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Sometimes you can learn a lot from a cartoon

The Vacuous Shit Hollywood Produces for Television

I stopped watching television years ago because it was a constant assault on my intellect. The shows just got dumber and dumber. The same with movies, although I periodically watch one if it catches my fancy.

This show, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, is typical of the vacuous, over-the-top crap that Hollywood passes off as comedy. What I hate about it is that everyone is portrayed as neurotic and the cliches and mindless banter become tiresome. I can’t imagine anyone who is a critical thinker, who thinks about the societal implications of all that happens in the news, enjoying a show like this because one literally has to turn their brain off in order to bear through an episode.

A show like this would have never aired in the 50s, 60s, or even the 70s because any TV show had to have some semblance of sanity and wholesomeness. As the hijacking of our once great nation progressed, though, decency and propriety went right out the window. It became ‘cool’ to mock religion, to ridicule the concept of the family, and to snark at anything sacred.

Hollywood gets away with it though because this is what a large portion of the U.S. population wants. If people didn’t watch this crap, I doubt these kinds of shows would continue to be featured.

These type of television series are a reflection of our nation’s decline. It’s a symptom of a much deeper problem. They also serve as proof of what liberal ‘values’ bring – namely, the deadening of a nation’s conscience, widespread perversity and confusion, the ruin of families and traditional religion, the moral corruption of our youth and, finally, insanity and national implosion.  

That is always the end result of liberalism. This is why I hate liberals so much. 

‘End of Watch’ (movie) Opening Scene Shootout Shows Us What NOT to Do

For a movie that was technically accurate about much of the ‘LAPD way,’ the opening scene of the movie ‘End of Watch’ (2012) showed some pretty piss-poor tactics.

As soon as that pursuit ended and when the bullets started flying, the two LAPD officers stepped away from their position of cover and walked right up to the suspects while still engaged in the firefight!?

Yeah, I know it’s just a movie. It’s hollywood. This I do know: No police department, especially LAPD, would ever teach to an officer to step away from a position of cover and expose himself in the heat of battle. It’s best to always return fire from a place of protection instead of leaving it and walking up to the very people who are firing at you.

For now, that’s all she wrote, 10-8. 


Skid Row: America’s Future Under Democrats and When All Drugs Are Legalized

This is a good documentary showing the kinds of societal problems liberals create when they advance their Utopian schemes. Los Angeles was not like this during the 1940’s or the 1950s. Yet as soon as liberals began to hijack this once great nation beginning in the 1960s, it wasn’t long before sections like Skid Row in Los Angeles became the norm in almost every major U.S. city.

Don’t misunderstand me. I’m not taking away the responsibility these ‘homeless’ folks have for their own life decisions, but only that liberals manage to always create societies where these kinds of things can flourish.

What you’re witnessing on Skid Row is not just the depravity of humans, but the inability of liberal social policies to improve life and to ‘transform’ society when they are in charge. These ‘Tent Towns’ only increase when liberals influence the culture and play a major role in determining national policies to combat poverty, unemployment, widespread drug addiction, welfare dependency, and other social ills.

A book you’re not supposed to read

Liberals always make everything worse, and this is why our national problems are never solved. Their policies are misguided at the outset, and so the ‘solutions’ they propose to ‘fix’ the very problems they’ve created prove ineffectual, in part, because liberals never bother to question their most basic assumptions about everything. They are unable to think outside of their box in large measure because they are close-minded and because they are grossly ignorant of human nature. In other words, they don’t understand the very people (humans) they propose to ‘help,’ and so they engage in endless and costly pursuits in an attempt to create their mythical societies.

Observe also that liberals are never held accountable for their social experiments. They respond to their massive social engineering failures by either doubling-down on their stupidity in the form of spending more tax dollars to ‘fix’ the problem, or they move on to some other disastrous and wasteful government pursuit. Either way, they are never called to account for what they design and implement. They make us all suffer.  

Recognize also that Skid Row’s ‘Tent Town’ is America’s future if all drugs are legalized. This will be the destiny of a massive number of Americans once they are given the ‘green light’ by the feds to ingest and shoot-up whatever they want. The current marijuana policies throughout the states, including widespread acceptance of the substance among a growing number of Americans for ‘recreational use,’ is proof of how something originally designed for seriously ill patients can be abused. It won’t be long before an entire marijuana-addiction industry will be created (if it hasn’t happened already?).

