Good News: Illegal Immigrants from Mexico Are Becoming More Worried of Deportation Under Trump’s Presidency

Check out this sympathetic documentary which features the worry that a growing number of illegal immigrants from Mexico are feeling as a result of an American president who actually believes in securing our borders.

Illegal crossings have been dramatically reduced, and the costs to be smuggled into the U.S. has increased greatly.

At one point, the narrator says that the Mexican invaders are fleeing Mexico because of “violence”. That’s a bunch of happy horse-poop. I’m not denying that “violence” isn’t a problem in Mexico, but the people are in large part used to it. These folks are arriving on our soil because they want a better lives for themselves and their families. They want to partake of America’s generous gravy train. That’s the reality.

The problem with the claim of gullible bleeding-hearts (that means you too Glenn Beck!) is that while the Mexican invaders are supposedly fleeing “violence,” they bring with them astronomical levels of “violence” to our nation. Don’t ever forget that a strong gang culture accompanies these people wherever they dwell.

Don’t think so? Well, just realize that L.A. County in Southern California is not the ‘gang capital’ of the U.S. because of Whites or Asians. It’s because of Mexicans and El Salvadorians who are in our country illegally (yes, Blacks too!). 

Poverty, squalor, gangs, graffiti, unwed mothers, and huge rates of alcoholism is what Mexicans bring. You can deny it all you want, but the proof of what I’m arguing is found in all of their communities (or ‘barrios’).

Los Angeles Residents Voice Their Opposition to Becoming a ‘Sanctuary City’

Wow, there might actually be hope for Angelinos yet! Good to see that even some Blacks and Latinos voiced their opposition to the ‘sanctuary city’ nonsense.

If Blacks had more sense, their entire ‘communities’ would unite against illegal immigration because it will be those same illegal immigrants from beyond our southern border who will be taking all their jobs. Yes, I know that many Blacks are content being welfare dependent, but those who really do want to work will find it much harder when they have to compete for employment with illegals.  

Nebraska Democrats Include Voter Registration Forms in ‘Welcome’ Baskets for Refugees

According to the description provided in Live Leak, “The Nebraska Democratic Party is welcoming refugees with open arms, welcome baskets and voter registration forms. A donation drive organized by the NDP collected some 50 gift baskets for refugees. Each contained items like diapers and kitchen utensils, a welcome letter from the Nebraska Democratic Party signed by its chairwoman Jane Kleeb, and a voter registration form, according to a video posted to Facebook by the Nebraska Democratic Party.”

How much clearer does it have to be that Democrats are working against the American people? How much more evidence do you need to realize that the Democrat Party is working tirelessly to bring about the racial and cultural displacement of Whites?  

Attorney General Jeff Sessions Announces Federal Penalties for ‘Sanctuary Cities’

That’s right, hit these Liberal cities right where it hurts the most – their pocketbooks! In spite of what so-called ‘progressive’ governors and city officials may claim, they really are dependent on Washington’s flowing nipple of goodies.

They’ll all comply too, especially when its citizens are deprived of federal services, grants and when their checks dwindle to almost nothing.

I like when those who are on our side politically fight, when they resist the prevailing Liberal matrix. The Left isn’t accustomed to this sort of thing. They’re used to being the gracious losers and smiling while they’re being politically sodomized by their opponents.

That’s why now that Trump is in the Oval Office, Liberals will speak kindly of Mitt Romney and the entire Bush family. They prefer republicans who are gutless cucks rather than fighters on the offense.  

God bless President Trump and Attorney General Sessions!

A Striking Visual of What the West Has Become Casually Strolls Down the Street

Only in a society that has lost its conscience would abominations like this be tolerated. It’s common for westerners to imagine that allowing this sort of thing to be condoned is proof of how ‘evolved’ they are, but it’s actually the opposite. It serves as proof of how far they have fallen.

Those with a healthy conscience are shocked and dismayed by such scenes. The morally bankrupt are amused by it. And the hopelessly wicked gleefully applaud it.

Public scenes like this are proof that a stake has been driven through the heart of the West for only among a people who have been racially and culturally emasculated would find this freak sufferable. This strutting peacock has no qualms about showing himself in public because he knows its perfectly acceptable in a dishonorable and sodomized society.  

