lack the structural and societal power to be this way.

The parents also assume that Blacks in America are only stopped because of the ‘color of their skin.’ This too is a short-sighted understanding of things. Blacks still don’t understand that their biggest problem is not the color of their skin, but the ‘content of their character.’

Blacks, like most White liberals, want the suspicion they receive from the general public and the ‘harassment’ they receive from police to be about skin color for one simple reason: If people can be focused on skin color, they’re less likely to see ‘content of character.’ In other words, Blacks would rather have us all preoccupied with skin color issues so that they are not confronted about their actions, the way they conduct themselves, and character issues which the greater majority fail miserably at.

The video is another attempt on the part of America’s Blacks to avoid and obfuscate the real matter before us – namely, that Blacks are held in great suspicion by the police because so much violent crime is committed by them. Until Blacks in America collectively awaken to the reality that they themselves are the real problem – something they will never do – all of society will continue to look at them skeptically and harbor the worst but truthful opinions of them.

American Blacks can continue to believe in lies if they wish, but race-conscious Whites will not and can no longer afford to do so.

Angela Merkel Doubles Down on Her Treason Against the German People: “Germany is Committed to Accepting Refugees” and “Islam is Not the Source of Terrorism”

You’d think that Germany’s Chancellor, Angela Merkel, would’ve by now awakened and smelled the coffee that most Germans don’t want to be invaded by hordes of swarthy followers of the pedophile prophet, including savages from Sub-Saharan Africa.

No, the old spinster who doesn’t have any children – and thus feels no paternal concern for Germany’s future – instead double-downed on her zeal and promotion of the ‘refugee’ invasion which is nothing more than a colonial invasion. This woman is the epitome of wickedness and outright insanity. The problem is that she has dragged the entire German nation with her!

The only good news is that she’s doing poorly in the polls, and she’s not expected to be reelected. If she is, the nation is forever doomed or there’s going to be one major civil war. How much longer can the German people put up with such insidious treason? How can anyone in their right mind imagine that importing millions of hostile and non-assimilating ‘migrants’ from war-torn Islamic nations will somehow better the German people? This woman is either astonishingly stupid or she has a deep-rooted hatred for her own people.   

Haven’t listened to enough White racial traitors? Well, here’s the ‘maverick’ himself, Senator John McCain (aka ‘Mr. Yellow Teeth’ as I sometimes refer to him), denouncing nationalism and blathering about the virtues of third-world immigration. I cannot find sufficient words to express my contempt for this old war-mongerer.

There’s not a foreign war or international conflict that old ‘Yellow Teeth’ doesn’t love and think we should be involved in. His days from Vietnam must have really done quite a number on him. Personally, the man’s deeply self-righteous and there’s enough virtue signaling in him to satisfy the most ardent social justice warrior.

And Now, Your Nigga Moment: Two Twin Wildebeests Brawl on Bus

I think their fashion and etiquette class neglected to tell them that horizontal stripes only makes one look fatter, although even vertical stripes would hardly do anything to help these two pork rinds.

Parenting: Children of the Left – Vs – Children of the Right

I know this isn’t any scientific study, but who doesn’t know by now that children raised by right-wing parents are very much different in both their conduct and outlook on life than children raised by Leftist parents?

It’s not that children of the Right are perfect or problem-free, but only that they are better-adjusted to handle life’s problems and take greater individual responsibility for their life-choices. Children of the Left, on the other hand, are frequently depressed, blame others for their bad decisions, and are often as angry at the world as their parents.

Children of the Right, at least in most cases, tend to appear clean-cut. Their more positive outlook on life shows itself in how they present themselves. Their entire attire and presence is subdued and normal (yes, there is such a thing as ‘normal’). Children of the Left, in contrast, often appear disheveled, wearing strange haircuts, facial piercings, tattoos and the like. The image is one of rebellion which comports with the typically rebellious attitudes of their liberal parents (yes, I’m aware that there are rich liberal parents and kids who don’t necessarily fall into this exact mold). They are often what we would term “misfits.”

Children of the Right are taught to endure and cope with life’s adversities. They are instructed to ‘man-up’ and face squarely any troubles they face. It is one of confronting life’s challenges as opposed to fleeing or hiding from them. Children of the Left, in contrast, often lack coping skills and, as a result, are prescribed psychotropic medications to deal with depression and anxiety. Many of them are neurotic and possess extreme personalities. They are emotionally disturbed in many instances.

Children of the Right are generally taught to earn what they want. Children of the Left are generally taught that they are entitled to whatever they want. An attitude of ‘you owe me’ prevails in their thinking. They are often spoiled and entitled, and such attitudes are carried with them throughout the remainder of their lives. 

Children of the Right are patriotic and love their country. They see America as a great nation full of opportunities and blessing. Children of the Left, like their parents, hate their country and blame it for all the woes of the world. They see the nation and its history as violent and especially oppressive of non-White racial groups. Its founders are viewed as nothing more than White male slave owners who ‘oppressed’ Blacks and committed genocide on indigenous Indians.

Children raised by right-wing parents may not necessarily be racially-conscious or even pro-White (at least not by our standards), but neither are they hateful of their White race. Children of Leftists are almost always bitter, often hostile, toward their racial ancestry. They see Whites as colonial oppressors of non-Whites. They believe Whites have an inherent ‘White privilege’ that gives them unfair advantages over other races. White people are seen as destroyers of the planet. Whites are seen as evil while non-Whites are seen as honorable and environmentally-friendly, ‘people of the land’ who live at peace with mother nature.

Children of the Right are taught values, often religious ones. Many of them see themselves as Christian or at least have a theistic worldview. Life is seen as having a purpose, and morality and personal ethics play an important role in their lives. Children of the Left are often raised in a godless home. Morality and concrete values are not stressed. They are replaced by liberal platitudes and bumper-sticker ethics. Leftist children are generally raised with a dark, nihilistic outlook of life. Life has little or no meaning, and the concept of ‘God’ is viewed as nothing more than religious oppression forced onto the masses.   

Children of the Right are content with their gender and identity. They are what psychologists would term “well-adjusted.” They view marriage and sexual relations in traditional norms. Children of the Left, in contrast, are confused about everything. Whether it’s their gender or sexual orientation, they often have great difficulty fitting in. They see themselves as outcasts among a ‘cis-gender normative’ society. Nothing to them is ever ‘normal’ and they find it ‘offensive’ to even suggest that anything could be.

Whether one agrees or not with my personal observations, it would be hard to deny that Right wing parents and Left wing parents raise their children very differently (or at least in most cases). This is due to the fundamental differences in worldviews that each group has. The children raised are very much a reflection of differences in parenting styles. They are indicators of the outlook, philosophy and values of their parents.


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