Look also at how many children in our nation’s middle schools and high schools are already experienced marijuana users and even addicted to it. America’s addiction epidemic is guaranteed to reach epic proportions once all drugs are legalized and made available to everyone. If you don’t think drug legalization will encourage even more people to use and become addicted to it, you are horrifically naive.  

This is not a matter of personal freedom but, rather, a matter of national suicide. A sane nation will not allow its people to commit wide-scale suicide and self-destruction. A sane nation will step in and prohibit all forms of national suicide no matter how many voices cry out for one’s ‘personal choice’ and ‘liberties’ on such matters.

Times have truly changed

Humans are such that if something makes them feel good or gives them a good high, they will abuse it until nothing else matters to them in life. Entire families, relationships, and even societies will be ruined by it. If people are allowed to consume strychnine and every weird narcotic concoction conceived in a laboratory, they will! This is the nature of humans whether we wish to believe it or not.

Think also of the strange biological and genetic oddities, including deformities, that will arise among future generations whose body chemicals have been altered as a result of long-term drug use? How much will this alone cost society? What will our grandchildren look like? What kinds of strange addictions will they be born with? These questions are rarely faced by the pro-legalization crowd because of the obvious problems they present to their agenda.    

Every one of these Skid Row tent dwellers, at one time, likely thought they could handle their alcohol and drugs. It wasn’t long before experience and human biology dictated to them that they couldn’t. But by then it was too late.

As I’ve said before, a doped-up nation is a defeated nation.

Skid Row’s ‘Tent Town’ is America’s future if insane liberal social policies are not jettisoned. This will also be our future if all drugs are legalized and made available to whoever wants it.

Really bad advice

Feel Good Video of the Day: Dindu Gets Ventilated by White Store Owner During Armed Robbery

According to the description provided in Live Leak, “Two armed men chose the wrong place to attempt a robbery Monday morning, when an employee at the Cobb County gun shop confronted them and shot one dead at the scene, Cobb County police said.

The two men entered Dixie Gun and Pawn at 11 a.m. and attempted to rob the business.

A store employee happened to be armed and exchanged gunfire with the men, striking one of them. The robbery suspect died at the scene, police said.

The other suspect fled on foot. Police said Monday afternoon they have no information about him. The worker was not injured and the case remains under investigation.”


Man, I could only watch that video fifty times! Seriously, you can tell the employee firing at the armed Dindus had spent some time on the range if you look at his stance and grip. Also, he’s firing a 1911 which spits out the instant knockdown power of a .45 ACP round.

Folks, this is how Whites today need to be – always prepared for the fight! Refusing to be victims of anyone, especially from the lower races! 

If you’re not already aware, times have changed – and so has your safety! It’s time to start carrying concealed. It’s time to get a good quality sidearm, and practice like there’s no tomorrow.

Remorse? 83-Year-Old White Man Severely Beaten and Robbed by “Teens” (negro savages)

Here’s one of the feral “teens” police arrested who severely beaten and robbed an elderly 83-year-old White man. The news report tells us that the “teen” showed a “glimpse of remorse” Oh really? Just because the “teen” mouthed the words, “I’m sorry to that man. I apologize,” the gullible newscaster assumes that “remorse” was involved. The only thing this predatory ape feels remorse for is getting caught!  

People don’t seem to realize that “super predators” (the only truthful words that ever came out of Hillary Clinton’s filthy mouth!) like this “teen” do not have any moral basis or framework in which to empathize with the suffering of others. They feel nothing toward their victims, and they lack the capacity to even do so. They have been bred by their ‘baby mommas’ to hate, to steal, to revolt against all forms of authority, and to victimize the innocent without the slightest pricking of their conscience.

When people exhibit genuine remorse for what they’ve done, there is always an accompanying deep sorrow for what they’ve put others through. Not only do they not defend themselves for what they’ve done, they are more than glad to make restitution. More than that, they humbly accept whatever penalty is imposed on them. They are ashamed, and they are contrite. If these qualities are not present, you can rest assured that there has been no true remorse.