Our people, especially our White men, have turned themselves into the architects and purveyors of the most rank perversions and oddities. No wonder the Muslims hate us and our societies. Can you blame them? The continuous tolerance of Eloi freak shows as depicted in the video only serves to provide them with constant motivation to slay us in the streets.

Contrary to what Liberal snowflakes tell us, it’s natural to hate. When I see videos like this, a burning hatred rises within me, and I’m glad it does. I hope I never reach a point when such scenes humor me or make me apathetic. 

Liberalism corrupts and ultimately destroys the White race

The Fruits of Racial Coddling and Black Entitlement: White Yale Professor Tries to Reason with Black Crybabies

These are two videos from Fall of 2016 in which Yale students demanded an apology for an email issued by the wife of sociologist and physician, Nicholas Christakis (Yale’s Department of Medicine) that defended a student’s right to wear “offensive costumes” during Halloween.

The little darlings couldn’t handle it that people should be allowed to wear whatever they want on Halloween, and so they accused the professor of creating a hostile learning environment and a place in which they don’t feel ‘safe’.

It’s revolting to hear professor Christakis coddle and endlessly apologize to these infantile minds and self-righteous Blacks. Although I’m glad he spoke out against the social justice warriors that have infested the halls of Yale, he only degraded himself by groveling before these Black and mulatto simpletons. It’s even more revolting when one considers that this is what Liberal Whites have created as a result of decades of racial coddling and Black entitlement.

For people who profess to believe in ‘Black power,’ they sure are weak!


Nothing less than a full admission from professor Christakis that he was wrong, and that the gaggle of whiners were fully in the right would suffice. Even though he profusely apologized for any hurt feelings they might have, it wasn’t enough. It never is for Blacks and their enablers.  

This is what happens when the inferior are manipulated into wrongly thinking they are superior. These are the fruits of racial egalitarianism and these whining Dindus are the products of White guilt. This is what a modern day Leftist education produces among our young people, and especially the ghetto dwellers. The problems are only exacerbated when those with lower IQ levels are fed continuous lies about themselves and their racial accomplishments. 

Notice also that it’s mostly the Black females who do the whining, lecturing and screeching. If you haven’t figured it by now, Leftist indoctrination has a rotten effect on women, especially so among Black women! 

These loud aggressive ‘thangs’ are only emboldened more than they already are when they are provided a victocrat education and told that the White man is the source of all the evils in the world. It turns them into unthinking and embittered monsters which no one can change. They are brutes, unreasoning animals to the core. 

Professor Christakis has since resigned from Yale University.

CNN Panel Not Happy Because Photograph of Trump’s ‘Freedom Caucus’ Shows All White Men and No Women: “It’s the Lack of Diversity”

The Libtards from CNN are all butt-hurt because a recent photograph Tweeted by Vice-President Pence shows Trump’s ‘Freedom Caucus’ to be comprised only of White men and no women.

What’s wrong with that? Because Trump for decades worked in the real world and wasn’t a politician, he’s accustomed to placing only the most qualified people in positions of importance. If they happen to be all male and all White, so be it.

Trump doesn’t fit everything under a racial template as Leftist, government zombies are inclined to do. Instead, he works from the premise of installing the most qualified, skilled, experienced, and competent people he can. Though it’s unpopular to say in a polite society, in most instances, those kind of people are White men. If you doubt the Black man’s general inability to govern and manage businesses and governments, take a long hard look at South Africa, Nigeria, South Sudan, Detroit, Birmingham, Philadelphia, and the list goes on.

President Trump, then, aims for excellence and success as opposed to maintaining the status-quo of government incompetence and waste. This mystifies and angers the Liberal talking heads at CNN and MSNBC because they can’t conceive of government in any other way and because they’re in denial of racial realities.

Not so surprisingly, these same folks never complain about caucuses comprised exclusively of women, Blacks, Asians, or Hispanics. Never forget that in the Liberal mindset ‘diversity’ is only a mandatory requirement when it involves Whites. Only Whites are expected to make their organizations, committees, and associations into ‘racial rainbows’.

