The following sites are ones that I enjoy and visit often. This doesn’t mean I endorse all that they say or promote. 

American Renaissance ( This is the premier race-realism site. This site will do much to clear out all the politically-correct cobwebs in your thinking concerning race and multiculturalism. The comments from readers are almost always enlightening. 

The Occidental Observer ( An outstanding and informative site by professor Kevin MacDonald dealing with white identity issues and interests, including the influences that many Jews have made in shaping western modernity and especially its decline.  

View From The Right ( Lawrence Auster’s always informative commentary. This man is a very careful thinker, but he was somewhat shunned by the conservative elite because he said unpopular things concerning immigration, the muslim plague infecting the West, and other subjects that many were not ready to hear. He passed away in 2013, but the articles he posted are both thoughtfully presented and well-written. 

Angry White Dude ( An informative and funny site. While having a host of contributors, AWD is probably their best writer and he has a way of stating things that are both humorous and right on target. 

Moonbattery ( Pokes fun at liberals and shows how crazy they are.

Mangan’s ( Insightful articles on just about everything. Highly recommended. 

Stuff Black People Don’t Like 

( Shows the reality of the black undertow in America. Paul Kersey’s (a pseudonym) site exposes how truly destructive blacks are to every city in the U.S. that has a large population of them. Black economist, Thomas Sowell, has conceded many of Kersey’s observations.  

Unamusement Park ( Interesting articles on black crime and other related matters. The blogmaster, in my opinion, doesn’t post nearly enough, but what he does is definitely worth your time. 

VDARE ( Outstanding articles by Peter Brimelow and others on a wide range of political and social issues.

Occidental Dissent ( This site contains many informative articles on race and is explicitly “Pro-White, Pro-South, Pro-Independence.”

Nicholas Stix Uncensored ( A collection of articles and commentary on race relations and current events from a pro-white position.

Just Not Said ( John Craig has produced a unique blog in which he covers an array of different social, cultural and political subjects from his insightful perspective. This is one of the best sites on the internet exposing today’s sociopaths and ways to identify them (probably the only one!). I don’t know if John would describe himself as a ‘race realist,’ but his site contains a host of informative articles dealing with race.   




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