Yet how often do we see such remorse? How often do we see it displayed by Blacks? The only thing I ever see Blacks do in court is smirk, get angry, and blame the cops and the victim for their troubles.

Here’s a hint: Any kind of remorse for victimizing the innocent without the accompanying signs of voluntary restitution, confession and contrition is just a show to convince the naive.  

Feel Good Video of the Day: Young Boy Salutes British Coldstream Guards in Traditional Attire

According to the description provided in Live Leak, “Boy Dressed as Coldstream Guard Salutes the Real Thing on ‘Best Birthday Ever’: A young boy showed his appreciation for the Coldstream Guards with a salute as they marched past him outside Windsor Castle, as seen in this video shared on January 4. In the footage posted to Instagram, the boy, who’s dressed in the regiment’s iconic red outfit, makes the gesture as the guards march past him and into a building. One of the guards then comes back and poses for a picture with the boy. The boy’s mother posted multiple times to Facebook about incident and the day her son, Marshall, had at Windsor Castle for his birthday. She wrote that he declared it ‘best birthday ever.'”


How refreshing it is to see a young boy so enamored with his country’s military traditions that he actuality wore the uniform of a Coldstream Guard in honor of them at Windsor Castle. That he saluted them as they marched past is even more endearing. His parents should be praised too for instilling such respectful values.

When I see very young people like this boy, I sometimes wonder if he might one day grow up to be the leader that Britain needs to rid themselves of the hordes of Muslim and African invaders. One never knows. If there is one thing that Britain needs at this time, it’s a strong nationalist leader who will return the country to its indigenous people, White Brits! 


This is Why There Used to be Lynchings: Black Man Brags About Sexual Relations with 100-Year-Old White Woman

Taking advantage of the elderly, either sexually or financially, is a serious crime in any state. This young Black man seems to know it too: “I know I can get in trouble for ‘dis shit.”

Apparently, the 100-year-old White woman seated in the passenger’s seat has a Black female caretaker. The caretaker’s boyfriend is the Black guy driving the old woman’s car and bragging about the sexual things he does to the old lady. It’s truly disgusting!

I can’t confirm if this video is genuine, but it sure does seem to be. It’s also typical of Blacks to brag about their crimes and post them on social media.

The incident should caution elderly Whites to consider what quality and race of caretakers they will have when they are old and bedridden. It may not seem an important thing to consider now, but it will be as one gets older and in need of daily assistance.

I read a statement from Pat Buchanan in his book, The Death of the West, a number of years ago that gave me a chill. He predicted that in the not-so-distant future when Whites become a minority in the U.S., they will be have as their caretakers not members of their own family or even fellow Whites (due in part to the break-up of the family structure and our low birthrates), but non-Whites who don’t give a hoot about the people under their care other than to take advantage of them.

Don’t misunderstand me. I know this sort of thing can happen among White caretakers too. I predict, however, that it will be especially prevalent among non-White caretakers who are imbued with a deep-rooted resentment of Whites.

Profiles in Courage: Norwegian Hairdresser Refuses to Serve Muslim Women Wearing the Hijab

A Norwegian woman who is a hairdresser is in hot water with government officials because she has refused to serve Muslim women wearing the Hijab. Although the brave woman has managed to escape a prison sentence, she has been given a 10,000 kroner fine which she is currently appealing.

Her name is Merete Hodne (47 years old), and she has maintained that “Evil is Islam’s ideology, Mohammedanism and the hijab are symbols of this ideology, like the swastika is for Nazism.” She has also declared, “To me the hijab is the same as an Isis flag.”

Hodne is a self-professed “critic” of Islam, and she has spoken out publicly against the Islamic invasion of Europe on many occasions.

What Hodne has done, we must all do. As Whites, we must refuse to greet or have anything to do with all Muslims. Their purpose is to colonize and conquer us on behalf of their primitive 7th century moon-god. So long as they are in our lands, we must never forget this.

We must work feverishly for their removal from the West in whatever form that may come about. We must warn our people, and educate them about the plague of Islam. As long as they remain in our countries, we cannot be at peace with these very wicked and violent people.   