By the way, listen to how that traitorous White cuck, David Gergen, sells out his own race when he smugly declares: “You can’t look at that picture and not agree, ‘We have a long way to go.’ But all you have is White guys like us sitting around a table, and that’s the inner-sanctum where big decisions are made”. This old do-nothing fool needs to shut his fat trap! It’s White cucks like Gergen that have given intellectual justification to our enemies to racially and culturally displace us from the very lands we’ve founded. His racial virtue signaling will be his end, but he’s too filled with self-importance to realize it.

The dark hordes flooding our land have no use for this wrinkled pile of excrement. I’m sure that Gergen imagines they will be grateful for his ‘non-racism,’ but that only tells them that he’s weak and will easily succumb to their multiple bloody anal intrusions. I can only wish that David Gergen experiences a horrific ‘diversity encounter’ before he finally perishes in complete agony from the face of this earth.

David Gergen: Another cuck justifying White racial replacement         


A Place of Our Own: White Man Explains Why He Left America to Make Poland His Home

For those Whites sensing it’s time to leave the ‘diversity’ cesspool here in America, I urge them to consider Poland. I don’t guarantee that they will accept you, but it’s at least one available option.

It’s important that Whites always have a second and third plan. Never forget that America is dying, and a Trump presidency is only buying us a temporary reprieve. If a genuine reformation and racial awakening takes place in the U.S., that will be an incentive to remain. I am very doubtful that this will ever occur, though I would love to be proven wrong.    

God bless Poland and the Polish people! 

Things You’ll See in Dinduland: Bullet-Proof Glass at Detroit’s Wendy’s, Popeye’s Chicken, Taco Bell, Burger King and Metro PCS

Now why would a city like Detroit require so much bullet-proof glass? When was the last time you saw bullet-proof glass at fast-food restaurants and cellphone stores in all-White neighborhoods?

What does the presence of so much bullet-proof glass tell us about the nature of Blacks? Is this a subtle way of reminding us about racial differences?

You betcha!

Whites may not wish to discuss openly the very real differences that exists between Blacks and Whites, but they do so in other ways. This is clearly one of them. The proprietors of these businesses know that Blacks are dangerous and they bring violence with them wherever they go. So, as a means of protecting their employees and their cash, they erect bullet-proof barriers between themselves and their Black patrons.

Blacks are not offended by it either because they know all-too-well the strong criminal proclivities that their own people have.

Just sayin’

These measures, mind you, didn’t occur in a vacuum. It’s actually quite costly to erect such protective measures, but it’s necessary. This is the result of thousands of armed robberies and assaults that have occurred in their businesses over the years.

Folks, this is not what businesses create on a whim, it’s what typical negro criminality forces such businesses to do!

These are visible testimonies to the dysfunctional nature of Blacks.

Most people don’t see such obvious points. Perhaps some do, but they always keep it hidden below the surface. They don’t want to think let alone discuss such realities.

The presence of so much bullet-proof glass in Detroit (and other Black-run cities), then, tells us about the ‘content of character’ among America’s Blacks. Such measures are unnecessary in a community marked by lawfulness, civility and low crime. They’re only needed in communities where the opposite exists, where the law of the jungle prevails.

Black criminality: It’s obvious to anyone with eyes to see 

‘The Dumb American Poem’ Tells Us Who We’ve Really Been Fighting For

(A synopsis of American History of the Twentieth Century)

Oh, I’m a dumb American and this is what I do
I go ’round fighting wars, fighting for the Jew

I didn’t jump to World War I, a fight I disavowed
Until the Jewboys made a deal, to send me anyhow
The Jews took over Hollywood, and said, “Now watch us go!”
“We’ll brainwash all the Goyim, the truth they’ll never know”
With Hollywood as theirs, they said, and pretty soon TV
“We’ll wrap our chains around the Goy, so free they’ll never be.”

Oh, I’m a dumb American and this is what I do
I go ’round fighting wars, fighting for the Jew

Father Coughlin spoke with wisdom, he said a thing or two
But he wasn’t heard above the noise, created by the Jew
As good a man as Henry Ford, he tried to warn us too
But one good man like Henry Ford, could not defeat the Jew
Lindbergh was a great man too, most sure from heaven sent
Our world might be so different now, had he been President

Oh, I’m a dumb American and this is what I do
I go ’round fighting wars, fighting for the Jew

The World War II was my big thing, the Jews said, “Don’t you fuss!” “We’re sending you to fight and die (but the win belongs to us)” 

The Jews and their boy Franklin said, “We must get in this war!”
(“If we can get the Japs to start, we’ll go through the back door.”)
“A day of infamy…”, they said, December, Forty-One
But I suspect they wrote the speech, before the deed was done

A day of great, great infamy, no thing could be more true
And the best of all lay at the feet, of Roosevelt the Jew
This was the day they reckoned for, they could hold a celebration
For now the Jew agenda was, the agenda of our nation
I fought my best in Europe, killing all my racial kin
A German asked, “Why fight us, boys, since just the Jews will win?”

Oh, we are dumb Americans and this is what we do
We go ’round fighting wars, fighting for the Jew

Thereafter there came Nuremberg, and war crimes took the floor
Of course we knew the bad guy was, the one who lost the war
Was this a deed of justice, or was it deed most vile?

The culprits there at Nuremberg, were not the men on trial
We heard about the Communists, but there wasn’t much to choose. It turned out for the most part, they just happened to be Jews

Oh, we are dumb Americans and this is what we do
We go ’round fighting wars, fighting for the Jews

We heard about the Holocaust, oh did we ever hear
But survivors far outnumbered, the victims, I do fear
And speaking of the Holocaust, here’s one not in the news
The millions of Ukrainians, starved by the Soviet Jews
A friend of mine years later, when asked, (this was not tough)
“How many Jews died in the war?”, replied, “Not near enough.”

Oh, I’m a dumb American and this is what I do
I go ’round fighting wars, fighting for the Jew

Korea and Vietnam I fought, and now the Middle East
I really need to stay at home, and fight the Jewish beast
I fought to make the planet safe, safe for Democracy
But truth be told, come think of it, I don’t feel very free
I thought I fought for freedom then, but look what’s happened here. All words must be PC today, and people live in fear

Oh, I’m a dumb American and this is what I do
I go ’round fighting wars, fighting for the Jew

The films we watch by Spielberg, the quintessential Jew
If you believe in him, my friend, I have a bridge for you
Our country is invaded now, Mestizos stream across
To stop this here invasion, Uncle Shlomo’s at a loss
Come on, you Jews, send me again, to the border South this time
Give me my weapons, dare I plead, I’ll stop them on a dime

I haven’t heard the call as yet, and doubt that they’ll call you
Because this real invasion, is cheered on by the Jew
So why when we’re invaded now, do the Jews say, “Do not fuss!”?
Could it be their longtime goal is to destroy our land, and us?

And sitting in the White House, a pathetic aging boy
Perhaps we could describe him as, a wind-up Jewish toy
This poor excuse for leadership, could not shine Lindbergh’s shoesPlays out his role in history, a front man for the Jews
Alongside him another clown, waiting for his turn
To serve his Jewish masters, when will we ever learn?

We made the planet safe, you say? My friend, lay off the booze
We made the planet safe, alright, for traitors and for Jews
When you’re fighting for your enemies, against your kin as well
You win a war like that, my friend, you’ve won a place in hell

Before you fight a war then, be careful how you choose
The Germans weren’t our enemies, our enemies are the Jews
So, all you Yanks and British, you French and Russians too
Must now learn to cooperate, in your fight against the Jew

The Jew will bring down all of you, there will be no salvation
He’ll turn each one of your proud lands, into a mongrel nation
Your ethnic past will all be lost, a sad song you will sing
As you replace George Washington, with Martin Luther King

Oh, we are dumb Americans, we can’t do what is right
We go ’round fighting wars, for Jewish parasites
Oh, we are dumb Americans, will we wake up and pause?
And end our role of servitude, to the evil Jewish cause?

Will we wake up and serve no more, the evil Jewish cause?
Will we wake up and serve no more, the evil Jewish cause?


A book you’re not supposed to read

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