Thank God for this brave woman, and may her tribe increase.

Refuses to bow to Muslim swine and her Leftist overlords  

America’s First Tranny Tears Up While Telling Democrats to Brace Themselves for the Dark Days Ahead Under a Trump Presidency

Speaking before a group of democrats comprised mostly of liberal White women, the Wookiee herself tears up and urges her gullible followers to “hope, never fear,” “don’t be afraid,” and “know that I will be with you, rooting for you and working to support you the rest of my life.”

Yeah, right, just like you did during your husband’s eight years of tyranny when you weren’t spending exorbitant amounts of taxpayer money vacationing around the world with your entourage. She ended her disingenuous, drama-filled speech telling the audience, “I hope I’ve made you proud” in which they break out in applause. It’s all so sappy that it’s embarrassing to watch this ‘thang’ and her adoring morons.

The implication behind her farewell speech is that America now faces dark days ahead because of Trump’s presidency. She recently told Oprah, in fact, that she now knows what it feels like to not have hope now that Trump will be seated in the Oval Office.

Seriously, the drama and phoniness is too much to bear sometimes. These two chimps from Chicago have done nothing good for the people of America. In fact, Trump has done more good for Americans during the past eight weeks than Obama has done for them in the past eight years – and he hasn’t even taken the presidential oath of office yet! 

Both she and her husband have lived high on the hog at taxpayer’s expense while traveling here, vacationing there, and burdening hard-working Americans with a monstrous national debt that neither of them felt any concern nor remorse for. You’d think they would’ve led by example and lived less exorbitant lives, but no, we’re not dealing with people who have such a conscience. Obama increased the nation’s debt like no other president in U.S. history, one which we and our grandchildren’s grandchildren will never be free from. Such things matter little to Obama and his pretend, ass-shaking wife. 

None of this, I might add, was accidental. It was intentional all along with the end result being the ruin and ‘transformation’ of America from within at the hands of radical political and cultural Leftists. Should any of this surprise us when we discover that Obama began his presidential pursuit in the living room of former domestic terrorist and Leftist radical, Bill Ayers?

This couple ruthlessly insulted and maligned America, including the founding stock of this nation for the past eight years, and we took up the ass whatever they gave us – all because we had to have a Black president so we could prove how ‘non-racist’ we were! 

Well, you morons, you finally got your house negro, didn’t you? How’d that work out for you? Do you have more money in your pocket today or just ‘hope and change‘? Are you better off now? Has the federal government been reduced in size and scope of influence? How’s that Obamacare working for you? Obama really rectified our national debt, didn’t he? Is your country’s military stronger now after eight years of our Kenyan dictator, or weaker? How’s that unemployment working for you?

You fools, the only thing this Chicago ‘community organizer’ did was heap more debt on your dumb asses. While you tried to pretend Obama wasn’t really out to destroy America from within, he traveled throughout the world apologizing to all the nations for America’s sins of greatness, industriousness, and achievements. While you were busy being ‘non-racist’ and ‘non-judgmental,’ he was enflaming racial tensions by speaking out on matters he had no real knowledge of. While you thought the Obama administration was working to protect you, they were busy inviting hordes of illegal third-worlders from Mexico and Central America into our land. While you praised Obama and gushed over his ugly wife, they schemed and connived to racially and culturally displace your White ass! 

While Muslims were murdering Americans on our streets, Obama was busy appointing more Muslims to high-ranking positions within the federal government. While you were rebuking other Whites for their ‘White privilege,’ he was siccing his Attorney General and other federal goons after White cops who dared to fatally shoot any violent Black thug – uh, I mean ‘teen.’ While Obama blamed the tanked U.S. economy on Bush, he was at the same time increasing our national debt by taking lavish trips, partying with celebrities all at taxpayer’s expense, and promoting outrageously expensive federal policies guaranteed to excessively burden our people with even more debt and government waste.  

America, you thought you were getting a Black president and First Lady who genuinely loved and cared for this once great nation, but all you got was two privileged, affirmative-action niggers!

America’s low-information voters got what they deserved

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